Tuesday, March 31, 2020

Fence Jumping Lessons for Michael Marks and Rick Caraviello, the new book by Colton Underwood

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True Story
That Jackass Francis Goodhue at Melrose TV

Goodhue: "Jay Severin's a fag."

JV: Frank, I can say that on TV and people can hate me, but it is First Amendment.  YOU, on the board of directors, can't say that."

Frank Goodhue: "Why?  There are no fags here!"

JV: Well, I'm glad you feel that way, I hate homosexuals too!"

Frank Goodhue: "You do???"

JV: Yes, after my last five husbands you would too!"

That was that for Melrose TV
Frank told the staff to stop helping me.
I took my tapes and left yet another
homophobic TV station

Steve Marra at TV 3
 "A fag's a fag, a spade's a spade, a (N WORD) is a (N WORD)...I don't discriminate."




Jul 10, 2013 - The Medford City Council this afternoon is receiving the following ... Mayor orders Medford police investigation into allegations of hate speech at TV3 ... and discriminatory behavior while a member at TV3 [Medford Community ...
The Medford City Council this afternoon is receiving the following letter from ... to hate speech and discriminatory behavior while a member at TV3 [Medford ...
Jul 10, 2013 - Medford's public access station, TV3 Medford, is being investigated by the police for alleged hateful speech and discrimination directed toward ...

Colton Underwear - who leaped the fence on the Bachelor, probably to get away from the women he's allergic to, can now teach ON THE FENCE Caraviello and Cow-tipper Michael Marks how to decide which side of the fence to be on!

The secret is right here:

Now we all know I'm a jack of all trades
and master of many...so I'll let you in on a little secret...

if you trust my Gaydar...and you damn well should...

Colton Underwear speaking on this YouTube video sends my gaydar through the roooooof!

I don't need The Bachelor to see Colton has found himself a Beard on the Batch-Allure!

The queerest photo of all
Two guys on left
Two chicks on right
Oh, Puhleeeeze, Mary!

Sexuality Struggle: Watching THE BACHELOR can TURN HOMOSEXUALS into HETEROSEXUALS - Here's the PROOF

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Are YOU having a SEXUALITY STRUGGLE like Colton Underwood (who's that?) OR do you have a tall tale to tell to sell your book: FINDING MYSELF AND LOOKING FOR LOVE ON REALITY TV
a musician friend of mine told me that the best place to find a homosexual date is at these "revolutionary new idea" places!!!!! 

Oh my God, I woke up today only to realize that I am a heterosexual! A spot changing leopard! My fingerprints have migrated to the Twilight Zone

Now that whackjob preacher Leanne Payne with her nutty homosexual cures is gone we have the Bachelor to turn lesbians and homosexual men straight!

*I know a victim of Leanne Payne...never heard of her till he told me that she "cured" him of being gay. He's on his fourth wife now...he beat up the first one, dragged her across the room by her hair (published in the original transcript of his book,) emotional beat up the 2nd wife, the wealthy family allegedly yanked the millions after his third wife in Europe...and the fourth wife told me "this is a business transaction!" No doubt.

The poor guy is more messed up than Colton Underwood and thanks to Leanne's "cure" at least two women were physically and emotionally beat up thanks to the train wreck that she created with her loony book.

"Colton Underwood's appearance on The Bachelor helped him find love -- but it also taught him valuable lessons about himself and his sexuality.

As credible as Chief Leo Sacco AND the MBTA proclaiming "If you see something...SAY something" (se we can do a better job covering it all up!!!!!)

In his new book, The First Time: Finding Myself and Looking for Love on Reality TV, the former football player opens up about his virginity and how he spent some of his adolescence and early 20s questioning whether he was gay. In an interview with ET's Lauren Zima, Underwood credited The Bachelor for helping him realize he was straight (must have been all the Playgirl magazines they had laying around...)


Retired Attorney David Skerry Praises Editor of this Publication

Prominent Medford attorney

David Paul Skerry, said to

Joe Viglione on the telephone

"You're a good journalist. You're a better journalist than a lawyer."

David must be a faithful reader of

proof that I'm a damn fine journalist!

Please note: I am NOT a lawyer.

"He's a seasoned courtroom veteran"
Atty Skerry said to the court...
and you know the outcome:


and David laughed all the way

In a library in Somerville I said to Mr. Skerry about his attorney son, Brian:

"All due respect but...I've probably won more cases than your son."

David Skerry's reply: "You probably have!"

In front of former Judge Isaac Borenstein
Brian D. Skerry said
"He's the KING of the bloggers!"

You know it, Brian!

And so does Patrick Gordon!!!!

Author Dennis Lehane in Medford 1999 and 2013

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My two interviews with author Dennis Lehane were taped in Medford, Massachusetts. 1999 on 40 Canal Street West Medford and around 2013 at Bestseller's in Medford Square

Great Access Television


Monday, March 30, 2020

Interview with Platinum 70's Songwriter

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Helen Reddy
Ain't No Way To Treat A Lady

Jeannie Kendall's rendition of Harriet's "You Just Don't Get Me, Do You?"

Medford News Weekly

Hotline to the Underground March 30, 2020 : An Interview with Harriet Schock By Joe Viglione


Joel Bernstein, the co-owner of Nuggets Records back in the day, turned me on to the music of Harriet Schock in the 1970s.  Her album Hollywood Town is a masterpiece that launched a Top 10 record for Helen Reddy, "Ain't No Way to Treat A Lady" as well as the title track being recorded by Manfred Mann.

In 1991 at a music convention in Hollywood I met Harriet, May 12, 1991 to be exact.  Phoned Jo Jo Laine and my VR co-host Lisa Cavanaugh's friend and mine, Jaime, who was dating P.F. Sloan at the time, the songwriter famous for "Eve of Destruction," "Where Were You When I Needed You" (The Grass Roots) and other 60s hits and met up with her.  Like Jo Jo Laine said, it was a magical time.

The next evening, Harriet gave Jaime and I a concert in her home on May 13, 1991 performing songs from Hollywood Town.   Hollywood Town had a direct inspiration on songs I wrote for my first album released in Paris in 1978.  Harriet's chord structure amazes me as does her sense of melody, use of the right lyrics, she's an extraordinary artist.

Last week, March 23, 2020, I interviewed Harriet for the Medford News Weekly.

The publisher of the Somerville News Weekly was on my TV show twice in October and November of 2019.   I said to Bill that Medford needs a newspaper with the Medford Mercury dissolving.

And here we are - public access TV from another town, in essence, brought a new newspaper to Medford.

And that is the power of public access television.

Where is the Public Access TV Station in Medford to help blunt the pandemic?

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Developing Story to Post on Community Media Medford dot com

What a CROCK - The MBTA and See Something Say Something - Just like Crooked Leo A. Sacco Jr. Used to Say when he was Alleged Thief of Police in Medford

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If You See Something, Say Something

Your eyes and ears are the most valuable tools in our effort to keep everyone safe on the T.
To report an emergency or incident, please:

M.B.T.A. Cop Joe Sacco and the January 2017 Alleged Drunk Driving Incident

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What the Fxxxx is wrong with the MBTA?

5 Investigates: alleged drunk driving incident involving T cop sparks investigations




MBTA'S  SHANNA S Shaw Text/Crash

MBTA Transit Police Officer Dorston Bartlett  

MBTA two Transit Police sergeants, David Finnerty, 43, of Rutland, and Kenny Orcel, 55, of Chelmsford. 


The official identified the driver as Shanna S. Shaw. A person who picked up at a phone number listed for Shaw identified himself as a relative and said that Shaw was not available to speak, but was fine and recovering from the crash.
According to records from the Registry of Motor Vehicles, Shaw was involved in a crash in her personal vehicle in Dorchester in April and was found more than 50 percent at fault. She was also found at fault in crashes in 2003 and 1994. Between 1994 and 2008, Shaw incurred citations for speeding, two seat-belt violations, failure to stop, and improper passing.

An official who was not authorized to speak publicly about the incident said that the driver had a cellphone in her possession at the time of the crash, a violation of T rules that ban operators of buses, trolleys, and subway cars from having a cellphone with them while on duty.


Channel 5 releases Joe Sacco's name, yet MBTA "Atty" Ciollo swings wild accusations at the victim to deny US, the public paying the MBTA,  the same rights regarding Driver #73274 that the public had in regards to the driver killed on that same February 2020 weekend in Quincy  (RIP, tragic story, but a story about the public in danger as well.)

An MBTA bus driver who was killed in an accident at the Quincy Center Station busway Saturday has been identified as Sanyi Harris, 45, of Brockton, by the Norfolk County District Attorney’s Office.  https://www.boston.com/news/local-news/2020/02/10/mbta-bus-driver-killed-identified-sanyi-harris

Former Medford reporter Travis Andersen writes in March of 2019:

 Prosecutor details alleged Transit Police beating of homeless man, coverup

By Travis Andersen Globe Staff,March 26, 2019, 11:52 a.m.
MBTA Transit Police Officer Dorston Bartlett beat a homeless man on a train at Ashmont Station last July with “unnecessary, unreasonable, and unjustified” force, and two of Bartlett’s superiors tried to cover it up, a prosecutor alleged Tuesday.
The allegations came during the Suffolk Superior Court arraignment of Bartlett, 65, of Lynn, who has since retired, and two Transit Police sergeants, David Finnerty, 43, of Rutland, and Kenny Orcel, 55, of Chelmsford.

Anthony Watson was allegedly beaten by a Transit Police officer last summer while sleeping on a train at the Ashmont MBTA stop. Craig F. Walker/Globe Staff/Globe Staff


A former MBTA police officer who allegedly beat a homeless man and two sergeants accused of helping him cover it up have been indicted, according to Suffolk County District Attorney Rachael Rollins.  https://www.nbcboston.com/news/local/former-mbta-police-officer-2-supervisors-indicted-for-beating-homeless-man-cover-up/4973/

Aiden Quinn, the MBTA operator who crashed a Green Line trolley while texting his girlfriend in 2009, pleaded guilty to negligence yesterday and was sentenced to two years of probation and 100 hours of community service.



May 2009

June 2009

November 2009

By David Abel Globe Staff / June 13, 2009

Text size +
The bus driver thought he found a loophole in the MBTA's new ban on operators using cellphones: He did not bring a cellphone to the job, which is now banned, and he did not talk on one while driving.
Instead, the 41-year-old driver put his Route 111 bus in park on Sagamore Street in Chelsea, borrowed a cellphone from a passenger and spent nearly five minutes talking while riders sat waiting for him, according to a video taken by a camera installed on the bus.



MBTA driver caught texting, suspended

Massachusetts Bay Transportation Authority officials were alerted by a commuter who they say captured video of the driver texting Monday while the trolley was in motion.
The operator was identified only as a 45-year-old male with 24 years of service.


 IN my efforts to get the MBTA to adhere to a Determination by the Division of Public Records, I noted how the crazed bus driver on the 134 Route reflected the same issue that forced driver Aiden Quinn to be removed.

 The case involving the alleged gross negligence by a person in control of a common carrier - driver #73274

This is a PUBLIC SAFETY ISSUE and the loony attorney at the MBTA, Julie Ciollo, went so far as to state she thinks I want the videotapes to make $$$.  When have I EVER made money on this stuff I self-finance???

Sheesh, what a creep. MBTA has until 5 pm today to get someone sane to correspond with me or I'm filing a bevy of complaints on behalf of PUBLIC SAFETY, and EXHIBIT A is the disgraceful handling of Leo A. Sacco Jr.'s derelict son, Joe Sacco.

Let's be real here - "gross negligence by a person in control of a common carrier?" and Mr. Sacco's alleged antics do not bode well for the already sullied reputation of the T.

Sacco Channel 5 article:
Sources told 5 Investigates the Transit Police officer, Joe Sacco, was allegedly drunk behind the wheel. A Fallon ambulance crew spotted him driving erratically and called 911, the sources said, and Sacco pulled over by the Bunker Hill Community College T stop before state police arrived.
Transit Police were notified, MBTA transit officers picked up his truck and gun, and a relative took Sacco home, sources said. An hour later the scene was cleared.



They took his gun, his truck and his keys...he was allegedly drunk, so today we have filed a public records request to get to the bottom of how Sacco was treated in a manner that was different from ordinary citizens.  It should prove the MBTA is into victim blaming and alleged cover-ups.


 How can the MBTA allow a Joe Sacco to not be fully investigated, allegedly?  And that is the precedent that is evidence to go along with my complaint on the MBTA attorney, Ms. Ciollo.


Kathy Curran article on Channel 5

Officer is not arrested or charged