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DEMOCRAT WRITES FOR FOX NEWS - BLASTS TRUMP It seems McConnell, who takes umbrage with his nickname “Moscow Mitch," may have been trying to head off criticism about foreign election interference with this gesture. But it is just that, a gesture. There are 406 days until next year's general election – and only 133 until the 2020 caucuses and primaries begin – and the resources and reforms to guard against foreign interference are not close to what is needed. It appears Trump is so worried about his poll numbers that he thinks he needs outside help to win and that no one can or will stop him … again. If that is true, then Trump is acting in a decidedly un-American fashion.

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It seems McConnell, who takes umbrage with his nickname “Moscow Mitch," may have been trying to head off criticism about foreign election interference with this gesture. But it is just that, a gesture. There are 406 days until next year's general election – and only 133 until the 2020 caucuses and primaries begin – and the resources and reforms to guard against foreign interference are not close to what is needed.
It appears Trump is so worried about his poll numbers that he thinks he needs outside help to win and  that no one can or will stop him … again.
If that is  true, then Trump is acting in a decidedly un-American fashion.

Powers vs R.I. Ex Police Officer - Abuse Allegations

Bristol distances itself from ex-parade marshals = alleged wolf hiding behind a church - 




Barboza has not been charged with or convicted of anything. He is named in a civil suit by one of the accusers, Robert Powers, which brought the allegations to light.

Barboza recently resigned from St. Mary’s Church, where he was director of the cemetery and had worked as an administrative assistant, after a public outcry about allegations detailed in a civil lawsuit filed last year. Powers alleges 75 to 100 instances of abuse from 1975 to 1979, when he was 10 to 13 years old.
Barboza had worked at various times as a Bristol police officer, a Bristol firefighter and a member of the Town Council. He is on the Democratic Town Committee and is a member of the Rotary Club.

Medford Child Porn Case: Stephanie Sweeps Things Under The Dirty, Dirty Rug

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The clock is ticking!
42 days for Medford to remove the stain that is Stephanie Muccini-Burke

The owners of the pizza business based in Medford should be held accountable if it is true that the husband and wife knew that their independent contractor was illegally videotaping minors in various stages of sexual activity, paraphrasing the police.

The owner isn't the most stable of individuals with rumors of him lashing out at his own family due to jealousy, the closing of one of their businesses due to stupidity and allegedly a poor work ethic

If this writer were to choose one word to describe the business owner it would be "nuts."

But a sicko using the pizza business for his predatory practice of - allegedly - using city owned equipment to take naked pictures of your little kids, Medford, and put them on the internet for all the world to see, and the Medford police hiding the investigation or closing it out without pursuing Mayor McGlynn's pal the pornographer...what does McGlynn do?  Spend his life covering-up copper crimes at Medford Housing Authority, child porno and his own alleged problems within his own marriage?
By the way, you can directly link the Malden stalker that claims she is an independent contractor with MATV (Malden Access Television) to the child pornographer, directly link these creepy individuals, and let's be real - her attacks on this writer - which landed her four years of being under the scrutiny of the court - were rife with dirty, ugly unfounded accusations, so you know where her mind goes.

And you want your children learning from sick individuals that did serious damage to not one but two cities?


Think about it: some fifteen or fourteen year old boy looking for some extra cash goes to work for some pizza joint.  A sicko lures him into an apartment to generate child porn allegedly using city co-owned equipment, your child gets exposed naked for the world to see by some perv who is making money, allegedly, by exploiting your kid to the world, and the Medford police "can't tell" if the child is "legal."

Then why are they police officers?

Mayor Michael J. McGlynn needs to be held accountable for the missing copper at Medford Housing Authority.   It was his pal that had cash in a drawer.   And another pal of McGlynn's was taking dirty pictures of little kids, purportedly, and got away with it thus far.

It's election time.  A vote for Muccini-Burke is a sick, twisted vote for McGlynn.

If you love your kids, hold them tight and don't let offensive perverts use them for their disgusting ideas.

Mayor Christenson and Mayor McGlynn and Mrs. Burke all need to be pressured to do the right thing and remove the sickos from having a presence in their communities.  Too many sickos...and who are you going to believe?  Police rhetoric or your own eyes?
When the floppy disc appeared in my mailbox the first thing I did was phone the Federal Bureau of Investigation.  Before even calling two lawyers.

I reported to the FBI that you cannot trust the Medford Police, which you can't.  And the proof of it is that they didn't properly investigate, intentionally and on purpose.

The FBI told me since I had a meeting with Doug Nagengast at the office of the District Attorney, to present it to Nagengast.

The FBI also said if the Medford Police tampered with the evidence, they would go after the police department.   Yeah, but is a nephew of a powerful Medford politician AT the FBI mucking things up?  That's the rumor that this publication has heard. 

Nagengast calls the Medford Police and J.J. McLean calls me desperate for the floppy disc.

JJ: "You're in no trouble."

Editor: "No shit, JJ, why do you think I called the FBI?"


Editor: "Damn straight I did."

JJ: "I want the disc."

Editor: "I know you want the disc.  And I want to talk to lawyers, I've already spoken to one, awaiting a call back from the other."

JJ: You can hold the disc overnight

(Does anyone see the lunacy at play here? JJ's telling me, the guy in the driver's seat, what I can do.)

I was at Demet's Donuts at the time.  I said "You know, I'm literally across the street a mile from the police station. But I'm waiting to hear from a second attorney."

The attorney calls a few hours later and says "Just get rid of it.  Give it to the police."

J.J. McLean was thrilled.  But before I gave them the floppy disc I DEMANDED that J.J. videotape the story, and he did.

Indeed, J.J. has a ton of evidence that I handed over to the police on other matters, and never did his job going after the culprits the way that he should have.

Shame on him.

Chief Leo A. Sacco, Jr. to this victim on 10/17/17  "You get the police service you deserve." When I asked Leo why he didn't stop the Malden stalker from harassing me.

And there you have it.

A former Medford resident, a woman-in-the-know said to me "Never trust the Medford police."

Why do you think this blog exists?

The citizens of Medford wouldn't know that the police refused to go after an alleged child pornographer, most likely because of that alleged child pornographer's close ties to one Michael J. McGlynn.

Hold McGlynn responsible
Hold the pizza pad husband and wife responsible.

Otherwise you will find your children posing naked on the internet...because some sicko has political connections.

Enough to make you want to vomit on Rumley's unclean hands, isn't it?

Rumley with his damn head in the sand struts around like some clean, wholesome individual who cares about you and your life.

He's a greedy snake who doesn't give a damn about you or your family.

Poor little Danny, not even old enough to know what a violent creep he was dealing with, being propped up as an allegedly underage porn star.

Heck, allegedly Paypal knew it was child porn, but your Medford Police Department, which has the evidence, let the sicko get away.   Blow up the photo, enlarge it, see if you can see the date of the informant mailing it to this journalist.   Purportedly, the informant was pissed off at the alleged child pornographer, which is why they sent the disc to a media outlet that would do something about it.

Demand at the Chevaliar Debate October 16 that the candidates look into MCP-G
Medford Child Porn-Gate
The above photo was taken by the Medford Police Dept. and sent to this journalist as a receipt.

To the right on the image is the letter that accompanied the floppy disc from an alleged informant. The letter is E X P L O S I V E and will most likely come up at trial when the city of Medford and the police get sued for the Rick Caraviello/Ed Finn abuse of power, malicious abuse of process case, and other aspects of that case that I am not publishing at this time.


unless you don't care about your little kids being sexually exploited all over the world by some creepy sicko.

Are the pizza people still using the services of the accused independent contractor?  That's the question, isn't it?

Sunday, September 22, 2019

A Vote for Stephanie is a Vote for CRUELTY

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Unpopular Stephanie Muccini-Burke is cruel and abusive.

A dictator destroying Medford

They will try to steal the election again.

Bring voters out in droves to wipe the witch out of the 2nd floor of Medford City Hall.

Remove the witch.  Legally

McGlynn's pawn and spawn is wrong for Medford

Will Muccini-Burke Face Charges for Alleged Malfeasance?

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Michael Sullivan, Marian Ryan, Brian Burke, they should all be recused - and all of their cronies - when Muccini-Burke faces a judge.

Actually, Sullivan, Ryan and Mr. Burke should all be investigated, that's the best way to "recuse" them and keep their highly suspicious hands out of the arraignment and trial of Stephanie Muccini-Burke 

Stay tuned.

BREAKING: Letter to the Media and City Hall 6:26 pm 9-22-19

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The book Stealing Somerville is the tip of the iceberg. the power imbalance in Medford ensures that citizens are cheated.  The photo of Stephanie Muccini-Burke allegedly at a wedding giving the finger, purportedly to firefighters (see photo attached,) is vulgar, crude and everything you do NOT want in a mayor.

But Mayor Burke has done much, much worse than that.

ACCORDING TO THE POLICE: a young boy was posed nude, allegedly with city owned equipment, and allegedly sold on the internet for profit.  The young boy worked at a pizza shop where the mother, Mrs. X X - 
the name is known to us - reportedly told young boys to stay away from their independent contractor.

Shame on that family for paying a notorious individual arrested by the police on multiple other matters.

Shame on the "mother" - wife of the owner - for not firing the independent contractor immediately.  If it is
true that she warned young boys about the alleged molester, why did she keep paying him?

It makes one wonder if government officials are profiting from child pornography sold on the internet?
Why aren't they pursuing the case when they KNOW the child was underage.  They refuse to return the
floppy disc to the investigative reporter which means only one thing: the child was not an adult.

Adult porn?  The floppy disc gets returned.  It's legal.
Child porn?  The police bury the case.  So public safety is out the window.  Your mayor and your city solicitor
are engaged in doing CORI checks on dozens of individuals they have no right investigating, yet a teacher allegedly had sex with a student, a member of the mayor's own family - allegedly - and then this child porn thing is dangling over Mayor Burke's head: no arrest, no real investigation, a 14 or 15 year old boy, allegedly, sold naked on the internet, a minor, thanks to the McGlynn and Burke administrations, too cowardly to do 
the job that you pay them to do.  Allegedly.

Now think about this: after the investigative reporter, yours truly, helped the police solve the Tony's Gas theft and helped the police with malicious destruction of property at the dental business across the street from Tony's Gas, the reward was for the police to file false charges of "witness intimidation" on the journalist; charges that they made up. It was fictional "witness intimidation" charges using written lies by Ed Finn and Rick Caraviello - both committing crimes by lying to the police. These lies written by violent ex city clerk Ed Finn who had hit the reporter - assaulted him verbally and physically - attacks on the reporter, as well as other harassment which is being detailed in a "presentment letter" as the city of Medford is getting sued for this wrongful conduct perpetrated by multiple people in the police department, Mayor Burke's administration and possibly up at Middlesex Superior Court.

Think of what will emerge in the trial when the discussion of child pornography, crooked government officials and other nasty stuff crawls out from under the slimy, slimy rocks that a judge and jury AND THE MEDIA will get to see and hear.

The Medford Police have a floppy disc of alleged child pornography.  The City Lawyer knows it.
The Police Chief knows it.   Just as many students allegedly know of an affair that allegedly happened
between a teacher and a now former student who is a member of Mayor Burke's own family, allegedly.

The city lawyer, Mark E. Rumley, who is supposed to PROTECT the citizens of Medford, the people that he really works for, that city lawyer has coddled a board of directors that he sat on.  We've documented MANY of the lies and wrongful acts by that board of directors, which lost the contract to operate the P/E/G station thanks to our hard-hitting reporting.

Medford's roads are broken under Muccini-Burke.  From Riverside Ave to Commercial Street, Garfield Ave to Spring Street in Haines Square, a huge couple of holes in front of Dunkin Donuts/Haines's Square where the Pay to Park squad will fine you if your car hits that rut and you don't put money in the meter.  Perhaps the mayor is too busy hushing up a sex crime allegedly involving a member of her own family, as well as the child porno, to do the job you are paying her to do in regards to parking.   Mayor Burke would rather shop at Kohl's - allegedly - and hide sex crimes - than be mayor.

Free Parking For Seniors was the proclamation by 2015 candidate Stephanie Muccini-Burke.
Mayor Burke lied to those seniors. We seniors have to pay to park.

While Burke's mother, Lena Muccini, allegedly campaigns for Mayor Burke inside the walls of 22 Allston St.,
Tempone Manor, part of the Medford Housing Authority, other candidates do not have the same advantage.

Mayors need to set examples.

An autistic man was threatened by a member of the Muccini-Burke family, allegedly, if he said anything about a varsity coach allegedly having sex with a member of the Muccini-Burke family.

With Brian F. Burke, the mayor's husband, looking at a nice pension from his job as court clerk up at Middlesex Superior Court, and the mayor herself expecting the big, big bucks when she's out of office, senior citizens in Medford have to take a back seat to the mayor's mother having an apartment in housing, while the family seems to own another residence in Blackstone.

How much talking has this mayor done at the city council in the past 4 years?  

There are court documents noting that individuals named "Harvey" - "Ronny" and "Frank" brutalized this writer,
brutalized.  In court documents.  They "brutalized" this writer, according to court documents.

Court documents in cases where the court found Medford Community Cablevision, Inc. and its self-appointed president (so much for a quorum; so much for a legitimate board of directors) violated the anti-SLAPP statute, and a court clerk in Somerville failed to properly put those two victories on the docket, and then the head magistrate was removed after our publication warned the public about him; removed for something else: using his secretary at the court house to work on his two separate non-profits, if my memory is correct. Just Google it.

Election 2019 is 43 days away.    Let's see Stephanie Muccini-Burke answer the tough questions at the October 16, debate.  OH, that's right, her "Medford Chamber of Commerce" (look at all the reprobates on it!)  and her dirty cronies are the ones in charge of the debate.  

Don't expect the real questions to get asked about a disreputable mayor and her ugly policies which have damaged Medford so badly that it will take decades for Medford to recover, if it recovers at all.

More to come.