Tuesday, April 21, 2015

LynnCAM Board of Directors Fires's Staff --- 4/17/15

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This article published Saturday April 18, the deadline day Tim Kelly gave Mayor McGlynn to sign the new Comcast Agreement, which expired on Monday, April 20, 2015

Sound familiar, Medford?    Prankie Alberg running that joint?   Jarhead should apply to be on the board!   Have Doria take Meeting Minutes

LynnCAM pulls plug on its staff




City attorneys moved late last year to divert payments from cable providers Comcast and Verizon from LynnCAM to the city, and filed a January court complaint claiming LynnCAM ignored city requests to implement improved financial controls.

“We said we would release the money when safeguards were in place,” Lamanna said.
The Attorney General’s March 12 complaint asks the court to effectively dissolve the board of directors, stating that members Sewell, Demakes, Almanzo Rodriguez and Lawrence McCully “cannot be trusted to act on LynnCAM’s behalf.”

A fifth member, former Deputy Police Chief Kenneth Santoro, is not named in the complaint.
Much of the 44-page complaint focuses on Lynn resident Karen Chapman, who resigned as LynnCAM president last September, and her husband, John, who was indicted last July and subsequently pleaded not guilty in connection to charges detailing $34,000 stolen from LynnCAM.
The Chapmans, in interviews, have denied any financial wrongdoing.

Papanickolas Friday said he consulted with a law researcher who said, “‘Lynn has no right’” to alter financial terms in cable providers’ licensing agreements without board approval.


“There will be no more money. Zero,” (LynnCAM Board President Robert )Sewell said.  April 18, 2015 ItemLive/Lynn 

"Everything that we had was 

dispersed," (Medford Community 

Cablevision Board President Frank 

Pilleri said. "We’ve got 

a zero balance"  July 24, 2013 

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