Friday, October 8, 2010

Day 430 Since Judge Jackson-Thompson's report

 “We’re just trying to run a high minded campaign that is about a record of achievement in this term and about a vision for tomorrow"  Governor Deval Patrick

This blog will address the grievances, including the horrific attacks coming from Medford Community Cablevision, Inc. while talking about a clean break from the cronies and a clear vision for the future.

We will NOT shy away from discussing - or even poking fun at - the despicable activities of what they call "TV 3 Medford", especially FXXXX PXXXXX, XXXX ZXXXXX and the rest of the clowns...including, but not limited to, two City Councilors of Medford.

The shock wave that hit the community this week is the knowledge that the webmaster for the XXXXX Law Office used a special needs person to "interview" approximately thirty individuals (mostly women) at Stop & Shop in Medford, Mass.

The interview question was pure sexual harassment...

More about that after this next discussion:

Q: What is the "G" Spot?

A: The G spot stands for GENERAL FUND in the City of 


Could it be Mayor Michael J. McGlynn's achilles'  heel?

(An Achilles' heel is a deadly weakness in spite of overall strength, that can actually or potentially lead to downfall)

THE GENERAL FUND seems to be the recipient of funds designed for Public Access Television.  We're not sure as getting answers out of City Hall Medford is about as easy as asking Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad to tea!

However, Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad would actually do a better job of running TV 3 than the loon that Mayor Mikey McGlynn currently has installed in there.

See  below for more information.

Coming today - the all-new Community Media Medford page

New information about upcoming discussion of Class Action Suit against the City Of Medford, TV 3 Medford and other possible defendants including (possibly) two city councilors.

Further information to post later today.


The previous logs on Community Media Medford are all going up on a secure server.  Essential information for the subscribers / ratepayers of Comcast (the sole cable provider) in the city of Medford, Massachusetts will be available on the web as we index and compile the information in an easier to read format.  As we've discussed in the past, these blogs are a temporary information source as we build a strong CMM site with overwhelming evidence as to why Channel 3 in Medford needs to be assigned to a RESPONSIBLE and MATURE group of PROFESSIONALS.

This blog will serve as a temporary portal of information, especially updates on the proposed Class Action Suit against the City of Medford.


Medford citizens have been repeatedly victimized by the webmaster of Medford Community Cablevision, Inc. - a fellow who goes by the name of XXXX XXXXXXXX but for this discussion he will be called "X-SPOT-XXXXX".

That victimization by X Spot XXXX includes but is not limited to:

---a special needs person who gave testimony on Tuesday, October 5, 2010 that he was tricked into asking approximately 30 or more women a sexually provocative question having to do with a "G Spot" by one XXXXX XXXXXXa.k.a. "X Spot XXXX").  This was at a Stop & Shop in Medford.   Interested parties just might be asking a lawyer or lawyers if there is still an opportunity to file a grievance and if the statute of limitations has yet to expire.

---X Spot XXXX's own cousin who (HE HAS PUBLISHED AGAINST) has a vile and disgusting YOUTUBE airing that attacks her integrity

--X SPOT XXXX'S vile and disgusting victimization of a female City Councilor, SMB, air-brushing a political campaign sign to say "Free Sex"   (smb is now Mayor Stephanie Muccini-Burke  1/1/17 edit)

---X SPOT XXXX'ss vicious fixation on Councilor Penta

---X SPOT's  obsession with Councilor Breanna Lungo

---X Spot's  obsession with e legendary access TV host

---X Spot's abuse of the host of a trivia program which resulted in an admonishment from the City Solicitor

---x spot xxxx's victimization of a senior citizen, now deceased

X SPOT's A-Z list of victims is lengthier than any single individual at Medford Anti-Community Cablevision.

We have lots more to add to the list.

and a lovely poem entitled X SPOT XXXX that is moving to a special site chock full of xxxx xxxxx's past transgressions against City Councilors and disabled people and other individuals who live in the City of Medford.  Police Chief Leo Sacco take note.

Mr. Sacco will be receiving the above special list of xxxx's offensive activities which we urge him to post on the bulletin board at the station

Watch for a new post on xxxx Disturbing a Public Assembly in April of this year.  There IS a police report and xxxx xxxxx's name is listed on that report.