Saturday, April 25, 2015

8:33 AM The Peter Principle and Mrs. Stephanie Muccini Burke

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Dear Budget Director Burke:

You had a responsibility to Medford citizens to resign prior to the announcement you made on or about April 21, 2015 about running for Mayor.

The budget director of this city setting a May 15th date to resign gives her almost an additional month in office.   This is not being "Your partner in progress for the betterment of Medford" and if you believe it is, you shouldn't even run for the highest office in the city.

Stephanie Muccini Burke claims: "I believe that the public has observed my actions on both sides of the rail and realize that I have always been respectful, informed and productive."

Actually, many members of the "public" that have spoken with this journalist felt that way when you were on the council, Mrs. Burke, but they clearly have a low opinion of you today based on your lack of candidness and sincerity over the past four and a half years "as Mayor McGlynn’s Director of Budget and Personnel appointment for the past 4 ½ years," as you noted in your press release.

The key here is that you are supposed to be the PEOPLE's director of budget and personnel, not that of the unpopular Mayor who is getting out of Dodge.  
You're a bright woman, Stephanie, and - all due respect - you know the public isn't buying what you or the Mayor are selling.

What have you accomplished, really, in those four and a half years?

Did City Councilor Burke, the champion of access TV, get us that access TV as Director of Budget and Personnel? 

Did the budget director give the citizens transparency or threaten this journalist with possibly having to make payments for information, charging money for public records requests?  

Mrs. Baker's office of Finance wanted $226.00 from me for information on how much money the city pays to the local press. That was obscene, another McGlynn sleight of hand to deny transparency while he's off cutting ribbons and taking $2,500.00 from Comcast - one of the worst companies in America according to statistics - for a golf tournament.

What have you done in four and a half years for the people, Mrs. Burke? It's like John Falco, George Scarpelli, Adam Knight, Fred Dello Russo Jr. Erin DiBenedetto, all looking to climb the political ladder with no substantial achievements.

Have you noticed this writer's impressive list of achievements moving Medford forward while a joker like Paul Camuso gets paid and does nothing?

Look at the motions filed by McGlynn lieutenants Knight, Dello Russo and Camuso on the council.  They lack substance, they slap people on the back looking for votes on our dime, they often walk away from the council during session (except for Mr. Dello Russo who appears to be on a perpetual siesta...and that is not a joke; it is a statement of fact that McGlynn's cronies are mere "placeholders" doing as little work as possible and taking as much money as they can grab.

Mrs. Burke, what WAS your participation in the pay-to-park scandal and why did you, someone we trusted on the council, allow such a hideous company like Republic - with a vile reputation in regards to employment and its interaction with the public, in to this city to cause such a ruckus.

This writer informed the public at the city council how wretched Republic's reputation was, only to have your colleague Camuso ranting incoherently on behalf of Republic saying "you can't believe what you read on the internet."  Camuso defended you and Mayor McGlynn when you forced pay-to-park on us, Stephanie.

Now, Flop Flip to April 21, 2015, and Camuso changes his tune, as he's done so many times.  Now Camuso is against it after he was for it, channeling Mitt Romney in the most embarrassing of ways.

You should have resigned prior to April 21, 2015, Mrs. Burke and you should resign immediately ...right now, April 25, 2015.  Every day you stay employed as director of budget and personnel while running for Mayor is just another day the public sees a self-serving politician claiming public service.

Do you think Adam Knight deserves that extreme paycheck for serving himself and not the public?

With a straight face can you tell me that Dello Russo, Knight, DiBenedetto, Sciortino, Donato, Camuso, Scarpelli, Falco - all staunch McGlynn supporters, by the way, are serving the public? 

Where's the evidence, the proof?

When Paul Camuso thwarted your attempt to discuss TV3 Medford at the Council, shutting you and the solicitor down, you did not put on record that Camuso was wrongfully benefiting from his access to TV3 while you were being harassed by board member Gary Zappelli
in violation of the Internal Revenue Code.

So Camuso shot you and Mark Rumley down and both of you couldn't do as this writer did: note to the public that Camuso was taking unfair advantage of a 501c3.

Why is it this citizen that puts in the public records requests, or puts on public file corrections to stories about Medford at major TV and radio stations  (they have an obligation to put our comments on public file,) or has to teach Paul Camuso that he has to be apprised of the Open Meeting Law when Camuso forced himself into the presidency of the City Council when he was, clearly, out of his depth.

The Peter Principle, Mrs. Burke, is rising to the level of one's own incompetence. It is clear that Camuso, Knight and Dello Russo have knocked their heads against that ceiling, the question now is this: has Stephanie Muccini Burke risen to the level of her own incompetence?

The perception of a lack of integrity by staying in the budget director's seat while running for Mayor is a serious moment in your career, Stephanie.

You haven't helped us with public access, you haven't phoned this veteran of radio and access TV to help put the channel back on the air, heck, there were a number of people you could have contacted from XXXXXXXX (3 examples using people's names) but you didn't.

Actions speak louder than words and your press release is so self-absorbed that it makes a huge statement: this is about Stephanie Burke looking for higher office.

Well, how did that work out for Erin DiBenedetto when she considered her run for state rep a "beauty pageant" and that because McGlynn was in her corner she was entitled to the seat.

Who, Mrs. Burke, has done more work for this city?  Joe Viglione or Erin DiBenedetto. That's a rhetorical question.

Your press release focuses on you like some community audition.  The Peter Principle rears its ugly head every time you use the pronoun "I' and you rise to the level of your own incompetence.

You must resign the office immediately. If you don't it is meat for those who will oppose your candidacy, both the members of the public who oppose you, and the candidates who want to improve Medford.

Let me let you in on the worst kept secret in Medford.  The credibility Stephanie Muccini Burke had at the council has been mitigated by her allegiance to a very unpopular Mayor.

You are now seen as the public face of Michael J. McGlynn.  Not as an independent woman running for office as Hillary Clinton gets the "women vote" out over the next 19 months, but as McGlynn's water boy.

When you fail to resign, as you should, the Peter Principle kicks in and, like McGlynn, you have risen to the level of your own incompetence.

Stephanie Muccini Burke needs to make a clean break from Michael J. McGlynn.

Stephanie Muccini Burke needs to make it clear that she is NOT McGlynn, even if you have to throw McGlynn under the bus and throw a few secrets out to the public that will expose McGlynn's rather hideous control of the Medford Housing Authority, or failure to do right by the Chevalier Theater.

It was THIS CITIZEN who videotaped the Mayor's uncle and got the confession that Deval Patrick appointed McGlynn's own uncle to the board of Medford Housing.

It was THIS CITIZEN who went to Deval Patrick to remove Uncle Gene McGillicuddy, which the Governor did.

It was THIS CITIZEN who did the work for the people of Medford, though Mark Rumley jumped up at that Housing Authority meeting where Mark had no right and no authority and this journalist had to say to the Solicitor "YOU! Sit down."  And the Solicitor did.

It was THIS citizen who tipped off Mark Rumley that Frank Pilleri wasn't going to allow an election in 2008 ( a business associate of TV3's Harvey Alberg tipped me off) and Rumley refused to listen to the reality of the situation.  This resulted in more abuse of the access station and lawsuits/legal action against the city and two prominent ex-tv3 members.

The city spent monies fighting TV3 when all Mr. Rumley - or you - had to do was listen to the voice of reason.

City Hall, caught with its pants down and pushed around and bullied by Frank Pilleri.

And you want to be Mayor when a citizen does more for the residents than people paid handsome sums of money to do "public service," public employees who are too busy serving themselves.

This is a serious election, it is not some coronation for a woman who benefited a long-in-the-tooth Mayor who, and this is not said as a joke, is creepy, dishonest about access tv, and behaves as if Medford is his buffet table and that because his father Jack McGlynn and cousin John Granara and brother John McGlynn allegedly put together the lovely alleged fleecing of the public, that it is right and that you, of all people, should continue McGlynn's ugly abuse of the public.

This writer had the Governor remove Uncle Gene which ended up in Bob Covelle having no life preserver at Medford Housing.  This writer's camera kept Mr. Coddington IN at Medford Housing when the board of directors wanted to throw Coddington overboard. This writer's hard work and honest efforts have exposed the Comcast fiasco and the public access fiasco.

If you want to disregard the time and thought put into this essay, then know this Mrs. Burke: as much as I'd like you to be our partner in progress, it appears that you are partner's in only making Medford part of "Muccini-Burke, Inc." and with God as my judge I will fight your candidacy with even more energy than I used in removing Frank Pilleri and his cronies from our access TV station.

Did Stephanie Burke achieve the removal of Pilleri, or did Joe Viglione open the door.

As I said to Paul Camuso after the essay on Bob Maiocco's (shall we say) "indelicacy"  'I GOT RID OF YOUR UNCLE, I'LL GET RID OF YOU."

Well, Stephanie, let's see, Uncle Bob Maiocco has gone south, his disreputable nephew-by-marriage can go visit Aunty Carol in Boca now that he's leaving the council, it's safe to say this writer is batting 1,000.

My friendly advice is that you resign on Monday, April 27th, because if you continue to take public monies as Budget Director while running for Mayor you will see the public tattoo your political forehead with THE PETER PRINCIPLE.  Don't blame me, I'm just the messenger, it is the public who will get the message.

I like you, Stephanie, and want to see you do the right thing if you truly want to be my "partner in progress."

Here's the definition of it:

The Peter Principle is a concept in management  theory in which the selection of a candidate for a position is based on the candidate's performance in their current role rather than on abilities relevant to the intended role. Thus, employees only stop being promoted once they can no longer perform effectively, and "managers rise to the level of their incompetence."

 Medford’s Director of Budget and Personnel, Stephanie Muccini Burke, publicly announced on Thursday she is resigning from her position to pursue her candidacy for Mayor. Her resignation is effective on May 15. The following is her April 21 resignation letter to outgoing Mayor Michael McGlynn; Burke formally announced on that day her intention to run for Mayor.

“It is with the best interest of the City in mind, that I offer my official resignation from the position of Director of Budget and Personnel, effective May 15, 2015. Due to my pending announcement that I will be a candidate for Mayor of this great city, I would not want the office of Mayor to encounter any appearance of conflict of interest.

I want to personally thank you for the opportunity to serve this city in this capacity. That, combined with my experience as a 16 year veteran of the City Council, has prepared me for this next opportunity.

Stephanie M. Burke”

Mayor McGlynn, who is retiring this year after 28 years in office, released the following statement about Burke’s resignation:

“I’m grateful for Stephanie’s dedicated service to the residents of Medford as Budget and Personnel Director. She has performed her duties in a diligent and professional manner. I offer Stephanie my sincere thanks for her masterful job as Budget Director, for her unwavering attention to duty and faithful service to the residents of our community.”