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Is there an honest cop in Medford who will come forward and testify against Chief Sacco's sick regime?

Sep 20, 2016
Adam Knight, just another in a long line of embarrassments at one of the most expensive - and useless - city councils in all of Massachusetts

From that old fraud Bob Maiocco to the sign of the Meatcleaver, Paul A. Camuso, it is a sick history of censorship and bullying that permeates this bogus excuse for a legislative body.

Sep 17, 2016
Medford trusts only one news source: this one.

She seemed so refine as a city councilor; she's as drunk with power as an alleged phony clerk of courts is alleged to be drunk via hitting the bottle

Sep 22, 2016
Pathetic.  Just another crime ignored by the Medford Police Department under Leo A. Sacco, Jr.  What a lazy department under that insufferable follower-of-whomever-pays him.   Dangle the bucks in front of Sacco, watch a woman get called the "n" word, be threatened by a fraud 501c3 "president" - and the police run scared because a former mayor is scared.

Firecracker Freddy / he is never ready
Sep 20, 2016
The rotten apple don't fall far from the jailbird uncle and grandpa now, does it?

Sep 20, 2016


Sep 22, 2016

48 Days to Election Day, 2016 November 8, 2016

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Medford's Furst Lady

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Always playing second fiddle and he's oh so shady
Welcome to the world of Medford's Furst Lady
He could not behave at The Great Debate
He thinks the rules do not apply/ and that he will skate

A city that his wife put into a hole
A public servant with a mouth he can't control
His hit list in the shadows where he likes to prance
The insecure loser lets his wife wear the pants

chapter 1. Damaged Goods. Accountability /Accepting Responsibility - Bob Maiocco, Wells Fargo and Medfraud City Hall

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Chapter 1. Will be available in booklet form for $12.99 soon

In the meantime  read  The Globe's Shootout at the Wells Fargo Corral

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1)damaged goods - the bob maiocco story

2)McGlynngate - the story of TV3

3)A profile of court clerk Brian S. Burke:  Who is the First Lady of Medford?

4)The Many Sins of Paul A Camuso
We'd love to get a foreword from his father-in-law but will most likely use
a pastiche of quotes from Friends of Frankie

Title spelling to be corrected later

Adam Knight book on hold due to lack of interest
Don't worry, Madame,, you will get unflattering mentions in all of the above booklets

We already have a line of music books in production at the printer, 8 months
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City Council 9-27-16 Bring a body cam, you could get slugged by drunken city officials

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