Tuesday, April 21, 2015


Public Charities
Maura Healey, A.G.
One Ashburton Place
Boston, MA 02108

Dear Attorney General Maura Healey:

A former board member of Medford Community Cablevision, Inc. plans on speaking at Medford City Hall this evening, 7 PM, the day after the Comcast contract with the city expired.

Matthew Page Lieberman was on the board of directors of Medford Community Cablevision, Inc., the non-profit funded mostly by the cable tv subscriber franchise fee.

Petition #15-389 - ostensibly - is to discuss online streaming of city council meetings which, had Page-Lieberman done his job as a member of the board of MCC TV3, would already be in place.

With this document I am requesting that the City Council demand from Page-Lieberman any documents he has in his possession in regards to meeting minutes and financial data from TV3.

The community is pretty certain that the non-profit was not acting in an appropriate manner, so why someone like Page-Lieberman on the hot seat would come forward is the question-especially due to the fact that Page-Lieberman attacked this writer on April 26, 2010, five years ago this week, at the City Council.

I was scheduled to speak and three core individuals from the dismantled station plotted and schemed for months, according to an affidavit, that they would attack the person that was seeking answers about the P/E/G entity.

The AG's office needs to be transparent with the cable TV subscribers of Medford. We need answers about the non-profit, we need accountability and, if necessary, restitution from Frank Pilleri and his phony board of directors.

Know this: aside from financial matters, Pilleri's board of directors cheated the community out of classes for computer skills and camera skills, and cheated the community out of access TV time.

Allegedly powerful State Rep Paul Donato ran in cowardly fashion from Pilleri, yet Donato took a photo op up at the high school for the "new" TV station, taking advantage of this producer's hard work and honest efforts.

State Rep Donato took advantage of my hard work for a photo op, and did absolutely NOTHING in regards to helping his constituents out in regards to cable TV issues, though he can delude himself that he has.

The Attorney General's office is playing right into Frank Pilleri's hands. He wants the AG to stall for as long as possible.  Pilleri is sure that he is going to get away with not having to be held accountable.

The community has waited long enough.

A TV3 board member is speaking tonight. Let's see Paul A. Camuso ask some serious questions from a board member that enabled Camuso to take advantage of access TV when his colleagues were being relentlessly bashed by TV3.

Camuso, shamefully outing himself as a member of Alcoholics Anonymous, better read the 12 steps and go to Step 8. It is time Councilor Camuso made amends to those that he cheated out of access TV. It is time Mr. Camuso - adhering to Step 8 - got us those meeting minutes from TV3, the station that praised Camuso while bashing other councilors.

It is Camuso's job as a councilor, with that Thirty Thousand Dollar or so paycheck, to grill Matt Page Lieberman tonight; it is Camuso's obligation as a not-very-anonymous self-described alcoholic to make amends to the community, to make amends to me, and not just with lip service, with action.

Camuso allegedly is every bit as phony as the board of directors of MCC TV3.

Camuso owes this community.  Tonight we will hold Mr. Camuso accountable.  The Council needs to hold Page-Lieberman accountable.