Tuesday, April 28, 2015

9:30 AM e mail to School Committee - Tech-Voch Heidi Riccio falsely claimed she had won an award

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To: Medford School Committee

Att: Ann Marie Cugno, Roy Belson,
     Heidi Riccio 

It has come to my attention that lame duck Mayor McGlynn has put access tv on hold.  After this writer did the heavy lifting and Cugno, Rumley, Belson, Donato and Riccio all take the photo op (something Heidi Riccio, it seems, is used to, allegedly taking credit for something she didn't do, in this case, a victim of TV3's hard work and honest efforts)

So where are all you CHAMPIONS of Access TV?  I've not seen Ms. Riccio at the City Council fighting for our rights, nor have I seen Ann Marie Cugno - indeed, the school committee snubbed my efforts to get them on board.

Oh no, can't buck the Mayor, elected officials with no spine, no integrity, nothing of value to the residents paying them handsomely.  Shame on all of them.

Watch the City Council tonight as I fight for our rights and identify what is going on at City Hall:

Riccio Takes Credithttp://tinyurl.com/ricciotakescredit
Heidi Riccio lost her job as an administrator at Greater Lawrence  Technical School in June after an internal investigation found she had  taken credit for a national award she never won. But it did not take her long to find a new post.

Earlier this month, Riccio was hired as the new director for Medford Vocational Technical High School.

“It was turned over to lawyers, and they advised [the school
administration] that they agreed with terminating her,” Henrick said.

Henrick had advocated for Riccio’s dismissal, and said he was pleased she was no longer working at the school.

“Good luck to her, and good luck to Medford if they’re going to hire her,” he said. “But how she got that job, I don’t know.”

By phone at 617-722-2396 


Dear State Rep Balser:

I'm asking you to put pressure on State Rep Paul Donato who has  participated with Medford Mayor Michael J. McGlynn to DENY access TV to  the citizens of Medford while posing for a photo-op with McGlynn  claiming, falsely, that they are building a new TV station*.

(*See a more recent post, the Voc-Tech has applied for one, but the public access station is - can you believe this - "on hold" again.   But McGlynn pranced around like some old bar fly with a juvenile delinquent from TV3 in the "bad old days" and, quite FRANKly, we will consider throwing a party when "Allegedly Drunk old Mikey" takes his bow and gets the hook to pull him offstage.  Sayonara! )

Cugno, Belson, Rumley, Donato all should be ashamed of themselves in this photo on December 19, 2014, the day after Comcast sent a new contract that City Hall hid  until I pried it from them on St. Patrick's day, March 17, 2015...the
Mayor and his Solicitor figuratively kicking and screaming until they  handed over the document, which outraged the City Council that evening  when I handed it to them.

Donato is not honest with the citizens of Medford, nor is Rumley or the Mayor  or any of these pathetic individuals wanting respect but cheating the  residents out of something the residents pay for.