Saturday, April 25, 2015

McGlynn "interviewed" by Jon Keller on WBZ TV 8:30 AM Sunday April 26, 2015 Channel 4

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McGlynn @ Large

on Keller at Large

MEDFORD MAYOR ON KELLER: Medford Mayor Michael McGlynn, the state's longest-serving mayor, appears on WBZ's Keller at Large. McGlynn announced last week that he will not seek reelection this year. Host Jon Keller and McGlynn discuss state and city relations and promoting peaceful coexistence in diverse urban communities. (Sunday, 8:30 a.m., WBZ-TV)

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Jon Keller: Can we talk about the 4 million dollar lawsuit
your Mystic Valley Development Commission lost at River's Edge?

Mike McGlynn:  No.
Jon Keller: Your Pay-to-Park program was more than just an ordinary bust, it was an abject failure, a complete disaster, and now you're bailing on the citizens you put through hell this past, icy winter with those damn kiosks

Mike McGlynn: Is there a question here? Who do you think I am, Robert Downey Jr?

Jon Keller: Perhaps Iron Man with the cast iron stomach from the rumors about your drinking prowess.

Downey Jr said for a Spanish-speaking man to use a phrase like that 'speaks to how bright he is'

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Mike McGlynn: So you must be the reincarnation of Morton Downey Jr??? 

Jon Keller: So after a worldwide search for a failed public access station manager, the witch of Foster Rhode Island, who used P/E/G monies to sue a man she was supposed to cablecast...and losing those monies, you didn't learn your lesson, Mike.  5 years of your daughters teaching at the, excuse me while I gag, "McGlynn School" at a cool Five Hundred Thousand dollars and you wonder why the natives are restless?

See the entire interview tomorrow on WBZ DISCLAIMER....all say it together now..."another delusional Medford Information Central parody!"


Robert Downey Jr sparks controversy again as he is accused of making a racist remark about Oscar-winning Mexican director

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As head of the MVDC - Mystic Valley Development Commission 

What role, if any, did you and Budget Director Stephanie Burke play (again, if any) in the eminent domain that became a black eye on Medford, Everett and Malden...the 3.6 million dollar loss in court, plus about 400k in interest?
After being tied up in appeals court for years, a Middlesex County jury has ordered the Mystic Valley Development Commission to pay a Medford property owner $3.63 million, plus interest, for land taken in 2004 by eminent domain during the development of the River’s Edge project.
George A. McLaughlin, the lead attorney for the plaintiff, said the Commission originally gave his clients, the Walk family, $280,000 for the 5.5-acre property abutting the Malden River on Corporation Way in Medford.
“That’s a pretty drastic difference,” said McLaughlin.