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Assassinating the Opposition Leaders!

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Russia opposition politician Boris Nemtsov shot dead - DID PUTIN REALLY CONDEMN THE KILLING OR IS HE THRILLED?

Russian President Vladimir Putin has
condemned the murder, the Kremlin says.
President Putin has assumed "personal control" of the investigation into the killing, said his spokesman Dmitry Peskov.
Investigators said the murder could have been "a provocation aimed at destabilising the country".
The investigative committee said in a statement that several motives for the killing were being considered including "Islamic extremism".

What drove James DiPaola to suicide?

The trouble that Middlesex County Sheriff James DiPaola was in before hecommitted suicide seemed — well, if not trivial, then certainly manageable.
That said, it looks to me that Murphy overstepped the reporter’s role a bit in the process. In DiPaola’s “letter to the residents of Middlesex,” published in the Globe accompanying last week’s story (11/21), DiPaola wrote:
“Sean made a statement to me which really hit home. He said, ‘You know Sheriff if you do this it will be your legacy and not any good you have done.’ I realized then that he was right.”
Assuming DiPaola was accurate in 
C.E. Stead
I noticed that he killed himslef on the anniversary of the date he was sworn in.
And I hope reporters on a crusade try to remember – these are real people, not bloated caricatures, that they are talking to.

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was Jesus married?

9 things you think you know about Jesus that are probably wrong - who wrote this?  TV3's "Big Steve" Marra, self-proclaimed sinner and born again who can "sin" because he's "saved"  ?  Put him in the Deletion file!


For starters, it's unlikely that he had long, flowing hair, and he wasn't necessarily hung on a cross

1. Married, not single. When an ancient papyrus scrap was found in 2014 referring to the wife of Jesus, some Catholics and Evangelicals were scandalized. But unlike the Catholic Church, Jews have no tradition of celibacy among religious leaders. Jesus and his disciples would have been practicing Jews, and all great rabbis we know of were married. A rabbi being celibate would have been so unusual that some modern writers have argued Jesus must have been gay. But a number of ancient texts, including the canonical New Testament, point to a special relationship between Mary Magdalene and Jesus. The Gospel of Phillip says, “[Jesus] loved her more than all the disciples, and used to kiss her often on her mouth.” 

JOHN 21:20

King James Bible
Then Peter, turning about, seeth the disciple whom Jesus loved following; which also leaned on his breast at supper, and said, Lord, which is he that betrayeth thee?

Quincy Man takes a Hatchett on a Lawyer! What? Does Medford City Councilor Paul Camuso offer classes on how to launch a meat cleaver attack?

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 Quincy man held without bail in hatchet attack

Hours later, at 5:30 p.m., as Johnson loaded items into a vehicle parked in the Ross Parking Garage in Quincy Center, Kelly allegedly attacked him from behind, striking him in the head with the hatchet.

“He came up from behind me and hit me a number of times in the head, at least a dozen times,” Johnson, who is 63, told police, according to court filings.

Johnson described the blows as “bang, bang, bang.”

“What do you want?” Johnson said during the struggle, but the assailant kept “pounding him.”

“He’s going to kill me,” Johnson screamed several times, according to the filings.

At one point, Johnson said he pleaded with the assailant to stop by saying that he has children.

Just another Tuesday night at the Medford City Council when Paul Camuso gets in to one of his moods!   


Anyone notice the dirty steak knife on the box marked Lonergan outside of city hall's ALDEN CHAMBERS a couple of months back?  Or that box cutter on the window sill inside Alden Chambers, sitting there for weeks until it was pointed out and removed?


Just saying... 




Owners who refused cake for gay couple close shop

Will Higgins, The Indianapolis Star"We had people from all over — from Brownsburg and Lafayette," 15 and 60 miles away, said Randy McGath, 48.
The ensuing sales spike lasted three or four months. But McGath insisted sales never dipped below their pre-flap levels.
McGath said he and his wife, who attend a Baptist church, were well aware of the neighborhood's gay culture when they opened their bakery there in 2012.  

They served the gay community gladly for several years but "just didn't want to be party to a commitment ceremony" because such an event reflected "a commitment to sin."



  ...even some Republicans say party leaders are on a perilous path with a very public ideological struggle only highlighting the GOP's inability to pass contested legislation and possibly worsening its weak relationship with Hispanic voters.

Worst of all, numerous lawmakers said, Republican leaders have offered no plausible scenario for a successful ending, so they simply are delaying an almost certain and embarrassing defeat.


R.I.P. Leonard Nimoy

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After the news broadcasts on 5 and 7 that Leonard Nimoy had passed away, sad but not surprising news given his deteriorating condition - with both newscasts being very similar (so much for creativity at news rooms; both focusing on Nimoy's popular Mugar Omni Theater  introduction - MeTV had a solitary picture of Leonard Nimoy with a tribute, and then went into the Perry Mason episode  The Case of the Shoplifter's Shoe, featuring Leonard Nimoy

Star Trek on 9 PM tonight, ME TV

Rest in Peace, Leonard Nimoy 

Leonard Nimoy, The Difference Between Us

Friday, February 27, 2015

City Council Agenda March 3, 2015 See You Next Tuesday, at the City Council of Medford

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The Council Agenda appears to be for 
March 3, 2015
though it is dated February 24, 2015 

President Frederick N. Dello Russo, Jr. called the Seventh Regular Meeting of the Medford City Council to order at 7:00 P.M. at the Howard F. Alden Memorial Auditorium, Medford City Hall.
The Tabled Records of February 17, 2015 were passed to Councillor Caraviello.
The Records of February 24, 2015 were passed to Councillor Knight.

(SCROLL DOWN AFTER EDITORIAL for Council Agenda this week. Notice that Penta and Marks are doing the Heavy Lifting with the motions on the calendar for 3/3/15)

Medford City Council
The Seventh Regular Meeting
Medford, Massachusetts
February 24, 2015

City Council

The only THREE members of the Medford City Council
voting correctly and doing the people's business.
Breanna Lungo-Koehn, Vice President
Michael J. Marks
Robert M. Penta

Out of town readers please note.
There are currently on;ly three city councilors doing the "people's business"
They did not want a pay raise this year 

The following four frauds voted
for their own pay raise

Frederick N. Dello Russo, Jr.

Fred Dello Russo, Jr. who is ONLY on the council to promote the 
funeral parlors owned by the Dello Russo family. 

He is bored and couldn't give a damn about you.

In fact, Freddy is happy when you die.  

He makes money off of your grief
and heads to Vegas - allegedly - to gamble with your money -
money either obtained from his pay raise and bloated paycheck
off the backs of taxpayers who pay rent or a mortgage in this city,
or from people's grief.

Frederick N. Dello Russo, Jr., President
Dello Russo adds NOTHING to this city.
He looks half asleep and is not very astute.

The following four frauds voted for their own pay raise

Paul A. Camuso
 "A piece of work" doesn't begin to describe the reprobate known as P.A.C.-man.
He is a walking Political Action Committee, all for himself, and no one else.

Camuso is truly one sick human being, and now that he's pulled his
meat cleaver out on Mayor McGlynn, one can only imagine why.

The quintessential bully, Camuso would appear regularly on the
twice-arrested-in-one-year Gary Zappelli's ZAPP TV program,
promoting himself in violation of the Internal Revenue Code (using a 501c3 non-profit public charity and being endorsed by a board member of that charity) 
while his pal Gary (the then board member,)
arrested after allegedly giving a minor alcohol on or about July 8, 2014,
the 50 year old allegedly luring a 16 year old and his grandpa's doggy back to the cottage where Zappelli was staying (sort  of channeling Park Marenteau of WRKO/WBCN) 
would relentlessly bash Camuso's competition during the election cycle with vicious, hateful rants, pure malice with intent to harm the candidates who didn't fork money over to Zappelli for "video services" which was actually air time on access TV being denied to the residents funding the station,
also clearly in violation of the Internal Revenue Code

Paul Camuso DEFENDED Gary Zappelli and TV3,
when the odds were stacked against them,
they had a friend in Camuso, and Camuso doesn't yet realize
how those actions will come back to haunt him should
the bastard try to run for office again in this city.

Camuso's close alliance with Zappelli MUST be noted should
Paul Camuso ever decide to run for another office. 

Birds of a feather flock together, and the Camuso/Zappelli ticket is living proof of that.

Oh, and if the arrest on the charge of (allegedly) giving alcohol to a minor isn't enough to make you gag, march up to
Middlesex Superior Court
and read the False Bomb Threat paperwork in THAT
court case (Zappelli arrested September 4, 2013 on that one.)

Read the HIDEOUS pissing contest Zappelli had with
a victim of the marathon bombing who lost a leg.

THAT is Camuso's long-time pal.  That reason alone is
why lame-duck Camuso, not running for Council in 2015,
should be removed immediately.

Paul Camuso presents a clear threat to public safety,

and breathing in a room the same air as Camuso is a harrowing thought.

The following four frauds voted for their own pay raise

Richard F. Caraviello
Spineless wimp. He knows the Mayor treats him like a red-headed step child, but he still takes the abuse like a woman suffering from battered wife's syndrome.
Jellyfish Caraviello has no backbone, gives lip service, and wants that undeserved pay raise. 

The following four frauds voted for their own pay raise

Adam (Fright) Knight
 Creepy is as creepy does. He is the Picture of Dorian Gay,
he looks like one of those cold, heartless Ken dolls in a homosexual establishment,
say, Herbie's Ramrod room over near Fenway Park, when he's not walking through 
Alden Chambers in herky/jerky fashion channeling Lurch from the Addams Family.
The Munsters TV show would blush with envy... 

The kind of guy you DON'T want to take home.

Knight is so chilly and soul-less it's amazing Dello Russo doesn't think he's a client.

 Knight's failure to articulate properly at the council is surpassed only by his lack of decorum.
The dim-witted buffoon worked for the late, great Charlie Shannon who
passed away at a very young 61.  Shannon must be spinning in his grave over how poorly Knight conducts himself at the council, what a huge embarrassment Knight is to the Shannon name and the celebrated Knight family.

Don't worry, boys, this page is only one of the most popular postings of the week.
Lots of voters get to see you four as you really are

The Creepy Four - Knight, Camuso, Dello Russo, Caraviello, vote lockstep with the embattled Mayor McGlynn.
McGlynn doesn't even realize how embattled he is, 
not with enablers like those four devils.

President Frederick N. Dello Russo, Jr. called the Seventh Regular Meeting of the Medford City Council to order at 7:00 P.M. at the Howard F. Alden Memorial Auditorium, Medford City Hall.




The Tabled Records of February 17, 2015 were passed to Councillor Caraviello.

The Records of February 24, 2015 were passed to Councillor Knight.


John McGonagle a commendation for his ”Assistant Coach of the Year” Award

Lonnie Hillson, Sr. a commendation for his“Community Service” Award


15-081-Offered by Councillor Marks
Whereas council resolution 15-043 amended by Councillor Marks requesting that the City Solicitor report back to the council if a change to the current parking plan allowing 15-30 minute free parking in all business districts would fall under the purview of the Traffic Commission and

---Whereas the City Solicitor's opinion stated it is within the jurisdiction of the Traffic Commission to change to 15-30 minute free parking and also to change times of enforcement then

Be It Resolved that the Medford City Council send a letter to the Traffic Commission requesting that 15-30 minute free parking be implemented citywide in the interest of addressing resident and business owner concerns.

15-082-Offered by Councillor Marks
Be It Resolved that the Federal Management Company which oversees the management of the Riverside Towers located at 99 Riverside Ave be contacted requesting the heat in the hallways be turned up due to resident complaints.

15-083- Offered by Councillor Penta
Be It Resolved that the City of Medford request of the federal EPA that since
the proposed MS4 Storm Water Sewer System permit would require communities to institute more advanced stormwater testing, monitoring and management programs, but is completely silent on funding or mitigation of the additional costs to communities and since there is no flexibility in the compliance portion of the requirements and since communities are grappling with these huge financial challenges with preliminary projections to be in excess of $800,00 plus per year per community,  we ask the EPA to defer action on the submission of NOIs until municipalities have had the opportunity to engage the regulatory agencies in an open dialogue regarding these onerous and unaffordable permit requirements.

The aggressive schedule that the EPA proposes for implementation of the MS4 program is unrealistic to provide permitees only 90 days to file their Notice of Intent (NOI) after their permit is finalized, and equally unrealistic to dictate that the NOI of the Stormwater Management Program must be complete within one year. Communities such as Medford would be forced to hire expensive environmental consultants for assistance to complete numerous elements of the program because of lack of staff and technical expertise from years of both state and federal cutbacks in grant funding and local aid. Hiring these consultants would require compliance with statutory procurement requirements and could be extremely time consuming as well as costly.

In the absence of EPA leadership on this issue, a number of Massachusetts communities are already combining messaging by forming stormwater coalitions. There are at least 5 such coalitions in eastern Massachusetts, serving over 85 communities, combining resources and expertise, trying to reduce the individual burden anticipated for communities.

Whether Medford joins a coalition or not, it needs to urge the EPA to amend its approach, and incorporate goals that are more realistically attainable and within the financial constraints of the current economic climate, or wait until adequate federal funding is available to ensure that these requirements do not translate into another harmful unfunded mandate on cities, towns and taxpayers.

15-084-Offered by Councillor Penta
Be It Resolved that Medford resident Andrew Sarno, a realtor with Re/Max Andrew Realty Services of Medford and Stoneham, be congratulated on being named the 2014 Massachusetts’ Realtor of the Year” by the Massachusetts Association of Realtors. This highly recognized professional business honor was bestowed upon Mr.Sarno at the Massachusetts Association of Realtors Annual Professional Awards Reception, which was held at the Massachusetts Realtors annual meeting in North Falmouth.


Petition by May Marquebreuck, 16 Glenwood Ave, Medford to address the Council about Chevalier Theatre’s 75th Anniversary Concert, Saturday, March 7, 2015

Petition by Janell Rocco, 17 Cobb Street, Medford to address the Council about “Medford Overcoming Addiction Vigil”, Substance Abuse; Community Group

Petition for Common Victualler License by Angelo Federico, President, for Associazione Amici, Inc., 21 Reardon Road, Medford, MA

Business Certificate #006              Letter of Compliance                                              
Building Dept.                                  State Tax ID
Fire Dept.                                           Workmen’s’ Compensation          
Police- Traffic Impact                       Application
Health Dept


13-633                Acceptance of G.L.C. 48 59B, 59C, 59D establish Reserve Fire Force

IN CITY COUNCIL               AUGUST 6, 2013                 TABLED       

’14-540          Show Cause Hearing CTC Gold Refinery, 6 Salem St

                        IN CITY COUNCIL               JUNE 17, 2014
                        IN CITY COUNCIL               JULY 15, 2014                      TABLED

Solicitor’s Information Channel 3

                        IN CITY COUNCIL               JULY 15, 2014                      TABLED

’14-793          Tax Rate & Surplus Funds

                        IN CITY COUNCIL               DECEMBER 23, 2014        TABLED

’15-005         Mary K. Benoit address Council on Medford Senior Center

IN CITY COUNCIL               JANUARY 6, 2015               TABLED

’15-031          Discuss 56 Boynton Road problem

                        IN CITY COUNCIL               FEBRUARY 3, 2015           TABLED

15-056           Auditor provide updated breakdown of bonds

                        IN CITY COUNCIL               FEBRUARY 17, 2015         TABLED

‘15-075          Taxi Operator License by Marvin G. Alvarado Castro

                        IN CITY COUNCIL               FEBRUARY 24, 2015         TABLED

’15-076          Taxi Operator License by Mamadou Balde

                        IN CITY COUNCIL               FEBRUARY 24, 2015         TABLED



Reports Due / Deadlines                                                                                                             


The Tabled Records of February 17, 2015 were passed to Councillor Caraviello.

The Records of February 24, 2015 were passed to Councillor Knight.