Wednesday, April 22, 2015

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2:15 pm e mail to Director of Personnel, Stephanie M. Burk.
What does the M stand for?  If she resigns it stands for Muccini, if  she doesn't it stands for McGlynn

Stephanie Muccini Burke
Medford City Hall
Medford, MA 02155

Dear Budget Director:

Congratulations on your decision to run for Mayor.
You know that I have voted for you in the past when you ran for City Council.  The fact is that I strongly supported you as City Councilor.

As a supporter of yours who went to bat for you when you were maligned by a twice-arrested reprobate, it was troubling to hear that you didn't resign your office prior to announcing a run for the Mayor's seat.

The conflict is clear to some in our community.

In order for Medford citizens to be comfortable that we won't be burdened with the skeletons purported to be in the closet of lame-duck Mayor Michael J. McGlynn, it is essential, critical, for you to make a clean break from McGlynn. Resign from your office of budget director and director of personnel and show the constituents that you are the breath of fresh air Medford has waited over 28 years for.

Mr. Rumley may have a different opinion than mine, but PERCEPTION is 90% of the battle come election day, and the perception, all due respect, as that you are Stephanie McGlynn-Burke rather than Stephanie Muccini Burke.

Please announce your resignation, then you can fully expect me to say "Good luck" with your candidacy.


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