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Lauren DiLorenzo at City Hall....NEVER ON SUNDAY

LAUREN DiLORENZO  Today at 3:27 pm
I am out of the office returning on 
January 21, 2018. 


Open Meeting Law - Holding the City Council of Medford ACCOUNTABLE

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Medford City Council
85 Geo P Hassett Drive, Room 207
Medford MA 02155

RE: Improving Medford by Holding City Council Accountable
With two DECISIONS in my favor from the Attorney General's office:

1)Chapter 74 Board re: Public Access TV - shame on Mayor Burke and Roy Belson

2)Disability Commission: Shame on Neil Osborne, Rachel Tanenhaus etc.

The AG's office has written me that they are now looking into my complaint on three members of the Medford City Council: Frederick N. Dello Russo, Jr., Adam Knight and Richard F. Caraviello

Here is how your not-very-distinguished City Solicitor responded to the complaint on the council:

On Oct 26, 2017, at 12:47 PM, Mark Rumley  wrote:
"In my opinion your “complaint" is simply the latest installment of an incessant rant."
So that's why Mr. Rumley was allegedly moonlighting at Somerville District Court on Thursdays - purportedly as a credit card company bill collector during city hall business hours; state Rep Donato informing me that Rumley had an office at Donato's place of business...ooops, excuse please, Donato's Medford office on Spring Street

So here's the notice to the alleged city clerk, Ed Finn, and the three stooges feigning they are city counciors while they take THIRTY GRAND PLUS in bloated paychecks HIGHER than most city councilors get paid in the Commonwealth in more legitimate cities; monies they unscrupulously take from unsuspecting Medford citizens...

We are watching you.    Citizens in Medford are holding the Zoning Board, the Disability Commission and that phony Chapter 74 board accountable.

Today is not only the day that Donald Trump is outed, the author of Fire and Fury claiming Trump had or is having an affair in the White House, Monica!
our government shut down because on the first anniverary of the phony Trump "inauguration" the art of the deal is nowhere to be found.

It's also the alleged anniversary of the outgoing police chief of Medford's son getting pulled over for drunk driving

Eleven days before the anniversary of Rick Caraviello's defeat in criminal court

You have a city clerk accused of felonious assault, an obnoxious imbecile claiming to be the council president, councilor Marks being sexually accosted by state Rep Donato on October 15 2017 in front of two small children, Mr. Councilor Falco, the mayor slamming her gavel on me when I'm scheduled to speak to the school committee on October 16, 2017, a police chief threatening me with no police service on October 17, 2017 because I referenced sonny boy's little incident with the cops...oh, and Superintendent Belson's pride and joy Ms. Jenna Tarabelsi convicted of rape of a 15 year old on Friday the 13th, October 2017 two days before Donato's ill-advised grab of Michael Marks private area.
On Oct 26, 2017, at 12:47 PM, Mark Rumley  wrote:
"In my opinion your “complaint" is simply the latest installment of an incessant rant."

Oh shut up, Mr. Rumley.  Go back to collecting bills, as you were alleged to have been doing, and stop acting like the poor man's Donald Trump.  Really, it is so unbecoming, to paraphrase Mitt Romney.

Let us see what the AG's office determines.   WE MUST LOG: Every time the City Council engages in parliamentary trickery designed to stife free speech - phonetically challenged Rick Caraviello slamming the gavel, or Adam Knight getting up to leave council chambers after shuffling papers to stifle the First Amendment, or Fred Dello Russo, Jr. doing something unprofessional and obnoxious - with every sleazy activity of this unethical city council citizens need to file Open Meeting Law complaints - not visit Neil Osborne who shamefully ignores his responsibiities (see AG's OML complaint log with Neil's name mentioned) - file complaints and expose the six councilors that engage in total nonsense - and keep bringing that information to the proper authorities.

If you want to see the definition of an "incessant rant," watch Mr. Rumley's thesaurus fall out of his pocket when he gets all hot and bothered by Michael Marks provocation(s).


Joe Viglione  

Thursday, January 18, 2018

Was it Friday January 20 2017???

outgoing Police Chief Sacco’s son allegedly pulled over

We have also learned that the incident is under investigation by both the state and transit  Channel 5

Channel 5 Story January 23 2017 
Article mentions Friday which may have been 1-20-17

Rick Caraviello loses in criminal court 1-31-17

Is there a connection?

Medford and Radio

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A new essay later today


To Protect and Serve

Medford After the Destructive Leo A Sacco Jr

Wednesday, January 17, 2018

Swastikas On TV3-47. The Failure of Ben Brown

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Did Ed Finn get his dog license yet?  For himself?

Jeff Flake admonishes Trump. Same speech could be used on Stephani
Physical attacks on journalists

Clownish leader Stephanie. MSNBC Hardball

Senator Richard says Stephanie corrosive to our Democracy


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Breaking News:

(from editor: since I'm in the middle of my radio show, can't comment on this right now...stay tuned...)

Paulette: This is a difficult issue Mike was not a member. As a school committee member, rules are different. He was taking actions as an individual. I understand why those actions were upsetting. The appropriate thing is to go to superintendent and ask for an investigation into something.

(Paulette Van der Kloot says:) "Mike, you feel under attack. Fact is that they felt under attack by you.

Mike: I have no problem addressing any actions I made as improper. People are making false accusations. Parents are coming with accusations and parents weren’t aware. I reached out multiple times. Principal said bylaws were online. Not true. Said elections were September. Not true.

Alex Rodriguez: I have 10 years of experience as a financial auditor. I am a board member on another PTO. I looked at all of the financials. I looked back to look at “missing $17k”. There is no inaccuracies. You are misreading it.


1)Ruggiero swept into town ...carpetbagger...and has been obnoxious

Both Paul Camuso and I find agreement when it comes to Ruggiero. What does THAT tell you...Paul and I LOATHE each other but are civil to each other.  

Ruggiero is a BRAT!

So why did I vote for Ruggiero?

Simple.  Belson is such a rat it is delightful to see one nasty individual go after the other!!!!

Have Fun,

to paraphrase Mike McGlynn

"This is going to be fun"
The late Park Marenteau