Monday, June 18, 2018

Your New Top 10 June 18, 2018 Chief Sacco Parody re: Floppy Disc HITS #1


Supreme Court Victory, Mr. City Solicitor!!!

1,208,311 @ 3:00 PM

South Florida man wins First Amendment victory in Supreme Court ...witness intimidation?  Have another drink, Brian, after this Supreme Court First Amendment victory, you're going to need it!!!!!

Miami Herald 13 hours ago 

A South Florida man just won a First Amendment victory at the Supreme Court in a case that could protect disgruntled citizens from arrest for voicing their displeasure at elected officials during public meetings.
Take that, Madame Knight
and Richard "Feckless" Caraviello! Thou feckless runt!!!
Someone feckless is lacking in feck. And what, you may ask, is feck? Feck is a Scots term that means "effect" or "majority" and comes from an alteration of the Middle English effect. So something without feck is without effect, or ineffective.

The nation's highest court ruled in favor of political gadfly Fane Lozman on Monday in a 8-1 decision, the culmination of more than a decade of work for Lozman after he was dragged out of a Riviera Beach city council meeting and arrested after speaking about the allegedly corrupt dealings of a Palm Beach County commissioner. Who the hell knew that Ed Finn was vacationing at Riviera Beach with all our money!!!!! The court's decision affects citizens who show up to public meetings to vent and question the actions of elected officials. If one official orders the arrest of ...

The TV3 Exorcism

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Big Steve Marra
"I can sin because I am saved"

Yes, Big Steve, saved by Satan incarnate

"Let me tell you what I think about Steve Marra's Christianity."
Marc Lemay, former staffer at TV3

You don't have to, Marc, all Big Steve had to do was open his mouth to remove all doubt.

Look, Medford society needs to exorcise the TV3 demon out of its soul.

It's there plain as day, the demon that the Buddha had to battle within him was named Mara.

About the Demon Mara, Who Challenged the Buddha - ThoughtCo › ... › Buddhism › Origins & Development

Jul 11, 2017 Also, Mara is a relatively minor figure in Buddhist mythology (hmmmm....just as Marra was a minor figure at TV3)  compared to Satan. Satan is the lord of Hell. Mara is the lord only of the highest Deva heaven of the Desire world of the Triloka, which is an allegorical representation of reality adapted from Hinduism.

HMMM....if Big Steve goes Transgender, he would be the 

Deva DIVA...think about it... ...

Are you going to deny what is staring you in the face?
Mara's monstrous soldiers (the fraudulent board of directors of a phony 501c3) cried out together, "I am his witness!" Mara challenged Siddhartha, who will speak for you?

There can be no access TV in Medford, 

Mr. Jay Campbell, until we exorcise the "Mara" demon.

Unless you learn your Medford TV3 history, Mr. Campbell, you will be doomed to repeat its mistakes.

Holding back the “war games” during the negotiations was my request because they are VERY EXPENSIVE and set a bad light during a good faith negotiation. Also, quite provocative. Can start up immediately if talks break down, which I hope will not happen!

Sunday, June 17, 2018

A Reckless Bunt: Cable Advisory Meeting #5

Jay Wilks:  Golly Gee, this is so much fun.  I love Stephanie so much.  Gosh, shucks, this is so exciting

Gabby Campbell: Will you shut him the hell up?

Yvette Follet-Sumney:  What?  Oh, excuse me, I was listening to music.  Did Jay say something?

Gabby: Did you see those Facebook Live videos Joe Vig taped of us.

Yvette:  Jay wanting to do his own show is as thrilling as watching paint dry

Gabby: That ought to scare the hell out of the residents wanting to do public access

Yvette: If it doesn't, there's always Arthur B. and Stevie DeLuca, the two scarecrows

Gabby:   Stevie B., the world's biggest actor

Jay:  Even the Fat B in the Austin Powers series isn't as BIG a star as Stevie B

Yvette: But Big Steve from TV3 I hear was

Gabby: Past tense!  Ha, did he get caught at Tempone Manor again trying to have his mail forwarded to someone else's mailbox at the housing authority

Jay: Allegedly!

Yvette: A checklist punt!

Gabby: A necklace runt!

Jay: I didn't get what Bill Maher was talking about with "Feckless stunt"

Yvette: You wouldn't, Jay, just text Stephanie to find out what to say next

Gabby: Like Auntie Carol texting Paul Camuso

Yvette: How would you know, we were put on this cable TV board because we don't know a damn thing about Medford, and we're not supposed to know about Medford and we're supposed to keep the access station moving backwards!

Gabby: Because I read Medford Information Central.  That's why. I know everything about the old TV3, when the twice arrested individual was calling the rape victim of the WRKO  / WBCN on-air personality "a little hustler"

Jay: And when Uncle Gene McGillicuddy was installed but Big Steve Marra and Frankie the Fink changed the wiring on Uncle Gene to confuse him

Yvette: Now we're going to get sued by the EEOC

Gabby:  Well, YOU'RE the one who put him on the Somerville Line.  How is he as a guest

Yvette: Terrific, that's the problem. The guy's good at what he does.

Jay: We're screwed.  Didn't you invite him to come back to the Somerville Line

Yvette: I certainly did

Gabby: Well, why haven't you had him back?

Yvette: Because I, my darlings, am a pathological liar!


Under Stephanie TWO MILLION MORE for the school budget

1,208,072@7:01 pm. 
Chapter 64 board up next


Proposed Medford School Budget Over $2M Higher Than Last Year

See the proposed FY19 budget, which the school committee will consider at a public hearing on Monday.

By Alex Newman, Patch Staff 

MEDFORD, MA – Medford Public Schools recently released the proposed school budget for FY 2019. The proposed budget is $58,608,630, which is about $2.1 million higher than the previous fiscal year. It will be supplemented by a little over $2 million in operating revenue and state and federal grants, bringing the total budget to $60,629,011, or a 3.65 percent increase, according to school officials.
Included in the budget is over $240,000 in increased security spending, a substantial portion of which administrators hope will be covered by rental income. Additional funding will be provided for camera repairs and replacement.


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