Tuesday, April 21, 2015

TV3 e mail to Senator Warren, Ed Markey, D.A. Marian Ryan, A.G. Maura Healey and tons more...

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Dear Senator Elizabeth Warren:

On July 23, 2014 Medford City Solicitor demanded meeting minutes and financial records from Medford Community Cablevision, Inc.    

Last night, April 20, 2015, the Comcast contract expired, 9 months after Rumley's demand was not met, and the now lame-duck Mayor refused to act as the City of Lynn did. However, the Medford problems are far, far more egregious as Frank Pilleri had a troubled 25 or more years as board president allegedly utilizing phony board meetings, phony board members listed with the Sec. of Commonwealth, and no accountability.

Now that Assistant Attorney General Brett J. Blank has LynnCAM in Suffolk Superior Court, why is the bigger problem caused by Frank Pilleri, Ron Delucia, Harvey Alberg and Arthur Alan Deluca in Medford not addressed?

They cheated the citizens out of access TV when they were in operation; retired Judge Marie O. Jackson-Thompson found they were running a "private, MCC access."  Then, the highly conflicted Mayor Michael J. McGlynn, abusing the access channel to promote himself but DENYING other candidates the same opportunity, meets the vindictive cronies from MCC TV3 at two pizza parlors taking no notes, a public records request denied access to whatever was spoken at the meeting.  How clever of the Mayor, cut a deal with the access station he eventually was forced to shut down and allow their mischief and wrongful conduct to continue.

State Rep Donato AND Ed Markey AND Martha Coakley should be ashamed of themselves for I have met with ALL of them and they KNEW of the financial problems at TV3 and did nothing.  Rep Donato an embarrassment taking a photo op with the Mayor for the alleged "new station" that came from my hard work and honest efforts and the work of some on the city council.

My public records request on November 20, 2014 for a document delivered by Comcast December 18th, 2014 wasn't given to me until St Patrick's Day, March 17, 2015, which I brought to the City Council.

Council President Frederick N. Dello Russo, Jr., another embarrassment, asked the councilors why they should accept my document revealing McGlynn's misconduct - his failure to tell the community about Comcast.   Clerk Ed Finn failed to time stamp the document, even though he got the contract via UPS.   Finn had the unmitigated gall to ask me if the document was time stamped.  How much are we paying him and for what?

Councilor Penta told Dello Russo "Clerk Finn is CC'd in the document and he's sitting right next to you" on March 17th (it's on DVD, ask City Hall for a copy.)   Dello Russo and McGlynn get paid handsomely by a public they refuse to be forthright with.

Chillingly similar quotes from LynnCAM and Medford Community Cablevision, Inc.:

“There will be no more money. Zero,” (LynnCAM Board President Robert )Sewell said.  April 18, 2015 ItemLive/Lynn 

"Everything that we had was 

dispersed," (Medford Community 

Cablevision Board President Frank 

Pilleri said. "We’ve got 

a zero balance"  July 24, 2013 

Medford Transcript

The citizens demand justice.  We want the MCC TV3 board to give restitution for the funds that are not accounted for, and we ask the Attorney General and D.A. to consider pressing charges against ALL of the board members and staffers at Medford Community Cablevision, Inc. if they find the phony baloney numbers as troubling as the residents who were forced to fork over the cash to highly suspicious characters with no character.

In a court of law Judge Timothy Gailey ruled that the assertion of perjury leveled against Frank Pilleri was not proved to be false when Pilleri was on the witness stand.   Amazing double talk, but Pilleri signed documents with phony board members and couldn't prove in court that the document was accurate.

It wasn't.

Yet we citizens are left to twist in the wind because the police and the government officials fail to do their job in a TIMELY and EFFECTIVE way.

This is a serious matter.

Come to the City Council tonight, Senator Warren, and hear the testimony.