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OK, didn't you get the feeling that someone would fetch the 50th Anniversary Festival and revive it a day after it was squashed?

Woodstock Organizer to Financial Backer: ‘They Don’t Have a Right to Cancel It’

“Woodstock belongs to the people and it always will,” Michael Lang writes. “We don’t give up and Woodstock 50 will take place and will be a blast!”


Dear Readers:

 Robert Mueller said A.G. Barr didn't get the "substance" of the Mueller Report.

  Barr  ha ha ha allegedly speaking to Senate on Wednesday, May 1.


Mueller’s Willing to Testify, but Trump DOJ Is Holding It Up: Dems

The special counsel has indicated he’s fine going up the Hill. But the Trump administration is getting in the way, Dems say.


The similarities of alleged corruption in Washington and absolute corruption in Medford (phony "witness intimidation" case, Exhibit A., J.J.!) ...it is ESSENTIAL during an election year for CITIZENS to realize that Martha Coakley acts like A.G. Barr, "the clean-up woman," not doing what the people want Attorney Coakley to do FOR THE PUBLIC, so egregious that Betty Wright is planning on suing Martha!

      John Banner is happy that J.J. is bringing Sgt. Schultz back from the beyond...but Martha... but J.J... what about the oath?

OK, we didn't take an oath, we're just relentless in bringing you, our readers, the facts...and lots of fun parodies.

Today's workout: THE FACTS!

watch this online magazine for all 254 pages of the City Hall Door Report, Mr. Mueller!

1,2,3 AND 254 - FOUR OF THE PAGES,


Page 1
Page 2
Page 3

Page 254


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CITY HALL DOORS, Part 1 2:09 pm 4-30-19 First in a multi-part series.

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First in a multi-part series.

This is an extensive study of where the doors to city hall Medford ran off to.

The public information - documents, photos, of course - belong to the public.  It is free information thanks to the Freedom of Information Act.

Joe Viglione's writings and opinion are his intellectual property

Copyright (C)2019 Joe Viglione, all original writings in this essay are the opinions of journalist Joe Viglione.

The Public is entitled to the public information city hall FINALLY provided us. 

The first 7 pages are entitled City Hall Interior  Repairs Drawings

Just click on photos, of course, to enlarge



RIP actress Persis Khambatta

Famous for being the bald woman in the most boring Star Trek film since Next Generation

RIP Persis - Persis was purportedly the first individual to undergo a skinhead look in the barber chair that Caraviello allegedly broke when his fat backside overwhelmed the poor swivel chair.   When the drunk hairdresser experimented on Persis and she looked in the mirror, the Star Trek legend had a massive heart attack and croaked. Now lame Medford politicians want to play her in the biopic and are willing to sit in "the chair" to let the drunk haircutter do her thing!

Persis Khambatta


A drunk hairdresser is shaving Stephanie's head for the audition to play Persis in her biopic.

Falco crying foul and wants to star in the film, willing to change his sex to do so...not that that would be a stretch...


the candidates to play Persis!

then there's always a wild card in the mix

189 days to Nov 5 Election New Top 10 - Drunk Hairdresser Knocks Caraviello Out of #1 Plus Muccini-Burke Administration IS Gilligan's Island

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189 days to November 5

Drunk Hairdresser Knocks Fat Boy Rick out of #1!

Purportedly the Drunk Hairdresser's Husband is obsessed with Caraviello...as yet another one of his stalkers and / or pet chihuahuas

Apr 25, 2019

Hey Vivian Vance, Need A Haircut?  Great skit for I Love Lucy...Persis  Khambatta Resurrected at the Dello Russo Funeral Home to play Stephanie changing her sex and turning into Falco 


Monday, April 29, 2019

Is Rick Caraviello Actually Isis Leader Al-Baghdadi????

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 Separated at Birth?

Homeland Security can't find him!

The FBI can't find him!

Is Al-Baghdadi at City Hall Medford wearing a disguise that he calls Richard F. Caraviello?


Look at the resemblance:


Woodstock CANCELED, but we have Woodstock Here

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Visual Radio
Called the BEST Access Show in America

and here's a reason why!


Richard Pierce "Richie" Havens (January 21, 1941 – April 22, 2013)[1] was an American singer-songwriter and guitarist.[2] His music encompassed elements of folk, soul, and rhythm and blues. He had an intense and rhythmic guitar style (often in open tunings), played soulful covers of pop and folk songs, and opened at the 1969 Woodstock Festival.


Woodstock Organizers Cancel 50th Anniversary Festival





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Failed MCM Medford TV3 Can't Even TWEET Properly ....Bogus Abuse of Cable Subscriber Fees

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We have more readers, theoretically, than MCM has viewers!!  HA HA....
In one word, Patrick Gordon is "PATHETIC"

So he re-tweets Michigan ACM with

---no hashtags
---no information on what Patrick plans to do about it
---nothing...our 65 k or so paycheck for Patrick out the window with few members, government programming, but no access TV, as usual

Stop the FCC from Defunding PEG Channels

But you will find burnt-out allegedly bad people from the absolutely bad Public / Private Access that came before


Letter to Breanna about TV3 Medford

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Breanna Lungo Koehn
Mayoral Candidate/City Councilor
85 George P. Hassett Drive
Medford, MA 02155 

Dear Mayoral Candidate Lungo-Koehn

Election 2019 is already at a disadvantage as the TV station in Medford is the Stephanie Muccini-Burke Channel.

I like that Michael Marks has his own show. What is wrong is that a city councilor should be fighting to put other people's shows on the air before he does his own.

Don't hold your breath.  Election 2019 is already tainted, as were the elections that came before
because Access TV in Medford is NOT access TV under the Rumley Doctrine

Michael Marks says Mark Rumley wears two hats.  Really, Michael?  I've counted about two dozen hats, and the City Duplicitor, Rumley, probably has lots more in his closet, so busy looking in his mirror trying on all the niceties his local haberdashery provides him.

Look at the lack of followers on MCM TV3's page under Patrick Gordon

This is disgraceful.  Mayor Burke, Lisa Evangelista, other access stations, but no vibrant community.

I have fought hard for over 16 years to get Medford to become a leader in access television.  With Mark Rumley antagonizing people and being dishonest about Medford Community Cablevision, inc., a board that he was on as an appointee of the mayor (McGlynn) and then - as city solicitor - investigating the very board he sat on and abandoning the investigation - Donald Trump must LOVE Mr. Rumley for his brazen impudence...

so the community is screwed out of ratepayer funds and First Amendment issues.

I heard a year ago April 2018 that Michael Marks said "Joe Vig was right."  Yes, and Judge LaMothe called me "very logical" when it came to issues about TV3

Look at the awful Twitter account to see how poorly Patrick Gordon and Ben Brown before him, Mayor Burke appointees, are handling access television.

It's a damn disgrace.

Look at the followers and see if there are active producers or just other access stations and the mayor's pals following the dog and pony show.

Look at the disgraceful amount of programming according to the cable advisory board:

1. In April, the MCM taped 20 studio programs, 15 field productions and
covered 26 hours of event coverage.

Heck, one producer can do 20 programs in their sleep.  That's all Medford is getting paying Mr. Gordon what, 65K a year?

Community Media is falling apart, and delusional "saviors" like Ron Cox in Malden, Erica Jones in Somerville, David Gauthier in Winchester, they are not the answer.  From personal experience I see
that those individuals care only about their paycheck and their tender little egos.

So when Washington decides to pull the funding on access TV, Medford will be lost in the shuffle.  Indeed, Pat Gordon's colleague George Manfra, president of MATV, has always ridiculed Medford in the harshest of ways.  And now, with one of his own at the helm, it is every bit as rotten to the core as when the Pilleri gang was in power.

Nothing has changed.   Jay Campbell doing his real estate infomercial yet?  Why not have Jay Campbell, rocket scientist, as Superintendent of Schools?  He's been kissing Muccini-Burke's ass so hard her husband probably sent Campbell a thank you note.

Why discuss this in harsh terms?

because City Hall's abuse of the cable TV funds and failure to facilitate programming is a just plain wrong.

There has never been access TV in Medford.  George Manfra said Medford never properly set it up.

20 studio programs...what are they?  Who are they?

Where is the outreach?

You want real access TV?  OF course you don't.

Erica Jones in Somerville screams her head off with laughter and joking around while people are on the air.  You can actually hear her cackling voice over current show at Somerville's radio station if you listen in.
That's when the women vacuuming the lobby doesn't wait until a show ends.  Sheesh.

And Dave Gauthier playing with himself in Winchester at WINCam, the board of directors as entrenched as the Medford board was, hoarding access TV and hurting the community.
Let's vote Mayor Burke out of office.  You can consider installing me as Executive Director of Medford TV

I will put the surrounding communities to shame with the intense community access that I can build.  In a heartbeat.

We need a TV station.

Muccini-Burke has a school / educational channel masquerading as a public access station

It is just plain wrong.   And you know I'm right


Joe Viglione 

Medford Community Media


Medford Community Media is the Public, Educational, and Government Access Television and Media Studio in Medford, Massachusetts.
Joined August 2018

Cable Advisory Board
Jay Campbell, 1/22/2021
Gabrielle Follett Sumney, 1/22/2021
Jack McGoldrick, 1/22/2022

Meeting Of Medford Cable Advisory Board
Location: Medford City Hall - Room 201
April 26, 2018 6:00pm

I. Approval of Meeting Minutes

II. Station Manager Update
A. Ben is no longer station manager
III. Station Updates
A. City Hall & conference room update
1. At the end of April MCM did a full upgrade of the City Hall video
equipment adding a video switcher, additional cameras, and the
surrounding technology to complete the upgrade. This upgrade is 99%
complete. Access A/v (the installer). The sound system in Alden
chambers has a noticeable hum that created some issues during the first
City Council broadcast. While the upgrade is 99% complete there is a
need for some training, as well as some final configuring including
completing the installation of computer equipment for the video streaming for
Accella legislative management.

B. Facility Updates
1. The studio is in good condition and all equipment has been purchased
and installed at this point.
2. The studio expanded its capability into the MHS library and the Caron
Theater creating the ability to cover events live. This was done by adding
a dedicated network connection to the room.

C. Programming Updates.
1. In April, the MCM taped 20 studio programs, 15 field productions and
covered 26 hours of event coverage.
2. As far as scheduling the broadcast server I’ve created several documents
that lay out the process for scheduling programs, and the bulletin boards.
This can be done remotely
3. The studio had been working with Filmmakers collaborative to setup
filmmaking classes for kids.

IV. Other Business
With summer coming can we have someone test the Air Conditioning to ensure it is
working properly in the studio.

The studio owns a variety of pieces of equipment for the use of both the vocational school and the
studio users. Some equipment is segmented between the two - who has precedent over the equipment.