Tuesday, May 31, 2016

COUNCIL ends at 9:26 pm Tuesday night. Did you get your money's worth?

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They are STUMPED at the City Council...

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Rachel Tanenhaus talking about the 500k for stump removal.

9:13 pm Andrew Castignetti speaking.
As a concerned citizen, the old adage, if it ain't broke don't fix it...if it is broken, especially for safety concerns... 600 panels?  400 locations?   Since they are on a list, they may degrade as a problem, this 500 thousand should hopefully be enough to take care of every single location, not jumping down other areas in the street.

They must be in bad bad shape and be a safety issue.

Castignetti asks Brian Kerins a question.

Interesting, Kerins was supposed to leave city hall after 90 days.  He's still there.  Because Muccini-Burke's staff bailed and she needed him beyond the 90 days.   Weird. 

Live from the Medford City Council

New Top 10 at 8 PM

Daddy's Little Trollop Dethrones the K.K.K.

KKK poem DETHRONED by Trollop!

Kweer vs Strumpet*  !!!! HA HA

wow - after the 8 pm curfew the KKK song falls out of the Top 10 after being at #1 for a week or so! 

*strumpet -  a promiscuous woman.

722,030 Reprobate A. Maiocco Jr. Retires...but not for long

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City Council: Dello Russo praises reprobate Robert A. Maiocco, Jr. for "retiring." 

Is there a BIG job at City Hall from your tax dollars into his pocket?



oH Roy.....Royyyyyyyyyy....have you seen this one?

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Huntsville City Schools sued over secrecy of 'ineffective' teachers list





Huntsville City Schools refused to grant an open records request for a copy of the list of "ineffective teachers" that was presented to principals last year, leading to a lawsuit filed Thursday by the Huntsville Education Association.

The HEA, an organization that represents and advocates for its members who work for the Huntsville school system, filed suit in Madison County Circuit Court against the school system as well as Superintendent Casey Wardynski and the school board.

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Boston Globe: It can’t be comfortable in City Hall watching the scandal grow in slow motion. Worse, it’s a distraction for officials and bad for the city itself.



It can’t be comfortable in City Hall watching the scandal grow in slow motion. Worse, it’s a distraction for officials and bad for the city itself.




According to federal prosecutors, a Walsh administration official, Kenneth Brissette, demanded that the festival hire union labor if it wanted the permit necessary to use City Hall Plaza for its event. Brissette has been charged with extortion but denies the allegations. Left unclear in the federal indictment was just how much other city officials may have known about his demands. The indictment said another city official told the festival to hire union stagehands without naming him or her. 

One message released Friday, from a union official, also mentions the mayor: “I’m confident we can get a deal for a dozen or so stagehands especially with Mayor Walsh’s backing,” wrote Colleen A. Glynn, business manager for the International Alliance of Theatrical Stage Employees Local 11.
But the conduct of officials who work for him is the mayor’s responsibility. So is safeguarding the reputation of the City of Boston, which could be hurt by a protracted federal investigation. Brissette’s indictment called into question the integrity of Boston’s permitting under Walsh. The best way for the mayor to repair that impression would be to hold his staff accountable and level with the voters about who at City Hall knew what, and when.


Chicago CEO of Schools (like a Superintendent) ---READ THIS and think what you will!!!

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CPS CEO wants Barbara Byrd-Bennett to cough up millions

CPS CEO wants Barbara Byrd-Bennett to cough up millions

Barbara Byrd-Bennett. (WLS)
The head of the Chicago Public Schools is demanding his predecessor reimburse the financially troubled school district about $10 million.

Barbara Byrd-Bennett pleaded guilty in October to her role in a scheme to steer $23 million in no-bid contracts to education firms for $2.3 million in bribes and kickbacks.


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New TOP 10 6:14 pm Last day of MAY!

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T0P 10 AT 6:14 PM

A POEM @ #1
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6:14 pm

Letter just sent to Quack A Doodle Doo Stephanie Muccini-Burke on Public Access TV

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Yes, Matilda, it went to the Division of Public Charities, multiple investigators in the BCC as well!!!!

Why hasn't the AG's office acted on Medford Community Cablevision, Inc. yet?

It is 5:55 pm on Tuesday.  As I prepare my radio show with a retired judge tomorrow (he's still a lawyer) and think of all the fun stuff going on at Somerville Media Center (the new name for SCAT in a few months; you heard it here first,) it becomes obvious how cruel Mayor Burke and Mayor McGlynn have been,stomping on free speech rights.  It really is criminal since people pay money and so many citizens have been harassed, insulted and abused.

Pat Fiorello is dead.  While I weep for my friend, some of those in city hall celebrated...sick, truly sick.   One city councilor, now "retired," harassed the senior citizen with glee.    It was vile, it was absolutely disgusting, and if you dare defend anyone getting the rocks thrown at them by a Roy E. Belson or a Paulette Van der Kloot or the sinister Mrs. Burke, be careful.  They'll drag you into court, they'll start the smear campaigns, and they throw stones while not telling the public they are obligated to be honest with about a varsity coach or some politician's daughter and the hanky panky that is oh so commonplace under Roy E. Belson.
The citizens are buzzing about the financial records at the high school, just like TV3.  Here's the logic, and it is flawless.  Stanley Komins faced punishment when he turned the books over to other people.  Frank Pilleri won't turn the books over, seeing what happened to the now "late" Stanley Komins.

Roy E. Belson is doing the same exact thing!   He won't step aside, with all his alleged millions, and he wants to censor like Paul Camuso on steroids.

We get it.  They have done some not very nice things and so they hurl invective at residents paying for everything.

Mrs. Burke's alleged paranoia is the talk of the town.  One of her alleged supporters said to me at Panera a few weeks ago "one term mayor."  Wow...will she make it through a term?   Christine Barber's quack-a-doodle-do comment "let her get her feet wet" when Burke spent so much time on the council and with the Star Wars Emperor - Mike McGlynn - that it would be hilarious as a reality tv show; the sad part is, it is not funny at all for the residents footing the bill with that buffoon of a vindictive swindler, Stephanie Burke, putting hack after hack into places where they don't belong, and having no sense of honor or obligation when it comes to what the people want.

Jimmy Morse wanted access TV, John Byers, Chris Donovan, all in the BCC - and they've been denied, as I've been denied.

Mrs. Burke needs to be impeached and/or indicted for the tainted election that had no access TV, and the month of June here with no access TV.  I can build a TV station for us yesterday.  It's in my DNA - I can do this in my sleep.  But the arts be damned, citizens be damned, be abused, and a government in Medford that is not forthright, with the shadow of the varsity coach and some woman with a reputation at the high school hanging over the ex director of personnel like a sword of Damocles   ----

Ya think Mrs. Burke would ever reach out to me to run the tv station?  Hell, no.   Not when girlfriends and uncles and nephews and nieces seem in line for jobs, not due to qualifications, due to a lunatic mayor so drunk with power that she allegedly stabbed the old Emperor in the back and kicked him out the door quicker than she forced Teresa Walsh out of Dodge...allegedly...

but what do I know?   I just want the darn access station to open as promised, without the vulture, Roy E. Belson, looking over shoulders to censor the residents.

Joe Viglione 

Burke Must Come Clean on Teacher/Student Sex Scandal

721,498@11;03 am

While some ex-hairdresser in Muccini-Burke"s office is conducting a workdwide search ending Monday June 6, there is no suspense. she isn't REALLY looking for a qualified, honest individual. She seeks  her long lost reprobate uncle to hand him the lottrry ticket for participating in a fraudulent Mayoral election

What better in Miss Jeanine's Romper Room but a fat check for her tubby hubby, Medford's own Captain Kangaroo -a nasty, vindictive hack who allegedly committed more infractions for less money than his uncle-in-law allegedly scammed out of a construction company.  Allegedly operated by one of Uncle F.A's best friends.  When the construction company sees FA we can assure you they ain't thinkin' financial adviser

Burke thinks that by surrounding herself with greedy townies the sex scandal will just go away

Silly girl

We know better

Fraudulent Ex Mayor Gets Fony Phony Award

File under: The Big Phony

Allison, doll, stop being a shill for the indefensible morons who issue these dumb press releases.

Former Medford Mayor Honored by EPA

Former Medford Mayor Michael J. McGlynn was awarded the 2016 Environmental Lifetime Achievement Award for his exceptional work and commitment to the environment. The award recognizes outstanding environmental advocates who have made significant contributions towards preserving and protecting natural resources over a number of years.

Mrs. Burke "No Comment," Madame Knight walks out on taxpayers and fellow councilors

721,359 @ 7:03 am

The Boston Globe has an interesting article May 31, 2016:

No “if” questions? Today, some 24-hour television channels would go dark. Politicians could help television and themselves by imitating the man who won the White House four times.


Mrs. Burke has "no comment" on her wrongful conduct.

Madame Knight waltzes out on residents and fellow councilors.  At least he's not dribbling his expensive 30k a year b.s. behind the rail when he skedaddles like the coward that he is.

Fred Dello Russo, Jr. sitting dumbfounded like Alfred E. Newman and fracturing the First Amendment whenever possible.

Those 3 stooges should be in prison, not thinking that they are running a city.

They are "running a city," all right, right into the ground.

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Adam Knight Spits on First Amendment...fraud councilor essays about liberty...what a joke

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No News Nell is at it again, publishing nonsense from the lying lips of Adam Knight

On this Memorial Day, as we honor those who have fallen in the fight for our country, let us also reflect on the contributions of Colonel Florence Blanchfield, whose commitment to the preservation of life, liberty and equality stand testament to values of those raised in our greatest generation.

1)Since Knight doesn't know how to speak, which college paper did he lift that from?

2)Commitment to the preservation of "liberty and equality" - yeah, every time that jackass gets up at the city council and walks out, presumably to stain his teeth  and/or

...shows up with Ratt Page Lieberman, an offensive, vindictive individual who told a woman to go kill herself with carbon monoxide... every time Knight engages with Page-Lieberman from the hideous TV3 or harangues and harasses a former councilor Knight isn't fit to shine the shoes of, you see the duplicitous nature of the union boy.

Thankfully, the Medford Transcript has so many pop up ads and articles poorly written tat Adam Knight-Lieberman's article won't get the traction it might have received three or four years ago. 

Monday, May 30, 2016

Unwarranted Narcisssism - Narcissistic Adam Knight Damages City Council; should resign

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 Adam Knight should be impeached.

This is a University that was founded on the principles of social justice- I think it’s time for the Administration to take a look in the mirror and ask the question, “What would our founding fathers do?”
– Submitted by Medford City Councilor Adam Knight

On Memorial Day a fraud like Adam Knight would make the founding fathers gag.   The disreputable fraud city councilor has engaged in juvenile behavior, associated with a despicable individual who ripped off the cable TV subscribers while sitting on a board of directors of a station so damaged that it had to be shut down.   This is who Adam Knight associates with, a nasty individual like Matthew Page Liberman, so disreputable that he changes his name on the internet so that people don't realize it's the same jackass that told a minority woman to go kill herself when she wouldn't have sex with him.

That's who Adam Knight consorts with.

The First Amendment to the U.S. Constitution is something Adam Knight is afraid of and allergic to.  A coward like Knight is self-serving, obnoxious, and one wonders about his abuse of the city council to promote causes that the union he belongs to appears to be for.

Adam Knight isn't for the people.

noun: narcissism
excessive or erotic interest in oneself and one's physical appearance.
synonyms:vanity, self-love, self-admiration, self-absorption, self-obsession, conceit, self-centeredness, self-regard, egotism, egoism


Stats on Memorial Day
Quite impressive for a holiday.
Thank you, readers.

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Route 93 Boat Accident...never go boating on Route 93

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 {Perhaps they were trying to launch into SPOT POND???}
Photo credit Angelo M.

 1:33 pm May 30 WBZ announced a trailer had gone off the road on Route 93 before the Forest St. exit backing up traffic past Spot Pond
Big Bruiser Truck to carry away boat and trailer

Photo credit: Angelo M.
From 1:33 pm at Spot Pond to 1:47 pm to get to the Forest St. exit, traffic at 10 mph

Photo credit: Angelo M

Joan of Arc was murdered on this day; St Francis in Scituate stolen from parishioners


Hold the Hypocritical Catholic Church accountable

What would Jesus do?

Not content to just sell in the Lord's Father's house
after Jesus knocked tables over and threw them out,
The money changers now sell the temple

Boston Globe page 1

Sunday, May 29, 2016

Prosecutors Questionable Conduct

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Wayward prosecutors go unpunished as prison time for victims piles up

pdated Apr 5, 2016 at 1:05 PM


Massachusetts prosecutors have violated defendants’ rights to a fair trial regularly and without punishment, even as wrongfully convicted victims of tainted prosecutions have spent years in prison before being freed, decades of court rulings show.
The state’s Supreme Judicial Court and Appeals Court have reversed at least 120 criminal convictions since 1985 in part or entirely because of the prosecuting attorney’s misconduct described in the judges’ rationale for the overturned verdicts.
The New England Center for Investigative Reporting reviewed more than 1,000 rulings in which defendants alleged prosecutorial misconduct. In addition to the 120 reversals, judges criticized the prosecution’s behavior in another 250 cases, but found the lapses not serious enough to affect the jury’s decision, and upheld the convictions.

Gay Rights Violated Across the U.S.A. - Bigoted Govt Officials in Medford Abuse Homosexuals

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Basic Safety Ignored - Don Blankenship Story vs Roy Belson Story

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Hey Roy Belson,
when you ignore safety standards the parents
expect - like phone calls or alerts - you are no better than Don Blankenship

A federal prosecutor has urged a judge in West Virginia to sentence Donald L. Blankenship, who was chief executive of Massey Energy Company when 29 workers were killed in a mine explosion, to the maximum of a year in jail for conspiring to violate safety standards.


 TOP 10  for 7:57 pm Sunday May 29, 2016


7:57 pm
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8:08 pm

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Seven Hundred Twenty Thousand and Fourteen

720,014@ 6:19 pm

Seven Hundred Twenty Thousand and Fourteen Paranoid fraud city officials read us hourly

Two Hundred Seventy Nine, nine eighty six hits to one million

Daddy's Little Trollop

719,980@5:36 pm
20 to 720,000 all time psge views

Her daddy needs to go to AA
He fixates on a political gay
He has lots of thugs that he could call up
To defend the honor of daddy's little trollop

The Varsity Coach
He's no fan of Sophie Tucker's
A dream date after sex
A burger at Fuddruckers

In their lust for power
They illegally search you
For elected office
They sold their daughter's virtue
Abuse of power
Malicious abuse of process
Her daddy's dirty mouth
Speaks from the ass of horses

City Hall and the courts
So very corrupt
A cover- up in the case of
Daddy's little trollop

Call my radio show
the guilty parties all confessed
A refreshing change from that abysmal
Former Friday night filth fest

Too funny. Go go's Our Lips Are Sealed is on DD radio right now - 5:28 PM

Too bad dirty daddy couldn't keep the trollop's lips that way...

You can fight city hall when people in a position of power
cover up alleged crimes

You can fight city hall.

What kind of parents does the little trollup have and where are they?

Who are they?

After this poem was written more information came in that
the trollop was one of the biggest  wxxxx's in the high school.

Just the messenger.  Attack me and you miss the real target --- the school kids gossiping about the sxxt of Medford High.

What an embarrassment.

Response Letter to Law Department

719,882 @ 3:22 pm
719,871 @ 3:08 pm

Sent: Sunday, May 29, 2016 3:02 PM

Subject: Law Office: Moral Turpitude 

Contracts for Anne Irwin and Jenn Dever Wood

Law Department
85 George P. Hassett Drive
Merdford, MA 02155

Dear City Solicitor,

Thank you for responding to my FOIA/PUBLIC RECORDS request concerning Collector Ann Marie Irwin.   I appreciate you, Mr. Rumley, responding to my requests; the unfortunate part in reading this is that it becomes obvious that Mrs. Burke's administrative appointments are nothing more than political paybacks to people who have helped her with her campaign.

You've done your job, Mr. Rumley, but Mrs. Burke has not done hers.   How can there never be any documents for all the documents that I am seeking?   

Jenn Dever Wood - the new "chief of staff" installed after my investigation let the staffers know that they had no chief of staff when Teresa Walsh "resigned."  My news site went with the story at 1:07 pm on February 18th; Mrs. Burke let the staff know at 2 pm, 53 minutes after I broke the story, the Medford Transcript scrambled to get something out by 2:58 pm.   No News Nell at the Transcript caught with her knickers down again because she has to get permission from City Hall before the remote control allows her to publish.

Now, you informed me that Jenn Dever Wood has no contract with the city. What if a clerk's job becomes available at Middlesex Superior Court, with all its monies and security?  Will Dever-Wood get out of Dodge as so many others have - Annie Sgroi, Teresa Walsh, Karen Rose, Louise Miller...the list is growing, and we are only 150 days into this year with 216 remaining.  State Rep Christine Barber told me to let Mayor Burke "get her feet wet."  Well, Mr. Rumley, we have and Burke's in the deep end of the pool, can't swim, and all she is saying is "No comment."
If Jenn Dever Wood leaves it would say to Mr. and Mrs. Medford - "No sense of loyalty to Mrs. Burke and/or qualifications for the job,"  

Nio qualifications necessary because in many cases these hires are political paybacks because they supported someone during the campaign.  Not hired for qualifications.

It is quite obvious that Mrs. Burke lacks the skills to be mayor by looking at that aforementioned  very first appointment - Teresa Walsh, That when Mrs. Burke was asked what happened she replied "No comment." 

Mrs. Burke's whole administration can be wrapped up in two words "No Comment."  

Mr. and Mrs. Medford are getting the message loud and clear.  She has no comment because Burke herself has no qualifications to be mayor, and people she has hired have little or no qualifications for the job - hired only because they helped Mrs,.Burke on the campaign. 

I believe you, Mr. Rumley, need to ask why there are never any documents and no contracts.  It is your duty and obligation to the city of Medford, Mr. Rumley, to investigate this Administration's rather suspect activity. 

I have posted your response to my Real Medford Mass Politics page on Facebook
or   http://tinyurl.com/realmedfordmass

That Mrs. Brian Callahan (Ann Marie Irwin,) daughter of a retired judge, the late Honorable John J. Irwin, Jr., would have no contract with our city is remarkable.  But Attorney Callahan, her husband, was the campaign manager for Mrs. Burke. This smacks of payback.

That Jenn Dever Wood, formerly employed - allegedly - by embattled Sheriff James V. DiPaola and the office of Stephanie Muccini-Burke's husband, Brian S. Burke (who verbally assaulted me in front of women and seniors on October 15, 2015, at the Great Debate, as you know) is not the "change" the residents expected when they voted in November.   Makes one wonder if our votes were properly counted, doesn't it? 

But with those rumors, City Solicitor, comes extra responsibility for you to safeguard our city by having proper contracts with each person hired by a mayor who has had a multitude of problems on her hands.  From allegations that her golden boy, DPW/Park Dept's Mike Nestor, was asleep on the job during a blizzard, not wearing proper clothing to work that meet OSHA standards, or the secrecy surrounding the departure of Teresa Walsh, barely in office before - as rumor has it - she was frog marched out of city hall, her 106k salary gone.

And she's an attorney who lectures on election ethics?   Hmmmm.... really makes one wonder if she stumbled onto something she wasn't supposed to stumble onto...but again I digress.

What next?   

What if a school superintendent was involved in a cover-up regarding a teacher sex scandal involving a politically powerful family somewhere in the U.S.A.?   Having a contract with a "moral turpitude" clause could help us removal such a "repugnant" individual, to utilize your vernacular, Solicitor Rumley.
Moral turpitude is a legal concept in the United States and some other countries that refers to "conduct that is considered contrary to community standards of justice, honesty or good morals. This term appears in U.S. immigration law beginning in the 19th century.

My request is that you look deeper and see if you can find ANY documents - e mails, memos, etc. AND that you demand contracts with every single city employee.

Speaking of superintendents...does Roy E. Belson have a contract (with a moral turpitude clause in it?) and, if so, please post it on the city website for all to read.   Along with the City Charter.

Thank you.

Joe Viglione