Tuesday, April 21, 2015

KNIGHT ISSUES THREAT - 303,001 all-time page views Knight Issues a THREAT!

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4:27 PM Tuesday, April 21, 2015

Republican Congressman Steve Knight that is.

Not to be confused with nice guy Steve Knight, the keyboard player for the group MOUNTAIN!
Mississippi Queen indeed!

Angry congressman warns protester: 'If you touch me again, I'll drop your a--'

(YouTube)Rep. Steve Knight confronts anti-immigration protesters.Rep. Steve Knight (R-California) recently got in a heated confrontation with an anti-immigration protest.
Video of the exchange, apparently outside an open house at his Simi Valley office, was posted Tuesday on Political Wire. Knight clearly did not appreciate one protester who got in his face.
"If you touch me again, I'll drop your a--, all right?" Knight told him.
The protesters accused Knight of voting for "amnesty" and referenced the recent Homeland Security funding debate. Conservatives insisted the annual legislation to provide money for the agency include provisions undermining President Barack Obama's executive actions that shielded millions from deportation.