Thursday, December 17, 2020

MEDFORD MOVIE CENTRAL --- EDDIE MURPHY'S COMING TO AMERICA 2 We just got EXCLUSIVE PHOTOS, here's a story on COMPLEX...we'll upload photos today



The Zamundan Royal Family is BACK in Coming 2 America!  Anna Maria and Medford United are NOT part of this picture, Thank God!

Bringing back the cast for what sounds like a proper return to the original is going to be amazing for the cult classic, especially for most Black folk. That isn't lost on Murphy. "I’m most excited about the audience seeing how amazing this movie is. We have incredible new cast members like Wesley Snipes, Tracy Morgan, Leslie Jones, Jermaine Fowler, KiKi Layne, and my own daughter, Bella Murphy, among others, who are all so funny and really brought their A-game. It's just a great picture and I’m excited to have audiences see it."

In a conversation Complex had with Arsenio Hall, he alluded to the country as a whole really needing a film like Coming 2 America, a sentiment Murphy echoes. "This is the perfect time to return to Zamunda because it’s been a while since we’ve had a great comedy that everybody can enjoy. Zamunda is a very funny place, and the world needs that right now."

Expect more info and visuals from Coming 2 America in the near future. For now, mark your calendars: March 5, 2021 is when Coming 2 America hits Amazon Prime Video.


 Photos courtesy of film promotion company

Shari Headley

Alison Dean NOT in the next film, Patrice McDowell