Tuesday, April 21, 2015

Comcast DIscussion @ City Council TONIGHT

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4/21/15 Medford City Council 

Discussion of Comcast license expiration
which occurred on April 20, 2015 

     The Comcast Ascertainment hearing is scheduled for April 29, 2015, after the circus comes to town, and what a metaphor that is with the Mayor's merry-go-round and sleight of hand.

     Former Medford Community Cablevision "board" member, Matthew Page Lieberman, another dummy that Frank Pilleri had put on his phony board so that Pilleri could control access tv and the funding, is set to speak tonight.

     Page-Lieberman is unethical and needs to be grilled by the City Council.   

     Where are the meeting minutes, Page-Lieberman, when YOU were on that unscrupulous board of directors?

    Where are the financial reports when YOU, Page-Lieberman, were on the board of directors.

    The Councilors will be in possession of a document demanding that you be grilled about that information on this, the 5th Anniversary of Matthew Page Lieberman's assault on a Medford citizen at the City Council.

      Page-Lieberman is every bit as creepy and abhorrent as Ronald Delucia, Harvey Alberg, Arthur Deluca and Frank Pilleri.

     Page-Lieberman cannot be trusted.   So why would that bogus shill for TV3 go up to the council the night after the Comcast contract expired?