Monday, December 31, 2018

New Year's Greetings...

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Oh, Joe, get your hair in place before taking a photo

Mr. Falco: What's hair?  Can I have some, by George?

Bearded on 12/31/18

Shaved on Visual Radio !

The light from the angelic presence (that would be me,) and the light from on high wish y'all a Happy New Year

Into 2019.  Let's have some fun!

MSNBC and CNN Beat Fox News

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MSNBC is surging

To appreciate the focus of the “Rachel Maddow Show” on the Mueller legal plume, consider the name of Alex van der Zwaan. Perhaps the most international guy ever conceived, he’s a 30-something Dutch man who was born in Belgium, formerly worked in the London branch of the law firm Skadden, Arps, Slate, Meagher & Flom and speaks Russian, French, Dutch and English. His entry into Mueller’s world came through Paul Manafort, the former Trump campaign chairman who made a handsome living in part by making corrupt Ukrainian politicians look okay. Manafort facilitated a report by Skadden that whitewashed the actions of pro-Russia, former Ukrainian leader Viktor Yanukovych, who had jailed an opposition leader.

Elizabeth Warren / Muccini-Burke For President ticket? HA ...

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Democratic Sen. Elizabeth Warren releases new video on possibility of 2020 run

Warren says Muccini-Burke is the perfect VP candidate: always shopping and not interfering in government business!

Sunday, December 30, 2018


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Fitness YouTuber dies after being tased by police as he attacked his Tinder date

 “In an effort to rescue the victim and disarm Stelzer, Cohasset Police officers used Tasers to subdue Stelzer,” the Cohasset Police Department said in a statement posted on Facebook Friday. “Stelzer was immediately provided medical attention by EMTs. During transport to a local area hospital, Stelzer became unresponsive and was later pronounced dead.”



11:24 AM 12-30-18

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Catholic Church has Year in Hell

How 2018 became the Catholic Church's year from hell

How 2018 became the Catholic Church's year from hell
Updated 12:40 AM EST December 29, 2018
A prominent cardinal resigned in disgrace. Grand jurors accused hundreds of Catholic clerics of secretly abusing children. A former Vatican ambassador urged the Pope himself to step down.
It was enough for New York's Cardinal Timothy Dolan to call it the Catholic 

Scarpelli Gives Birth to 15 pound Baby

Falcorusso Jr. and Caraviello claim to be father

Texas baby weighs nearly 15 pounds at birth, breaking hospital record
4:36 PM EST December 29, 2018
A baby born this month in Texas weighed nearly 15 pounds, breaking records 

Texas woman Georgia Scaraviello breaks record giving birth to nearly 15-pound baby...tiny broomstick in hand at birth!

New TOP 10 12:01 am December 30, 2018

Send tips to:   Is this the year Edward P. Caraviello Gets Indicted?   Will John Falco become the new Council President and shine a light on his bald head to keep energy costs down? Will Greenpeace tow Rick Caraviello back out into the water and drop him off somewhere near Cape Town or Antartica?  We can always hope.  Will George Scarpelli be BANNED PERMANENTLY from janitorial duties as a judge orders Scarpiello to stay away from broomsticks? All this and much more...

ONLY A TOP 9 BECAUSE I PUT A POPULAR POST IN DRAFT...Probably the one about the hot bartender!









Saturday, December 29, 2018

More Shaws Photos My Darlings...

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And the Shaws, comes tumbling down...

John Cougar
And The Walls Come Tumbling down

OK, combination of Wegman's parking lot sunset and
the Shaws store demolition.

 Photos (C) 2019 Joe Viglione all rights preserved like Uncle Bob Maiocco's fading hairdo

John Cougar
And The Walls Come Tumbling down


The Plot Against Stephanie Muccini-Burke

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Richard F. Caraviello: "I intend to be Mayor in 2019."

Fed Dello Russo, Jr: "Ha!  Ha ha ha ha ha! Ha...Ha Ha ha ha ha"

Caraviello: Silence that fool!  Who is with me.

The city council and school committee ignore him.  Suddenly, pudgy fingers raise slowly.

Caraviello: By George, you're hired.

George Scarpelli and Rick Caraviello go to the local recruitment office for some privacy in their plot to overthrow the Witch of Medford.

Recruitment officer: This is not the National Lard, it's the National Guard. What are fat people doing here?

Caraviello phones Detective MacKowski: "I want to file witness intimidation charges on a recruitment officer!"

Mackowski: Paul Covino isn't onboard, and neither am I. We're all getting sued in 2019 for your last stunt.  Go to hell.



Friday, December 28, 2018

Gay Sailors Get Backlash over Homecoming KISS

Rock and Roll All Night and Party every Day
Gene Simmons wasn't there to grope them, Kevin Spacey, were  you?

Same-sex Navy couple faces backlash for re-creating iconic WWII kiss: 'We're just showing our love for each other'


On Dec. 21, sailor Bryan Woodington, 33, stepped off the USS The Sullivans at Naval Station Mayport in Jacksonville, Fla., eager to greet Kenneth, his husband of one year. According to News 4 Jax, Bryan was one of 300 sailors returning to their families after seven months in the Persian Gulf and Europe.

Handsome Newscaster Allegedly OVERDOSES in Hotel... sad story

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  Chris Burrous  RIP

While the official cause of death for Burrous has not been released, Variety reported that authorities mentioned Burrous “may have overdosed.” The former news anchor was reportedly with another person at the Days Inn, who tried — unsuccessfully — to keep him alive through CPR. Following the 43-year-old’s death, KTLA president and general manager Don Corsini and news director Jason Ball issued a joint statement:

This one is ten times cuter and died of an alleged overdose around December 16.

Drugs are how the worldwide authorities are "culling the herd."

Colin Kroll, the CEO and co-founder of HQ Trivia, has died of an apparent drug overdose ... TMZ has learned. 
Law enforcement sources tell TMZ, Kroll's girlfriend called police early Sunday and asked them to check up on him after she was unable to get in touch. Cops went to downtown Manhattan to do a welfare check, entered his apartment and found Kroll's body in his bedroom with drug paraphernalia nearby.


IMPORTANT: Jan 2, 6 pm Lawrence Memorial School of Nursing Emergency Facility

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Jan 2, 2019 6 pm
Lawrence Memorial School of Nursing

Thank you, Jean, for the information.

Reminder: The Department of Public Health has scheduled a public hearing on the closing of the Lawrence Memorial Hospital satellite emergency facility for January 2, 2019 at 6 p.m. at the Lawrence Memorial Hospital School of Nursing. Mass. DPH has indicated that written comments may be submitted to the address highlighted below up to and including the date of the hearing.

Please find the official DPH notice below:


MelroseWakefield Healthcare, Inc. – Lawrence Memorial Hospital Satellite Emergency Facility

170 Governors Avenue, Medford MA

The Massachusetts Department of Public Health has received notification of MelroseWakefield Healthcare, Inc. intent to close the Satellite Emergency Facility at its Lawrence Memorial Hospital Campus.

Pursuant to 105 CMR 130.122(D) the Department will conduct a hearing on the proposed change at 6:00PM on Wednesday, January 2, 2019, at the Lawrence Memorial Hospital/Regis School of Nursing, Classroom A/B, 170 Governors Avenue, Medford, MA. This hearing will not be adjudicatory in nature, but rather a public forum for the presentation of any comments which may be relevant to the Department’s consideration of the proposed change.

Written comments concerning this matter may be submitted to the Department of Public Health, Division of Health Care Facility Licensure and Certification, Attn: Closure Coordinator, 11th Floor, 99 Chauncy Street, Boston MA 02111 through the period of up to and including the date of the hearing. All written and oral comments submitted to the Department may be posted on the Department’s website and released in response to a request for public records.

Police Chief Buckley's TOP 10 New Year Resolutions

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 To help out the new chief, we'll give you the Top 10 citizens' agenda

2019 Top 10 New Year Resolutions for the new Chief of Police

10)Pay to Park
09)The indictment and arraignment of Richard F. Caraviello
08)The Mark Rumley Problem
07)Police on social media
06)Police Department needs to Intervene RE: Lawrence Memorial Hospital
05)Investigation into former police chief Leo A. Sacco, Jr.
04)Investigation into activities of Roy E. Belson re: sexual predators in school system
03)Medford Community Cablevision, Inc.
02)Public Access Television for 2019 and its interaction with police department
01)Investigation of the Muccini-Burke administration and - if statute hasn't run out - the McGlynn Administration

10)Pay To Park  Established January 2015. Now entering 5th year.

    4 full years of this nonsense what residents have is an inconvenience not benefiting our city.

January 2016 Transcript articleRepublic estimates that since January 2015, when nearly 100 parking kiosks and meters were installed throughout the city’s five business districts, through today, the program generated just more than $1 million in revenue from kiosk and meter payments, permits and citation fees.
Of that revenue, Medford will receive only about $30,000, as the city’s contract with Republic stipulates it receives 73 percent of gross revenue generated after the first $975,000 for the first year. 

Doesn't matter who the quote is attributed to, Pay To Park = Insanity --- repeating the same mistakes and expecting different results. ...


9)Soon-to-be former city council president lying to the police
Rick Caraviello lied to the police about "witnessing" Edward P. Finn.  Finn attacked - verbally and physically - a resident who writes on a very popular blog.

If Jack Buckley wants to start things off on the right foot, Rick Caraviello should be indicted and arraigned on lying to the police.

8)Mark Rumley - new chief should give Rumley an offer he cannot refuse - included in that offer, an opportunity to resign.

   The City Solicitor's actions, on multiple occasions, are in direct conflict with what Mr. Rumley displays to the public of who Mark thinks he is.
   Maybe it's a mental problem, maybe his ego is out of control, one thing is for certain, Mr. Rumley's outrageous behavior is a detriment to this city.
   Just look at his inconsistency regarding public access television.  I'm being polite merely calling him "inconsistent."   Very polite.

7)Police on social media
   A couple or few officers have defended to me their right to speak their mind on social media.
   1)Their etchings can come back to haunt them in a murder case, bank robbery or parking ticket
   2)They are cops 24/7, just as attorneys are on call 24/7. 
   3)They represent the entire police force, not just themselves

The new chief of police needs to make it clear that harassment of citizens by men or women in authority is like a giant stepping on an ant.  It is unacceptable. 

6)Lawrence Memorial Hospital.     If there's an accident you get the ambulance, the fire truck, the police and the hospital gets involved.
   There's a great synergy between the police and the hospital.  Chief Jack needs to flex his muscles in this regard. Seriously.
5) Investigation of Leo A. Sacco, Jr.
    There's a plethora of nasty information in the Stephen Lebert file that any sane society would have required Sacco to step down years ago.  But Sacco, the stain on
    the department, continued his wrongful conduct, all the while acting like "Buddy Sacco," your alleged best friend.   Wolf in sheep's clothing dove-tailing so nicely into
    the bad deeds of the Law office of the city of Medford.    Pull the information on the January 2017 non-arrest for allegations of drunk driving by chief's son. See if there is
    any truth to the nephewtism (ooops, johnny byers, pardon me for hijacking your term for nepotism) ...the Niecetism / nepotism allegations and throw the book at the
    ex chief if the allegations all turn out to be based in fact.
4)Roy E. Belson turned to Krissy Fraser and said "Joe thinks I hide sexual predators at the high school."    Reporter Joe doesn't "think,"  Joe Know!
   If Roy is up in Cummings Park, Woburn, Insulting....ooops, consulting, hold him accountable for lack of security at the high school during his overstaying his welcome,
   alleged collusion with ex Chief Sacco, and his involvement with Muccini-Burke and McGlynn in hushing things up, starting with the elephant in the room - the varsity
   coach allegedly having a tryst with a powerful politician's daughter.  Indict them all!
3)Medford Community Cablevision, Inc.   Investigate the former board member, Mark E. Rumley, and why he hasn't dropped the hammer on his colleagues at the
  now defunct TV station. Follow the money and secure the monies allegedly missing to put in to a new 501c3.  Hold pertinent staff, board members, former board members
  accountable for what Adam Knight called a "fiasco."  The only time in these years that Knight has spoken the truth.
2)Public Access Television can help police, fire and the school.  Remove Stephanie Burke as "issuing authority."   How can a lowly chief of police remove the mayor?   
   You figure it out.  You are the one who took an oath to serve and protect.  Muccini-Burke does neither.  Expose her conflict.
1)Investigate Muccini-Burke and McGlynn administrations
   Hire me to consult.    Pick up the rock and see what slimy creatures are running around under it. Ugg....Have a private investigator follow Stephanie around and see if she isn't Captain Al Doherty on steroids where every day is a picnic and Stephanie is busy busy busy at Marshall's or Wegman's not working for the 150k or so she grabs, but being a
daffodil.   Stop.  Enough already.  She'd shop at Shaws on company time if she could, allegedly, but is taking a wrecking ball to the building as you read this.

Happy New Year Chief, a LOT of work on your plate if you want to establish yourself as a fair, honest chief of police.


Joe V.

And the Shaws...Comes tumbling down...

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4,962 to 1 million three hundred thousand
Thank you, faithful readers!

I have tons of photos, many up on Real Medford Mass Politics on Facebook.
Busy busy day, will try to get them up here some time...

Firefighters Battle 2-Alarm Medford Fire Wednesday Night The fire started just before midnight on Lowell Court.

Firefighters Battle 2-Alarm Medford Fire Wednesday Night

The fire started just before midnight on Lowell Court. 

MEDFORD, MA – A two-alarm fire was brought under control in Medford early Thursday morning. The fire started just before midnight on Lowell Court, the fire department said.

Rainy Friday

I look out, through the windows I've been weatherproofing
another rainy Friday
through the glass, darkly
inspired, though
but will put my thoughts elsewhere

Visited Sports Host John from Medford Last Night!

1,294,991 @ 8:01 am

Johnny says hello to his listeners!
He's doing a lot better since the chemo and is looking well.
Still, send your prayers out to him.

We had a good chat before the Celtics game.

Get better, Johnny!   Good to see you.

Thursday, December 27, 2018

Muccini Burke Orders Chief Buckley To Remove Medford Information Central...a parody

Stephanie:  He's stalking my family, shut the blog down, John!

Chief Buckley: This is a very serious accusation, Stephanie, what evidence do you have?

Stephanie: Vivian Vance sent me videotape...

Chief Buckley: Vivian Vance Video...if only we had an access TV station in this city

Stephanie: I'm serious, John.  On the video he WALKS into Medford Housing and goes a floor above where my family lives!

Chief Buckley: A floor above?   The bigger question is with all your filthy lucre Stephanie, why is  your family in housing?

Stephanie:  Gluttony, abuse of power, everything Pope Francis denounced, that old hypocrite!

Chief Buckley: Is there any chance another access TV producer lives there?

Stephanie: That's beside the point. So what if he was bringing him a Christmas gift, MY FAMILY LIVES THERE, shut down the darn blog!


MacDonald named new Friends of the Fells Operations Associate

MacDonald named new Friends of the Fells Operations Associate

In addition he will also run outreach events (hikes, fairs, etc.) and manage the organization’s database of donors, members, and volunteers. MacDonald brings to the organization a strong background in the field of outdoor education and environmental sciences.
MacDonald is a Malden native and a Brown University graduate with a degree in Education and Developmental studies. He has nearly 15 years of experience in education, both in and out of the classroom. As a teacher and tutor in both the Malden schools and Providence schools, he has worked with children (and adults) of all ages and backgrounds.

New Top 10 9:41 pm Thursday 12/27/2018

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Dec 22, 2018