Wednesday, April 29, 2015


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There was rookie Adam Knight besmirching State Rep Balser's bill, while the Council President was tearing something up slowly to be disruptive while Councilor Penta was speaking about the bill.

It certainly looked like Dello Russo took the public document and made noise with it to annoy the public paying 30k or so to Dello Russo, who already makes about 500k a year from people's grief.
Sheriff Koutoujian's employee, Paul Camuso, also engaged in sophomoric antics last night that did great disrespect to the City of Medford and the people paying the bloated paychecks Adam Knight, Fred Dello Russo Jr. and Paul Camuso all paid themselves with YOUR money.

With Michael Marks not there to keep the three reprobates in check, it was a free-for-all of stupidity culminating in Council President Fred Dello Russo Jr. thinking it was nap time come 10:45 pm.

Thankfully, Councilor Penta raised his voice at Dello Russo to remind him that Dello Russo is SUPPOSED TO BE DOING HIS JOB.

While Matt Page Lieberman, the TV3 reprobate who caused a ruckus at the council 5 years ago, was talking loudly to someone from a weekly newspaper, this writer attempted to get Dello Russo's attention to have him slam the gavel on Lieberman.

But Dello Russo looked like he was sleeping or having a siesta.  So I went over and politely asked the newspaperman to chill the conversation, and Lieberman got the hint and shut up.

Who am I? The Captain Barry Clemente of the Council audience having to police the proceedings?  Where was Dello Russo, alleged council president?  Dreaming of being in Las Vegas, no doubt.

That is SO DISRESPECTFUL to the citizens of Medford paying - what is it - 30K to a council president to sleep through a meeting? 

When Dello Russo did wake up did it matter?  He's such a loser.

Sheriff Peter Koutoujian needs to wake up and smell the coffee.  Paul Camuso,employed by the sheriff's office, is a low-life thug.

The admitted drunk goes to Alcoholic Anonymous meetings, or so he claims, but he violates Step 8 with every breath he takes.

Those three individuals did great disrespect to the Council.  Knight, Dello Russo and Camuso conspired the event, it was orchestrated.  At the end of the night Camuso yelled to Adam Knight "Good job" and as sleepy-head Dello Russo walked out the door Camuso yelled "Good job, council president.'

As in "Good job interfering and causing trouble while the city goes to hell in a hand basket."

Why does Sheriff Koutoujian employ an individual leftover from the disgraced office of Jimmy DiPaola, and why does Koutoujian not put a muzzle on Camuso, an individual alleged to have attacked his own mother so violently with a meat cleaver that his parents allegedly had to take a restraining order out on Paul A Camuso.

Consider the source when Camuso speaketh. Camuso, pals with twice-arrested Gary Zappelli, would often go on the then-board member of TV 3's show to promote himself. It was wrong, but Camuso knew it and did it anyway.

Chief Sacco should make public any CORI on Paul A. Camuso, even if records have been expunged, and let the citizens know just what kind of creep has infected the city council.

We got rid of Camuso's uncle, and we got rid of Camuso. Now it is time to rid the city of the filth that is Adam Knight and Fred Dello Russo, Jr. They are walking obscenities when they take money from the residents of this community and behave like it is a moment from the film ANIMAL HOUSE.

Our goal for election 2015: REMOVE ADAM KNIGHT AND DELLO RUSSO JR.  They are a lovely couple, they should run off to Vegas together and let people who care do the people's business.

Those clowns do not; they engage in boorish behavior and take the money and run.

"In every revolution there's one man with a vision" Captain Kirk said on Star Trek; 

one man with courage makes a majority 
---thomas jefferson


Since the residents don't come out and keep those jokers honest, like many other situations on planet earth, it comes down to one or two men to make a difference.

Mayor McGlynn is now a lame duck, and his henchmen, Camuso, Knight and Dello Russo, are out of control, like wasps without their queen.  Time to call the political version of Terminix.

And keeping the information public has been very effective.  The Mayor and Camuso are gone, two more to go.

Bye Adam and Freddy, do let the door hit you on the way out.

We have just begun to fight for the people.

Power to the people.