Monday, September 1, 2014

Echoing McGlynn = DeBeneditto

Ditto Ditto
she is just
Mike McGlynn's Echo

1)Erin DiBenedetto is on the school committee with the crony-infested McGynn
2)Look at the "endorsements" for DiBenedetto. Mike McGlynn is DESPERATE to get his pre-programmed Robot named Erin in as State Rep
3)This is part of McGlynn's power-grab to eventually get his daughter into the corner office.


We cannot stress enough how poisonous, toxic and bad for the community DiBenedetto would be as State Rep.  She is not fit for duty, she is a very big part of the McGlynn Machine with absolutely no mind of her own.

She will NOT help you.

9/4/14 First Anniversary of False Bomb threat arrest

Special Report

Thursday, September 4, 2014


Behind the scenes on the false bomb threat arrest.


How the community got screwed by the Mayor, Michael J. McGlynn's incompetence, lack of leadership, and enabling of the alleged criminal element at a 501c3


You will be glued to your seat.  You MUST read this special report.


Medford Information Central is your #1 news source that the other media in this God-forsaken town (small-minded city) can't, won't and don't know how to provide. 

Sunday, August 31, 2014

Happy Labor Day


Dear Readers,

Our new Martha Coakley page will be hot and heavy with news; Community Media Medford also will have some blockbusters.

Busy this weekend chilling after a terrific show last night ... the editor's band reunited (from 34 years ago!) and rocked a venue with a special guest / former RCA recording artist from New York who got up onstage and performed on this song (see YouTube link)

Tonight! My 40th Anniversary playing a legendary area club. Here's song #2 in the set after Alice Cooper's "I'm 18"

We had a blast!

Great turnout for Labor Day Weekend Saturday Night...we thank everyone who attended. 

40 year span performing at this particular venue!
1974 - 2014

If your name ends in 0 you are 0wned by the May0r


shorty SCIORTINO (oops, discrimination against short people! ha ha!)
YOURIOCCO - (WELL, he ain't MY-occo! HA)
(Robert Maiocco)

HECK, even a disgraced former "manager" of a 501c3 seen cavorting around with Sugar Daddy McGlynn on the Comcast Made in Medford commercial has a name ending in "0"



Failed City Council Candidate Neil Osborne endorses Prima Donna DiBeneditto


Erin DiBenedetto endorsed by Neil Osborne
Is that ever the kiss of death!

Osborne was endorsed by Gary Zappelli, the individual praised by Mayor McGlynn under DiBeneditto's nose AFTER Zappelli showed up in a police report harassing a man determined by the police to be the victim, another homosexual male.

Zappelli, the Benedict Arnold of the gay community, was later arrested 9/4/13 - a year ago - on a charge of a false bomb threat, then indicted by a Grand Jury with the trial moved from Somerville to Superior court, the Grand Jury found that Zappelli caused "serious public alarm" (go read the court documents; this editor has and it is truly grisly!,) then Zappelli, who endorsed Osborne, was arrested in Provincetown on or about July 8, 2014 for feeding alcohol to a 16 year old boy who allegedly had a "sleepover" with the 50 year old serial harasser (accused of sending an autistic man out to sexually harass women in 2005) with a litany of complaints filed with City Hall against Zappelli by men and women in the community.  Ugly beyond ugly.

-allegedly - Neil Osborne NEVER sent a cease and desist to Zappelli for his support, that support allegedly being a violation of the Internal Revenue Code, since Zappelli was calling himself an independent contractor for a 501c3 (truth be told he was a former board member and was at the time a de facto board member and truly second in command at the rogue, embattled station under Frank Pilleri)

But this is how those charlatans like Erin DiBenedetto and Neil Osborne do business. They have swill like Julie The Jarhead or the alleged perp in the false bomb threat praising them.   That's like Stalin and Mussolini urging you to vote for Osborne and DiBene "is there an echo in here" DITTO

Zappelli endorsed Osborne; Osborne endorses DeBeneDITTO, but wait till you see the losers Neil backed, BIG losers that Osborne purportedly made money from*...see below
  • Posted Aug. 30, 2014 @ 2:23 pm

    Neil Osborne, Esq., president of the Mystic Valley NAACP, has announced his enthusiastic endorsement of state representative candidate for the 34th Middlesex seat and Medford School Committee member Erin DiBenedetto.


    1. Lawyer says bodybuilding fireman still can't work | Boston ...
      Boston Herald
      Aug 21, 2008 - The attorney for fire inspector-turned-body builder Albert Arroyo today will ... Neil Osborne said Arroyo will be vindicated by the results of a ...

     Vindicated?   (Note to Park Marenteau, please play Frank Pilleri "Delusional" soundbite for that 8/21/2008 article!)
    "YOU PUT THAT LYING BITCH ON THE STAND..." Neil, to quote Al Pacino, and now you endorse Erin Der Bend your Ditto!  Good one!  HA HA.  More endorsements from people like Osborne can sink full-of-herself DeBeneditto's ship!    Julie the Jughead endorsement, eeek....oh my God, if that's not a black eye for Erin what is?  

    Hey why not get a quote from the board of directors of TV3, Erin?  Since your ignorance of the problem at the Educational and the problem at the Access channel did so much damage to the community just go for broke and get every reprobate at a 501c3 in Medford to give you their thumbs up!

    What next, Stanley & Steven Komins Committee for Erin DeBenedetto!  It would be in line with some of her current endorsements.

    The access TV blood is on DeBenedetto's hands because she was told of the horrifying situation and like coming-up-short Sciortino she did absolutely nothing!

    Osborne, DeBeneditto and Sciortino, now there's a rogue's gallery from hell!
    Arroyo was fired from the fire department earlier this year after failing to convince officials he was permanently disabled with a back injury despite competing in a body-building contest.

    His attorney, Neil Osborne, said today the firing is the subject of a grievance filed by Arroyo’s union, Local 718 of the firefighters union. Osborne said he does not represent Arroyo in connection with his arrest on alleged domestic violence charges.

Neil Osborne is as effective a champion of minority rights as that other fraud Carl Sciortino: they both come up short.

Poseurs who use minority people for their own benefit.  Look at that show-boater Sciortino on the lam to get that job at Aids Action Committee and shamefully using his HIV status as a selling point.

UGLY beyond ugly.

 Neil Knows How To Pick a Winner: NOT

Search Results  Neil Osborne*

UPDATE: Boston police arrest ex-firefighter/bodybuilder for ... › Siouxcountry.comDiscussionCHAT
UPDATE: Boston police arrest ex-firefighter/bodybuilder for harassing girlfriend ... His attorney, Neil Osborne, said today the firing is the subject of a grievance ...
    • NEWS NOW


    •   In Hollywood the producers fight to get the word out about their respective TV shows. The buzz before the launch date - the commercials and social media - cross-pollination designed to cover all the bases.

      50 days to election 2013

           Medford, Massachusetts has not seen a political earthquake.  With less than eight weeks to election day, a little less than two months, down to fifty days before November 5th, one would think there would be more activity.

           There's one sign for Anthony D'Antonio that I've seen.  It's on my lawn. It's been up since the McGlynn sign went up in Haines Square a couple of months back.  Jimmy Morse has a sign in Medford Square near Carroll's Restaurant and his campaign headquarters.  I've seen a Mark Crowley sign and heard that Adam Knight has a big poster near the Stop & Shop superstore.  In West Medford on Boston Ave Neil Osborne has a huge sign...and a car with an Osborne license plate.  Sure hope McGlynn's coattails are big enough for Neil because he appears to have borrowed Bob Maiocco's huge mirror and is lost in the image of himself.

         Note to Mr. Osborne, should you win, please don't spend all the time that Robert Maiocco has spent fixing his tie, combing whatever hair he has left, and searching for Cecil B. DeMille in Alden Chambers.  Mr. DeMille died on January 21, 1959.  There's only one video guy in town and we're not doing a remake of the  1950 movie Sunset Boulevard. You won't be the next Gloria Swanson with that classic line 
      "All right, Mr. DeMille, I'm ready for my close-up,"

      We'll be taping a new film - The Punk From Sunset Ave and the line will be  oh, neveryoumind,  why digress when things are going so smoothly.

           Without a public access TV station in Medford Neil Osborne can't get to see himself on TV.  Which is probably a good thing because he might just spend all his time lost in the moment and not get out there to campaign. But the rest of you who don't have Bob Maiocco-itis and love to hear yourselves speak better get your act together, the days to November are dwindling at 90 miles per hour.


         (the WE GET MAIL department; thank you for the tips from the anonymous e mailer with info on a candidate.)

         No disrespect to Mr. Osborne or any other of the candidates.  This is the business of politics and we need to know where you stand if you want to "govern" us, legislate on our behalf and all that other supposedly good stuff.

           Did you hear the one about the body builder / Boston fire inspector Albert Arroyo who lost his $81,000 a year job after declaring himself disabled?      Guess who his attorney was?
      Fraser received the new information from Arroyo attorney Neil Osborne about noon, said MacDonald.
      Osborne could not be reached for a comment after …
         Could not be reached for comment.  That's like Councilor Paul Camuso on September 10th when our City Council with exorbitant and obscene paychecks held a vote and Camuso was caught (by yours truly and by his uncle, Bob Maiocco) running out of Alden Chambers because he was too afraid to make his position known on the issue.  THAT people, is exactly why Mr. Camuso needs to be voted out of office, and why Mr. Osborne's work as a "discrimination attorney" (or so he told me) needs to be looked at properly.
         How about February 2006, let's go to closing argument at a trial: 
      In his closing argument, (Neil) Osborne asked how many customers walked through the gate on the day the employees decided to enforce the customer of size policy. "Would they have done the exact same thing if my client were a white woman?" he said.

      New England | Saturday, February 11, 2006 CONCORD, N.H. (AP) - A jury on Friday said Southwest Airlines did not racially discriminate against an overweight passenger when she was asked to buy a second seat on her flight.

         This is stunning because in his own community Neil Osborne KNOWS about the multiple allegations of discrimination at Medford Community Cablevision, Inc. and we haven't seen the attorney speak out at the City Council and do the right thing for Medford.  Let's go back to the trial that he lost, he sounds like TV3 trying to put a spin on a spectacular failure:

      Her lawyer, Neil Osborne, said he believed that her lawsuit is the furthest a discrimination case against Southwest has gotten.

      Right, Neil.  Turn on channel 3 right now and come up with an excuse for that.
         How about just last year, June 2012, another loss for Neil Osborne

      Former Lynn mayoral aide’s lawsuit dealt a blow

      LYNN — A discrimination suit filed by former mayoral aide Gardy Jean-Francois against Mayor Judith Flanagan Kennedy all but fell apart Wednesday during a hearing with the Massachusetts Commission Against Discrimination, according to city attorney George Markopoulos.

      Jean-Francois on Thursday declined to comment on Wednesday’s hearing as did his attorney, Neil Osborne.
      “Maybe [we will comment] sometime in the future but we’re happy with the process right now,” said Osborne.
           Yikes!    Neil's three for three according to these articles. 

           Maybe NOT having Neil Osborne fight for us in regards to the access TV channel is a good thing, given the above information.  But the real question is, why isn't Neil Osborne complaining to Michael J. McGlynn about the lack of a public access TV station for himself.  It IS A DISCRIMINATION CASE,  discrimination against 57,000 or more people by a selfish Mayor who is the sole "Iussing Authority" over the matter. This is a case Neil Osborne CAN win.  But he would have to go after a 26 year incumbent to do so, and we just don't think he has the desire to do so.

           So why should we vote for a discrimination attorney who has turned a blind eye to city-wide discrimination that he personally told me that he is aware of?    Carl Sciortino, Neil Osborne and Sgt. Schultz from the law firm of Sciortino, Maiocco, Osborne and Schultz.  Written on their door: "We know Nothing...NOTHING."

    •    Where is the sense of urgency in this election?  I don't feel it from any of the current crop of candidates. Do you? 

    • Zappelli endorsed Osborne; Osborne endorses DeBeneDITTO, makes Double Dipper Donato's endorsement look like a gift by comparison!
  • _________________________________




    High-profile cases a focus at Middlesex DA debate

  • Marian Ryan, right, incumbent Middlesex District Attorney, during Wednesday night's debate with challenger Michael Sullivan at the public library in Framingham. Daily News Staff Photo/Marshall Wolff

  • By Michael J. Ballway / Daily News Correspondent
    Posted Aug. 30, 2014 @ 4:41 pm

    District Attorney Marian Ryan made it clear at the end of Wednesday’s debate that she’s running on her record.
    So is Michael Sullivan, her challenger for Middlesex District Attorney in the Democratic primary election on Sept. 9.
    While Ryan, a Belmont resident, touted her 34 years of experience as a prosecutor and record as a “progressive innovator” as district attorney, Sullivan, a former prosecutor and current clerk of courts for Middlesex County, criticized her for running a hostile workplace and for lack of transparency.
    He returned several times to the Jared Remy murder case from earlier this year, when the Middlesex DA’s office refused to release documents that detail how it handled Remy’s previous domestic violence arrests.
    “I find it hard to believe you can trust someone that, at a horrific time, in a gruesome murder, they blame the media, that puts a spin on a public records request,” Sullivan said.
    Ryan said she had withheld documents that named junior members of her staff so that the media would focus its attention on her. She said it would always be her policy not to “throw my staff to the wolves.”
    Remy, the son of Red Sox broadcaster Jerry Remy, pleaded guilty to killing Jennifer Martel and was sentenced to life in prison. Two days before killing his girlfriend, Remy had been arrested on charges of assaulting her and released without bail.
    She questioned whether Sullivan — who said he would have released the full report — had the experience to lead high-profile prosecutions and oversee the DA’s staff, having served only four years as an assistant district attorney.
    “I’ve tried cases at every level,” she said. “I understand the law, I’ve practiced the law and I’ve defended the convictions I’ve won

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New letter to Charlie Baker about Martha's own backyard

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In Martha's Own Backyard

In Martha's Own Backyard

In Martha's Own Backyard

In Martha's Own Backyard

In Martha's Own Backyard

In Martha's Own Backyard

The Pajama Party

FBI on the lookout for the Terror-limpwrist

*The Pajama Party

Capsicum annuum - the Hot Pepper Party!


I like your dog/ and the black lab is nice too!
Come to my place, lots of things to do
If you like Pina Colada, and the Dunes of the Cape
have yourself a beer,  we'll have a little scrape

You're handsome and you're such a smarty
come on over, the Pajama Party
I might be three times your age, but tell me, who cares?
when Grandpa stranger buys you all these beers

Just a minute ago you were teacher's pet
now you're my sweet hijacked cadet
have another drink, OH, and this won't hurt
How dare they set off that Amber alert

If the authorities /make a fussler
I'll just dub you / another little hustler
so nice of you to talk to, a creepy old loner
here's a little Medford for your big Arizona 

Why all this ruckus for a walk around the block?
The judge just told me that we can't talk
I make movies / sorta like Dario Argento
And if you get hungry you can have my pimento

file under: 104 on the floor!  Capsicum annuum indeed!

You're handsome but this ain't catered by Marty
welcome to my Pajama Party

Dario Argento - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
Dario Argento is an Italian film director, producer and screenwriter. He is best known for his work in the horror film genre, particularly in the subgenre known as ...

Pimiento - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
A pimiento, pimento, or cherry pepper is a variety of large, red, heart-shaped chili pepper (Capsicum annuum) that measures 3 to 4 in (7 to 10 cm) long and 2 to ...

In Medford they all think I'm incorrigible
On Sunday we'll do church, if you're feeling George-able 
We can go to rehab, be my thirteenth stepper
Capsicum annuum, baby, for I want that red hot pepper