Saturday, March 31, 2018

RC. Russia drops Caraviello over Syria

The war is over.

The Syrian people fled when a blob dropped out of the Russian aircraft

Caraviello gets up and started giving a speech as if he were duly elected rather than elected by telephone calls secretly placed by some Medford councilors.  .

The Syrians demanded a translator but were told Caraviello certainly isn’t speaking Englidh...Caraviello-speak for english

Kids DEMAND Easter truce between Brian and Stephanie???

And reportedly they aren’t fighting over the spirit of Christmas lights at City hall for Eastrr

More like liquid spirits sources tell us

The Resurrection of Access TV in Medford

  1. the action or fact of resurrecting or being resurrected

TV3. Go and Sin No More

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An Eastrr Command to former station manager, Maria

Jesus:  “Go!  And sin no more”

Big Steve. “I can Sin because I am saved”

Like a now deleted email

Who do you believe ‘‘tis Easter!?

The fallen admitted sinner from TV3

Or the Risen Lord

Friday, March 30, 2018

Russia Tests New ICBM

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Caraviello Angry Over Loss in Criminal Court

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Caraviello’s hatred of Citizens could result in editor’s death

The Council President LIED to the police, allegedly lied in court
And Caraviello’s false charges were dismissed

The victim,Jie Viglione, fears for his life

The Medford Star Chamber - the impending death of a journalist

How do you vote in the Star Chamber?

The Vote is to KILL Joe Viglione on Easter Weekend

How do you vote:

Stephanie Burke:  AYE

Paul J. Donato:  AYE
Mark E. Rumley:  AYE AYE
Police Chief Sacco: Aye
Paul Covino: AYE
Linda Coletti:  AYE
Richard F. Caraviello: AYE
Racquel Frisadi, A.D.A.:  KILL HIM
George Scarpelli:  AYE
John Falco:  He called us bald men.  AYE
Adam Knight:   Can I pull the trigger?
Fred Dello Russo, Jr.: Damn, Cincotti's getting the corpse
Michael Marks:   Aye

The Death of a Medford Journalist

Editor Feels Like He's Been SHOT IN THE BACK

For all the good I have done for this city, I feel like the powers that be have shot me in the back.

Chief Sacco should just take his pistol out and put a bullet between the eyes of Joe Viglione

Sacco is such a coward, the snake can't do it to your will come when I least expect it...they will shoot the publisher of this important news outlet in the back

...and they will get away with it, Sheriff DiPaola, Teddy Dillon, they will get away with it

That's how this city of Medford is - vicious and cruel and only taking care of their own.

Stephon Clark was shot eight times, mostly in his back, according to autopsy requested by his family

Allegedly, Mayor Burke Swept Alleged Sex Crime Under Rug - CONFLICT -


As the rumors swirl around all sorts of teacher misconduct at Medford High School, including allegations of an employee with mothers of students AND a teacher with a powerful politician's daughter, one wonders what kind of cover up is going on, if any, and if it involves:

Police Chief Leo A. Sacco, Jr.

Superintendent Roy Belson
Former Mayor McGlynn
Current Mayor Burke (who was Director of Personnel, allegedly, at the time)

Marian Ryan, District Attorney
Martha Coakley, former D.A. and A.G.
and possibly people in the office of
Attorney General Maura Healey ...and others

It takes a team to hide something so spectacularly huge in the city of Medford

Think about how they hide simple things in Medford.

Does the Mayor (Burke) give out a stipend ($69.00 EITHER per week or per month, we are looking into it) for SILENCE... kinda, sorta, almost just like Donald Trump is said to do with his NDA - Non-Disclosure Agreements.

Donald Trump 0f Medford -Stephanie Burke


Linda Coletti BACK AT #1 Your Friday Top 10 in Medford

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April 3 2018 City Council Meeting Agenda Tuesday 4-3-18

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Thursday, March 29, 2018

IF Breanna and Dan have a BABY!

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In Ohio the mother "suspected something," in Medford they just send the teacher packing!  HA HA...too gross to be funny...

Then, in June 2015, the boy’s mother started to suspect that something was going on between her son and Cross. She filed a police complaint about the affair  (WOW, Belson allegedly didn't intercept because it was in OHIO!) that month and subsequently contacted the district attorney’s office.But no charges were filed at the time, and the boy continued living with Cross.
She delivered his baby in December 2015. The boy was 17 at the time.


Ex-High School Teacher, 37, Had a Baby With Teenage Student Who Lived in Her House

 Steve Helling,People 7 hours ago