Thursday, November 26, 2015

Chief Sacco Needs to Resign: Chicago's Murder By Cop brings back Stephen LeBert fiasco

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accident on Salem St? 11/25/15???

Tow truck and smashed car on Salem Street yesterday, November 25th 

Should have crossed the street and snapped closer photos.
Vehicle has door off of it.
Tow truck is on side street 

Not as bad as the reports of the accident on Boston Ave.

12:02 pm November 25, 2015


We have a plan, Brian Burke

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We have a plan, Mr. Burke.

And we are implementing it now.   Happy Thanksgiving.

Wednesday, November 25, 2015

Impeach Rumley,McGlynn and Muccini-Burke

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Time to get to the bottom of
Medford misconduct

Developing story

Residents Need to Be Outraged at Thanksgiving

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Greedy McGlynn robbed you of your Thanksgiving feast, Medford residents.

It is time to get outraged.

---why haven't the TV3 reprobates been sent to court to answer for the missing monies?

---why does McGlynn think stealing access TV during a critical election is not going to be scrutinized by the authorities outside of Massachusetts? 

Thanksgiving Blessings from Darth Stephanie

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You didn't bless us, Dear Lord, so we let
Michael J. McGlynn steal the election for us.

To Medford residents, fasten your safety belts.

It's so nice to tell the Transcript we are going to be "inclusive" and "transparent" and unified.

If you believe that, Take the Money and Run Mike McGlynn has a new TV station to give to the people...

To my enemies, you'd better fear my whack-job husband, but know this - as much as he hates you, he loves alcohol more.  Keep him well-stocked and he won't go on his revenge tour.

To Maura Healy, you have paved the way for women like me who enjoy a shadow government. If we ever go ballroom dancing, make sure Martha's puppet strings on you don't get tangled with the dummy strings Mike McGlynn has on me.

I so appreciate your endorsement of me, Maura, even though you have no idea who the hell I am.

More importantly, it's the most vulgar conflict I've seen since Michael Sullivan supposedly being the judge and jury over my husband's wrongful conduct and giving me a campaign donation.

What a great example we are setting for our kids: not.   Don't worry, young treasurer/son of mine, if the Boston Globe Spotlight team nabs you like they did Jimmy DiPaola, Martha will get Maura to give you a Patricia DiPaola Covelle slap on the wrists.  I'll just make sure you don't have to take a bubble bath with her like Tricia did.

To Michael Sullivan this Thanksgiving, thank you for the campaign donation and for not dragging my slimy husband through the legal system.  How many years have you been donating to my campaigns?   Didn't you help launch me onto the city council!

And to the perv babysitter...I think the blog editor is closing in on your inexcusable conduct might have to spend some time on Thanksgiving with him to calm him down.


Darth Stephanie

More to come...

Happy Holidays

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