Tuesday, April 21, 2015

Adam Knight associating with MCC TV3 ex board member

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195 days from today is the ELECTION 2015

Keep this in mind, residents.  Adam Knight called TV3 a "fiasco."  But when the rubber hit the road, Knight was seen associating with Matthew Page Lieberman 

Lieberman, one of the delusional MCC crowd, was part of a group that failed to deliver access TV.   

Lieberman was so reprehensible that even the board of directors of MCC TV3, with ultra-low standards, booted Lieberman after an attack on a resident designed and created by TV3.

So TV3 threw Lieberman overboard, and out-of-his-depth councilor Adam Knight associates with such an individual.

Keep that in mind come election day.  A vote for Adam Knight is a vote for Page Lieberman.