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Stephanie Burke Press-Release: NOT A WORD REMOVED!

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Partners in Frog Dress or Partner in Progress

Burke Announces Candidacy for Mayor

 by Stephanie Muccini Burke

As I reflect on the future of this great city, I couldn’t help but look at the impact Medford has had on my life and how it molded me into the person I am today. I grew up in Wellington and graduated Medford High School; my husband Brian and I started our family on Belle Ave; we now walk through our yard to Edgerly Field to watch the Mustangs take the field. I am incredibly proud and honored that I bleed blue and white and this is the only city I can call my home. I came from humble roots where it was instilled that if you work hard, you can accomplish great things. This drove me every day and ultimately led to obtaining my Master’s Degree in Taxation from Bentley University. It was also instilled in me that no matter what successes you have, you can never forget where you come from and it is important to make your community a better place.
The education I received from Suffolk University enabled me to practice accounting and led me through a broad career in finance; both as the head of finance for a multi-million dollar corporation as well as starting my own accounting practice in the city that I love. Ultimately, this experience has given me the great privilege to serve as Mayor McGlynn’s Director of Budget and Personnel appointment for the past 4 ½ years. During that time, I have been able complement my passion for Medford and professional experience with a thorough understanding of the city operations. Most importantly, I have had the opportunity to get to know the extremely dedicated individuals that work for you!
One of the things that this city has taught me is that we are all partners in progress. These partnerships, whether personal or professional, are vital to the success of any community and allow it to thrive. In Medford, it is the generations of relationships we build with our classmates in middle school and high school; the interactions we foster with our local churches, sports leagues, and veterans; the partnerships we forge with our state and federal representatives. But most importantly, a respectful, engaging relationship between your local elected officials is intricate to moving this city into the future. As a 16 year veteran of the Medford City Council, I realize how 

important it is to have this partnership with constructive dialogue to be effective. It requires the support of the administration and its departments to bring impactful ideas to fruition. I believe that the public has observed my actions on both sides of the rail and realize that I have always been respectful, informed and productive.
This city has given me a wealth of opportunity in both my personal and professional lives. It has enabled me to start a family, build my financial experience, and forge lifelong friendships. This city means so much to me and will always be the place I call home. Of all my life experiences, Medford has been the common theme and it is because of this that I am excited to announce today that I am a candidate for Mayor of this City that I owe so much to! With strong leadership, creative thinking and fiscal accountability, I look forward to working with 

everyone in this great city and continue to be your Partner in Progress for the betterment of Medford!

– Submitted to a conflicted magazine - not this one - by Stephanie Muccini Burke

2 Responses to “Burke Announces Candidacy for Mayor”

  1. Moe says: Will you be taking a leave of absence from your hundred thousand dollar a year job from the city of Medford while you are running for Major of Medford ??
    Info Central Editor says
  2. says: Moe – I believe the Director of Personnel/Budget Director receives $120,000.00 or so, about 20 thou more. I have supported Stephanie and voted for her many time, but I agree with you that she should resign to campaign and personally asked Stephanie to resign. Congrats on her candidacy, I wish her well. She’s a nice person.
Stephanie: FOUR HUNDRED "I"
Joe V.    Four "I"

Stephanie wins!!!!!

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