Friday, April 24, 2015

Coming later today CITY COUNCIL AGENDA

See you Next Tuesday at the April 28 City Council up in a few hours

Ascertainment Hearing


A special on Adam Knight and Mike McGlynn CAMPAIGN CONTRIBUTIONS

Stay tuned, we are almost at Three Hundred and Five thousand and Five Hundred Hits

Blockbuster story on City Hall to break on want to stay tuned for that!

A different Blockbuster story is that we are in serious discussions with attorneys to now file against McGlynn and possibly Rumley and Muccini-Burke in regards to public access

That's no joke, not a parody, but serious business.  Do stay tuned.  

Oh, and it won't go well for Frankie Fabulist AND the boys either as their names will purportedly be dripping throughout the litigation.

Some on the "committee" are requesting that the Fabulist gang be added to the list of defendants.

192 days to November 3