Tuesday, April 21, 2015

Frank Pilleri said ZERO BALANCE, Does Tufts Health think this is good employee conduct?

If Pilleri works for Tufts Health, the public needs to consider the options and stay away from that HMO until a more savory individual is installed.  LOOK AT THIS CONDUCT WITH A NON-PROFIT and PUBLIC FUNDING!


Pilleri, meanwhile, said MCC’s dissolution is progressing, and he expects it to be complete soon.
"Everything that we had was dispersed," Pilleri said. "We’ve got a zero balance.


They basically squeezed us to the point where we had to go out of business."


With a lame duck Mayor, the Medford Police need to ask Frank Pilleri the tough questions that Pilleri won't answer: Where's the money when State Rep Donato's office said:

"Frank Took The Money"

“There will be no more money. Zero,” (LynnCAM Board President Robert )Sewell said.  April 18, 2015 ItemLive/Lynn 

"Everything that we had was 

dispersed," (Medford Community 

Cablevision Board President Frank 

Pilleri said. "We’ve got 

a zero balance"  July 24, 2013 

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