Wednesday, April 29, 2015

Dr. Rabies and Paul Camuso at City Hall 5:15 PM Wednesday April 29, 2015


Why were Camuso and Deluca lurking around City Hall on a Wednesday afternoon?  Did the Sheriff let Camuso out early for bad behavior?

For the agenda next week: a community center at the Chevalier.

This would benefit the community. Watch the conspiracy of Dello Russo, Knight and Camuso attempt to stifle free speech at the People's Forum.  

Those three individuals are paid monies and are not doing their jobs.  They are ruthless, untrustworthy and are not forthright with the public.   Throw the bums out.

Rare photo of Mr. Slouch himself, Paul A. Camuso actually in his seat.  Usually he's running around Alden Chambers being a pest.
Camuso kept leaving his seat last night to be problematic and not do the job we are paying him to do.