Monday, April 27, 2015

Stephanie Burke's abuse of the pronouns "I," "Me" and "MY"

Arrogant and Aloof Stephanie Muccini Burke.

Keep this in mind, when Stephanie's article was published on Inside Medford her "I," "Me," "My" was so flagrant it was obvious.

THEN, on Sunday, in another city - when the topic of Stephanie's silly rant came up, a friend told this writer that there is an essay on presidents using the self-absorbed pronouns - and the consequences for some of them who were so "I, I, I" that they would make Marie Osmond's autobiography pale by comparison (wasn't it 26 "I's" per page in Osmonds autobiography?)

Isn't a Malden crackpot's blog filled with her insufferable references to herself?  Just asking...

So here's an article to peruse and - by the way, Stephanie, it's too late for you to put the "genie" back in the bottle. Pun intended. 

The Secret Life of Pronouns

Suicidal poets use “I” more. Presidential candidates who say “we” come across as arrogant and aloof toward their audience. In the week after September 11, 2001, bloggers’ use of “I” spiked to exponential highs. Curious? So was James Pennebaker. 
Dr. Pennebaker, psychology department chair at the University of Texas at Austin, has made his mark on social psychology in the last 30 years. His latest book, The Secret Life of Pronouns, is a treasure map to his most recent research.