Tuesday, April 28, 2015

State Rep Ruth Balser's bill to save community access TV

I have copies of a bill going through the State House to save access tv which I will be sharing with the councilors tonight.  State Rep Ruth Balser's act to save community access TV http://tinyurl.com/balseraccessbill 

see below under "Municipal Issues)

In April of 2012 Wisconsin had a similar bill

Municipal Issues:
An Act to support community access television  (H2847)  
This bill requires that any monies received by municipalities for PEG access cable television be distributed to PEG access cable television stations. If a municipality fails to forward the funds, then it must provide an accounting and the accounting is public. The bill requires cable TV providers to locate PEG channels in close proximity to broadcast channels. It requires cable TV providers to provide PEG channels with access to HD or other technology. It also requires cable TV providers to provide proper mapping of channels.

Medford citizens aren't aware of the educational value (the ability to learn computer programs and how to run cameras and set up a tripod) of community media as the Mayor has intentionally kept it from this city.

Please attend the Ascertainment hearing at 2 PM on May 7th, and these city council meetings.