In a stunning development, at 4:56 PM today, Thursday, July 25th, Robert A. Maiocco, the controversial Medford City Council president didn't  pull papers to run for another term.

It Took Bon Bon Nell a full 17 hours to post the story she says is "Spreading Like Wildfire" - yeah, it's on the MedfordMass Yahoogroup because someone found my Patch article

By Nell Escobar Coakley/
Posted Jul 26, 2013 @ 12:22 PM
 Plus, the funniest thing is Nell left out the real reason why Maiocco left the seat he never wanted to leave.  Because Medford Info Central is your #1 source for news and information first!

Nell Coakley, a day late and a dollar short...too busy having a chocolate fudge sundae at Colleen's to give the readers what they want probably... 
Who does Nell Coakley think she is fast and loose with the truth?  The TV3 webmaster?

Check this nonsense out:

Maiocco said he didn’t tell a soul about the decision, not his City Council colleagues, his closest friends and advisors — not even his wife, Cheryl.

FALSE. I was tipped off over a month ago by someone-in-the-know, not to mention the fact that when Maiocco picked two fights with me at the City Council with cameras rolling he lost and I won. That's the real reason he's been knocked out of commission!

(That's on my Facebook)

HA HA HA HA HA....I knew over a month ago; I did the due diligence going to City Hall to make sure the facts were in and Uncle Bob didn't pull papers!


Remember when my question and my videotape knocked Uncle Gene and Bob Covelle out of the batter's box?  Sure it couldn't have been done without the Globe and Fox 25, but they never went the extra mile.  I did.
The difference here is that the Bob Maiocco story is my story, not Nell Coakley's.

Also, we all know it was the two sparring matches Bob Maiocco picked with me - that he lost - that knocked him out.  Not reprinting the information we all know that was published here.  That's the REAL REASON Uncle Bob is down for the count.
Now we can focus on the next humpty dumpty to fall....FRP, Jr.   And let the door hit you on the way out, FRP!   FERP!  Our new name for Humpty Dumpty Ferpy!


But what will be his number one new hobby?
“Criticizing the City Council!” he says, laughing again. “No, seriously, I’ve always said this is a part-time job that I’ve given 100 percent of my time to. I have so much gratitude to the people of this city. I have worked hard to earn their trust and they’ve voted for me for 30 years. For that, I am extremely grateful.”

Hey Uncle Bob, if you pay me $314,000.00 I'll teach you how to criticize the city council, not like that whackjob on Facebook, but effectively ...effective enough to bounce the second longest serving councilor in Medford history!

Now we've got a fraud president of a non-profit to teach a good legal lesson to!  And now we have the time to do it because our job on Uncle Bob is complete!   C'est La Vie, Uncle Bob, C'est La Vie!

"Gloating is underrated"
Michael Douglas - Disclosure