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193 days to Election Day - McGlynn candidates on a losing streak

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Medford's changing demographic has rejected McGlynn candidates Erin DiBenedetto, Nick Lanzilli, Carl Sciortino while Paul Camuso and Bob Maiocco took the same exit as Mayor McGlynn himself.

That's a huge SIX candidates, including the Mayor himself, taken out of Medford politics*  (*Sciortino losing the Congressional race, of course, endorsed by McGlynn, which was a slap in the face to Sheriff Peter Koutoujian)

Stephanie Burke purportedly helped orchestrate the Republic Pay-to-Park fiasco, and just as Adam Knight, Rick Caraviello, Paul Camuso and Fred Dello Russo Jr. are running from the debacle of the parking nightmare they embraced, Stephanie Burke has to come clean on her participation in the Mayor's political Edsel - the late 1950's Edsel, of course, considered one of the "worst cars of all time."

How Ms. Burke handles herself after her sputtering "I, Me, Mine" start with that grandiose and self-serving press release to launch her candidacy for Mayor is the question, isn't it?

Stephanie M. Burke (the M currently stands for McGlynn, not Muccini) needs to look at the devastation surrounding recent "McGlynn picks" - Erin DiBenedetto appeared shattered when she lost to Christine Barber, and here's the key thing: Barber offered a platform where DiBenedetto - presumably like George Scarpelli and John Falco - had nothing to offer.  No platform, no accomplishments, as empty a suit as that stuffed shirt Adam Knight, and if he isn't one of the all-time worst councilors in the city's history, who is?
Knight, Camuso, Dello Russo and even Caraviello, the four who were the "firewall" for McGlynn, do not have the motions on the City Council past agendas filed by the three councilors working hard for the citizens, do they?

Adam Knight is now "cramming for finals" after my blog exposed Knight's failure to put reasonable, workable motions that help the community out for the public to consider at Tuesday night council meetings.

This is the baggage Ms. Burke is embracing in her quest to be Mayor? I say bravo, actually.  For Candidate Burke's fine work as a city councilor was demolished when she put on Star Wars actor David Prowse's hood and became Darth Stephanie, the Emperor (McGlynn's) servant.

Darth Stephanie, understand this. The Voters aren't going to "Let it Be" when you are singing George Harrison's "I Me Mine"  on the campaign trail.

Ms. Burke's "Aye Aye Me Me Mine" press release was an embarrassment to the voters looking for promises to clean up the George W. Bush-styled mess that her boss, McGlynn, established over 28 hack-infested years.

Rather than put his daughters into a school system outside of Medford, McGlynn put Amanda McGlynn and Jennifer McGlynn Belanger into what he calls the "McGlynn" school. That kind of arrogance, forcing his family to infest Medford life was self-service, not public service.

And if you think Nell Escobar Coakley or Steve Freker or Allison Goldsberry are going to publish this important essay and chance losing City Hall monies you are a perfect chump for the Wynn Casino, which could have McGlynn masquerading as the poor man's Sam Rothstein if the current tea leaves read correctly.

Anyone notice how my issue was voted on last Tuesday night by DJ June Knight's little brother Adam, Paul "Butcher Boy" Camuso and Night of the Living Fred (Dello Russo Jr.) - the three who not just hate me, the three councilors who LOATHE THIS RESIDENT voting for my issue: the Comcast Ascertainment hearing and to move it to 6:30 pm on Wednesday April 29th instead of 2 PM.

Let's humbly thank the team that finally brought down insufferable politicians who are allergic to public service. It was a team effort though
many, MANY people have congratulated me on removing Maiocco, Camuso and even McGlynn from office.

All I did was expose the truth that the Mercury, the Transcript and certainly Inside Medford failed to report.

Stephanie Burke, George Scarpelli, John Falco, Dello Russo, Knight, they have no platform.  The head of the Hydra, McGlynn, has been cut off, and they are like worker bees without the queen, zipping around in circles and trying to adhere to the obsolete McGlynn formula which is not a good fit for 2015.

This city needs to remove fossils like Rep Donato, Stephanie Burke, George Scarpelli, Falco, Knight, Dello Russo...they have to go the way of DiBeneDITTO's failed State Rep campaign, because it was all about Erin DiBenedetto looking for accolades she did not earn.

This is a serious moment in Medford history.  Stephanie Burke has some tough questions to answer and she's yet to respond to the 13 I sent her yesterday, serious questions about her ties to McGlynn.

This city needs to fully investigate the lack of transparency McGlynn offered over the past 28 years.  Police Chief Sacco needs to seize this moment and look into the McGlynn Administration, not be a participant with McGlynn any longer.

This will be Chief Sacco's legacy - will he go out as the police chief who investigated a suspicious Mayor, or will the chief give McGlynn a pass on the ugly TV3 history, the ugly patronage at Medford City Hall, the anti-social policies of a Mayor who waltzed in because daddy and cousin Johnny and big brother Jack all set the table for McGlynn to eat all the foodstuffs at the buffet.

Wake up Medford, the infrastructure is crumbling like a 50 year old police station that had no upkeep.

You had no access TV because McGlynn had VPS - Vinny Piro Syndrome, and possibly in more ways than one.  Piro was embarrassed in Somerville when access TV was in its infancy.

And before Access TV was in place, years before Vinny Piro's fall, there was a TV host pioneering the medium, and my show is STILL on the air, despite McGlynn's efforts to silence me.

Ms. Burke needs to come out and denounce her lord and master, McGlynn. She can't be his firewall hiding whatever we suspect wasn't allegedly shredded from existence, unanswered public records requests, information that belongs to the public.

Public Service.  Welcome to Election 2015.   McGlynn's candidates have been dropping like flies - DiBeneDITTO, Lanzilli, Sciortino for Congress, Camuso, Maiocco...we've done a good job of cleansing our city, but the opponent, the McGlynn cronies, are NOT to be UNDERESTIMATED.

Hey Jack Dempsey - Stephanie is ready for her "close shot" - and the poor man's Cecil B. DeMille at the high school taking advantage of OUR P/E/G monies is desperately hoping "his" candidate gets in so we residents can get the screw job again.

Don't let it happen, people.  Dump Dempsey, and vote for a candidate that will give us a platform that will rebuild Medford after McGlynn's Hiroshima/Nagasaki destruction of a city 5 miles north of Boston.

193 days to November 3