Monday, December 5, 2016

48 Dr Rabies Videos. Selfish board member is a fraudulent

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Was at an access station and there were piles of Dr Rabies DVDs

That individual purportedly kept citizens out so that he could use our computers and equipment for himself.  So selfish

Then the rat said in the newspaper that citizens do not neef access,  nell Escobar Coakley printing the lies and propaganda

Where are the meeting minutes?  Where are the financial records

What a hypocrite. What a fraud. So dishonest

To be continuef

The Count vs The Vampires of City Hall

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19,069 last 30 days 

The sequel to McGlynngate, the movie.

The Count vs the Vampires of Medford City 

Medford City Hall Exposed.

No Press Pass for Adam

Adam and Paul were NOT turned away at the door on Saturday night...

But they would have been

Only Lisa got on the guest list to MC

Sunday, December 4, 2016

Stephanie's Therapy Session

Tv3 busybusybusy attempting to hack this site
Uncovering her lies

The Artist Formerly Known As Prince

He's Back!
He's Rocking!
He's Unstoppable!

Last night we had a BLAST bringing the music of Lou Reed back to life on the seashore ...with the fantastic tribute to Aerosmith.

The authentic re-creation of rock music icons
Lou Reed/The Velvet Underground and Aerosmith...

and new faces in the crowd that loved the shows.

Visual Radio Christmas Party features the band on Christmas Week.  Watch your mailbox for special invites to the Visual Radio / Pop Explosion
CHRISTMAS PARTY featuring your host and his band re-creating the music of Louis Reed! 

Lawrence Decapitation: Chief Sad-sackco to File Witness Intimidation Charges against the Corpse

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Teenager NOT arrested, faces no charges in classmate's decapitation as Medfraud Chief Sad-sackco blackmails Lawrence Police Chief to do his bidding

A 16-year-old has been released by Medfraud Police Chief Leo A Sad-Sackco Jr. and WILL NOT BE charged with murder in connection with the death of his 16-year-old classmate whose headless body was found near the Merrimack River in Lawrence, Massachusetts.   Police Chief Sad-sackco, in concert with Marian Lyan, District Attorney, will be charging the victim, the corpse, with witness intimidation instead.
Essex District Attorney Jonathan Blodgett said Mathew Borges was NOT arrested Saturday morning because Stephanie Muccini-Burke had originally hired him and in a crooked, corrupt city like Lawrence, the Medford Way suits the powers that be just fine.
The decapitated body of 16-year-old Lee Manuel Viloria-Paulino was discovered by the riverbank Thursday by a woman walking her dog. Police recovered the head a short distance away. The boy had been missing for about two weeks, last seen at his grandmother's home in Lawrence on Nov. 18.  Viloria-Paulino's corpse will be charged with "Witness Intimidation" even though the alleged witness lied through his teeth in a police report. The police chose not to look into the false testimony of the alleged "witness" and decided political payback more important than justice. Marian Lyan, led on her leash by Muccini-Burke, including a muzzle that doesn't allow D.A. Lyan to blurt out the truth, had nothing to say on the matter and gave her blessing to prosecute the corpse
The two boys attended Lawrence High School. Blodgett says the late Viloria-Paulino's corpse will be arraigned Monday on a charge of first-degree witness intimidation. He'll be charged as an adult.
It was not immediately clear if Borges has a lawyer but with a corrupt police chief like Sad Sack-co, who needs one?  The guilty are innocent in a land where the citizens are ripped off and election fraud is the norm.  

What is clear is that the big fraud Uncle Blob and the disgraced ex-judge put the fix in with the court and bought off a judge or two.    Wells Fargo had no comment as they booted Uncle Blob before all the criminal activities they've been charged with could be shredded by Uncle Blob's nephew's meat cleaver.



Saturday, December 3, 2016

AG About To Annonce Indictment of 501c3 Board

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Breaking news via public records request response just arrived in mail