Wednesday, July 29, 2015

Lone LeBert Supporter Howling at the Moon on Wicked Local

Too Funny!

Some clown under an alias on the internet is bashing candidates.

It's a friend of Lebert's.

Johnny B thinks it is G.Z. because he is oh so close to LeBert.

I think it is Lebert himself.

Who cares, really?  They are irrelevant in this community.

Post Detective Lebert - A New Beginning for Medford

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McGlynn / Burke are scrambling as the emphasis on LeBert's misconduct falls on the former budget director, director of personnel and the Mayor!

CNN)University of Cincinnati Police Officer Ray Tensing was indicted Wednesday on a murder charge in the shooting death of Samuel DuBose.

If convicted, Tensing could go to prison for life, Hamilton County Prosecutor Joe Deters said in a news conference. Deters played body camera footage of the traffic stop shooting that appeared to contradict Tensing's version of what happened.

"This just does not happen in the United States. People don't get shot for a traffic stop unless they are violent towards the police officer, and he (DuBose) wasn't," Deters said. "He was simply slowly rolling away. That's all he did."

'Huge first step'

DuBose's death is the latest in a string of controversial killings of people by police that include Tamir Rice in Cleveland, Michael Brown in Ferguson, Missouri, and Walter Scott in North Charleston, South Carolina.
The people killed in each case have been black.


128 Articles on LeBert in GOOGLE NEWS - Also, put Medford Police Department in Google News

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128 articles on LeBert in Google News

Also, put "Medford Police Department" in the NEWS icon of GOOGLE

 THEN, go deeper into the search

Then go to YOU TUBE and put Medford Police or Stephen Lebert or both!!!

IN THE COURT OF PUBLIC OPINION: LeBert is Guilty - Tons of Stephen Lebert YOU TUBE videos are proliferating on the web!

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The Big Story:  The Court of Public Opinion wants LeBert fired.

Stephen LeBert's rampage goes viral!


1 minute 23 seconds

Bad cops caught on tape: Medford cop threatens to ‘blow a hole’ in driver’s head - TomoNews

1:24 seconds

What would of happened if a concealed-carry citizen would have shot that fucking pig thinking it was just a typical road rage fxxxxx with a chip on his shoulder? No uniform, no badge, no emergency lights, NOTHING to make a rational person conclude that this little bitch is a cop aside from the fact that he's a little bitch.

Thank god for technology, these pigs can't get away with crap no more. Me and my friend tried to get into the police academy, we failed the psychological test, they said we were too nice to be cops. Now I know they only hire people with douche bag personality, bullies, football jocks, meat heads, etc.

That's a guilty verdict on LeBert from the court of public opinion.

4:27 Minutes   CNN

Road Raging Boston Cop Threatens To Shoot Man & Says "I’ll Put A Hole In Your Fu*kin Head”

Scumbag should be fired from the first incident... there is no place for idiots like this.
Another promotion! That chief is scum for enabling that phyco!
And of course, it had to be the gayest man on earth being confronted. Cop is lucky he didn't get his ass beat, shot or both.

New YouTube Edit Dave Mills


OFC Stephen Lebert Violent Medford Police Thug threatens murder

Posts on YouTube about LeBert

Sandra Bland, this case, the SC cop who shot that unarmed man in the back, these just the cases that we know about


I am all for giving cops benefit of the doubt and mandatory counseling on the first violation of the type we see where he is in uniform. but on second bad action, or on a first where he is threatening to kill someone, he needs to go -- and he needs to be criminally changed for threat with a deadly weapon The fact is in the first incident (the one shown second when  he is in uniform), if the roles were reversed and a citizen were smearing the cop's personal camera the cop would arrest the citizen. The fact that he uses bodily fluids with his saliva to smear the camera would probably result in an assaulting an officer charge. Again, cops go though a lot. They see a lot of crime go unpunished and put up with a lot of krap.  it is not surprising that some of them are jakas5es some of the time. But s a firearms owner, the way I see it, someone with a firearm threating to shoot someone who is not exhibiting ongoing behavior that is  direct threat t life or injury needs to go to jail

Park Marenteau on Inside Medford

Fire Trucks and Ambulances at City Hall, Medford

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Emergency vehicles at City Hall

stay tuned for more details

4:25 pm  Wednesday July 29, 2015