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the taping would impair pursuit of a generally accepted societal good."

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Hopefully "Ballgame Teddy," ex of Somerville Court, has some juicy tapes of a city solicitor moonlighting.

Hey Teddy, it's perfectly legal, send them over for us to publish!

The ethics committee of the New York City Bar Association issued an opinion in 2003 that a lawyer may tape a conversation without disclosing so "if the lawyer has a reasonable basis for believing that disclosure of the taping would impair pursuit of a generally accepted societal good."

Trust us! Tapes of a City Duplicitor moonlighting as a bill collector and "pursuit of a generally accepted societal good" go hand-in-hand.

Send files to

thank you.

The Crooked Sheriff and Crooked Mayor...Art Reflecting Medford Life, Mr. DiPaola???

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The reporter realizes this bewildered, harmless little man was railroaded — just to help the crooked mayor and sheriff pick up enough black votes to win re-election. It is the story of a lifetime. Hildy helps Williams hide inside a roll-top desk. His daunting challenge now is to get Williams out of the building to a safe place for an interview before rival reporters or trigger-happy policemen discover him. Hildy has no choice but to ask for help from Walter Burns, managing editor of the Examiner — a devious tyrant who would do just about anything to keep Hildy with the newspaper.

Crooked Ed Finn should be brought to justice.

Crooked Rick Caraviello should be brought to justice

Vulgar-tongue Brian S. Burke should be brought to justice

The Burke Administration and its desecration of public access TV needs to be brought to justice! 

Aunty Martha Sure Stopped Those Sex harassment Stories instead of Sex Harassment, didn't she!!!!

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Is Aunty Martha a lawyer or a P.R. person?

Martha Coakley wouldn't know sexual harassment if someone sent her a photo of Paul Donato proving that he has Michael Marks by the balls!

 oh, wait a minute Martha, someone DID send you a photo of old P.D. grabbing MM by the balls, ha ha..I sent you the photo!!!!

Here it is again.

Notice how these stories just fade to black without anything being done about it?

The stories of sexual harassment on Beacon Hill are overwhelming ...
Oct 27, 2017 - A dozen women who have worked in and around the State House over the past two decades described a climate of harassment and sexual ...

Peter Lucas: How to end sexual harassment on Beacon Hill? Name ...
Nov 7, 2017 - Not that sexual harassment has not occurred in and around the ... The story exploded on Beacon Hill after Yvonne Abraham of the Globe wrote ...

One Woman's Story Of Sexual Harassment On Beacon Hill | Radio ...
Nov 13, 2017 - Massachusetts political leaders are reviewing their sexual harassment policies, following reporting from The Boston Globe about a rampant ...

On Beacon Hill, Female Reps Press Action In Wake Of Sexual ... - WBUR
On Beacon Hill, Female Reps Press Action In Wake Of Sexual Harassment Report. October 30, 2017. Michael Norton, State House News Service.

E Mail to Ed Finn, Mark Rumley and blogger Lisa Evangelista

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10:44 am this morning, Saturday July 21

Hello Cable Board and City Clerk:
(Sent this to Aunty Martha Coakley at Foley Hoag too!!!)

The Advisory Board stated that there would be a "big party" to celebrate the TV station that is 5 years behind schedule.  Hardly a celebration to the cable TV subscribers getting ripped off paying for something the city refuses to provide.
Kindly add the August 23 Advisory meeting to the event page the city of Medford has with listings already going in to August 2019 or further

We know the Mayor doesn't want transparency, we get that,

1)Please list upcoming Cable Advisory Meetings in advance as I want to promote them on my popular news sites.

2)At the March 2018 Cable Advisory Meeting Yvette Wilks asked me for a 1 page indemnification agreement. I sent her Malden's.
She said NOT to send her agreements from other stations I am a member of.  On July 19, 2018, Yvette is now wasting her time looking
for, you guessed it, exactly what she told me not to send her.  Four months later.

This is a slap in the face to cable TV subscribers and citizens, businesses and civic groups who want to participate in Access TV
I would have had an indemnification agreement that makes sense on Day 1.  Then again, it's the city diverting the franchise fee funds
into the general fund and to pay for three teacher salaries, an egregious abuse of monies designated for a free speech platform that is there
to criticize incompetent city councilors, school committee personnel and a rogue mayor. THAT'S why there is no access TV in Medford,
and why Muccini-Burke has the advisory version of the Keystone Cops grinding access TV to a halt in Medford.

Gimme a van, two cameras and some computers for the Chevalier 2nd floor room and the library and watch me get 150 members to the TV station and tons of Medford oriented programming.  Oh, that's right, real access TV is anathema to this mayor and city solicitor.

3)The Advisory board claims they are going to have a "big party" yet only two people showed up at this most recent meeting,
Arthur Deluca from Medford Community Cablevision, Inc., and Joe Viglione, the investigative news reporter who shut down Medford Community Cablevision, Inc.  Go figure.

4)Without a "team effort," with a whacko absurd 5 pages to fill out, hoops Mark Rumley wants you to jump through to DENY access TV to the citizens paying for it, the "party"

5)The last "big party" was a crony-fest with the state rep grabbing the city council president's private parts in front of a laughing mayor, two little children, and a student.   Just put  Paul Donato  Michael Marks in Google to see photos at the scene of the crime

One woman allegedly texted Paul Donato and called him "Harvey Weinstein" after seeing the image from my camera.  Nice!

I'm thinking of sending Martha Coakley a framed, autographed 11 x 17 of the snapshot, and having been framed by this city (watch for the lawsuit Mr. Caraviello, Mr.'s coming) a framed photo of Donato's dirty deed for Aunty Martha is warranted.
past tense: warranted; past participle: warranted
justify or necessitate (a certain course of action).

"that offense is serious enough to warrant a court martial"

On Sunday, October 15, 2017, at 10:30 am, Paul Donato grabbed Michael Marks' family jewels and the mayor laughed at it.

Former station manager Ben Brown, looking stupid, did nothing about it; no call to the police, no arrest of state Rep Donato.

and now they are planning yet another "party" Lisa Evangelista.   My blog gets more hits than Lisa's.  Who's "delusional," Mr. Rumley?

The Cable Advisory Board, after four and a half months in operation is fumbling over an indemnification agreement and wants to have
a big party, with only two people showing up, on average, to their board meetings.    Now THAT'S delusional, Mr. Rumley, that is delusional

Next up in the next e mail: Mark Rumley's exemption from the CORI check actually makes you look like a child rapist.  That's how sick and twisted this city is

By the way, the Real Medford Mass Facebook page has 96 views as of 10:23 this morning, plus 2 on the YouTube upload

Meanwhile the school committee meeting of June 18 has 53 views as of 10:25 am July 21, 2018

Tuesday, August 14
 Cemetery Board of Trustees meeting
 City Council meeting
Wednesday, August 15
 Conservation Commission Meeting
Wednesday, August 22
 Dog Park Committee meeting
Monday, September 3
 City Hall closed
WhenMonday, Sep 3, 2018
 Conservation Commission Meeting
Wednesday, July 17, 2019
 Conservation Commission Meeting
Wednesday, July 31, 2019
 Conservation Commission Meeting
Wednesday, August 14, 2019
 Conservation Commission Meeting
Wednesday, August 28, 2019
 Conservation Commission Meeting
Showing events until 8/31. Look for more

Joe Viglione 

Mark Rumley's CORI Check, potentially illegal; The Russians Call It Kompromat!

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public access Medford TV fiasco

Complicit Cable Advisory Board intentionally SLOW AS MOLASSES writing new indemnification agreement!

In Russian politics, kompromat, short for "compromising material" (компрометирующий материал), is damaging information about a politician or other public figure used to create negative publicity, for blackmail, or for ensuring loyalty.

Kompromat - Wikipedia


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FATHEAD COUNCIL PRESIDENT Richard Caraviello said that upon receiving applications for the position, each councilor submitted up to seven of their top choices for the job. According to Councilor Michael Marks, approximately 30 people applied for the position.

The City Council will interview seven candidates in open session for the position of City Clerk next week.
The candidates are Linda Colozzo; Adam Hurtubise; Sean J. Fitzgerald; Jane B. Cultrera; Kara Tierney; Amy S. Akell and Robert E. Skerry Jr.