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Happy Birthday Donald ...we'll always have the Diane Schuur Concert...and PIA ZADORA!

No one reading this knows my pal Donald.

Today would have been his birthday, perhaps 71.

We met on a Christmas night at the old Napolean club.

I gave him my phone # and walked out the door with a soldier friend of mine I met guessed it...a Christmas night at Buddy's the year before.

I couldn't take my eyes off of Don. He said my eyes are what drew him in.

Soldier Friend: "Should we drag him home together?"

Editor: "No.  I think I want to date this one."
Soldier friend (who became a roommate) "OK."
when I told Don what the soon-to-be roommate and I  had discussed he said
"What was I?  Hamburger?"
Oh, c'mon, two guys found him attractive, and at least my buddy had the decorum to let me have a go at him, and look how nicely  that worked out for all of us.  We all became lifelong friends.  Life not long enough.

Buddy's and the Napolean are long gone.

My late girlfriend was totally in love with Don.

She loved homosexual men.

These are my pals I would stay up all night long having coffee with.

Don had a husband named "Joe" - common law marriage.   I was his security blanket. be back in our 30s again, it was so long ago.

The old guys at the Napolean would say to me "We like seeing you with Don. We don't like that guy from NY."

The guy from NY would later move here and that would end our time as boyfriends.  But that was OK, Don was a great friend but not husband material for me, I knew that from day 1.

And New York Joe was actually good for him. He took care of Don like no one could, so that was OK too.

The problem with N.Y. Joe is that he would become a catty dude for sport ...

At a party he kept going up to my friends and insulting me by insinuating that he knew a certain size of a certain something personal. Ahem.

Then, after my buddies were appalled at him (like the guys at the Napolean club) he calls me up the next night as if nothing happened.

"Are you mad at me, Joey?" he detected.

He always called me  "Joey."    ???

"Look, Joe, if you are really interested...I mean if you REALLY have to know...IF YOU REALLY want to know the size of my xxxxxx  ASK YOUR FxxxxxNG LOVER"  SLAM!

Phone rings.

It's Jo Jo.

"THAT was amazing...You were fantastic.  I cannot believe you did that...well...of course I can believe you did that."

JV: What happened?

JoJo: Well he approaches Don and says "Were you and Joe ever?"

JV And...?????

JoJo: "Don said "Oh you know Joe, he's just yanking your chain...and Joe M. was satisfied with that."

JV: But...

Jo Jo:  But deep down HE KNOWS!

Ahhh...the good old days.

I think it made him man up.  A month or so later he bought tickets for us to see a jazz singer at the Club in Cambridge (I used to book the venue in the 1970s) for Don, Jo Jo and me...and Joe M. stayed home.   
(It took me 12 hours to remember it was Diane Schuur! Joe M bought the tickets for!)
Joe M died of a heart attack a few years ago.
They had moved down south.  Don was there for me when a similar tragedy happened, and something that affects me to this day. So I understand. Don was there for me, but he kept what happened to him so private. 

My good friend couldn't live without Joe M and sadly, he's no longer with us.

I do miss him and our conversations.

Someone who worked at the Chevalier saw us going to a concert, took our tickets and did a double take, Don was so very handsome.
  That was a Pia Zadora concert at the Opera House in Boston with Frank Sinatra's band behind her.  It was an amazing show and Don loves his Frank Sinatra!

Happy Birthday Don.  At least people who don't know you get to hear one of our funny stories.

Rest in peace, dear friend.

$302.5 mn over death of reporter


US court orders Syria to pay $302.5 mn over death of reporter Colvin

Washington (AFP) - A US court has found the Syrian government culpable in the 2012 death of journalist Marie Colvin, ordering a $302.5 million judgment for what it called an "unconscionable" attack that targeted journalists.

Colvin -- a renowned war correspondent whose harrowing career was celebrated in the recent Golden Globe-nominated film "A Private War" -- was killed in the Syrian army's deliberate shelling of the Baba Amr Media Center in Homs on February 22, 2012.


















OH, BY THE WAY, I ENDED THE BOYCOTT...(private message)

Just remember: Nancy Don't BLINK! 

And Now...the end is Near...this Blog might's Final Curtain...we've had fun, courtesy of stuffed shirts, I state my case, of this I'm certain....

Falco Resolution: Shave Your Head For Barber Chair Charity

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FEBRUARY 5, 2019








Stephanie's Thoughts on Marriage...?????

You Know the Lorena Bobbitt Story. But Not All of It.

By Amy Chokes-it!

ooops, correction..

By Amy Chozick

In the 1990s, she was the topic of tabloid headlines and comedy skits. Now, as a documentary series takes on the story, she opens up about how that one night changed her life.

  • MANASSAS, Va. — Lorena is very matter-of-fact about the whole thing. There, she said as she drove us around in her Kia on a recent afternoon, was the hospital where surgeons reattached John Wayne Bobbitt’s penis after she cut it off with a kitchen knife as he slept on the night of June 23, 1993.
    Fifteen minutes away, near Maplewood Drive, was the gravel-strewn field where she disposed of the detached penis out the driver’s side window. So, why did she throw it away? I asked. “I tried to drive the car, obviously, but I had this thing in my hand so I couldn’t drive so I got rid of it.” Obviously.
    Further down the road is the nail salon where she worked and fled to that night. “I’m not a vindictive person because I told them where it was,” Lorena Gallo, as she is now known, said. By “them” she means the police who, sometime after 4:30 a.m., clutched their loins and went digging through the overgrown roadside grass for the missing member. They found it, put it on ice in a Big Bite hot dog box from a nearby 7-Eleven and rushed it to the hospital where in a nine-and-a-half-hour feat of urological and plastic surgery it was reattached and restored to (almost) full function.

    Monday, January 28, 2019


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    Nevada regulators to fine Wynn Resorts over sex allegations

    Michelle l. Price, Associated Press

    FILE - In this Jan. 15, 2015, file photo, Steve Wynn, CEO of Wynn Resorts, delivers the keynote address at Colliers International Annual Seminar at the Boston Convention Center in Boston. Nevada gambling regulators say they will fine Wynn Resorts after an investigation found former executives failed on multiple occasions to investigate allegations of sexual misconduct against Wynn. A complaint and settlement released Monday, Jan. 28, 2019, by the Nevada Gaming Control Board said Wynn's conduct was "inappropriate and unsuitable" and detailed at least seven allegations of misconduct dating back to 2005. (AP Photo/Elise Amendola, File)

    LAS VEGAS (AP) -- Nevada gambling regulators announced a settlement Monday with casino mogul Steve Wynn's former company over allegations that former executives failed on multiple occasions to investigate claims of sexual misconduct against him.
    The Nevada Gaming Control Board detailed at least seven allegations of misconduct by Wynn dating to 2005 in which former executives and managers of Wynn Resorts became of aware of the claims but failed to act. The board also said Wynn's conduct was "inappropriate and unsuitable" and violated company policies.
    Wynn resigned from his company in February 2018 and has denied any misconduct.

    Clippership Connector Path? What are they up to now????

    1,306,719 @ 11"41 am 

    Clippership Connector path in design phase, officials say - in a city where the square is one of the most poorly planned of any center in any city in Massachusetts

    where the center is one of the most poorly planned of any center in any city in Massachusetts
    __________________  Clippership Connector  connect Clippership Drive to Riverbend Park and provide a great service to this beautiful city, and I’m going to continue to believe that for a really long time,” resident Ann Frenning Kossuth said the council meeting.
    After hearing from a few other residents, the City Council requested that the city and the DCR provide the councilors and the public with updates on the status of the path. Those updates will be shared at the council meeting on Jan. 29, according to Hunt.

    Clippership Connector path in design phase, officials say - in a city where the square is one of the most poorly planned of any center in any city in Massachusetts

    of the most poorly planned of any center in any city in Massachusetts

    just poor planning in Medford

    Time for a sea change.  Charter review and CHARTER CHANGE

    Sunday, January 27, 2019

    Oh My God, Part 99 - Local Politics going National

    1,306,488 @ 12:01 pm

    You can't BELIEVE the RACIST comments about my favorite president, Obama, on Facebook by followers of a friend of mine.


    Here's my response - what a dirty mouth on that lady!  Just posted about noon, 1-27-19

     Good, we can both pray for each other. 

    That is far more substantial than pointing fingers. 

    My ideal is to sit both sides down and be able to talk logically. Interesting that a former city official in Medford is a Republican and we agree to disagree, yet we talk without hurling invective and actually accomplished great things together, like the closure of the bad TV station. 

    It's been my experience that those who hurl rocks in comment sections have already lost the battle. 

    I choose to do parodies which drive the elected officials bonkers, but though I push the envelope, I do not "cross the line" and use lots of cuss words. 

    Cuss words only to be funny!


    Joe  you didn't answer the question what is it you don't like about President Trump? Has his policies hurt you in anyway?
     Thank you, Linda, or asking an important question. Mr Trump's scams and failure to be forthright in business I saw as a huge red flag. Word has it he didn't even want to be president, that he was using the platform to build a TV network, which would make sense. I would have wished him well in that endeavor though his personality is not my cup of tea. I saw his separation of parents and their kids as a lazy way to do things and that it hurt us in the eyes of the world. Since he's got the levers of power, fine if he wants to deny entry, but human rights violations are ugly and make China, North Korea, Iran and Vladmir Putin smile as it mitigates our ability to keep those abusers in line. Trump not only publicly embraces dictators (and Vladmir IS a dictator rigging his elections - no democracy whatsoever there) but he follows some of their policies, tweeting that he's oh so benevolent while actions prove his true stance. The stupidity on Twitter is undignified, especially when it shows Trump's knee-jerk reaction to things as they happen. You want an impulsive child with the nuclear football? That's probably the biggest problem, Trump always tweeting when he gets angry, saying foot-in-mouth things, and having the nuclear football by his side. Uggggh. People think it's a big deal that he caved in to Pelosi - I'll give you that it is as he didn't see her coming and called her bluff, he lost. Why I think it is less of a deal is that Trump has caved in to North Korea and Russia. Now I believe in the future we will have a great relationship with Russia, but that will be when Vladmir and Donald have left the world stage. Working with Russia will make our ability to work with China and other countries in that region a lot easier, but that will not happen with two conniving dictators like Trump and Putin french kissing while Putin has the whip, the upper hand and is "screwing the pooch" in a way that gives instruction to Pelosi. Nancy Pelosi gets credit for being the first Democrat in a long while to stand up to the GOP - it wasn't whipping Trump as much as sticking it to Mitch McConnell, anyone with a brain saw that coming. Mark my words, Nancy's game is to put the Republican party in a tizzy, she's just using Donald Trump as her bitch to get to them and, if you are asking me to like one thing about Donald, it is that he is such a wimp, Ann Coulter, that Nancy's feasting on him to give McConnell and his ugly crew a few good jolts. Bravo I say. I always liked Nancy but like her so much more right now. That answer your question?

    Too Good Looking for His Boss To Resist...ALLEGEDLY

    I was fired for refusing to cheat on my wife: suit

    His good looks got him a pink slip.
    Real estate broker Regis Roumila claims he was kicked to the curb four months into his job at Christie’s International Real Estate because he refused to cheat on his wife.
    Roumila repeatedly spurned the advances of a sexually aggressive female colleague and was later terminated, he charges in a Manhattan Supreme Court lawsuit.
    The harassment began “from the first day” the broker began working at the office, he said, accusing supervisor Sarine Atamian, 29, of trying to hug and kiss him, showering him with compliments about his looks and sartorial choices,

    The Impeachment of Mayor Muccini-Burke - A Necessity for 2019

    1,306,434 @ 9:26 am
    a parody, of sorts...

    The Trumpian Performance of alleged Democrat, Stephanie Muccini-Burke is absolutely worthy of impeachment.

    If John Falco had a brain under that glaring bald head he would immediately call for a NO CONFIDENCE vote on Muccini-Burke and her alleged shopping sprees on company time.

    Parody - new city council president 2019
    Unfortunately, in Medford, you get clones of master criminals, well...maybe not "master" criminals.

    First, the rat who lied to the police to try to silence one of the few people courageous enough to show up at the Criminal Council of Medford

    Twin of Medford Council President 2018???

    Clone of former City Council President separated at birth from  Victor Espinoza – who has jowels hanging down to his chest – is suspected of attempting to snatch a ten-year-old boy as he walked to soccer practice in Santa Ana, California.

     Was there a sex offender working for a certain limo company in Medford before he was pawned off on the Housing Authority, only to be pitched off of the Mystic Tobin Bridge on Valentine's Day, 2014?

    From a Victor Espinoza clone in 2018 to the twin of Jared Lee Loughner in 2019

    The Fal-con and the Snowman! 
    Council President 2019 Medford

    Psycho with a ‘killer smile’

     You think a clone of Loughner and a clone of

     Espinoza will impeach the wife of the allegedly drunk clerk of courts?  HA HA HA...

    Smile like Jared!  


    This is what Medford is stuck with until Charter Review, Charter Change and Impeachment become realities, not mere notions!

     Send All Lawsuits to  
    Skerry, Skerry, Granara, LLC

    Saturday, January 26, 2019

    Ex Gay Movement Leader Divorces Wife to Go Queer!!!

    1,306,297 @ 9:12 pm

    She had to be one frustrated broad!  
    Thankfully, she got the hell out of Dodge!!
    A friend of mine was in the closet about 20 years ago (leave him alone, he's a sweetie, and mails me a Christmas and birthday card every year!)Started the coming out process by going to "gay conversion therapy."  

    He told me it was the best place to go to pick up guys!

    Ok...moving right along... 

    Prominent US ‘gay conversion therapist’ David Matheson divorces wife and comes out as gay

    David Matheson was a leading member of an "ex-gay movement" that has been widely discredited by medical professionals.

    One of the most prominent "gay conversion therapists" in the US has divorced his wife and wants to start dating men.
    David Matheson, from Utah, was the creator of widely maligned and discredited courses that claimed to be capable of changing the sexuality of those who studied them.

    Medford Firefighters Save Life While On Vacation

    Police & Fire

    Medford Firefighters Save Life While On Vacation

    Three firefighters and their families sprang into action when they came across a person going into cardiac arrest while on vacation in Utah.

    MEDFORD, MA – Three Medford firefighters helped save the life of a person while on vacation, according to the department. Billy Young, Brogan O'Hara and Chris Wells were at Arches National Park in Moab, Utah on Jan. 19 when they came across a person in cardiac arrest.
    Young, his wife and Wells began giving the person CPR, while O'Hara and his girlfriend drove through the park to find a signal to call 911, the department said.
    The person regained a pulse by the time emergency services arrived.

    The Mechanic, The Transporter

    1,306,199 @ 11:17 am

    Jason Statham isn't my type, but in almost every movie he's in he's got a huge stack of cash.

    OK, he's cute, and the cash makes him even cuter.

    He can star in my movie!

    Someone doesn't have to be your "type" to still be attractive.   

    (film the Mechanic on in the background as I get some work done...)
    especially in the suit and tie
    file under: understated cool

    Government Officials Reveal That They Hated Kissing Their Co-Stars!

    1,306,167 @ 8:48 am 

    From PostFun

    Missed Kisses: Celebs Who Did Not Want to Kiss Their Co-Stars

    From Madame Knight and Freddy the D., Jr. to bald Jorge and bald John, it's been no secret, as this parody has uncovered, when city councilors fall in love...with each other.

    Here's our Top 10 List of the Ugliest Kisses between
    City Officials in this embarrassing town!

    10)Neil and Rachel of the Disability Commission

    9)Paul R and Mike "I've Always Wanted to Do This!" R of the Medford School Committee

    8)Solicitor Mark "I've Wanted to Do This For Years" R and DPW Mike N.

    (notice how the initials M.R. are the ones most desperate for an illicit kiss in this parody!)

    7)Stephanie Muccini Burke and....her mirror!

    6) Brian S. Burke and any empty wine bottle found in the gutter...

    5)the Varsity Coach and his 17 year old victim's brother!

    4) Ex Chief Leo A Smackeroo and Former City Clerk Edward P.F.

    3)Ex City Council President Dick C and the barber, while on the barber chair...ker plunk (you don't want to see the mess when they did it on the fence...)

    2)Let your imagination run wild, you pick #2, dear reader!
    (If you can't pick any two members of the ugly board of directors of a perpetually fizzling 501c3 that used to run a phony TV station...or Jay C. and Pat G of the current fiasco...)

    1)And you knew what was #1 before we even started this list, State Reprobate P.D. and "I'll Even Kiss You for a Job" Former Medford City Council Vice President Michael  (strike the previous thought about "even") "I have to kiss you too?" M

    P.D. "Either that or I get to grab your M & M's again MM!"

    The perfect man. Jorge is kind, caring, gentle, but also AMAZING in bed, tough, strong, and hilarious.Jorge is a bad ass who loves his woman, his family, and his ...

    Do you have a favorite scene in a movie in which two co-stars give a great kiss? A kissing scene may look terrific on screen, but not all actors are in the right state of mind when that electric moment occurs. Remember the kiss between Kirsten Dunst and Tobey Maguire in Spider-Man? It looked great from the audience’s point of view, but what really happened when they touched lips as Peter Parker hung upside down?
    We’ve rounded up this list of actors to find out what really went down when their lips connected with their co-stars.

    Shailene Woodley and Miles Teller – The Spectacular Now{{AD_ID}}-34761497842-ya&utm_term=c-{{IMAGE}}-n-ya&chrome=1

    And you Think Mayor Burke's Husband Has A Dirty Mouth - Roger Stone Makes Brian Look Like a Choir Boy

    1,306,155 @ 8:00 AM 1-26-2019

    “You are a pathetic loser,” Stone wrote on May 21. “Let’s see who’s around a year from now and who isn’t coxxsxxxer”


    Keep reading: "
    I have a constitutional right to call you a lightweight pantywaist coxxxxxcker drunk axxhole piece of sxxx and I just did
    You are a rat. A stoolie. "

    Meanwhile, in other news:

    MSNBC Panel: Trump Showing "First Sign Of Surrender" To Pelosi

    Friday, January 25, 2019

    Golden Memories: The Best of Pat Fiorello Vol. 1

    In Memory of Pat
    We are still fighting off the bullies today!

    God Bless Patrick Fiorello, one of the great soldiers in Medford, Massachusetts fighting for First Amendment rights. "It's a City Building, I'm a candidate for Mayor, so I have my rights here."

    Committee of the Whole 6 pm Wednesday 1-30-19 Legislative Priorities - how about term limits? City Charter Change???

    1,305,969 @ 2:36 pm

    Message body