Tuesday, April 28, 2015

Resident on the phone "I hope that Knight doesn't get elected again.l"

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Local resident said he had to turn the TV off when Adam Knight spoke --- and when he referenced Adam Knight with the "f" word the viewer was echoing the thoughts of this writer and many in the community.

Without Councilor Michael seated at the council tonight Adam Knight, Paul Camuso and Freddy Dello Russo were in full conspiracy mode.

*funny note, at the end of the meeting that rat Matt Page-Lieberman put on his bicycle helmet and looked like a juvenile delinquent. All due respect to local bicyclists who are health-conscious and exercise, Lieberman looked creepy - the attire making it look like a Halloween costume.
Camuso holding on to the Council paycheck is just an immoral blowhard.

One respected member of the community kept repeating outside of Alden Chambers "He's gone next year...he's gone."  Meaning Camuso.

And no one is shedding a tear.

Fred Dello Russo Jr. was friggin' falling asleep at the president's seat.  A local resident pointed to Page-Lieberman jabbering but Dello Russo's eyes were tired and he was oblivious...so much for doing the council president's job, even Maiocco would have been appalled.

Finally SOMEONE had to say something, I asked Alex at the Transcript politely not to have a conversation.  Alex was a gentleman and Page-Lieberman shut his f@%@(ng mouth, finally.

So then, suddenly, Dello Russo wakes up and starts tearing up the Public Access document going to the State House!  Dello Russo did this to harass the senior member of the council who, like a school teacher who has had enough with Freddy's grad-school buffoonery, slammed Dello Russo hard - and Dello Russo looked like a deer in the headlights.  It was a thing of beauty.

WATCH THE REPLAY and watch the end of the council meeting as Dello Russo gets bitch-slapped by the senior member of the council.

Jackass Camuso yells "Good job, Council President" but it was false bravado, the senior member of the council gave a left hook and Dello Russo went, ker plunk, off the diving board and into his room without supper.


watch the replay and See Freddy Run! 

Disrespectful 3 city councilors do not deserve the bloated paychecks they voted for.

Think about it: Knight, Camuso, Dello Russo voted for their own pay raise.

Dello Russo allegedly makes $500,000.00 per year off of  constituent grief.  He takes another 30K from the council that he does not need.

An honest politician would give the 30k back to the city.  Those Vegas rentals must be VERY expensive these days...rent a car, rent a room...you can rent ANYTHING in Vegas, and what happens in Vegas stays in Vegas