Thursday, June 30, 2016

Salem Street Collapsed

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National Grid workers want to know why I was taking pictures?

a)Because I like men in uniform?

b)Because we are talking about infrastructure

c)Because the damn street COLLAPSED WITH A SINKHOLE a couple of years back?

d)All of the above.

Actual answer is C but if you want to believe D be my guest.


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To a Certain Republican Making Up Lies

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SOME HACKASS (That's a jackass hack) goes up to the city council and lies about this writer, making up a dirty, filthy lie about a school committee person and crediting it to me.

By the way, I stopped that individual from driving drunk on November 3, AFTER he defamed me publicly at a city council meeting and AFTER he made up excuses (most alcoholics do) trying to justify his bad behavior.

The allergies are in full swing and this writer is dealing with them, but to wake up and see an individual that I helped against stirring it up and lying because...oh my God...I'm voting for Hillary Clinton, that's it, people.

You can NEVER trust a drinker, someone who is so miserable that he needs the bottle and go through life SLOSHED.

You, Mr. Skewed Republican, are an obstinate jerk with tunnel vision and pledging allegiance to the individuals who hurt this country through witch hunts like the Ken Starr Report and the Benghazi travesty.

Like we didn't already know what their abuse of our monies couldn't tell us because we already knew it.  These creepy, crazy Republicans try to build the narrative.

It's time that the party of fear mongering is dismantled.

The individual in question is Exhibit A.
A person he thinks is his friend actually called him a "sociopath" last night.

Hey, don't blame me, I'm the messenger.

They put up with him and laugh at him behind his back.

What a joke.  Mr. Republican.  Have another drink.

Or call Camuso to get you to AA right quick.

Adam Knight and Union Thuggery ---- as City Hall Scandal widens

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Union thuggery has no place at City Hall, and it shouldn’t take federal indictments to make that point.

Well, She did it again on June 28th.

Ho hum, so predictable.  Madame Knight waltzed away from her JOB at the City Council, where she voted for her own pay raise.

Boo hoo...she don't need no Cialis when I go up to the podium...indeed, she's probably so embarrassed with her attraction to me she has to run out of Alden Chambers before people see or hear her pants breathing.

Union thuggery has no place at City Hall, and it shouldn’t take federal indictments to make that point.


Editorial: City Hall scandal widens

Herald Staff Thursday, June 30, 2016

It is, however, what comes of hiring your pals, especially a pal seemingly willing to put the interests of his former bosses ahead of the interests of the city he is supposed to be serving. And that is the level of betrayal that should offend Walsh, who has remained far too loyal and far too gentle with these guys — both of whom are still collecting their salaries while on leave from their jobs.

Union thuggery has no place at City Hall, and it shouldn’t take federal indictments to make that point.

5:05 pm,
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Boston Police captain's son INDICTED on TERROR CHARGES


Boston Police captain's son indicted on terror charges in bomb plot

submit to redditAssociated Press Thursday, June 30, 2016

 did a Medford government official often found near Room 207 loan him a confiscated water pistol or Uncle Bob Maiocco's dirty metal pipe?
BOSTON - A police captain's son accused of plotting an attack on a college campus to support the Islamic State group was indicted Thursday on terrorism charges.
A federal grand jury indicted Alexander Ciccolo on one count each of attempting to provide material support to a foreign terrorist organization and attempting to use weapons of mass destruction. Those charges were added to a pending indictment charging Ciccolo with being a convicted person in possession of firearms and stabbing a nurse with a pen during a jail intake process. 

Nephew Paul: "I spoke to Gerry and asked him to loan Alexander Ciccolo my meat cleaver. If it's Sunday it must be Alexander's, right?"


update: Carmen Ortiz Should Investigate Belson/Burke Sex Scandal Cover Up

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Indict Stephanie and Roy!!!

McGovern: Ortiz may be trying to reel in biggest fish of all

Bob McGovern Thursday, June 30, 2016 
 Rung by rung, U.S. Attorney 
Carmen M. Ortiz is climbing a ladder up City Hall, handing out indictments while giving no indication of whether this will end up snaring a member of the mayor’s inner circle — or Marty Walsh himself.
Ortiz has already plucked two of Walsh’s trusted staffers: first Kenneth Brissette, his tourism czar, and yesterday, Timothy Sullivan, his chief of staff of intergovernmental affairs.
In the overall scheme of things, these are small fish in Boston’s political aquarium. But their respective indictments in an apparent conspiracy to extort union gigs from the company behind the Boston Calling music festival points to a well-worn prosecutorial maneuver.

Mayor Walsh: ‘I pray and hope’ 2 aides are acquitted of fed charges

Dan Atkinson Thursday, June 30, 2016

Mayor Martin J. Walsh defended his administration in the wake of a second City Hall official’s arrest on charges of extorting a music festival into hiring union labor, saying there was “no culture” of promoting unions at City Hall.
“I don’t, I shouldn’t, I never will pick and choose what (business project) should be union,” Walsh said today in an interview with Boston Herald Radio.

Second indictment shifts spotlight Linehan’s way

Jack Encarnacao Thursday, June 30, 2016 

McGovern: Carmen Ortiz indictment hints at bigger fish to fry

Bob McGovern Friday, May 20, 2016 

 4:15 pm

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False Charges against Journalist Investigating High School Sex Scandal

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This week there were two fatalities that should never have happened, one on Route 93, the second in the town of Stoneham.

What if a fatality happened after a political event where someone was drinking too much?   What if that drunk left a State Rep's home north of Medford or a candidate's political event in Medford on November 3, and people got hurt?   Would there be responsibility for the politicians who invited him to their get-togethers????

a)Could the campaign that supplied the alcohol have been charged?

b)Could the venue have been charged?

There is no doubt about the political impact to a good politician's career because someone misbehaved at an event.

Last evening I was discussing the fact that I had to demand a drunk not get behind the wheel of his mother's car after a political event.  That obstinate person, as immovable as he is on political matters, was determined to drive his mother's car from just outside of Medford Square all the way over to the Fellsway on the Malden line.  Finally, after the individual so inebriated he couldn't stand let alone try to walk, got into the passenger side of my car, I safely got him home.  That meant the risk to ordinary people who might have gotten in the way of that drunk maniac were spared.

He, reportedly, was not the only person in that condition and another "designated driver" also took a woman home who, purportedly, could not get behind the wheel.
Again, the point is this, beyond the public safety issue - what a betrayal of trust from an individual who ran for elected office, who demands you praise Sarah Palin (?) and Ted Cruz (?????) and has some bizarre ideology that he thinks is Republican but it is more like Mitch McConnell and John Boehner times one hundred.

The individual had an argument with me and when I brought up his public drinking people were oh so outraged that I was "hitting below the belt."    Really?   Really?

Would anyone feel that way if the alcoholic jerk, with no concern for any individual(s) he may kill behind the wheel, using a ton or two of metal in an inappropriate way, took away innocent lives and reflected badly on the politician he was supposed to be supporting.

"I deserve to get drunk tonight" the person declared on November 3 because, as we all know, an election was hijacked by unprincipled and unethical people.  Using that "logic," hundreds should have followed his lead and gotten drunk and truly put the public at risk.

That unprincipled person, who will yell and scream about "Republican values" and how he's right and everyone else is wrong, viciously, maliciously attacked me this week after I probably saved his life and certainly kept that maniac from killing someone on the road.

Republican family values: drive drunk, vote Palin/Cruz.

But, as usual, for stating the obvious, this sober driver and articulate journalist must be the bad guy.

All hail Sarah Palin and Ted Cruz.   If you like Hillary, you are the bad guy, even if you spent half an hour convincing some sick alcoholic NOT to get behind the wheel of his mother's car to drive to a street off of Central Ave.

Had people in this community listened to me in 2004, 2005,2006 you would have your access TV.
When a Clerk Ed Finn flips out, when a certain alcoholic stumbles through a local restaurant and embarrasses himself in public - and then demands your vote, and then demands that you agree with his skewed ideology, what he doesn't tell you is that his inability to seek psychiatric help and, instead, self medicate to push away his demons, what he deson't tell you is that it is all about him, not about the people he may hurt, not about responsibility, not about setting a good example.

Once again, as usual, I'm the bad guy.  The sober guy who sees political maneuvers which have been detrimental to what those in the BCC really want for this city.
I did the right thing.  I can sleep at night.  It would be nice to get a little support from people when doing the right thing.  But again I won't hold my breath.

Had people listened to me and truly acted on access TV with the same fortitude, courage, perseverance and put my money where my mouth is attitude that I have shown, we would have a central meeting place, the access station, and a platform to bring about change.

Interesting that the other "republican" with the excuses he doesn't want political types retaliating on his son is finally showing up at council meetings.  Interesting.  Too bad he didn't have the spine to look the bullies in the eye and say "You mess with my son, you talk to my lawyer."  But that takes courage, that takes a bit of morality.  That takes guts.

Why take the risk when Joe V. does ALL the heavy lifting in regards to putting his neck on the political line.   

Defend the drunk, defend the coward, and blame the scapegoat, get mad at him for voting Hillary after some lunatic alcoholic defames him on a Monday morning.'

Look in the mirror, Medford.   Those who walk away when they can help don't deserve a vote.

Those who liberally use from a man's hard work and honest efforts, and who let him twist in the wind when he is falsely accused, they aren't "being political," they are just ....(fill in the blank)

A year ago a varsity coach was no longer employed at Medford High School, June 30, 2015.

On December 3, 2015 I put in a public records request to Chief "Buddy" Sacco ("Buddy" Sacco?  Sacco is not your "buddy," Medford) and Roy Belson to get to the bottom of it.  

ON December 8th the police initiated a complaint against me, obviously for asking about the varsity coach, using a case that they had declared dead, and creating false charges they silently brought into Somerville court without me or my lawyer present.  

It has cost me a LOT of money, and no one seems to give a damn.    While some reprobate threatens our community with a false bomb threat and uses a public defender, the hard-working journalist scrapes together the funds to pay for counsel.  

Harder to earn a living on writing when a corrupt ex mayor commits tortious interference (allegedly) and costs you a job as an independent contractor because he has a malicious woman at the weekly newspaper doing his dirty business, isn't it?

Their hands are so dirty.

Of course what do you get for integrity these days with police who lie and who seem to be doing the bidding of two corrupt mayors.   The indigent scoundrel who admits to a judge that he is on "food stamps" while proclaiming to the community he is some businessman deserving of praise for silly awards, he gets away with it.   Funny how that works, isn't it?  The police never arrested that individual for all the threats of physical violence with his "free speech" which was hardly that. It was harassment and threats of physical violence.  Of course if you are buddy buddy with a maniac like disgraced cop Stephen LeBert, you had some heavy layer of protection...until LeBert finally got caught on camera being the thug that he is; the true Stephen LeBert emerging for all the world to see, just a garden variety criminal disguised in a cop's uniform.

But the alcoholic who wanted to be your senator, oh he's such a good friend.  Right.  Only one person made damn sure that drunk didn't get behind the wheel of his mother's car and kill someone.

P.S. Don't kid yourselves, Medford.  The false charges against a journalist are ALL ABOUT his asking about the Varsity Coach who was disappeared on June 30, 2015 and some allegedly promiscuous ex-student from a powerful political family - and the massive cover up allegedly concocted by Roy E. Belson, former director of personnel Muccini-Burke, possibly chief sacco, and their sick and twisted accomplices allegedly including an ex judge and an ex city council president with a bad hairdo and questionable ethics at his former place of employment.

Don't Kid Yourselves, Medford!

Some fifty something dude who has to dangle alcohol in front of a child while playing "Pied Piper" or, perhaps, "Plyed Piper" is more like it,  being enabled by two people as bankrupt morally as they are financially is what you got for your investment that was ripped out from under you.

This journalist fighting for YOUR RIGHT to that platform is getting the flak, and you know what they say about getting the flak (the anti-aircraft artillery) - YOU MUST BE OVER THE TARGET.

They wouldn't waste resources on little old me unless what I uncovered is true. Think about it.


3. to assail repeatedly or persistently: to ply horses with a whip. 4. to supply or offer something pressingly to: to ply a person with drink.

SEX SCANDAL ANNIVERSARY 1 YEAR --- Why you have no Access TV

Does anyone REALLY think Mrs. Burke and her creepy "hubby," and Mark Rumley and Jeanine Camuso want to turn on their TV and view THE JUDGE JOHNNY BYERS SHOW where Johnny has a naked varsity coach read from Roy Belson's response to a public records request?

Do you REALLY think they want you to have the access TV you pay for?   Not when some reportedly promiscuous ex student allegedly compromised her family by allegedly doing the dirty deed with a teacher who should have known better. 

Now, picture yourself the superintendent of schools and / or picture yourself the budget director with Jenna Tarabelsi allegedly auditioning to be on the Randi Rhodes progressive talk show  with its theme song imagery on a 15 year old's cellphone, reportedly.  

Rare footage of Jenna Tarabelsi in Italy 

We'll be reporting all day long on the sex scandal that has Roy Muccini-Burke and Stephanie Belson running for cover.

They cheated the voters by engaging in a massive cover-up, and that's what brought Tricky Dick Nixon down.

Tricky Stephanie has to fess up and come clean.

stay tuned all day as we drip the story out bit by bit.