The Conciliation Unit conducts the first proceeding for all contested claims. At the Conciliation level, the parties attempt to resolve the issues in dispute with the help of a DIA Conciliator. If the parties do not reach an agreement, the case may proceed to a Conference before an Administrative Judge. The Conciliation Unit has met its statutory time frame by scheduling Conciliations within 12 business days for receiving a claim or complaint and there has never been a backlog at Conciliation.
If you would like to reschedule or adjust a Conciliation, and you are the moving party, you must contact the Conciliator directly by phone. If you are unsure of which Conciliator has been assigned to your case, please call the Lawrence Regional Office.
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Teamsters charged with threatening, obstructing “Top Chef” filming

Furious that the television show “Top Chef” wasn’t using local union workers for their filming in Boston last year, five Teamsters used racist and homophobic slurs, threatened physical violence and slashed car tires to protest the non-union company doing the work, federal prosecutors charged in an indictment filed Wednesday.

The Teamsters, all members of Local 25, face charges of conspiracy to extort and attempted extortion of the unnamed company doing the Top Chef work.
The men named in the indictment are Robert Cafarelli, John Fidler, Mark Harrington, Richard Jeffrey and Daniel Redmond.