Wednesday, April 22, 2015

McGlynn, McGlynn the Mayor of Sin

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McGlynn, McGlynn
the Mayor of Sin
he hopes for a job from
Stephen Alan Wynn

How quick those 28 /years went by
Mike now applies /for the title of/ Ace's High
He thinks he'll be played by Robert DeNiro
but in Medford Mike is known as a great big zero

His Water Taxi to Nowhere, his own Noah's ark
he got the hell out of Dodge thanks to
Pay to Park

For all alleged sins Mikey needs a blotter
how much money "earned" by each and every daughter
They think they hold the titles of teacher and mullah
with the thin resume based on water color

McGlynn McGlynn, no access TV
he pulls dandelion petals to ask
how much he hates me
for we know that the P/E/G monies were
oh! such a scam
and Medford ran parallel to
malfeasance found at LynnCAM

A city jerked around with "Leadership that works"
The blind lead the blind and eat up all the perks
McGlynn McGlynn, he's never had a job
Now he'll masquerade as a working slob

Will he be a lowly Comcast employee?
Or janitor at Access, I'll have him work for me
Medford Housing Director? Or will Mike Wynn big?
As long as we boot him out of town
and the lame-duck mayor pays the vig*

*Vig - the interest on a mafia loan!!!

This is a parody.  send all lawsuits to Granada, Skurry, McGlynn, McGlynn & McGlynn, LLC