Monday, April 27, 2015

e mail 10:52 PM to Police Chief, City Solicitor and the Council

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Topics for City Council 4-28-15
1)Mass Access Conference
2)Mayor McGlynn says "access on hold."
3)LynnCAM in Sunday Globe North

The Mass Access conference was in Springfield today from 9 am to 3:30 pm.  Information gathered at the conference will be reported to the city council this Tuesday night.

The Office of Procurement informed me today that
Mayor McGlynn is putting access "on hold."

a)McGlynn is leaving and doesn't want citizens getting the education re: computers and cameras or the free speech platform.

b)First McGlynn failed to go after TV3, then McGlynn put a priest and a woman from the high school (???) on a three person panel when you could have filled a cola cap with their collective knowledge on access.

It was a stunt, just as this writer informed the city when the Mayor put that time-wasting stunt together

c)The Ascertainment hearing is now set for May 7 at 2 pm with a LAME DUCK Mayor disrespecting your money

LynnCAM article by Steve Rosenberg is a mirror reflection of the City of Medford's problems with the previous station.   City Solicitor Mark Rumley promised us he would give TV3 ten days, which turned into 20 and which is now 9 months and 3 days.

So Mr. Rumley's credibility flies out the window again. Perhaps the Solicitor enjoys the Mayor using the city lawyer to buffalo the public on access the way the Mayor has bullied our police chief into being the buffer zone for pay-to-park.

The culprit is Michael J. McGlynn and why Chief Sacco hasn't investigated McGlynn is the question.  The heavy lifting is already accomplished - McGlynn's "celebratory fund" and "golf tournament" funded by Comcast with ZERO ACCESS TV

Perhaps it is time to file an injunction on McGlynn since even in his lame-duck incarnation, Mike McGlynn has no desire to give the people what they pay for.

Lynn asks court to appoint receiver to take over cable TV station

Lynn asks court to appoint receiver to take over cable TV station

The suit also alleges that Karen Chapman was paid $14,855 in payroll checks, a violation of the nonprofit’s bylaws, which bar directors from receiving compensation. The same bylaws forbid a LynnCAM director from hiring an immediate family member, but the attorney general alleges that Chapman’s husband, John, received $30,172 in LynnCAM payroll checks, and an additional $8,620 in other checks. LynnCam also is alleged to have paid $9,240 to a company owned by Althea Shea, the Chapmans’ daughter.
LynnCAM employees declined to answer questions about the lawsuits or the pending closure. The station has won four cable TV programming awards over the years, and cablecasts on two channels in Lynn and Swampscott.