Tuesday, April 21, 2015

13 questions for Stephanie Burke's Mayoral Run Part 1

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Dear Candidate Burke:

Citizens want - after 28 years - a complete change from the same old same old.   These questions are designed to give residents an idea of where you stand:

We'll start with QUESTION 13 and then 1-12.

13)Stephanie, you and I have both been victims of Medford Community Cablevision, Inc. As Mayor, will you press charges on Francis R. Pilleri, Jr. and his phony "board of directors?"

1)Where Hillary Clinton's new, initial campaign commercial is about the diverse group of people in America, generating a discussion of their needs with the candidate as a sort of a footnote, your official press release is all about you.  Don't you think in these difficult times people want to hear about their issues, not yours?

2)In the first paragraph of your press release alone you have 15 references to yourself (I, Me, My) and three to your family (our, we) - as cringe-inducing as a Marie Osmond self-absorbed autobiography.  Is that the kind of opening paragraph that really makes Medford residents feel like you want to be their "partner in progress" or is it a Mike McGlynn "look at my grandchild" for the nine millionth time moment?

3)Like Mike McGlynn, your campaign announcement is found on Inside Medford, which is operated by the city's webmaster. Yes, the proprietor gives a wide range of voices the platform, but shouldn't you have recused yourself from her pages to show the difference between you and the conflicted lame-duck Mayor?

4)There is only one mention of your time on the City Council, a body that - and you know this from personal experience - was ignored by Mayor McGlynn.  Why would you pretty much ignore the council, as McGlynn does, and expect residents to believe you will be a "partner in progress?"

4b)Doesn't the proclamation of being a "16 year veteran" of the council smack of the "same old same old" when - after 28 years of McGlynn and more years with McGlynn's father before him, Medford residents want to feel like THEY are part of this city, not mere pawns or slaves to McGlynnville.  How can you make a dramatic change for the citizens demanding it when you left the council to stand in the shadow of McGlynn (that's a rhetorical question, no question mark necessary.)

5)When you left the City Council to become Budget Director, constituents felt that you would be the sort of "ombudsman" for a notoriously recalcitrant mayor.

Instead you moved - strangely - towards McGlynn's agenda abandoning the independence that made you so popular.

Do you think the public will buy your
about face?  And should they?

noun: ombudsman; plural noun: ombudsmen
  1. an official appointed to investigate individuals' complaints against maladministration, especially that of public authorities.
6)Will you pledge to remove the Mayor's two daughters from the school system and other McGlynn hacks on the people's payroll, and change the name of the McGlynn School, or do you intend to be a "firewall" so that plethora of sins of McGlynn can be kept hidden from the public?

7)In Paragraph 2 there are 9 references to yourself and one to your position of budget director.  If Marie Osmond sues you for plagiarism in speaking about yourself more than she does in a bio, what will be your defense?

8)Your theme "Partner in Progress for the betterment of Medford!" is a terrific slogan.  If you fail to remove the kiosks and the bothersome pay-to-park scandal, "Partner in Progress" will ring as hollow as the highly fraudulent "Leadership that works" that McGlynn forced down the city's throat.

9)Will you pledge to take a $75,000.00 pay cut, acknowledging the budget problems Medford faces, or will you bully the city council to give you a pay raise and rival Boston Mayor Walsh for highest salary in the Commonwealth?

10)Will you pledge to NOT be the Chair of the Medford School Committee and not take the additional monies?

11)Will you pledge not to take $10,000.00 annually for the Mayor's Celebratory Committee and the same with the golf tournament? and, instead, put those Comcast monies into things that benefit the citizens, not the Mayor's selfish political profile?

12)Are you going to meet with the City Council on a weekly basis and have a transparent, open government, where residents are not greeted by a phalanx of cold, anti-social secretaries (not Mary Merrill - she's very nice, the two in your office) that show their contempt for citizens working to make Medford a better place to live?

13)Stephanie, you and I have both been victims of Medford Community Cablevision, Inc. As Mayor, will you press charges on Francis R. Pilleri, Jr. and his phony "board of directors?" and demand accountability, restitution and legal retribution on behalf of the citizens of Medford?  Or will Pilleri pull your strings as he pulled Mike McGlynn's for the majority of McGlynn's failed leadership and failed administration?

More to come.  Welcome to Campaign 2015