Friday, October 21, 2016

Impeachment Talk in the air- Locust St and Muccini Burke

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19 in 15 minutes 8 pm-8:15 pm
51 in 35 minutes

Stephanie's Locust St problem is going to snowball into a Monster Storm
Surrogates like Nike Messtot will be asleep at the wheel. They won't be able to stop it

Butcher boy's cleaver will get rusted in the snow

Tony Arena had a great reputation. Did Mrs Burke put
Undue pressure on Tony to do the wrong thing?

Did she use Tony squeezing till the tomato paste and ketchup evaporates?

Will she toss the empty tubes and bottles tomorrow on drug takeback day?

Sub-marining Medford Committee featuring La Madame Knight October 24 on Monday in the room from hell, 207

841,620 @3:08 pm or something...

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Committee of the Half Wit October 26, 2016 Insulting, Ignorant Imbeciles Masquerading as Public Officials

Oct 25 Another Edition of Romper Room: The Medford City Council

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Actual quote from Uncle Roy

"Joe of having sexual predators at the high school"

Duh. Joe ain't the only one rumbling about the inappropriate behavior of Jenna Smith, Mark Tarabelsi and the crude crew

Oh lighten up Roy. It was nice to see you. Found your honesty refreshing

What has Adam Knight Done for this Community

Rather than help the kids with a benefit at the Chevalier for a sports tesm, Madame Knight, jackass that he is, uses precious council time for more vote-seeking Comgratulations

As selfish and wrong as the bad intentions of Donald Trump

Stephanie M. Burke's Announcement of Arena Resignation - second post as it is hard to find on the website

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Tracking down this resignation from Arena to Burke.

Google it - you can't find it.

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