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Daniel Ellseberg and the city of Medford

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Eighty Eight year old Daniel Ellsberg on cable TV tonight explaining how there wasn't a Whistleblower law in place when he did the right thing.

You know, J.J. McLean, Doug Nagengast and others took an oath of office.   So why are they lurking around "the dark side" instead of "doing the right thing?"

When will some of these individuals get a conscience?

I've been waging the good war, fighting the good fight, since 2002 for the city of Medford 

When will the guilty conscience of J.J. McLean finally get to him and get him to do an about face?

Trump, Putin, Muccini-Burke, Rumley LLC

The Real Axis of Evil

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POLICE MEET: Wed October 2: Interrogate The Police 6 PM Alden Chambers - DEMAND ANSWERS

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Medford Police Department 
WHERE: Alden Chambers, City Hall
WHEN:  6 pm 
WHAT: Medford Community Police Meeting

WHY: Citizens Need the TRUTH from the Police, not their version of the spin!

WHO: the 27 unnamed officers who were disciplined.

Who are they?

What did they do?  



2 hrs ·

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"The next Police-Community meeting will be held on Wednesday, October 2nd at 6PM in the Alden Council Chambers in City Hall. One of the main topics of this meeting will be the intersection of Main Street and South Street. All are welcome to attend. Thank-you" - 

Here's my comment on the police page: 

Please discuss the Cradock Bridge scandal. Why so silent on this page about it? Please cablecast the meeting on the access TV station

Medford Police Department

at 6:57 pm

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State Police - Boston Globe 9-30-19

Mass. State Police is plagued with scandal. Lawmakers’ response? Crickets - The Boston Globe

Shirley Leung

While lawmakers have used their bully pulpits to publicly bash other officials and closely scrutinize other agencies mired in controversy, the state’s largest law enforcement agency has remained virtually unchallenged.

Mass. State Police is plagued with scandal. Lawmakers' response? Crickets
The Massachusetts State Police force has weathered a widespread fraud probe, was found to have discriminated in its hiring, and has faced repeated allegations of systemic corruption and coverups over the past two years.
Yet even as new cases of misconduct emerge, including the indictment on Sept. 18 of a trooper who allegedly fired a rifle at an unarmed ATV rider on a Boston highway, the response on Beacon Hill has been roughly the same: crickets.

“I don’t get it,” said Kevin M. Burke, a former legislator, prosecutor, and state public safety chief who the State Police hired to investigate one such scandal. “I’m mystified and frankly have been for a few months now.”

New Top 10 6:35 pm Last Day of September - People Want The Names of 27 Police Officers

It is confirmed.
People WANT the names of the 27 Officers

*Open Letter to Chief Buckley Flies to #2 
This is of GREAT public interest.

A friend asked

                                      "What good are they (the dishonest cops) to the department now?"

Chief Buckley - 1:38 in on Chan 7 video "Well, this does border on public  trust...the impression it gives...I just want to assure everyone, they're good men and women."

Time for Change in Medford, Massachusetts

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Crop Rotation!
It's good for the soil.  It's great for progress.

But Medford is stale with cronyism.

If you aren't related to McGlynn or Burke or Clemente or Lebert or Sacco or Doherty or so many others, the door is shut in your face.

Nepotism over Quality

Or as Johnny says with Uncle Bob Maiocco -

It's time for a change in Medford.

Why do I have to change my name to McGlynn in order to efficiently run the access TV studio.

The McGlynn's do not have the wealth of experience and the passion for it that I have. 

And the same, most likely, goes for you!  Stand Up for your RIGHTS

This is NOT McGlynnville, this is Medford. 

6:13 pm
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Official Quotes of Note

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Former Detective J.J. McLean on this site:

"Well written."

City Solicitor Mark E. Rumley

"poorly written..."blah blah blecch! 

Rumley was quoting the Honorable Dan Wrenn in court papers.  Judge Wrenn, clearly, knew that the non-profit was scamming and yours truly won the case when Wrenn said the writing wasn't credible.

The judge did me a favor.  Rumley uses it in a nefarious way, but that's our Rum Rum, isn't it?

"You'd make a good lawyer"
A certain mayoral candidate who IS a lawyer

"Articulate and smart"
Michael Marks

"Joe Vig was right"
Michael Marks
As told to me by Michael Marks

Adam Knight: "Fucking Joe Vig's Blog got rid of the mayor."

Marks: Yes, and now he's coming after YOU!


J.J. McLean: "You won. You won. And the city is better off for it."

more to come 

Mayor Burke at La Cascia's Bakery 5-17-17

"You're too vulgar"
Burke's excuse for not talking to me.

A year or so later, July 2018 or so, the woman whose husband called me a "motherfucker" (10-15-15) gives the finger allegedly to firefighters?

Heck, I can't be vulgar for reporting you and your husband's vulgarity, Stephanie. Try looking in the mirror for once.  Thank you.

Open Letter to Police Chief Buckley

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12:03 pm Monday 9-30-19

John D. Buckley
100 Main Street
Medford MA 02155

Police Chief Buckley's shocking statement  is outrageous and incorrect. 

"The officers of the Medford Police Department, involved in this matter, are decent women and men who have historically served this city with distinction. They are contrite," Buckley said."  

It's outrageous and incorrect.

If we had an honest mayor, an honest city solicitor and an honest city council, Buckley would be forced to do the right thing and press charges on each and every officer involved.

Citizens have been asking this journalist the names of each and every officer involved. Failure to provide that information - clearly of great public interest - smacks of a cover-up.  The public records request has been filed, and we know that the Medford Police Department has a bad history, failing quite often to respond to these requests - under the public records law - which means ex chief Leo A. Sacco, Jr. failed to abide by the law by not answering previous requests that this writer has filed.

1)When did Buckley, Mayor Burke, Mark Rumley, Paul Covino and others know of the alleged malfeasance at the Cradock Bridge?

2)IF Sacco, Buckley and Burke did NOT know this was going on - which I don't believe for a minute - they should be investigated for incompetence - Sacco's pension should be removed, and Buckley and Burke should be fired and held accountable to the public that they failed to serve.

3)If Sacco, Buckley and Burke DID know they should be investigated and prosecuted to the full extent of the law.

About 35 days to the Nov 5 election and self-absorbed Mrs. Muccini-Burke states:

  "The trust of the people 
is the most important thing"     
 Mayor Stephanie Muccini-Burke 

Mrs. Burke - few people in this city "trust" you. 
You have violated the trust we put in you initially 

You snub requests to meet with you to discuss important topics. 

You lied on the 2015 campaign trail regarding free parking for seniors, even your writings are rife with references to yourself, not the public you took an oath to serve, and if a citizen has the courage to speak at the city council - as I have - frequently - the public gets slugged by a violent former city clerk, harassed by the police, Paul Covino and Detective Mackowski and others file false charges, and the police force that protected the criminal element at a 501c3 becomes as criminal as that criminal element at the now shuttered 501c3.

Corruption in the City of Medford

In July of 2018 a police department was put on leave, the chief and lieutenant arrested.  This was North Carolina

Why does the police department in Medford have low standards for officers of the law and high standards for the citizens paying the freight?

SOUTHPORT, N.C. — An entire police department in North Carolina was put on leave after the arrest of the department’s chief and lieutenant, according to WECT.
The Southport Police Department’s police chief and lieutenant were arrested Thursday for allegedly moonlighting as truck drivers while officially on the clock at the police department.

City Solicitor Mark E. Rumley, allegedly moonlighting at Somerville District Court, purportedly said to a local politician "You ratted me out to Joe Vig."

Did Mr. Rumley "moonlight" on the citizens of Medford, allegedly cheat the taxpayers out of Thursdays???, acting like the arrested chief and lieutenant in North Carolina but no repercussions for fracturing his oath of office, allegedly???  It's a fact that Rumley used his taxpayer-funded e mail on the Immaculate Conception website until this writer called him out on it.

There are no checks and balances in Medford.   A coward like Michael Marks allows sexual harassment by Rep Donato to happen at 10:30 am on a Sunday morning, October 15, 2017, caught on camera; Jenna Tarabelsi is convicted of rape of a 15 year old 10/13/15, Mayor Burke slams the gavel on October 16, 2017 when I'm on the school committee schedule to speak - Burke violating her oath of office again to censor a citizen (did she think I was going to tell the public she laughed at Donato grabbing Marks' erogenous zone? Of course I was. That's my right in a FREE SOCIETY, but there's a beautiful exhibit of Mayor Burke covering up her own bad conduct in the #MeToo movement.)  And was that John Falco's little children being subjected to Donato touching Marks' penis area?   Along with the 15 year old student running a camera?  October 17, 2017 Chief Sacco threatens me with "the police service that you deserve."  All over a five day span Medford is consistent in its malfeasance, isn't it?

Photos of Donato doing the dirty deed right here:

Officer Shawn Norton allegedly drunk and slamming into a car, Officer Shawn Hughes "charged with assault and battery after a fight with his wife" Covino and Mackowski not prosecuting Ed Finn for verbal and physical assault - by pressing criminal charges on the victim based on lies in police reports written by Rick Caraviello and thug/ex football player Ed Finn, an officer slugging another officer at the police station, the late Greg Hudson allegedly strangling his wife and later getting caught in a prostitution sting; Stephen LeBert's many crimes swept under the rug until it was caught on camera.   And alleged child porn at the police station not investigated properly because the alleged criminal pornographer has ties to an ex mayor, allegedly.  Ex clerk Ed Finn failing to show up in criminal court under subpoena.  And you expect us to believe the rhetoric this time, Chief Buckley?   No thanks.

Oh, and the smears on the public by Chief Sacco's office until that courageous Malden resident caught Lebert on camera.

So the alleged child pornographer was harassing multiple citizens.  When I filed a complaint at the police station on that individual Stephen Lebert got on the phone and called the now twice-arrested alleged criminal and warned him, or at least Lebert picked up the phone and made me think he was warning the alleged child pornographer.

Enclosed is a photo of a victim of retired officer James Lee, brother of the late Richard Lee of Medford City Hall.  Didn't Chief Sacco say the woman has "issues," as usual - blaming the victim and protecting his "family" of some very bad cops.  All Sacco ever did was blame victims (multiple times in the Medford Transcript) until Sacco was caught with his pants down in the Lebert investigation.

October 15, 2015 Brian Burke, the mayor's husband, said "Get that motherfucker out of there" referring to Joe Viglione videotaping a back-up tape of The Great Debate.  So much for the canon of ethics for a court clerk.

October 15, 2017, two years to the day, Burke's vulgar wife is laughing at a sex stunt at the high school's TV station in front of two little boys and a 15 year old Student

October 13, 2017 Jenna Tarabelsi convicted of rape of a 15 year old when she was allegedly a "political hire" and should never have been hired in the first place

October 16, 2017 Mayor Burke shuts down a scheduled speaker at the school committee, violating her oath of office, because in the #METoo movement Mrs. Burke thinks sexual harassment in front of little children is funny, and was caught on my camera.

October 17, 2017 Chief Sacco tells the city how safe we are, I inform the public of the Channel 5 report on allegations of drunk driving reported on Joe Sacco, the Chief's son, and the chief threatens this human being with "the police service that you deserve."

Officer Jimmy Lee cheats on his wife and kids, smacks his mistress in the mouth causing approximately 8 stitches (see photo attached) and Chief Sacco says the woman has "issues?"  Yeah, she was smacked around by a cop, domestic violence, and wasn't the hearing officer Stephanie Burke - allegedly conflicted - as she allegedly mentored the victim years prior?

The late Greg Hudson strangling his wife allegedly and later caught in a prostitution sting?

Stephen Lebert using vulgarities that would make vulgar court clerk Brian Burke blush (with envy)  threatening to kill a man

 A police officer allegedly lunges over a table at 100 Main Street to assault another police officer

Shawn Hughes still walking around with a gun when a 2008 Mike Beaudet report states:

FOX Undercover: Armed and Dangerous?
In 2007, a Medford police officer was charged with assault and battery after a fight with his wife. The case went to court and Officer Shawn Hughes admitted to sufficient facts. He’s on probation now, after the judge ordered all weapons removed from his home. But Shawn Hughes is still an active duty police officer, and still carries a gun. FOX25's Mike Beaudet reports.
And all Chief Buckley can say is: ""The officers of the Medford Police Department, involved in this matter, are decent women and men who have historically served this city with distinction"

The public has a right, Chief Buckley, not to believe you.

Fool us once with the gun clip at the McGlynn School, Mrs. Burke, shame on you.

Fool us twice with this Rumley-esque malarkey on not knowing about CradockBridgeGate,
shame on you, Buckley, Covino, Burke, Rumley et. al.

Paul L'Italien needs to refund Medford's money in my opinion.  My investigation has barely started and the public has more information from me that city hall and the police department don't want people to read, more information than L'Italien will be allowed to spill.  

This is a matter of GREAT public interest.   What are the names of all 45 officers, the 27 reprimanded and the three no one is mentioning when you subtract 15 exonerated?

Who are those other three and what did they do or not do?

I have a good idea where to send another Public Records Request to gather some evidence on this...and it won't be to the Medford Police or City Hall.  It is going outside of Medford and can shine a light on the lies from Mayor Burke's lips.

My continuing series: The Fall of Stephanie Muccini-Burke will keep you updated

The public wants answers.

A City Solicitor allegedly moonlighting and cheating Medford while in North Carolina they fire the chief and lieutenant at the police station for...moonlighting.

Did Mark E. Rumley pay the citizens back if he cheated them, possibly for years, or did Mike McGlynn do a quickie "school pass"
to let his consigliere off the hook?     Mark E. Rumley's ears must be ringing because citizens of Medford tell me how much they hate him, not just dislike Mark, the City Solicitor of Medford is loathed by many, many people in this old town.  And that speaks volumes.

It is time for Buckley, Burke, Covino and Rumley to come clean on CradockBridgeGate, to be honest with the citizens about the entire truth of this story, for you know just as I know that this story is BIGGER than you are letting on. Much bigger.

The public has a right to know.   And the public has a right to higher standards for city officials.

The low standards of Sacco, Buckley, Rumley, Burke and former mayor McGlynn are totally unacceptable.

To be continued.


Joe Viglione  
P.O. Box 2392
Woburn MA 01888

No criminal charges for officers investigated in Medford police detail scandal

By: Robert Goulston
Updated: Sep 27, 2019 - 9:03 AM

What Are The Names of the Disciplined Police Officers in Medford?

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We can learn from Italy
Jan 3, 2018 - These authorities must adopt measures to avoid prejudice to investigations carried out in parallel with other proceedings. (Id. art. 5(1)(c).).
Twenty-Seven Officers in Medford is a
CONSPIRACY in my book.
Twenty Seven officers IS organized crime.
When Chief Buckley makes a ridiculously stupid statement like "these are good men and women" he should be sanctioned, fired and replaced with someone who doesn't treat the citizens as if they are idiots.
Buckley, Burke, Sacco, Rumley, these thugs new a year or two ago all about this scandal. They just play the public to continue the crime ring.
Don McGlynn's daddy set the table over six decades ago.

Wake up, Medford.   Two of the highest paid cops are Clemente and Doherty and look at their protect and serve lineage...not so much.
Put Paul L'Italien in Google and what a black eye on Medford, wrongful conduct pops up...Medford wrongful conduct.
I am actively seeking opportunities to provide investigative services for any type of workplace or corporate investigation. .Paul L'Italien is on My Community.
4 days ago - Paul L'Italien of L'Italien Investigations. According to L'Italien, he “received the full cooperation of the officers and his inquiries were largely ...
 Of course it is a cover-up.

Every minute that Buckley fails to hand over the names of the alleged culprits is another moment, Medford citizen, that you know that you've been had, and there is no "protect" and no "serve."

Serving and Protecting to Chief Buckley is more about being on the tennis court than the court of law where Buckley and Burke should defendants.

Sunday, September 29, 2019

Dr Rabies Changes Sex and Finally Gets a Real Job ...and license to drive!

SEE IT: Children scream as allegedly drunk school bus driver behaves erratically 

...false alarm, it was actually the soon-to-be ex-mayor's husband drinking behind the wheel...Rabies was too busy upside down tangled up in his 2-wheely shopping cart thingy and fending off yet another meat cleaver...from yet another deranged woman in a wheel chair

Intervention: Someone Needs to get Ron Cox OFF of

Poor desperate Ronny,
limited public figure that he is.

These women on that he keeps meeting in this parody...

1 day ago - Shocking moment a meat cleaver-wielding woman, 22, bursts into a California police station and takes a 43-year female hostage before she is ...

Woman With a Meat Cleaver - Where Have You Heard this One Before?

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19,762 past month views

Violent Psychotic Women with a Meat Cleaver - so that's where Ron Cox finds his dates!!!! ?

Woman threatened victim with 8-inch meat cleaver in California police station, video shows

Woman threatened victim with 8-inch meat cleaver in California police station, video shows

Burke Puts Family Interests Before Medford’s

1,407,800@8:35 pm

As traitorous is Trump

Burke, like Trump, puts her family interests before those of the city

And that is wrong 

Donato Sponsors Allegedly Dangerous Bill

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1,407,686 @ 6:17 pm Sunday 9/29/19

Donato Sponsoring Allegedly Dangerous Bill?

On September 4, 2019, Senator Rebecca Rausch filed a bill titled “An Act Promoting Community Immunity” (SD. 2548/HD. 4470) with Representative Paul Donato. The “Community Immunity Act” is being advertised as a way to standardize and centralize immunization requirements and exemption processes, in part by transferring more administrative power to the Massachusetts Department of Public Health (DPH).
If implemented, as written The Community Immunity Act would affect children of grade levels from kindergarten to grade 12 in public, private and charter schools, child care centers, any school activities open to home-schooled children, recreational camps, and institutes of higher learning (both public and private).
Health Choice 4 Action has identified several aspects of this bill that violate basic human rights, medical ethics, and principles of informed consent. Provisions in this bill would allow vaccination without parental consent, limit medical exemptions for medically-fragile children, and limit religious freedom with respect to vaccination exemptions. Additionally, provisions in this bill would increase the risk of discrimination and bullying for those who use medical and religious exemptions. Finally, the taxpayer cost and administrative burden of this bill are not justified given the historically low incidence of vaccine-preventable illness in the Commonwealth and the current processes in place already working to safeguard public health in Massachusetts. The Legislature and DPH should be focused on more significant public health threats, including the opioid crisis, rising rates of chronic illness in children and adults, and the surge in psychiatric and neurodevelopmental disorders among children and adolescents.

From the new horror film, a Prankie Malaria Production,
Grandpa's Hand Rises from the Swamp and Smack Dab into Michael Marks' Crotch!

And betcha can't wait for the sequel   The Mayor's Hyena Laugh!
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