Saturday, January 19, 2019

Dear Dr Stephanie. My shrink

Ok Stephanie

If you are keeping count I broke up with him for the tenth time today

Here I am at 1:51 am on his couch. Oh well. Halfway to Paradisr
Not even the obligatory I love you tonight
But we’re talking
Hey. He invited me over. I was walking...again

Oh. And I hear from someone from my past I am still very fond of

So I read the text aloud here. Am I a dick?
Don’t answer that

Look at my age I am not into breaking hearts

Mary Wells knows what I want.  Here’s the u tube link

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Thursday, January 17, 2019

Donato Redux: Pat Fiorello "The Camera Don't Lie!"

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The Orville is on!

Pat Fiorello "The Camera Don't Lie!"

Pat Fiorello "The Camera Don't Lie!"

Pat Fiorello "The Camera Don't Lie!"

Pat Fiorello "The Camera Don't Lie!"

Pat Fiorello "The Camera Don't Lie!"

Pat Fiorello "The Camera Don't Lie!"

RIP William Brady Former Medford School Committee


Longtime Medford School Committee Member William Brady Dies

Brady, an Air Force veteran and DPW employee, served 25 years on the school committee.

By Alex Newman, Patch Staff  | Updated 
(Hijacked from the Medford Patch)

He later worked for many years in the Medford Public Works Department. Bill served for 25 years as a member of the Medford School Committee. He was devoted to making education efforts in Medford Public Schools the best they could be. He was a tireless advocate for all aspects of education, whether academic, social, the fine arts or athletics.

Community Preservation TONIGHT 1-17-19, Cable Advisory Next Week 1-24-19

 Community Preservation Committee meeting
Monday, January 21
 City Hall Closed
 Trash Collection delayed by one day this week due to holiday
 Martin Luther King Jr. Day
Tuesday, January 22
 Hormel Stadium Commission meeting
 City Council Committee of the Whole meeting
 Medford Community Garden Commission meeting
Wednesday, January 23
 Substance Use & Recovery Resources Drop-in Center
 City Council Committee of the Whole meeting
Thursday, January 24
 Medford Cable Advisory Board meeting

Wednesday, January 16, 2019

In the Land of Don Paulato - part of Speaker DeLeo's Management team

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See photo of Mr. Creepy here:

Report: Massachusetts Representative Accused of Groping Incoming Lawmaker

A top lawmaker in Massachusetts' House of Representative is accused of groping an incoming lawmaker, according to the Boston Globe.
Rep. Paul McMurtry, a Democrat from Dedham and a member of House Speaker Robert DeLeo's leadership team, allegedly grabbed the backside of an incoming legislator at an orientation cocktail hour last month for new lawmakers in the state, the Globe reported.
At the time of the alleged incident, McMurtry was the chairman of the House personnel committee. 

Addiction and its impact In the news By JV

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Addiction and its impact In the news

January 15, 2019 Guest columnist Joe Viglione (for another website, Not MedfordInfo Central!)
National Public Radio published two Opiod epidemic articles on the 13th and 14th of January. 2019 – 1 Dead And 12 Hospitalized After Mass Drug Overdose In California on the 13th and Report: Americans Are Now More Likely To Die Of An Opioid Overdose Than On The Road on the 14th.
In the 1980s it was said that using heroin was like walking across a crowded highway, that an individual was taking a gamble on living or dying. In 2019 with fentanyl added to the mix, the result is a highly addictive, cheap and deadly combination.
So here we are with daily stories on the NPR website. The story on the 13th is about a “ four (people who) are in critical condition after a mass drug overdose at a house in Chico, Calif.” while the story on the 14th contains statistics that are just as or even more grim: “For the first time in U.S. history, a leading cause of deaths — vehicle crashes — has been surpassed in likelihood by opioid overdoses, according to a new report on preventable deaths from the National Safety Council.
Americans now have a 1 in 96 chance of dying from an opioid overdose, according to the council’s analysis of 2017 data on accidental death. The probability of dying in a motor vehicle crash is 1 in 103.
“The nation’s opioid crisis is fueling the Council’s grim probabilities, and that crisis is worsening with an influx of illicit fentanyl,” the council said in a statement released Monday.”
With so much talk on the news, at the water coolers, one would think people would have some ideas on the search for a logical and effective set of solutions?
An interesting Twitter site is @Opiod_Epidemic which states: “This site is used to raise awareness of the issue and give some ways that the average person can help fight it.
The last tweet is from November 30, 2016 which is discouraging as an epic battle needs persistence, courage and a relentless passion to mobile and organize.

A twitter site, a news article, a book like Hat Tricks from Heaven: The Story of an Athlete in His Own Prison of Addiction, all can be flashpoints to ignite ideas on how to organize people in an energetic way to seek solutions, and to implement them.

The Addiction Recovery Guide is a good resource
especially for families and / or partners of addicts. Most people outside of the drug culture don’t know what crack cocaine is or what it does. I do not, nor do I want to know, but I do want to understand why people are attracted to it and what we can do to help them stop ruining their lives and the lives of others.
In any battle one of the biggest obstacles is human apathy. The human condition appears on the surface to be get up, go to work, deal with bills and life problems, get some food and entertainment and go to sleep, only to start the life cycle again. 

GLASS - a film review

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a film review by Joe Vigilante (1st draft)

a member of a self-appointed group of citizens who undertake law enforcement in their community without legal authority, typically because the legal agencies are thought to be inadequate.________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________

    M. Night Shyamalan's genius sometimes sacrifices the potential of a film to be great so that the director can focus on a particular storyline he chooses to tell.  It's actually a courageous move and though it diminishes what Glass could have been, he's smart enough to give - at least in the case of this motion picture - enough energy and intrigue to make it (potentially) a commercial success.  Multiple other attempts by the director did not fare as well, and at an early stage prior to release, this writer is assuming Glass will dominate at the box office.

    Bruce Willis returns as the guardian angel/vigilante David Dunn (posing the immediate question, David done what?)- an extreme character who is a one man version of New York's The Guardian Angels group founded in 1979 (The Guardian Angels is a non-profit international volunteer organization of unarmed crime-prevention vigilantes.)  Shyamalan doesn't hit you over the head with the obvious, Willis as a haunted "Spiderman" character, being hounded rather than praised, a more forceful version of Willis' other role as a guardian angel, Malcolm Crowe, in Shyamalan's masterpiece, The Sixth Sense. 

Unbreakable (2000) wasn't an accurate title for this guardian angel, though, as water could destroy "the wicked witch" in the Wizard of Oz, water is the kryptonite in this "Eastrail #177 train" trilogy - not to mention the fact the Mr. Unbreakable could also be broken down mentally, and is, by the "Mr.Stryker" of X-Men infamy here, psychiatrist Dr. Ellie Staple.    Note that the Eastrail #177 train detonation is the terrorist act by Mr. Glass that finally discovered / uncovered David Dunn and his unique powers.

    The references to X-Men abound, not the least of which is having actor James McAvoy, the young Professor X from X-Men, playing "the beast" (Hank McCoy, Nicholas Hoult's character in X-Men,) and the word Marvel squarely on the cover of Philadelphia magazine.  The result is that the combination of Unbreakable, Split and Glass analyze the philosophical aspect of comic books, the unofficial trademark of the late Stan Lee's work in making political and spiritual statements in the same style that Gene Rodenberry put in the TV series Star Trek, contemporaneous, of course, to what Marvel did in the 1960s and up to today.  M. Night Shyamalan infuses those aspects of storytelling into this dark exploration of the mind, and for audiences who embrace the cerebral, it can be a Rorschach test of not only the members of the audience, but the many cultures on our planet as well.

      Since the Rorschach test is "a psychological test in which subjects' perceptions of inkblots are recorded and then analyzed using psychological interpretation, complex algorithms, or both," this writer will bare all and give his own interpretation of Shyamalan's impact on him.

      32 year old Spencer Treat Clark is the subtle central figure in Glass, the victim.  As Joseph Dunn, son of the vigilante, the film circles around him, Elijah's mother (Charlayne Weoodard, "Sister Peg" in the Law and Order: SVU series,) known simply as "Elijah's mother" in both Unbreakable and Glass - and boy does the silver wig make the 65 year old actress look like 79, and Anya Taylor-Joy from Split as Casey Cooke.  They are the three most victimized by the chaos, though Elijah's mother turns out to be an accomplice, calling her sons' hundreds of murders "spectacular," Taylor-Joy becomes the Judas Goat - leading the sheep to slaughter while its own life is spared.  Elijah's mother "Mrs. Price," Joseph Dunn and  Casey Cooke have to deal with the wreckage, but it is Joseph Dunn who pays the highest "price" (no pun intended, really, but perhaps a subliminal plot by  director/writer Shyamalan.)  Joseph Dunn is orphaned by the cruelty of the psychiatrist's manipulations (again, Stryker from X-Men and his obsession with destroying the mutants, a thin disguise for homosexuality in X-Men)  and he's left to pick up the pieces through no fault of his own.

    It's hard not to take it personal when Shyamalan focuses the camera on the name "Joseph" on the bedroom door, and the word "Vigilante" in the press clippings.  And therein is my Rorschach test, those who know me well have read my political leanings and can see why I take it personal. And what members of the audience can relate to the multiple personalities of Kevin Wendell Crumb's emerging facets: his many distinct individuals who can hug you and hold you dear one day as the loving side emerges, while punching out the TV screen in the monitoring room, on a moment's notice.  Those very TV screens - the windows to the cameras that Mr. Glass secretly used to expose psychiatrist Ellie Staple and her ill-advised campaign, an essential element of the entire film - comic books transitioning from pulp and paper to the movie theaters. The beast engaging in one of the most famous lines of comic book lore "Hulk Smash" potentially smashing the show you've been waiting to see: Glass vs Beast vs. Vigilante.  The rest of us being mere pawns.    The Beast is as much a victim as Joseph Dunn, powers beyond their control using them for their own purposes disguised as benevolence -that being the fixated shrink, Ms. Ellie Staple.

Glass is the metaphor for happenstance, but there are no coincidences.    Glass manipulates the beast and the victim, and all the beauty (Spencer Treat Clark and James McAvoy the most vulnerable, and beautiful, men in the two other guys we know - editor) is crushed by the play, and the parts that they are forced to play.  

  Glass is a Rorschach test, and it may take years for the public to get it and figure it out.  This fan of comic books and movies has made a cottage industry of figuring out the plots before the show has come to its conclusion, which is, that we are all victims and should recognize that and fight the forces of evil...together.  It's the only logical solution.

Texas Ranger MVP Abused 4 Year old! Remember when a TV3 Medford manager said a born again could "Sin because he is saved"

Wetteland is reportedly a born-again Christian who has taught Bible studies and coached baseball at a nearby Christian school in Argyle, Texas. The Dallas Morning News reported that Wetteland no longer has any connection to it.

Former World Series MVP John Wetteland accused of sexually assaulting 4-year-old

 Liz Roscher,Yahoo Sports 9 hours ago 

Tuesday, January 15, 2019

Medford Needs Term Limits

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What is Stephanie afraid of?

On the campaign trail in 2015 she was honest about at least one thing, Stephanie Muccini-Burke is allergic to term limits.

Of course when you "win" an election that many in the community allege that you stole, Stephanie, with help from the Godfather of Medford himself, Michael J. You-Know-Who - allegedly - of course you want no term limits.

But term limits would be a refreshing change from unions stuffing a stuffed shirt onto the city council, an individual with little decorum and less skill in social arenas.  

You wouldn't have Humpty Dumpty on the city council at all, let alone as a corrupt president of it.







Judge Orders Caraviello to do Access TV show and fork over Millions!

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Caraviello Forced by Courts to Replace Barber Shop Chair and pay Editor of Medford Info over 3 million dollars including punitive damages


As part of Caraviello's loss in court (again!) he has to perform community service AND appear in a new public access show


Fatlock is a parody of Andy Griffith's Matlock, this time an unserious stumblebum fat detective who spends all his time at Nappi's, Dunkin Donuts and Eddy's stuffing his fat face with delicacies instead of doing the job he's paid to do,
solving crime by throwing his accomplices Stephanie, Mark, George, Don Paulato and others directly under the bus.


Big Dick Caraviello comments: The councilors never liked me anyway...they didn't vote for me to be council president so Fxxk 'em... 

I'll play Fatlock, gladly, and like Ringo sings in Act Naturally, I can just be myself! 

Monday, January 14, 2019

12 Year Old Assaulted by 51 Year old Man

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Yahoo Lifestyle

Man accused of punching child to the ground at mall during fight

 Elise SolĂ©,Yahoo Lifestyle 5 hours ago 
David Steven Bell (Photo: Asheville Police Department)
A man who allegedly punched a girl to the ground at a North Carolina mall has been charged with assault.
Police said David Steven Bell, 51, of Black Mountain, N.C., knocked out a girl younger than 12 outside the Asheville Mall when a group of kids started fighting, Asheville, N.C., news station WLOS reported. In a video posted online, the group surrounds a man and a girl wearing a black top pushes him. The same girl steps forward to confront him again and he pushes her away. When she charges at him, he knocks her out cold to the ground.

Stephanie And Rumley Need To Be Kind, Honest and Gentle with Access TV Producers

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Stephanie Muccini-Burke
Mark E. Rumley - they need to behave the way they say they will.

They say one thing, they do another.

It is time for Mr. Rumley and Mrs. Burke to get their act together and start being kind and gentle.

We want our access TV and we want it now.

They need to perform O U T R E A C H!

They need to ask people who have shows to get them the shows, no strings attached


Your New Top 10 Monday 11/14/19

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Jan 11, 2019