Wednesday, July 1, 2015

Camu-slo. Yma . Sumac's Revenge

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Amy. Camus.  She reinvented herself, spelled her name backwards
And.  Voila.  She became Peruvian princess. Yma Sumac

Heck, why go through all that trouble when you
Can put on a dress and become.  Madam. Knight

Or. Peruvian. Reprobate. Luap    A.  Osumac.
Her cousin by marriage.....

McGlynn campaigning for Burke on Company Time????


McGlynn and even Camuso allegedly out there campaigning for Stephanie Muccini-Burke.

They are pretty desperate!

and it ain't pretty, not at all.

Lame-duck Mayor hits the campaign trail.

Allegations and rumors circulating that McGlynn was forced to announce he wasn't running.  Source says "He's not allowed to run for dog catcher."

Stephanie Muccini-Burke is just a surrogate McGlynn that the fraud Mayor needs to keep the books hidden.


Mike McGlynn is attempting to pull a Frank Pilleri and both of those individuals with unclean hands need to be scrutinized by Chief Sacco and the Medford Police Department.


Overpaid Hack Camuso gets Summer Off

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91 days to October 1

Madam Knight
Paula Camuso
Princess Frederica who makes approx. $500k a year off of people's grief PLUS $32,000.00 as council president, take the money and run! while city services and street repair are out the window.

Taxpayers fork over $92,000.00 or so to three obstructionists; individuals who do NOT do the people's business but who engage in deceptive business practices, conspiracy to harass, and a failure to perform.

Ignorant, classless and cruel, the three jokers of the City Council of Medford, Massachusetts must be removed, starting with the impeachment of lame-duck Paul A. Camuso a.k.a.  Paula Plump.


Medford City Council Summer Meeting Schedule

Tuesday, June 23, 2015, 7:00 PM
Tuesday, June 30, 2015, 7:00 PM
Tuesday, July 21, 2015 7:00 PM
Tuesday, August 11, 2015 7:00 PM
Tuesday, September 22, 2015 7:00 PM
Tuesday, September 29, 2015 7:00 PM
All meetings held in the Council Chamber at Medford City Hall and broadcast live on government access (Channel 22 Comcast and Channel 43 Verizon).

Camuso won't discuss "Jxxxxx xxxton"

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July 1, 2015
"Jxxxxy xxxxton" is allegedly the alias of an individual who was praised at 5 High Street when TV3 Medford was there.

Paul A. Camuso has something in common with that individual, they both showed up on a Friday night TV show.

The alias of the individual, who spent three years in prison for you-know-what, was allegedly his name in the phone book for his bevy of "nephews" to phone up and visit his place of business.  

He had so many nephews, allegedly, at the place of business you wish afternoon drive had a soundbite from Lily Tomlin: " Bok Choy seems a strange name for a boy from Pleasanville."


A gracious good afternoon, This is Miss Tomlin of your telephone company. How may I in all humble servitude be of assistance?

Your trying to reach your husband at his office and keep getting a busy signal? Well perhaps he's using his instrument?


An hour and half? Well I will check to see if there is mechanical failure. Mrs Norman, That phone is in usage to Korea I believe

Oh he was stationed there during the war, Must have been lonely for you. Mr Norman and some woman are talking about your son in Korea. Oh excuse me Mrs Norman, but Bok Choy seems a strange name for a boy from Pleasanville.


Oh you say you don't have a son from Korea, well that's odd Mr Norman does
That's right, TV3 Medford had a convicted child rapist on the air, and Paul A. Camuso defended the reprobates, the host arrested twice in one year, one of the allegations the same as the convicted rapist: giving alcohol to a minor.

That's who Paul A. Camuso associates with, and he has endorsed Stephanie Muccini Burke for Mayor.  

Makes you want to run out and vote, doesn't it?


Community Media Medford: REPORT ON CAMUSO

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The Truth About Paul Camuso 

June 30, 2015, Medford City Council
Paul A. Camuso of the Middlesex Sheriff Department embarrassed himself again at one of the most expensive city councils in the Commonwealth of Massachusetts. The individual who voted for his own pay raise uses the bully pulpit of the city council like some kind of political assassin, issuing false statements, abusing the access tv station when a private access facility was wrongfully in place, the proverbial wolf in a hen house.

Paul A. Camuso is a very bad man in a position of power because of his alliance with the highly unpopular Mayor of the past twenty-seven and a half years, Michael J. McGlynn.   McGlynn's father Jack set the table for his son, and with Plan A government the citizens are at a huge disadvantage.  McGlynn has a "Media Blackout" and his lieutenants all march with the deceitful McGlynn, as evidenced by McGlynn's closeness to such a disreputable and repugnant character as Camuso. 
Bullying his way into the seat of Council President, Camuso was totally out of his depth, unaware of the rules surrounding the Open Meeting Law until this editor had it explained to him in Council Room 207.  In the corporate world, in the private sector, Camuso would not have the latitude to abuse co-workers, cheat the employer by walking out on company time (a weekly newspaper noted that Camuso had the worst attendance of all councilors one year,) and constant haranguing of senior citizens and colleagues on the council.
The city council has an obligation to police itself.  Medford, Massachusetts is worse off with the admitted alcoholic sitting on the council and being abusive.  Senior citizens are often victimized by Camuso's frequent deceptive speeches, from a respected doctor to this editor, the senior member of the city council, anyone who the bully, Camuso, perceives as an enemy, including the late Pat Fiorello, a senior citizen who only wanted to present his Golden Memories show on public access TV.


The Truth About Paul Camuso 

PERSONAL ATTACKS: City Council should vote to remove Camuso

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Soon to be ex-City Councilor Paul A. Camuso truly stepped in it tonight.   Where Adam Knight was as quiet as a church mouse, Camuso was shooting himself in the foot repeatedly, having to apologize during the budget hearing when he royally screwed up just because he was trying to benefit Stephanie Muccini-Burke by harassing the better candidate.

Camuso's a sick puppy, and it is time that puppy was neutered.



Tuesday, June 30, 2015

Camuso foot deeply in mouth during budget

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What a moron

Then when Camuso tried to speak about access
TV. He was. Shut down. 

And mentioned the editors name.