Thursday, August 23, 2012

Johnny Pesky, Larry Lucchino, Curt Schilling, Jerry Remy

Lucchino defends players who skipped Pesky Memorial

Red Sox [team stats] president Larry Lucchino this morning defended his team for the small turnout at Johnny Pesky’s funeral earlier this week, saying it was “unnecessary to focus on that issue.”
“I think the people who knew Johnny best came to it,” Lucchino told WEEI’s Dennis & Callahan  

Visual Radio tribute to Johnny Pesky including unreleased footage.   We conducted two interviews with Mr. Pesky back in the day and only broadcast one of them.   Now, the tribute to Johnny Pesky on Visual Radio be broadcast in Medford on Project Open Voice/Medford and on the Verizon Contiguous Channels.
The program is BANNED because of jealousy.
Can you believe that?  The Red Sox aren't the only ones disrespecting the memory of the late Johnny Pesky.   There are individuals who are so jealous of great public access that programs are censored and banned in violation of all that is decent, honorable and right.

It would be one thing if we were promoting Prince Harry in the buff, but because great artists and great local community programming happens on Visual Radio, a tiny faction of jealous people stand in the way of important art.
Guess we can get the A.C.L.U. involved by doing a TV special on a British Hunk


The British press is being unusually skittish with what should be a story from heaven, refusing to print the nude photos of Prince Harry that have lit up the Internet in an episode which some are saying shows a dangerous new climate of fear in the UK medi


Naked prince pics ban reveals chastened British press

Ignoring any concerns about privacy, the Daily Mirror ran 18 paparazzi long-range photos of the Duchess of York, who was estranged from but still married to Queen Elizabeth's second son, and other papers eagerly followed up with similar snaps.

Fast forward to the present day, and pictures of the queen's grandson Prince Harry cavorting naked with a nude young woman appeared on a U.S. gossip website and subsequently across the world, with one notable exception - Britain.

Reeling from a judge-led inquiry into press ethics which has publicly revealed the "dark arts" of once-feared British tabloids, not one newspaper dared risk upsetting the authorities by printing the "private" photos of Harry.

Former editors and media commentators said the dissection of newspapers' unsavory tactics, and evidence from those who said their lives had been ruined by them to Judge Brian Leveson and his team of lawyers, had effectively neutered the British press.

Neil Wallis, a former deputy editor of Rupert Murdoch's News of the World Sunday tabloid, said he would have run the pictures of the third-in-line to the British throne before the inquiry, but not now.

Prince Harry challenges Team USA’s Ryan Lochte in Las Vegas pool party swim race

 Published: THURSDAY, AUGUST 23, 10:23 AM ET 
  Las Vegas Sun columnist Robin Leach reports the prince stripped down to his jeans and gestured for others to clear the way for the contest at the XS nightclub pool at the Wynn resort.

As predicted, the 11-time Olympic medalist won.

The race wasn’t the prince’s only paparazzi-worthy moment during a wild weekend partying in Las Vegas. Photos leaked online show the redhead naked and cozied up to an unidentified woman during a game of strip billiards in a hotel suite. 

Censor This!

Censorship in Medford will be coming to an end.

We promise you.


Surfers see the full Harry

Prince Harry won't turn 28 until Sept. 15, but plenty of his fans are delighted to discover that the royal English lad decided to party in his birthday suit over the weekend in Las Vegas.

(Was never a big fan of Prince Harry...until these photos hit! Encore! - editor)

• "Harry Potter" author J.K. Rowling will make just one U.S. appearance to promote her new book, "The Casual Vacancy." She'll be at New York's Jazz at Lincoln Center on Oct. 16, the Associated Press reports. Tickets, starting at $37, go on sale Sept. 10.

Maybe we'll go interview her!

Katie Holmes and Tom Cruise's five-year marriage officially ended Monday when a judge in New York closed their divorce case.

That's what happens when a homosexual marries a heterosexual!