Tuesday, April 28, 2015

9:08 AM e mail to State Rep Balser - re: Sace Access TV

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By phone at 617-722-2396

Dear State Rep Balser:

I'm asking you to put pressure on State Rep Paul Donato who has participated with Medford Mayor Michael J. McGlynn to DENY access TV to the citizens of Medford while posing for a photo-op with McGlynn claiming, falsely, that they are building a new TV station.
Cugno, Belson, Rumley, Donato all should be ashamed of themselves in this photo on December 19, 2014, the day after Comcast sent a new contract that City Hall hid until I pried it from them on St. Patrick's day, March 17, 2015...the Mayor and his Solicitor figuratively kicking and screaming until they handed over the document, which outraged the City Council that evening when I handed it to them.

Donato is not honest with the citizens of Medford, nor is Rumley or the Mayor or any of these pathetic individuals wanting respect but cheating the residents out of something the residents pay for.

Your Act To Support Community Access Television (House Docket #829 filed on January 14, 2015) is going to the Medford City Council tonight as Medford residents have been DENIED access TV by the lame-duck Mayor Michael J. McGlynn, who has received $2500.00 for the past 15 years from Comcast for his golf tournament, $10,000 per year for his "Mayor's Celebratory Fund" and who pays three high school teachers out of monies designated for Government access TV.

We have no access TV in Medford, though State Rep Paul Donato will, shamefully, pose for a photo op with the Mayor claiming they are bringing access to Medford, then, according to the office of procurement yesterday, 4/27/15, the Mayor has now, again, put "access on hold."

Our disgraced Budget Director Stephanie M. Burke and equally disgraced City Solicitor, Mark E. Rumley, have ignored the constituents and gone along with the Mayor's wrongful conduct.  They have been embarrassed by the former entity, Medford Community Cablevision, Inc., with our City Solicitor Mark E. Rumley lacking the integrity to keep to his promise of investigating the skewed financial records of that dissolving entity.

In order for your bill to have success individuals like Paul J. Donato cannot give lip service while leaving the hard work to people like me.  Mr. Donato took liberally from my TV show, and then went on TV3 and bullied me.  That's right, the alleged anti-bully State Rep was on TV3 being a bully, engaging with individuals like the president of MCC TV3 that Donato had an OBLIGATION to investigate, not play footsy with.

Here's my note to the MedfordMass Yahoo group:

I have copies of a bill going through the State House to save access tv which I will be sharing with the councilors tonight.  State Rep Ruth Balser's act to save community access TV http://tinyurl.com/balseraccessbill 

see below under "Municipal Issues)

In April of 2012 Wisconsin had a similar bill

Municipal Issues:
An Act to support community access television  (H2847)  
This bill requires that any monies received by municipalities for PEG access cable television be distributed to PEG access cable television stations. If a municipality fails to forward the funds, then it must provide an accounting and the accounting is public. The bill requires cable TV providers to locate PEG channels in close proximity to broadcast channels. It requires cable TV providers to provide PEG channels with access to HD or other technology. It also requires cable TV providers to provide proper mapping of channels.

Medford citizens aren't aware of the educational value (the ability to learn computer programs and how to run cameras and set up a tripod) of community media as the Mayor has intentionally kept it from this city.

Please attend the Ascertainment hearing at 2 PM on May 7th, and these city council meetings.
Please put pressure on that big phony Paul J. Donato to help us get our access TV back.

I did the hard work, Donato takes the photo op!

That's the real Paul J. Donato.

Please help us get our access station!

I'm the only person who put a proposal in to run it, and that infuriated the Mayor, because ...oh my God, I have actual qualifications, not McGlynn DNA, and that is not acceptable to the lame-duck Mayor.