Tuesday, April 28, 2015

Do Re Mi from the Sound of Music

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Stephanie Burke sings 
             "Do Re Mi Mi Mi Mi Mi Mi Mi"
                                  at the Chevalier!


Aye Aye, mon capitan!

Thanks to the Mass Access conference in Springfield yesterday I have Ruth Balser's bill re: Community TV

I am personally requesting that State Reps Donato, Barber and Garballey file a letter for the Comcast Ascertainment hearing, along with each and every member of the Medford City Council and School Committee.  We need those letters filed with City Hall, time stamped, and filed at the ascertainment hearing with Comcast. 

Here's your opportunity to serve the citizens who have elected you.

Ed Markey, Katherine Clark, Elizabeth Warren as well.

Members of the School Committee should attend tonight's council meeting to discuss:

a)State Rep Ruth Balser's bill which is now on the agenda

b)A TV station for the Medf. Voc-Tech
 Radio & Television Broadcasting (VRTV)

VRTV - coincidentally is,
Visual Radio-Television
the sole proposal received by Mayor McGlynn
to operate the access facility

This document was prepared by the
Massachusetts Department of Elementary and Secondary Education

Mitchell D. Chester, Ed.D.


Board of Elementary and Secondary Education Members

Ms. Maura Banta, Chair, Melrose

Ms. Harneen Chernow, Vice Chair, Jamaica Plain

Mr. Daniel Brogan, Chair, Student Advisory Council, Dennis

Dr. Vanessa Calderón-Rosado, Milton

Ms. Karen Daniels, Milton

Ms. Ruth Kaplan, Brookline

Dr. Matthew Malone, Secretary of Education, Roslindale

Mr. James O’S., Morton, Springfield

Dr. Pendred E. Noyce, Weston

Mr. David Roach, Sutton

Mitchell D. Chester, Ed.D., Commissioner and Secretary to the Board

Vocational Technical Education Framework

Arts & Communication Services Occupational Cluster

 Radio & Television Broadcasting (VRTV)

CIP Code 090701

June 2014

Heidi Riccio

  • Today at 12:20 PM

to JV and Mark Rumley

Good Afternoon,

MVTHS has applied for Chapter 74 Radio & Television Broadcasting program for vocational education. We are excited at the opportunities this will provide our students.  I am not aware of Comcast plans as my role is to ensure students are educated for skills that represent job placement in the Medford community.



Offered by Councillor Penta ~
Be it resolved ... that the Medford City Council go on record supporting H.2847, a bill sponsored by State Representative Ruth Balser entitled, An Act to Support Community Access Television.

Suffice it to say, this qualified individual is ready to install an access TV station that will give residents what they pay for.

Where is Mark Rumley's report on Medford Community Cablevision, Inc. that he promised this city on or about 7/24/14 ???

We can have an access TV station up and running now that the lame-duck Mayor is leaving office. 

ANY individual running for elected office in Medford is at a disadvantage without a transparent and fully functional access TV station that I can provide this city.

To paraphrase Budget Director Stephanie Muccini Burke "Vote for me, I'll set you free."  I would produce Stephanie Burke singing "Do Re Mi" from the sound of music, but darn it, there's a ghost in the machine and every time Stephanie sings "Me a name I call myself" the digital playback unit gets stuck on "mi mi mi mi mi mi mi mi..."