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A Stephanie Muccini-Burke Primer...Happy New Year

Stephanie Muccini-Burke age 56 Also known as: Stephanie Lee Burke  
From: Medford, MA 
160 Main St #7,Medford, MA 02155 (781) 396-2200  
Previous Addresses: 85 Grant Ave #2, Medford, MA 02155,
5 Headland Way, Medford, MA 02155,
16 Crescent Ave, Revere, MA 02151,
23 Forest St, Medford, MA 02155,
6 Arizona Ter #2, Arlington, MA 02474,
47 Wyoming Ave #5, Melrose, MA 02176,
85 Grant Ave, Medford, MA 02155,
85 Grant Ave #1, Medford, MA 02155,
Headland Wa, Medford, MA 02155,
10 Lovell St #3, Somerville, MA 02144,
202 Harvard St, Medford, MA 02155,
52 7th St, Medford, MA 02155,
75 Belle Ave, Medford, MA 02155,
64 Park St, Medford, MA 02155,
112 Marlborough St, Boston, MA 02116,
30 1st St, Medford, MA 02155,
146 Highland Ave, Somerville, MA 02143 Associated Names: Stephani M Burke,
Stephanie M Burke,
Stphani M Burke,
Stephen Mc,
Stephanie Muccini,
Stephen G Muccini
Possible Relatives: Brian F Burke,
Elizabeth I Burke,
Lena I Muccini,
Stephanie Muccini Burke,
Orizio G Muccini,
Brian Muccini,
Prizio G Muccini,
Steve Muccini,
Stephen G Muccini
Other Phone Numbers: (781) 391-4382,
(781) 391-8864,
(781) 391-4382,
(617) 625-1371,
(781) 640-8713,
(781) 391-8864,
(781) 286-0432,
(781) 396-2200

Writing to Lawyers about Frederick Dello Russo's behavior at the City Council

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Dear Medford Attorney:

On Tuesday, January 5, 2015, there are two important petitions for every business, civic group and citizen in Medford.

In the past, the city council of Medford, most notably the McGlynn cronies - Rick Caraviello, Adam Knight and Fred Dello Russo, Jr. - were hell bent on:

---denying civil rights

---making "the people's forum" a den of censorship and chilled speech

---interrupting speakers by rustling papers (Adam Knight's drawer,) tearing up papers into the microphone while people are speaking (Dello Russo and Adam Knight,) assaulting a speaker (City Clerk Edward P. Finn,) or leaving the council before an important vote to drive a limo for his private, for-profit business (Richard Caraviello of R.C. Limos.)

The flagrant abuse of citizens by these reprobate councilors, melting into Dello Russo's failure to know the council rules and/or abide by them, is a toxic mix that damages Medford.

YOU now have an opportunity to keep the city council of Medford honest in 2016

Be there.

City Council 16-008, #16-009 Tuesday January 5, 2016 ALDEN CHAMBERS

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It is fatal to enter any war without the will to win it
General MacArthur 

At the city council we discussed the widest range of latitude for free speech, and that unqualified imbecile Dello Russo, riding on the coat-tails of his
family business, thinks he controls Medford and free speech? 

Medford City Council Agenda for January 5, 2015 I'm requesting a NO CONFIDENCE vote in the Council President and for a vetting of the Transition Team They refused to let me speak on the transition team, a huge denial of First Amendment rights 

Join Medford Politics for more information




# 16-008

To discuss each member of the transition team of the new administration

No Confidence vote on Frederick N. Dello Russo, Jr., as President for:

a)NOT adhering to the First Amendment to the United States Constitution

b)Calling paper out of order before citizen speaks

c)failing to have address given at council
(specifically, Jeanette "Jae" Spalding given
"special treatment," while other citizens are forced to give their name and residence, opening themselves up to retaliation, which has happened, for being courageous enough to speak while Spalding, an appointee of the mayor to the disability commission, wants to operate in secret while purportedly being a public figure.

City Council Agenda - NO CONFIDENCE VOTE in Dello Russo

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It is fatal to enter any war without the will to win it
General MacArthur 

It is fatal to enter any war without the will to win it
General MacArthur  

It is fatal to enter any war without the will to win it
General MacArthur 

It is fatal to enter any war without the will to win it
General MacArthur

It is fatal to enter any war without the will to win it
General MacArthur

It is fatal to enter any war without the will to win it
General MacArthur

It is fatal to enter any war without the will to win it
General MacArthur 

It is fatal to enter any war without the will to win it
General MacArthur


New Alden Chambers Movie Series - Mrs. Burke, Dello Russo, reboots, remakes

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new film series in Alden Chambers since the current council and mayor don't give a damn about the Chevalier

January 3, 2016, the new Medford Film Festival in Alden Chambers, with special guest MCs' Dawn Natalia and Kerry Kavanaugh

Creepy indigent person played by Arthur Alan Deluca

Mrs. Burke to re-make Streisand's FUNNY LADY as SNOOTY LADY - airing on January 3, 2016

Snooty Lady is a comedy where an out-of-her-league former city councilor sits behind the desk of a corrupt mayor of 28 years and tries to run a city that's gone to hell in a hand basket. She
don't give a damn as the streets go unplowed, potholes galore, and she demands the city council hand her another raise.  SNOOTY LADY will be airing in Alden Chambers, you can catch the trailer here:

It's hilarious that this arrogant individual thinks she can run a city AND she sings and dances to George Harrison's "I, Me, Mine" 

Funny Girl that she is, Stephanie Burke essays I, I, I, I, Me, Me, Me, Me, Mine, Mine, Mine, Mine. 
 by Stephanie Muccini Burke

As I reflect on the future of this great city, I couldn’t help but look at the impact Medford has had on my life and how it molded me into the person I am today. I grew up in Wellington and graduated Medford High School; my husband Brian and I started our family on Belle Ave; we now walk through our yard to Edgerly Field to watch the Mustangs take the field. I am incredibly proud and honored that I bleed blue and white and this is the only city I can call my home. I came from humble roots where it was instilled that if you work hard, you can accomplish great things. This drove me every day and ultimately led to obtaining my Master’s Degree in Taxation from Bentley University. It was also instilled in me that no matter what successes you have, you can never forget where you come from and it is important to make your community a better place.
The education I received from Suffolk University enabled me to practice accounting and led me through a broad career in finance; both as the head of finance for a multi-million dollar corporation as well as starting my own accounting practice in the city that I love. Ultimately, this experience has given me the great privilege to serve as Mayor McGlynn’s Director of Budget and Personnel appointment for the past 4 ½ years. During that time, I have been able complement my passion for Medford and professional experience with a thorough understanding of the city operations. Most importantly, I have had the opportunity to get to know the extremely dedicated individuals that work for you!
One of the things that this city has taught me is that we are all partners in progress. These partnerships, whether personal or professional, are vital to the success of any community and allow it to thrive. In Medford, it is the generations of relationships we build with our classmates in middle school and high school; the interactions we foster with our local churches, sports leagues, and veterans; the partnerships we forge with our state and federal representatives. But most importantly, a respectful, engaging relationship between your local elected officials is intricate to moving this city into the future. As a 16 year veteran of the Medford City Council, I realize how 

important it is to have this partnership with constructive dialogue to be effective. It requires the support of the administration and its departments to bring impactful ideas to fruition. I believe that the public has observed my actions on both sides of the rail and realize that I have always been respectful, informed and productive.
This city has given me a wealth of opportunity in both my personal and professional lives. It has enabled me to start a family, build my financial experience, and forge lifelong friendships. This city means so much to me and will always be the place I call home. Of all my life experiences, Medford has been the common theme and it is because of this that I am excited to announce today that I am a candidate for Mayor of this City that I owe so much to! With strong leadership, creative thinking and fiscal accountability, I look forward to working with 

everyone in this great city and continue to be your Partner in Progress for the betterment of Medford! ______________________________________ 

Fred Dello Russo is  FUNNY GHOUL
a.k.a. Ba FunGhoul - it's what he says to the
residents as City Council President
 Freddy in drag as Funny Ghoul
 That's Rudy Giuliani lending Freddy his
drag queen clothes
Va Funny Ghoul ! or Ba FunGhoul for short

The not-so-funny Ghoul who fractures the First Amendment and civil rights is played by Fred Dello Russo, Jr. 

Dello Russo is an undertaker who doubles as a City Council President. If investigative reporters show up at the council and legally petition to speak, Dello Russo censors them, then goes out and kills them to get monies for the failing funeral business built by his jailbird grandpa and uncle ruined by their reprobate nephew/grandson and his criminal pals on that same council.

This is a parody.

Fred 2: Night of the Living Fred is a 2011 independent comedy film. The film is the sequel to the 2010 film Fred: The Movie, based on the adventures of Fred Figglehorn,


George Scarpelli in a new take on the Wizard of Oz  entitled FETCH THE BROOMSTICK OF THE WICKED WITCH where the chaperones take the students out to Western Mass where the supervisors party, drink alcohol, play cards and a rape happens on their watch.  Then when they accuse an innocent 17 year old, they get sued.

In technicolor! where available.  Blood red.

See Scarpelli's screen test for the movie here: 

Violent Hazing In High School Sports

Galileo Mondol, 17, is one of three Somerville, Mass., High School soccer players charged in connection with an alleged sexual assault Aug. 25 in Otis, Mass. (Boston Herald Pool/Jim Michaud)
Hazing is nothing new, but two recent local hazing incidents raise some interesting questions.
In one incident, 3 Somerville high school students are charged in the brutal sexual assault of a High School freshman during a summer camp for the junior varsity soccer team

 *Note, outside of this parody, Galileo Mondol is suing George Scarpelli

The series concludes with Ex-Detective Stephen Lebert in A HOLE IN THE HEAD remake.

Wednesday, December 30, 2015

Stephen LeBert to do Remake of Frank Sinatra Film A HOLE IN THE HEAD!

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1959 film  'A HOLE IN THE HEAD"
was rebooted on July 26, 2015, this time Frank Sinatra's role was replaced by former Detective Stephen LeBert.

It cost him his job, but he's world famous


starring Stephen LeBert

Medford Mass Detective Threatens to Execute Motorist Over Traffic Violation Stephen LeBert  (featuring hit song "You're All Done" written by Yours Truly, haven't added it to the soundtrack yet; working on a dance mix with LeBert's voice)

 Awesome, someone enhanced the audio, you can really hear him.  Should've videotaped Brain Burke...October 15, 2015 oh well


Nickelback: Another Hole in the Head


High Hopes is an Oscar-winning song from the 1959 movie "A hole in the head", starring Frank Sinatra and Edward G Robinson.



Who does this sound like?

571,190 @ 11:08 pm

Dr. Wooden Nickel might sue for clothing plagiarism!!!

Bill Cosby reportedly:

"wearing a bulky sweater and carrying a cane."

Ho Hum, just another night at the Medford City Council...


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Brian Burke lawsuit: B.C. court grants him permission to sue online

Brian Burke has won the right to serve notice online that he is suing 18 anonymous people.

A B.C. court has granted Brian Burke the right to sue people online.

The former Leaf general manager filed a lawsuit in April against 18 anonymous people who allegedly posted comments that he had an affair with a Toronto television sportscaster and fathered her child.

The court ruling, made Tuesday in B.C. Supreme Court, means Burke can now send private messages to 18 anonymous defendants through their online message boards advising them that they are being sued.

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Medford's only independent voice

Court says low life Brian S Burke 
didn't violate Canon of Ethics by calling editor a motherfucker

Burke actually didn't violate the Canon of Cronyism but I believe he DID violate canon of ethics.  

What Does Burke think this is?     A Varsity baseball game??

Junior Varsity Head Coach: TBA

Hey Uncle Roy, like, how long does it take to find a new head coach and what the hell happened to the previous one?   


Walsh orders quick response to requests for public records
The Boston Globe
Feb 15, 2015 - Mayor Martin J. Walsh's chief of staff ordered top city officials to respond to a public records request within 48 hours after the Globe reported it ...

Public Records Request | Boston Redevelopment Authority

Boston Redevelopment Authority
To make a request relating to agency records and public documents, please fill out the form below and someone will contact you in 1-2 business days.
 TBA indeed

Total Burke Annihilation (of a coach?)

The Belson Anarchy ?

What the hell does TBA stand for?

Two Belly Association?
naahhhh...that would be listed under
The Three Stooges*
Caraviello, Scarpelli and Finn  LLC

*Three Stooges' joke on T.B.  "two bellies."

Turner Broadcasts Anonymous (coach)

Tedious Brian's Archives...

Junior Varsity Head Coach is in
oh...excuse me blog readers, someone's calling me...

"Do you need me to tuck you in?   What?  You have to get up early in the a.m. for a flight to Italy?  Tell Jenna we said "hi" !

Oh, ok, the former head coach is fine,
he's a little tired tonight...he can put himself to bed...I'm busy, busy, busy...and here we thought he was babysitting me?

update tomorrow


perhaps he will send a postcard...

Jenna writes to Bill

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Dear Bill,

Italy is lovely this time of year.

Come visit.


Jenna Tarabelsi

Former Medford High School alleged Predator/Teacher
in association with Archbishop Cardinal Law
(Hey?  Do you have to say "alleged" when they allegedly fled the country?)


Dear Bill,

See if you can get the case moved up to Middlesex Superior Court.   Assistant Clerk Brian S. Burke could be very helpful in this situation...tell him that I sent you and that you want him to send it to my courtroom.

Just ask a pal of McGlynn's who was up on a false bomb threat charge.   I sure helped him out.

Love and Kisses

Judge Peter Lauriat

Sing this song in the meantime

High Hopes is an Oscar-winning song from the 1959 movie "A hole in the head", starring Frank Sinatra and Edward G Robinson.


This is a parody...I think...

Bill Cosby Remains Free After Paying $1 Million Bail in Sexual Assault Case

December 30, 2015

Bill Cosby remains free after paying bail set at $1 million in an Elkins, Penn., courtroom on Wednesday, where he answered to the only criminal charges brought against him in the wave of allegations from more than 50 women that he committed sex crimes against them over the past four decades.

The Cosby Show star, 78, who has always maintained his innocence, entered no plea to a charge of aggravated indecent assault during his arraignment in a courtroom outside Philadelphia. The felony is punishable by up to 10 years in prison and a $25,000 fine. He made no statement to the many reporters who gathered to see him enter the courtroom wearing a bulky sweater and carrying a cane.

Muccini-Burke's VENDETTA against the city of Medford

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"She won't dish the dirt/with the rest of those girls"

I'm reviewing a double disc Frank Sinatra  DVD.


He's singing THE LADY IS A TRAMP! as I type this.

No, no, no, Stephanie, I don't believe it's a coincidence.

You'd have to be a lady in order for the coincidence to be real.

And a lady you are not, though via those hate calls against your opponent, you certainly have dished the dirt worse than anyone in Medford.

Heck, you spent close to 15K dishing dirt, and this rag only cost about $ do the math! 

You make this gossip site look like a day at the beach by comparison.

Can you spell "Vendetta?" 

TOP 10 for 5:09 pm










Union Blood Money Mrs Burke, Madame Knight

570,753@1:58 pm

Boston Globe Dec 30

Page 1.  Ugly

E-mails detail effort to quell ‘Top Chef’ dispute


The exchange was part of a series of e-mails released to reporters this week in response to a public records request, and the missives show the behind-the-scenes efforts of city officials, Teamsters, and “Top Chef” producers to resolve a nasty labor dispute — one that eventually led to a federal indictment of five Teamsters in September, entangling the administration of Mayor Martin J. Walsh, who was elected with union support.

WOW...a Mayor who is conflicted because of the Union!   

Any connection between Darth Stephanie and Local 25?

     ....that's a rhetorical question



A NO CONFIDENCE VOTE against Frederick N. Dello Russo, Jr.

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The vetting of the Muccini-Burke 
"transition team" continues.

1)Camuso got to go. Throw the bum out.

Mentally unstable chair of the transition team, oh that's brilliant Stephanie.  What's next? Your husband going to teach Emily Post etiquette rules at the McGlynn School?
2)Ditto for Dello Russo

It is redundant when the jackass and the horse's ass from the city council show up as payback for endorsing the candidate the citizens didn't vote for.

And a reason why Stephanie Burke was losing the election, opening up the McGlynn Machine's wrongful conduct - the theft of an election.

Anyone who thinks Muccini-Burke's pay-to-park nonsense garnered her votes, or that she's qualified, is more in need of a psychiatrist than
Frederick N. Camuso, Jr.

3) Teresa Walsh?

Who the hell is she?  Steve Marra on steroids?


4)Louis Miller they mean Louise Miller?  With what they pay Nell Coakley shouldn't she hire a real editor?

5)Vivienne Wright

Could be Vivienne Wrong.  We don't know. People I've spoken with don't know a damn thing about her.

That's just not fair, oh Partners in Progress Queen
6)Rick Orlando

"Damn, baby! What did you do to your hair?"

Orlando, you like it? it's  Autumn Sunrise!
7)Christine Cousineau

Kissing cousins?  In the nepotism-riddled McGlynn world, only her hairdresser knows for sure

8)Linda Garriot from the Marriot, Linda Garriot... Who the hell are these people?

9)Kelly Hurstack

Her stack of what? Pancakes?

10)Paul Materazzo

 What's this? A Martin Scorsese audition for

L'estinzione II, as if the biggest bomb in the history of the planet needs a sequel

You people think I'm kidding?  Starring MXtX Hxbxrxtxox, staunch Muccini-Burke supporter and full-time idiot (when he's not the town drunk) stars in it with Rhode Island carpetbaggers Larry and Dawn. 

*Mr. XaXeXsXrXh could not be on the committee because one alcoholic (the chair) was enough

11)Tim McGivern

He's not forgiven, but given a place on the "transition team" and citizens want to know why

 12)Muhammad N. Chowdhury

Say that one five times fast
13)Ken Krause

Give one hundred dollars or more and, Christ, you can get Kraused...and be on a transition team

14) Sarah Bearslee

Best drag queen name since Symphony Hole
(Symphony Hall. Get it? Oh, nevermind )
15)Joan Cyr

Cyrano de Bergerac is a play written in 1897 by Edmond Rostand.  Don't call Joan "sir"

16)Susan C. Fairchild

Susan is on the Chevalier Commission.  Mrs. Muccini-Burke is not bringing in new names and new faces to her transition team.

Civic Auditorium and Convention Center Commission

John Costas, 8/1/2017
John Veneziano, 8/1/2017
Susan Fairchild, 31 Hillcroft Park 8/1/2020
Margaret Weigel, 64 Forest Street, #329 8/1/2020

17)Gary Roberts

Carolyn Rosen and Dr. Wood once stated to me that Medford might be a big city, but it is still a "small town."  Nice to see unrecognizable names on this list, but what do we know about them?

On December 22, 2015, Frederick N. Dello Russo, Jr. and Paul A. Camuso, the chair of this team, voted against the citizens learning anything about these individuals.   It was very suspicious.   


18) Paul Salano

19)Donna Sullivan

20)Monique Y. Doherty

21) Joe Bruno

22)Beth Fowkes

23) John Greco - wasn't he involved in the Medford Housing Authority?

24) David Klein

25)Chris Murphy - ran for School Committee

26)Laurel Ruma ....rumor has it...

27) Elysee H. Castor - say that one five times fast as well.  An article in the Boston Globe says that Castor is of the "Medford Housing Authority."

Any relationship to Bob Covelle?  That would be a huge red flag, now, wouldn't it?

and Elysee Castor of Medford Housing Authority for his crucial role at the beginning of the project

Haitian celebration presents new website, and food!

Posted by  November 6, 2013 10:00 AM
28)Neil Osborne - ran for City Council


The team, chaired by retiring City Councilor Paul Camuso, is comprised of Teresa Walsh, Louis Miller, Vivienne Wright, City Council President Fred Dello Russo Jr., Rick Orlando, Christine Cousineau, Linda Garriot, Kelly Hurstack, Paul Materazzo, Tim McGivern, Muhammad N. Chowdhury, Ken Krause, Sarah Beardslee, Joan Cyr, Susan Fairchild, Gary Roberts, Paul Salano, Donna Sullivan, Monique Y. Doherty, Joe Bruno, Beth Fowkes, John Greco, David Klein, Chris Murphy, Laurel Ruma, Elysee H. Castor and Neil Osborne.

I've gotta get out more...

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"My day beats your year" Lou Reed
ain't it the truth!

This blog may be delusional, but this is an honest-to-God true story...

...a good friend wanted to get together, so we went to an Irish bar for dinner.  It was fun...told him I was going into Boston (a rare event, even rarer on this icy night) but he had to get home.

So I'm in town - solo - watching some music, leaving around 12:10 am ...and outside on the sidewalk in the cold were these two gourgeous (that's gorgeous with an extra u for emphasis) 20-something guys, one is smoking in the crisp, freezing air, the other is making conversation with a couple, turns to me, all dressed up nicely as I was,  and says "You're cute as f XXk"...

OK, he was having fun.  "Not bad for an old man" I replied.

Then he starts making the moves.  The gaydar said to me "straight guy having fun with people on the street" - that much I knew, but I threw my usual line at him "My girlfriend would love this, but my husband will kill us."

They both crack up, and suddenly he's pressing his face against mine.  OK, I'm thinking, I've got 35, 36 years on I dreaming,'s too cold to be dreaming.  

Perhaps he liked my after shave? (as in, good thing that I shaved tonight!)

The banter continues and his friend makes a very provocative comment about what his buddy is going to do to me later on in the evening.  (I Wish!)

"Best offer I had all week" I say to them both. 

(Hope springs eternal, y'know?)

 The guy shakes my hand and smiles ...I look at him straight in the eye as we are shaking hands and say "The thing is, I would marry you in a minute."   

With the perfect timing of a wise, mature entertainer, I turn and walk away down the cobblestone and into the night to go to my car parked the next street over.
reminds me of the good old days... a galaxy far away, in a time now long, long ago...

File under: a moment back in time 

Hey Stephanie, here's an offer you can't refuse, find me that duo and I simply won't have time to blog...or, second choice, go find me a varsity coach...seriously.... 

Third option: use your powers as Mayor-elect to get that video from outside the THAT would be excellent public access TV, I can assure you...

Tuesday, December 29, 2015

Mr. Scarpelli, we found a new coaching job for you...

570,231 @ 8:05 pm

Police: 3 Tennessee high school basketball players charged with raping, assaulting teammate - 

file under: Wear those SCARpelli scars for life!

The statement says staff at LeConte Medical Center called officers Dec. 23 after a male juvenile who had been assaulted was brought there by his basketball coach.

Police say the boy was in Gatlinburg for a tournament with teammates from Ootelwah High School in Hamilton County.

Ootelwah High School Athletic Director Jesse Nayadley tells the Chattanooga Times Free Press that the three players involved in the apparent hazing incident have been dismissed from the team.
Police say the teammates, who are under 18, have been charged as juveniles. Their names weren't released.


Ex-Somerville High student sues to clear name in 2013 case

Rape charge dropped but stigma still haunts him

He was kicked off the soccer team and suspended from the high school after the 2013 assault. News cameras filmed him as police took him from his Somerville home in handcuffs. He faced penalties as severe as life in prison for rape of a child. 

Mondol denied the accusations, and last April the Berkshire district attorney’s office quietly dropped the charges, saying it was in the best interest of justice. Now Mondol and his parents have filed a federal lawsuit against the city, saying that Somerville’s mayor, in his capacity as an assistant football coach who was present at the camp, and two other officials knew about past hazing incidents. 

The $1 million suit alleges that Mayor Joseph Curtatone, Anthony Pierantozzi, the school district’s superintendent at the time, and soccer coach George Scarpelli violated Mondol’s civil rights by engaging in a zealous campaign to have him arrested, and manipulating witnesses and victims into giving misleading statements to police.

Ex-Somerville High student sues to clear name in 2013 case
The Boston Globe
Oct 31, 2015 - Part of that effort means suing the Somerville city officials he believes ... time, and soccer coach George Scarpelli violated Mondol's civil rights by ... to attend a “team-building” camp in Otis, a town more than 100 miles west of Somerville. ..... The poor test results suggest that Massachusetts' famously weak ... Belson Doesn't Pay for ...
Dec 10, 2015 - George Scarpelli, is now a defendant in a lawsuit stemming from the brutal rape in Otis, Massachusetts, when 16 year old students brutalized ...

No New Police Station: THE RAPE OF A CITY
Nov 4, 2015 - ... Councilor elect George Scarpelli, both named in a lawsuit regarding the horrific event, allegedly ... Camp Lenox, Otis, Massachusetts in 2013.

Timeline not good for candidate Scarpelli
Oct 31, 2015 - Reportedly, George Scarpelli is in the midst of a battle with his old pal, Michael J. McGlynn. ... after that rape of a 16 year old with a broomstick in Otis, Massachusetts ... Teen sues Somerville after being accused of hazing rape.

ELECTION 2015: George Scarpelli announces City Council ...
Community Newspaper Company
Apr 16, 2015 - After 15 years teaching physical education and health, George Scarpelli left Medford High School in 2007 for a position in Somerville's ...
Missing: otissued