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1 Shakin' All Over. Johnny Kid /The Pirates 2:18
2 You Want To Change Me   Bobby Hebb 2:49
3 Jet Airliner.  Paul Pena. 5:43
4 Glamour Boy Guess Who/Burton Cummings 6:20
5 Dracula meets Perry Mason 1:55
6 I'll Get You. The Beatles 2:05
7 Trust Me. Janis Joplin 3:17

8 Perry Mason Reviewed JV and Frank D

9 She's not There   Vanilla Fudge. 5:01
10) The Carpenters. Yesterday Once More 3:56
11) Inner City Blues   Nona Gaye 5:34
12)Star Baby   The Guess Who   2:38
13 time bomb. 0:17
14 Ashes to Wood  Kat Quinn 3:27
15 Gypsy Eyes  Jimi Hendrix  3:43
16)Interview with Ed W on Talking Hendrix
17)Rainy Day, Dream Away - Jimi Hendrix  3:40
18)That String   - Kat Quinn  3:46
19)You Ain't Seen Nothing Yet - Burton Cummings  3:53

Interview with Kat Quinn

20)The Party's Over - Journey 3:41
21)Barabajagel - Donovan  3:24   
22)Going Home - Kat Quinn    4:01
23)My Heart - Harriet Schock 3:29
24)1900 Yesterday - Liz Damon Orient Express 2:55
25)Sunny - David Clayton Thomas - 
26)13 Questions - Seatrain

New York's Kat Quinn is performing at PASSIM 3 PM on 
Sat. Oct. 3 her only Boston area show 

Burton Cummings is at the Berklee Performance Center 
in the evening, Oct 3, 2015  playing his solo hits and the songs he made famous with The Guess Who.

These Eyes, American Woman, No Time, Undun, Laughing, Share the Land and more!

Saturday, September 26, 2015

Jobs for sale...Jobs up for Grabs

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One of our informants had a conversation where someone asked "How did HE get hired THERE?"

Did someone require big bucks before he hired some reprobate?

Didn't the new guy say he would clean out the deadwood from the old regime?

Juvenile Delinquency can lead to a fresh start where the moron as an adult can continue to be an abuser with the blessings of the godfather.

We'll give you a hint. It's NOT the probation department, but it IS along those lines

Probation officer charged with lying to the FBI

A veteran state probation officer was charged Friday with lying to the FBI during a corruption investigation, US Attorney Carmen M. Ortiz’s office said.

Lawrence Plumer, 46, of Brockton, was charged in US District Court in Boston with one count of making a false statement to the FBI, Ortiz’s office said in a statement. A hearing date was not scheduled for Plumer, who has been a probation officer since 2000, prosecutors said.

While the statement indicated that Plumer has agreed to resign his position as part of a plea deal, a spokeswoman for Ortiz said Friday night that prosecutors had not filed an agreement with the court.

Oh, Carmen Ortiz...blame it on ...

Mercury Retrograde

What is Mercury Retrograde?

Mercury Retrograde is a term that you have probably heard before but aren't sure exactly what it means. During periods of retrograde, a planet appears to move backwards from its normal trek around the sun. Those areas of life governed by the planet tend to suffer setbacks and breakdowns. There are many retrograde including Mars Retrograde, Venus Retrograde, Jupiter Retrograde, in fact all the planets turn retrograde at some point. However, Mercury Retrograde is arguably the one you hear about most often.


In other astrological news.... 

Wining and dining to keep votes coming

By Michael Lafleur,

Wining and dining to keep votes coming

By Michael Lafleur,
Updated:   05/06/2007 06:35:09 AM EDT0 Comments

In July 2006, to celebrate Italy's victory in the World Cup, Middlesex Sheriff James DiPaola threw an "Italian soccer party" at Ristorante Saraceno in Boston's North End.
The event cost his campaign nearly $3,000. 

DiPaola's campaign records describe a $562 dinner at The Woodshed in Moultonboro, N.H., last October as a "Sheriff's Meeting." In November 2005, he dropped $636 at The Grille in Edgartown on Martha's Vineyard in what his spending records describe as a "Campaign Meeting." 

According to a Sun review of his campaign-finance records, from December 2004 to February of his year, DiPaola spent almost $78,000 on eat-out campaign meetings, function-hall fundraisers, staff-appreciation dinners and holiday parties. He dropped more than $16,000 on 66 restaurant visits related to campaign meetings during the period. Only about 36 percent of those visits were to establishments located inside the 54-community Middlesex County. Five visits were to locations out of state.

By the way, what was the name of Muccini-Burke's assistant in City Hall?

Oh, we'll see if the voters ask that at the Great Debate!


Sheriff spent $380G in light election year

By Chris Camire, Sun Statehouse Bureau

Middlesex County Sheriff James DiPaola spent more than $380,000 in campaign money while running for re-election this year -- even though he did not face a challenger in the Democratic primary and his opponent in the general election barely campaigned. 

According to a Sun review of DiPaola's campaign finance records, conducted before he took his own life last Friday, many of the sheriff's expenditures were dinner bills at various restaurants in Middlesex County and Boston.
In April, DiPaola spent $848.65 on

37 Days to Election Day 2015 November 3

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37 days to ELECTION DAY 

Your most read and trusted news source in Medford
In 2015, Mercury will be retrograde during:
  • January 21 – February 11
  • May 19 – June 11
  • September 17 – October 9
  • Thirteen more days to go
  • A few extra days after 10/9 as Mercury leaves retrograde status
  • Be methodical, not knee-jerk like Stephanie Burke
  • Mercury is the fast planet, so take things slow!




September 25, 2015 look at the popularity of Penta over Burke on TWITTER

Twitter Directory

 BOB PENTA  530 followers

Stephony Burke,  142 followers

Welcome to the Parade, Stephanie #385 ...Collect them all!!!


One of our spies sent us this earlier in the week.

Golly, gee...McGlynn down to his old dirty tricks.
Sprucing up the streets during election time
for the

evidence through the rear view mirror!

Wow!  Are those Muccini-Burke signs?

Are they too, too close to a polling place???

Mrs. Burke?   What do you have to say for yourself???

Steph-Phony Speaks

Stephony: The full moon made me do it?

Stephanie lets out a howl like the wolf man!

Steph-Phony: "You see, we're in the middle of the planet Mercury gone when that occurs, combined with a big bloody moon to go along with the Bloody Mary Mikey bought me (don't tell my hubby...he'll throw Mike in the slammer!) well...excuses...excuses...

Medford Info: Don't you think you have an obligation to come clean to the voters?

Steph-Phony: No!

Medford Info: So you're going with the Mercury Retrograde defense?

Steph-Phony: By the light of the Bloody Mary Moon!


Moon is to the left.

Parking lot spotlight impersonating a UFO is to the right...

Mike is at the usual


Top 10   8:48 PM








How much does a job cost @ the xxxxxxx's Department?

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30,512 last 30 days

     Pageviews yesterday 

Seems like any reprobate can get 
hired there for the right price

...if you also campaign for your boss

Even if you have a juvenile criminal record!

Hey, wasn't the "new guy" going to be different from the "old guy?"

Some things never change!!!

"Meet the new boss...same as the old boss."
The Who
Won't Get Fooled Again

Church Deacon Allegedly Tells Autistic Man to go back to abusers at Public Access TV station

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In America in 2015 there is a city that pays for public access TV --- and pays for it during a critical election.  BUT -  that precious extension of the First Amendment to the U.S. Constitution does not exist, though millions of dollars go into it.
The free speech platform was stolen from the cable TV subscribers paying for it, and candidates running for elected office remain virtually unknown so that fraud mayor can manipulate elections and keep his cronies in.

You want the fraud "deacon" to help you with that?   Think about how the Catholic Church helped victims of child abuse by priests if you want to know how much help that scoundrel is going to give you.  

A creepy Mayor rips off the citizens and lavishes the money on his daughters;  the dirty rat keeps the city in the dark for political reasons, pays three teachers with the P/E/G monies, which frees up cash so that he can hire his own daughters who can't seem to get teaching jobs anywhere else.  

Like Michael Corleone, the rogue rat mayor thinks the city is "the family business."
Not only that. The cowardly Mayor and a Church Deacon reportedly asked an autistic man, a victim of abuse at the hands of a board member of a 501c3 who also reportedly (and repeatedly) abused his own mother and other senior citizens, to go back to his abusers at the now defunct access TV station.

Also on the board of directors of the broken TV station is a ghoulish, ugly individual who was reportedly so vile and disgusting that he was booted not only out of the local high school, but off of a board of directors at that school.

The reports given to this news organization on the fraud are chilling, just chilling.

The s.o.b. is "three for three" in getting removed.

This might be a photo of the creature which lives upside down and, reportedly, moves with the assistance slimy invisible fanged prickly creatures on his head which drag him around town, that is, when the elder abuser fraud board member they keep out in the hallways as a decoration doesn't have him in the 2 wheel shopping cart thingy.

 Disabled person-hater who the church "deacon" wanted to send an autistic man back to.  Ugggh.


But it is the sanctified "church deacon" who is most disappointing.  

Sending an autistic, special needs person to what one candidate for city council called "a rat's hole" is how business is done in that particular city.

This is not a parody, no names are being used because these events are so shocking and repulsive.

The "man of god" - at least in his own mind (no capital g for his purported "god") had no concern for the autistic man, or for God almighty.  The almighty buck and his lord and master, the mayor, are who the charlatan answers to.



Friday, September 25, 2015

The Great Debate - October 15 Over 471 thousand page views

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Mark Tonello Speaks!

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37 in 41 minutes

Mark Tonello Speaks!!!  HA HA, kinda sort of...and Jackass Caraviello likes it!

  • Joe, you really don't deserve this attention but for shits and giggles let's see if you can make the efort to practice what you preach.  

    Joe Vig:

    Mark, I enjoyed our conversation at the restaurant when you sat down where I was and initiated a monologue - not a conversation. Just because I have uncovered what the McGlynn Administration is up to is no reason for you to get oh so defensive. Thought you told me that you were running for office? In any event this is about making a difference in our community and your insulting tone is contrary to the rules the poster noted above. 

    Love will keep us together, Mark! smile!  But as you saw while we were having dinner...I rarely drink you'd never have to tell me to knock it off!

    :)   :)

    How about those Red Sox!

Irreparable Harm: The Five WORST Candidates in Election 2015

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38 minutes, 25 page views


The bad-mannered, irritable and quarrelsome five candidates currently in the 2015 election.

Facing another potential conservative insurrection, Boehner said he had concluded that a leadership fight now “would do irreparable harm to the institution.”

the MEDFORD POLITICIANS don't give a damn about the "institution."  Caraviello, Dello Russo and Knight voted for damn pay raises (while Knight was still in councilor diapers,) and did jack for the residents, while lining their pockets like a group of bandits. 


One of the ugliest, slimiest campaigns on record, Ms. Burke will stoop as low as she has to in her lust for power over the broken city.  Once she aligned with the ultra-flawed McGlynn, all bets were off.   If McGlynn is the Captain of the Titanic, Stephanie Muccini-Burke is one of the musicians fiddling away as the ship sinks into the bottom of the cold Atlantic.

2)Adam Knight
This disgusting creature is an embarrassment to both the memory of the late, great Charlie Shannon, and to our fair city.  Smug, illogical and creepy beyond creepy, he is backed by the unions with the "Pig Roast for a Pig" in the backyard of one of Johnny Granara's relatives.

McGlynn Fatigue is at an all-time high, and with Nell Escobar Coakley of the Medford Transcript intentionally blocking the name of Stephen South, John Granara's son-in-law, from the newspaper (to her credit, Allison Goldsberry published the union guy's name,) you see the Medford Transcript sink to a new level of depravity.

Correspondence with three of the main players at Gatehouse Media happened today, and it was noted to them that when the newspaper attempted to keep information from the public about Nell Coakley's flawed headline: TV3 AT CITY HALL, it was this writer that DEMANDED the Transcript note that TV3 was in a CLOSET at City Hall, not functioning at City Hall.

The editors finally relented and the correct information was published.

I noted this to the three Gatehouse executives and made a bet with them.

I bet that we all know who the Medford Transcript will "endorse" for Mayor, more certain of it than the fact that the Patriots will CRUSH the Jaguars on Sunday.

3)Fred Dello Russo, Jr.
What a lame excuse for a city councilor.
How can an individual reportedly making
Five Hundred Thousand Dollars a year off of
people's grief, VOTE FOR HIS OWN PAY
RAISE to make citizens grieve even more.

As ghoulish as TV3 Vice President Ron DeLucia on Halloween, along with every other day of the year.

4)Rick Caraviello
What a two faced pathological liar.
Need a limo people?  Just call RC Limos
and Rick will even leave a council meeting
where he voted for his own pay raise just
to pick you up.  Money, you see, is more
important to prevaricator Rick than the people's business.  Remember, Prevaricator Rick shortened is PRICK!
5)Michael C. Ruggiero

We know, we inconsequential nitwit so self-important and worthless that he doesn't have a snowball's chance in hell of getting in; something that we also told Mario Martin which put Martin in a defensive rage: even more so now that it turned out to be true.  Mario Martin now up for the role of Invisible Man in Medford politics.

Jackass Mike Ruggiero is writing on Facebook about the "tone" of Medford politics when Ruggiero's actions, speaking louder than his words, included criminal harassment on a private Facebook page resulting in relief from the courts on one of Ruggiero's prime associates and enablers.

Let that sink in, people: the unknown candidate - in Medford for only a year or so - besmirched incumbents on August 3 at the library; went against Police Chief Sacco in the Boston Globe when Sacco said he wouldn't discuss Stephen LeBert and Ruggiero said that they would have to.

Chief Sacco won that one, as if you would have any doubt otherwise, that Ruggiero could possibly prevail over the chief.

Then - after Medford Police Chief Sacco was alerted to the harassment on Facebook and the subsequent restraining order on one of Ruggiero's associates - something in motion prior to the chief taking the stage with Ruggiero,
Ruggiero continues violating the rules and campaigns, reportedly, at Tempone Manor 22 Allston St. with a NO SOLICITING sign prominent ...reportedly running around campaigning in a public building at least twice

 After Ruggiero reads this blog, he then campaigns on 9/22/15 at City Hall during a City Council meeting...the only candidate to do so.

Yes, Ruggiero is being reported to the authorities for alleged campaign violations.
So when Rick Caraviello thanks a reprobate like Ruggiero for asking for a kinder "tone" to the election, with Ruggiero and Caraviello being two of the main offenders, you wonder what Kool Aid they've been drinking.

This is NOT a photo of Caraviello with
the Dalai Lama, Obama or Pope Francis.

Caraviello said "Don't take my picture" when he realized a camera had caught him with the disgraced self-appointed Vice President of Medford Community Cablevision, Inc., currently under investigation by the office of the Attorney General, public charities division.


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28 in 23 minutes


John Boehner 
will resign from Congress at the end of October. How did this happen? 

What does this mean for the Planned Parenthood shutdown fight?

This story was originally published at 9:36 a.m.
House Speaker John A. Boehner, faced with a constant conservative rebellion, announced Friday he will step down at the end of October, a move that shocked Capitol Hill and exposed the deep tensions within the Republican party over how to use its congressional majority.

Boehner’s nearly five-year hold on the speaker’s gavel had grown increasingly unsteady amid threats from more than 30 Republicans that they would force a no-confidence vote in his speaker’s position, which would have forced him to rely on Democratic votes in order to remain in charge.


470,736 @ 1:54 PM


Tell your friends to link to
Medford Information Central Dot Com

Information Central 

Your REAL EYE on Medford  tm

MedfordInformationCentral dot com has provided you with the dates of elections before any other news organization

City Council Agenda 9/29/15 citycouncil 92915 the text in the first box should read (text follows - City of Medford Municipal election, for some reason the text didn't stay in the box.)

QUESTION 1 (Community Preservation Act)
Polling Locations open at 7:00 AM & Close at 8:00 PM
Last day and hour to register to vote for this election
Is Wednesday, October 14, 2015 by 8:00 PM
For further information contact Voter Registration at


470,707 @ 1:35 pm

Tell your friends to link to
Medford Information Central Dot Com


Michael Ruggiero:

Please, members of group posting, maintain a respectful tone as you address each other. It is absolutely OK to discuss your reasoned opinions of the candidates. It is not OK to attack other members of this group. Posting that are disrespectful will be removed.
  • Joe Viglione:   Also, people, please never post vicious rants on people's personal Facebook pages, which are private and have friends, family and business associates reading them, That happened to me by one of the people on this page and it was wrong. I had to get court protection from one of the individuals who was in that thread, which was granted to me on September 1, 2015. That's hitting way below the belt when we all should be looking to elect the best candidates.

Who is Political Assassin Chris Siren?

470,670@ 12,:31 pm
470,650 @ 12:10 pm
525 since 8 pm last night
Tell your friends to link to
Medford Information Central Dot Com

Some creepy South Medford dude with a stupid hat and supposed teaching job at M.I.T. is being a nuisance on Facebook.

Here's my response to the nitwit:

I look in the mirror and see the Nelson Mandela of Public Access TV in Medford, Chris! This writer has worked hard for your rights and don't you forget it. What have YOU done for our community? I don't throw rocks, I throw public records request responses...too bad if it damns the damned. There you go, people. I state my case that I write positive and negative and back it up with documents, but Chris Siren is a coward throwing a soundbite by failing to show up at the council and be visible. Sign of a cowardly bully. If you think I throw rocks, Chris, meet me at the council, look me in the eye, and come out of your bully closet where your typewriter throws rocks without substance. Let me repeat I don't throw rocks, I throw public records request responses...too bad if it damns the damned and exposes how much of the P/E/G money goes to pay teachers instead of giving us some transparency on access TV, especially during a critical election. Mr. Siren's posts are all aimed at assassinating one candidate with no balance, no looking at the entire picture of Stephanie Burke and Bob Penta. I see positives and negatives in all the candidates and evaluate, while Siren is on a Mission to Search and Destroy and no one in this community even knows who he is except for his rants here. Show up at the council, Chris, what are you afraid of? People - many people - shooting down your ideas? Where's your courage, Chris?

City Council Agenda 9/29/15

470,633 @ 11:12
30,694 in past 30 days
Over 1,000 page views, on average, per day!
City Council Agenda 9/29/15

coming attractions.

2nd Council Meeting after long, expensive SUMMER VACATION 2015

Caraviello, Knight, Dello Russo and Camuso voted for their own huge pay raise ...only to take the summer of 2015 off...such a deal! on your money. $$$$$$$ 








QUESTION 1 (Community Preservation Act)

Polling Locations open at 7:00 AM & Close at 8:00 PM

Last day and hour to register to vote for this election
Is Wednesday, October 14, 2015 by 8:00 PM

For further information contact Voter Registration at