Monday, September 30, 2013

Boston Red Sox player in Medford

Dear Lieutenant:

While the broken access TV station is engaging in wrongful conduct vis-a-vis threats and defamation of character, other people are out there working hard taping GREAT local programming.

A member of the Red Sox, the team tied for the best record in all of baseball, came to Medford tonight.  And the team that produces the best access TV in Medford, winning real awards, not the phony stuff the fraud board brags about, the real best team in Medford got the story.

Stay tuned!

THERE'S A KIND OF LUSH - Dedicated to Mike


35 days till Peter Noone's birthday!  That's right, the lead singer of the group Herman's Hermits celebrates on November 5th.  As the British say "Remember, remember the Fifth of November."  My rock group backed up Peter Noone's Tremblers (on Beach Boys' Bruce Johnston's CBS label back in 1980) and years later I got to write his biography and many reviews for

     Today Peter's book is in the Medford Public Library with a foreword by yours truly. 

     So in 35 days we celebrate Peter Noone's birthday.  Happy Birthday Herman.   We know someone who wants to drink to that!
  There's a Kind of Hush

   Of course the songwriter in me wants to write a poem to the melody - a parody of the guy who has held the corner office for the past 26 years


   There's a kind of (alleged) Lush, all over the town, tonight
All over the town, you can hear the sound, of voters in need
You know what I mean

Just get out and vote, with nobody else, in sight
There's nobody else and
You'll feel so good, when we get rid of Mike

So listen very carefully / At City Hall and you will see what I mean
But not on Channel 15
The only sound Mike wants to hear
Is at the Dockside with a Beer, have one too
forever and ever
There's a Kind of Lush, all over the town, tonight
all over the world, people just like us, need to get out and vote
need to get out and vote
need to get out and vote

    "High Time We Went" - as Joe Cocker sings,  is another good one we'll dedicate to all those signs on Riverside Ave

35 Days to Herman's Hermits birthday party!

   Seriously, people, if we get 1,100 promises a day from now up to November 5th, Planet Medford will change, for the better.

   I just think voter apathy is so overwhelming it's going to take an appointment ...or a politician's improve the quality of life in Medford.

Nell Coakley Jack-o-Lanterns flying out of the new Haul-Mart

Walgreens and UHaul have combined for a new store, HAUL-MART, and the biggest item this season is the Nell Coakley Jack-o-Lantern!

Who is Nell Escobar Coakley?  Nell is the Chief Typist and Bottle Washer at the all-new Michael J. McGlynn Transcript, named after his great, great, great, great grandfather Michael J. McGlynn the first.  Also known as Wicked-Joke-l dot com, Nell is the 6th cousin of Medford's own Martha Coakley whose husband, former State Trooper Thomas F. O'Connor Jr. (whose State Trooper colleagues intentionally failed to vote for his wife to be Senator) doesn't want to see his name in print. 
    O'Connor  is alleged to be Mike McGlynn's cousin, which is why should've-been-jailbirds John Lonergan and Bocci with Bobby Covelle got slaps on the wrists from the woman-who-would-be-Governor instead of the hard time that they deserve. Hopefully, Martha will give Tino Zapatti and Frankie Two Face the jailtime she was supposed to give Lonergan and Covelle.  Nell Coakley won't write about any of this stuff because tens of thousands of dollars flow from City Hall into the Transcript coffers, and we have the public records request to prove it, so this line in this parody ain't no parody.   Martha, don't give Frankie Two-Face and your neighbor Ronny a hard time, just give them hard time and be done with it!   If McGlynn doesn't get indicted, Martha will appoint him to some no-show thing, if she becomes Governor. File under: KISSIN' COUSINS!  You won't find this stuff in the Medford Blandscript because Nick Iovino is not allowed to pick up the rocks in Medford to find the snakes.  Nell's got Iovino convinced the snakes don't exist...he was hired because he's deaf, dumb, blind and willing to trade a paycheck for his integrity, or lack thereof.

In ten years Iovino is going to realize he sold his soul cheap.  And with all the money she's
making Nell should at least get her hair done twice a year.  She sometimes looks like she's competing with Maggie "Wreck of the Hesperus" Weeks - the nutty clerk over at Somerville District Court who comes to work with her Medusa hairdo to scare unsuspecting defendants. These gals must work at having their hair such a mess on a daily basis, or maybe it's some new spray that keeps the cluster of frizzies in place, who knows?

Have Aunty Nell on your desk at school and watch the teacher flunk you!

Comes with index card photos of public figure/write-in-candidate/lazy, good for nothing grandpa stalker Arthur Alan Deluca guaranteed to scare your friends into thinking that he's the resurrection of John Wayne Gacy.  The index cards are selling as many units as Deluca got signatures to run for Mayor, which is a number that is stuck at ZERO.  Haul-Mart is, instead, giving the index cards free to feed to the hungry Nell Jack-o-Lantern which chomps on Deluca, to the delight of all the students in Jen McGlynn Belanger's third-grade water color class.  In fact, Jennifer is so out of touch and lacking in creativity that she just chomps on her apples the parents of students are forced to give her while the children paint water color images of Nell as Ms. O'Lantern while turning the Deluca index cards into tiny paper airplanes for Tino Zapatti's legal defense fund.  No Park Marenteau jokes in the making of this parody.

Exclusive photo of Deluca in the John Wayne Gacy story proposed from the Dawn & Larry Corporation (how many corporations do they have?)  Their film can't get off the ground because our investigation stopped the funding from unsuspecting Medford cable TV subscribers

From Wikipedia
John Wayne Gacy, Jr. (March 17, 1942 – May 10, 1994) was an American serial killer and rapist, also known as the Killer Clown, who was convicted of the ...

Photo from Wikipedia
Nell posing as an Irish Jack-o-Lantern in a more casual moment

More dirt on TV3 about to erupt this week


We hear a news organization is thinking of going with a big splash on the entrenched cronies and their embattled sinking enterprise... stay tuned

Sunday, September 29, 2013

Camuso Needs to Publicly Apologize to Dr. Storella

And not a short apology either from blowhard Camuso

Shame on the despicable councilor beating up on yet another SENIOR CITIZEN.  What is it with Camuso and older men? 

He seems to have a grandpappy complex or something.

Salem Street Empty Storefronts and Camuso's Promise

124,525  525 PM 

Another reason why this blog is the most important voice in Medford Politics!

     We hear a lot of campaign promises this time of year, but where's the substance behind the rhetoric?  Let's take a look at the empty venues on Salem Street and then get to the candidates.

466 block formerly with Medford Eyeglass and Lucky Star restaurant

     454B Salem Street - former prepaid cards and cellphone store

     417  MBTA Waiting Room (across the street from 454B)

     406 Salem Street - former First Dental  (they moved to 366 Salem)

     285 Salem Street and 287 Salem Street have windows that are blocked.  289 could be the office of Reema Salon next door, 285 is totally draped in curtains, it seems empty boxes are in there.

     262 Salem, next to the printing place, has 2 unpainted doors with graffiti on them.  No idea of a business is in there.
     260 Salem Street is a building for rent courtesy of Richard Wolfson (who is also handling the old 1st Dental building at 406 Salem Street)

     246-248 is the old JRA Cycles (which is now across the street, empty since they moved the bike store)

     240 looks empty and filled with junk (Carly Nails is at 244 and sits between two ghastly storefronts

   234-238  the ugly eyesore that is the old Brake Pro Service Centers on the corner of Everett and Salem.  The president of TV3 lives on Everett St. and - rather than suing the city and residents - could have put that $85,000 and time and energy spent on lawsuits purchasing the building and building a media center for Medford.  In fact, I stated this years ago before TV3 went on its litigious rampage.
   Even when there are businesses the places look unoccupied, try the East Coast Electronics building on 296 Salem Street.  This is something Martha Coakley should have been doing when she visited Dempsey's on Sept. 16 - looking at the empty spaces and promising to bring businesses in to the city where she lives.  But, you see, campaigning is an art form, and sometimes the person who knows how to run the most efficient campaign to get into office isn't necessarily the candidate the city - or the state - needs.

   Which brings us to a very easy target, someone who is seen - on camera - week after week - not sitting there and listening intently at city council meetings, but getting up out of his seat repeatedly, when he shows up at all.  Ladies and gentlemen, the councilor with the worst attendance record in Medford currently, Paul A. Camuso.

   In 2011 Mr. Camuso said this to the local press as an argument for why he should be re-elected:

"We must do more to attract taxpaying business to Medford. We cannot allow storefronts to remain vacant and major national and regional businesses to go elsewhere."

   As Rolling Stones guitarist Keith Richards says - "Talk is Cheap" - and you know how I know?  I was at one of his recording sessions for that album in 1988.  Now Mr. Camuso could have borrowed a camera from TV3 and have a parade down Salem St. photographing every empty storefront and showing citizens letters he could write to businesses to try to fill those eyesores on Salem St. (and Mystic Ave, where Camuso works at the Sheriff Koutoujian office) - but, perhaps, he's too busy applying that Camuso bumper sticker on public property as the cars turn right on Route 93, next to the Superstore adult entertainment place. 

   The councilor can't say he hasn't seen that bumper sticker defacing property in our city as he works across the street.    See my previous story


   There are 36 days left until we get to November 5, 2013.

   Where are ALL the candidates on this very important issue?  Especially Michael J. "Lip Service is My Middle Name" McGlynn!  ?

TOP 10 list












“The one sentiment that I have heard that I take great exception to is that the city is trying to limit speech,” said Rumley. “The notion the city would censor or squelch free speech is baseless and as city solicitor I would find any such effort repugnant.”

Right.  Where's our TV station.  The above was noted by a lawyer on November 15, 2008 to a retired judge.

but tensions soon boil when the press get wind of the dead mobsters (doesn't the critic mean the dead cop's connection?) connection to the head of a crime family, Paul Zapatti, and questions about the dead mobsters last sentence from Judge Walter Stern (Martin Landau), an old associate of the mayor who handed down a suspiciously lenient sentence. Zapatti wants the newspapers to stop running the story about his connection to the death of a young boy (Zapatti should've purchased McGlynn's trademarked Media Blackout and Censorship Insurance, only $9.95 and two or three juvenile delinquents to carry out the dirty deeds...) and so enlists the help of Frank Anselmo (Danny Aiello) a prominent city councillor who is desperately trying to get the mayor to build a new subway stop in his district, to plant money at the police man’s holiday shack and posthumously tarnish his reputation. This then brings Marybeth Cogan (Bridget Fonda) into the equation, a lawyer representing the cop’s widow who in defence of her client seeks to clear his unfairly sullied name.

Sheesh...we wanted casting director Park Marenteau from the Dawn & Larry stables* to tell us how this creepy film titled CITY HALL could, quite possibly, have its sequel filmed in Meffa but this writer had to attend a board meeting when Park was available at the party at Jerry Remy's restaurant so we got the usual "no comment" by not even asking the question...if that makes any sense.  Oh, and Dawn was booted on 10/29/08, 13 months before Park Marenteau came back to TV3, but it is still nice to blame her for something.  How do we know that she didn't book the guest 14 months earlier just to exact her revenge on the city that paid her so handsomely?  

Talk about our cable tv monies going south

courtesy of coward Michael J. McGlynn

McGlynn's Halloween Vampire Feast of Blood

It's Halloween time...

and what better fright than the ghoulish Mike trying to power-grab another 2 years after 26 years of hell-on-earth...

That's right, the blood-dripping-from-his-mouth Michael J. McGlynn wants to suck Medford dry. He doesn't give a damn about you.

McGlynn is thinking of bringing Dawn Natalia back just so that he can have the notoriety to star in the worst film of all time.  And she lacks the talent to do it!   A filmmaker who can give Ed Wood the stature he craved as legitimate when compared to the phony that destroyed our access tv station.

McGlynn the Dark Prince of Evil

Filmed in DoriaVision TM    by Dawn & Larry

Pilleri melting in daylight on Sunset Road
Light is the best disinfectant

Ron Delucia on makeup.  No, Ron's not making up with anyone, and he's too stupid to apply the mascara, so McGlynn will eat Delucia's face on camera and slap it on his own pug ugly visage. Gives a whole new meaning to Phantom Gourmet

Then they will have a "movable feast" where they will pickpocket Medford residents before eating them alive

This is fiction, of course, but it also doubles as a parody and metaphor of life in City Hall.

Like, what the heck does a budget director with a hubby making 140K or so in the court system need with 110K from a ghoul like McGlynn?  She shoulda run for Mayor ...but it was easier to slip into the dark side.   That's the sequel, do stay tuned, and it is called:


MINO - Mayor In Name Only

4,270 hits in the past 30 days!

The McGlynn Regime is a sick joke played on the world.

There is nothing courageous about McGlynn. 

1)Robert Covelle
2)Jim DiPaola
3)Adeline DiPaola
4)Patricia DiPaola Covelle
5)Daughters working for the school system
6)River's Edge fiasco
7)Tv3 double fiasco
8)Empty Storefronts triple fiasco
9)Broken roads
10)Media blackout
11)Aligning himself with Arthur Deluca, now that's really scraping the bottom of the barrel
12)Aligned with the false bomb threat alleged perpetrator 
13)Medford Housing
14)Manipulation of City Council
15)Aligned with disgraced Robert Maiocco
16)Kicking fathead Camuso to the curb
17)Allegations of what McGlynn had done to the late Pat Fiorello decades ago
18)Allowing Deluca to harass poor Pat in the twilight of his life
19)Degrading police headquarters...building falling apart
20)infrastructure in Medford, from unpainted crosswalks to Camuso stupidity about a sprinkler in the parks.  Hey, fathead Camuso, go paint some crosswalks before you beg for money for stupidity

21)The Napolean Water Taxi service
22)The Wellington Taxi Cab Company
23)Millions allegedly shipped over to some mansion in Ireland
24)The Garage boondoggle
25)The General Fund
26)HOW the public can't seem to find out where every nickel on the "Garage Study" was spent
27)no bid contracts allegedly to cousins

have lots to do today so 73 other items will have to post later

T V 3 insiders allegedly engaged in battle, infighting and finger pointing


Frank Pilleri is NOT a stand up guy!

But even a gangster from the film City Hall,
Paul Zapatti, would think Pilleri would at least be loyal.

Word is that even Gangster Paul Zapatti from the film City Hall would find out how traitorous dealing with two-faced Frankie in the city of Medford is.

Ya Think Frankie would spend dwindling available cash to help out his good friend Tino Zapatti?

" off-duty police detective named Eddie Santos is ambushed by Tino Zapatti, a criminal with mob ties.

Ziggy, Zapatti, what's the difference?

Frankie's long gone, even in a fictional film, just like Pilleri, Ron DeLucia and Harvey Alberg dumped Carl Galusi, former VP, when he went into the hospital for surgery.

If Frankie dumped Galusi in real life when that dog was down, what do you think Pilleri would do to Tino Zapatti in a fictional film?

Just look at Frankie the snake in real life.   And if you have been involved with that egregious and harassing personality and your number's up, don't think Frankie will try to get you a soft landing at any station in life.

City Of Medford's October Surprise


 36 Days to elect 
Anthony D'Antonio for Mayor

Mike McGlynn and Paul Camuso's

So stay home on November 5th and let the creepy do-nothings slither back into the corner office at 85 Geo P. Hassett Drive.

Medford looks like a war zone under McGlynn, a third-world country that is grasping at straws (usually found in any gutter in the city)

McGlynn has about 500 cousins and people who owe him favors that come out and vote for him each election.   It's the McGlynn Welfare machine with all his consorts looking for a hand-out.

"the queen and her consort"

  • a ship sailing in company with another.
3rd person present: consorts
  1. 1.
    habitually associate with (someone), typically with the disapproval of others.
    "you chose to consort with the enemy"
    Did former Governor Ed King put McGlynn's father, Jack McGlynn as head of the pension thing for life or something?
    Paul Cellucci wasn't a bad governor, except that he allegedly put that crackpot Ted Tomasone in at Somerville District Court, while some clown put Patrick Skerry in at Malden District Court it is said.
    Those individuals didn't (or in the present tense - do not) have the qualifications necessary.   It was all political, don't ya think?
    Then there's James V. "Jimmy" DiPaola...the unseemly shadow of Robert Covelle rises up from the Medford Housing about Mike McGlynn getting sloppy in his old age.  The first rule of politics is get out while you are still popular and you can skate on all those skeletons in your closet before they start a rat-tat-tattling...but as McGlynn seeks yet more time at Geo P. Ratsset Drive he's got numerous problems he's never faced before ... and those are:

    ---a close friend of McGlynn's was arrested on September 4, 2013.  Wait till you see the video we're working on that exposes how close McGlynn was to that individual

    ---Robert Covelle got a slap on the wrist, allegedly because McGlynn is quite possibly related to retired deputy police superintendent (probably of the State Police persuasion) Thomas F. O'Connor, that is Mr. Martha Coakley to you!
     ---the abrupt "suicide" of Jimmy DiPaola.
    Reminds one of the film CITY HALL where gangster Paul Zapatti (actor Tony Franciosa - now tell me David P. Skerry doesn't look like the poor man's Tony Franciosa...strike that...the very poor man's Tony Franciosa (Franciosa was good looking, Skerry is not)) ...Where Zappati tells Congressman Frank Anselmo (played by Danny Aiello) to "take the pressure of yourself."    Can you see a McGlynn thug creating a little video that rises up out of the late Sheriff's computer saying "Take the pressure off yourself?"   Sure you can...  Ziggy, Franciosa, what's the difference...or something like that.

    Now read the real life scandal from New York City Hall to get a chill or two before you make that all-important vote on November 5

    Pappas agrees that Stern must resign. The scandal snowballs to the point that Anselmo is instructed by Paul Zapatti to "take the pressure off" himself, by which he means commit suicide rather than become an informer or go to jail. To protect his family, Anselmo shoots himself.

    Democratic Queens borough president Donald Manes was a popular politician who turned his role into more of a proactive office, rather than ceremonial. A series of corruption investigations revealed he was using his office to orchestrate various kickback schemes

    Many of his associates were forced to resign or faced prosecution. The result of these 1986 investigations led Manes to have a nervous breakdown, and eventually commit suicide. Mayor Ed Koch's popularity was shaken by the Queens borough president's suicide and the indictment of his associates.
Zapatti?     Gangster Zapatti is a fictional character...but does Michael J. McGlynn have a bully doing his dirty work that slithers around very much like Paul Zapatti in the film CITY HALL?

Art Reflecting life?

Or life reflecting art?

Paul Zapatti says "Take the pressure off yourself."

And now a word from our sponsor:

“I heard (that) someone, recently, associated with TV3, just won a national award...tell us a little about that" (Michael J. McGlynn abusing School Committee time to give his demonic blessing on a cyber bully and serial harasser)

The youtube video is at a tiny URL of McGlynnEndorsesSuspect

How about the 27 year old sheriff up in Billerica who reportedly never went out for coffee...allegedly goes to get coffee for the other employees and ...golly, gee...the good-looking fellow winds up smashed against a tree with a bullet in his head.  They called that suicide too.

Right.  Allegedly never goes out at 3 AM to get coffee but did that night, and decides to kill himself by smashing into a tree and then shooting himself.  Or maybe he shot himself before he smashed into the tree.   Puh-leeese!

Dillon crashed a Sheriff's Department vehicle into a tree on Treble Cove Road in Billerica about 3:30 a.m. Wednesday. He had been working the midnight-to-8 a.m. shift at the Middlesex House of Correction in Billerica, conducting perimeter checks of the facility and other Sheriff's Department property. He was reportedly on his way to pick up coffee for co-workers when he crashed.
The state did not release additional details about the autopsy or why Dillon took his own life. (SOUNDS SO FRIGGIN' SUSPICIOUS! GOING OUT FOR COFFEE FOR HIS BUDS AND OFFS HIMSELF?   !  IT MAKES NO SENSE! ...hey guys, want a cup of right back...ooops...think it's a good time to exit this mortal coil!  Right...if you believe that you haven't looked into the sordid history of Jimmy DiPaola's alleged pay-to-play scandal at the Billerica House of Correction.   Allegedly Five Thousand Crisp Dollars (they MUST be crisp, y'know) in the envelope to Jimmy and you could become a LIEUTENANT!

Word is that Jimmy DiPaola, husband of Mike McGlynn's secretary Adeline DiPaola, would shake down employees to the tune of 5K...those who didn't take the deal allegedly got to walk away...but to have TWO sheriff's allegedly kill themselves within two years is a bit much ...

Why is there no real investigation?

Where are the 5 alleged suicide notes Jimmy DiPaola was said to have left?

Howie Carr was rambling about Jimmy DiPaola taking the long drive up to Maine to do himself in and how UNLIKELY that scenario would be in real life... but Carr, the coward that he is, didn't want to delve any deeper.   

Election day, 36 days away, take the pressure off for the other guy

26-Year-Old Internet Folk Hero Commits Suicide After Years Of Government Harassment

Michael J. McGlynn is under the shadow of the DiPaola mess, the Robert Covelle mess, the slap on the wrists you KNOW someone got for Covelle and his wife, DiPaola's is very, very suspicious.

Election year 2013.  You want to know why there is no public access TV?  There you have it. That's why Issuing Authority McGlynn has ripped off the Medford residents who pay for a product, access TV, that McGlynn will not let them have.

Because McGlynn wants NO publicity on his dirty, back door deals.

Saturday, September 28, 2013

37 days and 11 hours until the 26 year incumbent gets the Denver Boot! Bye Bye Mikey, do let the door hit you on the way out

and take Addy the poodle with you when you go

124,360 and the hits just keep on a comin'

 38 Days to elect 
Anthony D'Antonio for Mayor

Q: Why can't the fortune teller have babies?

A: Her husband has crystal _____s (plural)

Nell Escobar Coakley IS the problem

550 hits in the past 24-36 hours. Take that Nell!


5)Paul Camuso

4)Nell Escobar Coakley

3)Ron Delucia

2)Frank Pilleri

1)Michael J. McGlynn

Martha, dahling!  Are you listening?

You too, Doug.  Go get 'em!

Law Enforcement Errors in the TV3 Mess


We have great respect for the good men and women of the police force.

We have great disappointment in those who hold positions of authority - within the police force and at City Hall - who do the wrong thing, who turn a blind eye to wrongful conduct at Medford Community Cablevision, Inc., and who follow the lead of a highly suspicious Mayor with his own self-serving agenda which does great damage to life in Medford.

New American Standard Bible
"Let them alone; they are blind guides of the blind. And if a blind man guides a blind man, both will fall into a pit."

If A City Solicitor and a Police Detective want to follow blindly the sick, twisted policies of McGlynn, the pit awaits them.  Don't blame the messenger, that's the Bible speaking, not this writer... I'm just delivering the message
When they don't listen to a journalist who has hit home runs (Uncle Gene, Bob Maiocco,Robert Covelle, silencing big mouth/little brain Camuso, the creepy webmaster and soon the not-so-fabulous one who turned on the creepy webmaster and ran like the rat that he is, merely 6 examples), they are just plain stupid.

When they don't listen to Jesus the Christ they are damned for all eternity.

It's their choice.  I'm just the messenger


Point of information; had the police arrested the three individuals who premeditated an attack on this writer on April 27, 2010, would there have been the alleged "false bomb threat" from the webmaster?  Probably not.

That's bad police work, to allow a criminal to harass and abuse residents with the TV station, the internet and in person (like using a vulgarity aimed at me in the Superior Court hallways - probably caught on camera) and more victims get hurt because the police and City Hall refused to act when the wrongful conduct by that hideous individual was as plain as day.

D'Antonio Letter to his opponent, McGlynn

511 hits in the past 24-36 hours
4,249 in the past 30 days!

20 September, 2013

Honorable Michael J. McGlynn, Mayor                      
85 George P. Hassett Drive
Medford, MA 02155

Dear Mayor McGlynn,

Since December 18th of 2012, the city of Medford has been without Public Access Television/ Medford Community Cablevision, also known as TV3. On December 17th, the last live show aired (the Ziggy show) and after this date, until or about March 31st of 2013, all that was available on MCC were rebroadcast shows and many where you were appearing, and in an election year. Since that time, all that has been shown is a muted color bar!

In Judge Marie O. Jackson Thompson’s, “Hearing Results, Findings and Recommendations”, dated 5 August, 2009, it states, on page 11, paragraph 1…Whether the City can make a substantial case to remove the MCC remains a decision for the city of Medford. However, for these reasons, set forth above, a preliminary notice of “no confidence” should be filed with the Board as a formal notice of deficiencies in their contractual responsibilities. Should the Board continue to be noncompliant, the City may wish to take additional actions to terminate the MCC contract.

At this time or anytime in the near future, the City may wish to request that the Office of the Attorney General and/or the Secretary of State investigate MCC.

Mr. Mayor you are the issuing authority and sole responsible party, and correct this problem. You have allowed Comcast and Verizon to continue taking monies from the subscribers/ratepayers every month without consideration thereby allowing no public access without penalty to the tv-3 management who oversees public access cablecasting.

Recently you withheld a quarterly payment of $39,000 to MCC after receiving subscriber’s monies from Comcast and Verizon. You gave the impression that if tv-3 did not shape up and adhere to their contract responsibilities, you were to take further action.

You are well aware of tv-3's president, station manager and paid computer consultant/former board member and their ongoing internet blogs and disgusting commentaries. They have besmirched, humiliated, hijacked personal proprietary pictures and denigrated not only you, but also your budget director, the city solicitor, particular city council members and Medford citizens who dare question them about their financials, spending, minutes of their meetings and the makeup of the board of directors.

With special congressional and city elections just six weeks away and by your inaction to have a public access station up and running as the subscribers have been paying for, you have precluded all aspiring candidates for elective office in the city of Medford. You are, in essence, denying the paying public access to that which is ours. The viewing public has, for many years, looked forward to seeing the political ads as well as the interviews and forums associated with running for elected office here in Medford.

The city council on two separate occasions has asked you by way of their votes to resolve this ongoing problem at tv-3. You have still done nothing for the cable subscribers of Medford.

And the problem continues to get worse with the recent arrest of tv-3's paid computer consultant and former board member who is charged with making a recent bomb threat.

The recent arrest of a board associate due to his bomb threat, has again sullied the image of Medford. The face of the city of Medford is represented in how we are perceived within and outside our city. The medium is the Public Access Station.

This individual, along with the station manager, who was present at the time of this arrest, but, not arrested, have been allowed by your inaction to do whatever they please.

As a taxpayer, cable subscriber and ratepayer, a candidate for Mayor of Medford, and, on behalf of the citizens of Medford, I demand that you, Mayor McGlynn, immediately resolve this matter by terminating this board and start anew.

The ratepayers deserve better action than that for which you have yet to deliver.

Anthony J. D’Antonio…Candidate for Mayor, city of Medford
12 Yale Street

Corel Award Video Goes into "PRIVATE"

Did McGlynn order his shameful promotion of the accused "award winner" to pull the video from the web?

We still have a copy.  We do NOT violate copyright law, like the Village Idiot of Revere does, however, we can quote from that sick display.

Park Marenteau must be thinking "Sheesh...I warned those Village Idiots at TV3 not to go where devils fear to tread."

Let's put it this way, one Medford businessman said "They have no idea what's coming. You were effective with helping to remove Oedi, I wouldn't want to be in Frank Pilleri's shoes."

Exactly, because Aunty Oedi had protection from on high (his Rabbi Mel) until Mel got a better deal  ...and Frankie's rabbi is bout to go on the lam, from the corner office to parts unknown.    Oedi was left out in the cold when his great protector split and got SeRIous (play on words), Frankie's running, naked, about to get his ass caned in the town square by the authorities IN THE MOST EMBARRASSING OF WAYS it is said, and Mikey ain't gonna be there to catch him this time.

Let's put it succinctly, if Frank Pilleri is running from his good friend La Webmaster, ya think McGlynn ain't gonna skedaddle as far as possible from nuclear toxic Frank Pilleri?

Of course he is!   Harvey Alberg and Ron DeLucia don't realize that it is Pilleri thinking of cutting a deal on them and not the other way around.

Do the math.  Pilleri's scared, and he should be, McGlynn is about to throw Pilleri under the bus, just as Pilleri has booted La Webmaster under the proverbial Amtrak... 

Rats on a sinking ship.   The rats are all going to be pointing the fingers at each other, and if you need an indicator of that, watch how Frank is running, not walking, running as fast as he can from La Webmaster's sticky, sticky, sticky situation (just another play on words, but they are too stooopid to figure it out.)