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Dear Candidates,

Urgent:  5 weeks and 2 days until Election 2017  Mayor Burke's CORI check on candidates is an invasion of your privacy.  More details on that below.  MULTIPLE access TV stations are shocked (and are laughing at Mayor Burke) at the huge invasion of privacy.

KEEP THIS IN MIND: After I had to shut Winchester High School down in 2011 because staffers left me alone every Friday night while I was on the air - no security to help me - just the TV station locking up the entire school (a job I did not request, nor did I want it) it became obvious that we senior citizens need to be protected from the students who were NOT MEMBERS of the station, would invade our space, would go onto Google behind the back of the staff and wreck my work on that computer because the students would sneak in and use our equipment.  Why doesn't Muccini-Burke have CORI checks on the students who harass us senior citizens? Or more to the point: Mr. Wilson in Dennis the Menace was right.  Dennis was the "menace" and that old guy was harassed on a daily basis by the reprobate child.
Who gives a damn about the CORI?  My CORI shows that I was victorious in court over an insufferable slob, Richard F.Caraviello, who owns a limousine service and is currently the president of the city council of Medford.

 What citizens need to ask that individual, Caraviello, who lied to the Medford Police Department (and who I allege LIED under oath 1/31/17 when asked if he ever moonlighted on the city council; I am asking the court to investigate that) is if Mr. Caraviello ever did CORI checks on his limo drivers and if he ever allegedly had a sex offender working for RC Limos and if he did, did that individual ever drive your kids to the prom?  Ask Rick Caraviello that before you vote on November 7th.

Then ask Mrs. Burke, Police Chief Sacco and the school superintendent if they ever covered up an alleged sex crime between a varsity coach and a powerful politician's daughter; and if a candidate for city council ever stole $105,000.00 from a non-profit that has to do with school sports, and that is a close friend allegedly of Mayor Burke.  Ask those questions, Medford voters, and you'll know why they are keeping you off of ACCESS TELEVISION.  That is the REAL REASON why they are asking for a producer's agreement which will force you to pay for a city lawyer if they don't like what you say on TV and why they are illegally asking for a CORI.   You need a CORI check if you are at the high school around children UNSUPERVISED.  Since that child Ben Brown is paid $67,500.00 of the Six Hundred Thousand Dollars plus that I saved this city when I and two colleagues shut down TV3 Medford then Mr. Ben Brown should be supervising the station, not putting we seniors at risk of some juvenile prank by a student, be it a firecracker M-80 or smoke bomb or just plain smoking cigarettes or marijuana on school property.  Who is going to protect we seniors from junvenile delinquents when we have a juvenile delinquent for school SUPERINTENDENT! who failed to properly vet teachers Mark Smith, Jenna Tarabelsi and the alleged VARSITY COACH who allegedly GOT AWAY WITH IT

File under: Harper Valley PTA - Medford Branch

Superintendent Belson can't even supervise teachers properly..."He (a 15 year old) "had pictures of her breasts" (a teacher's breasts on Roy Belson's watch) - Mr. Rumley, does Muccini-Burke have your tongue on that one?  (on the facts, not the teacher's alleged photograph)  

Parent of student allegedly victimized by guidance counselor speaks ...

May 11, 2015 - Medford police told FOX25 News students had come forward claiming the ... 
"He told me that he had pictures of her breasts," she said. ... 
The principal at Arlington Catholic High Schoolconfirmed Tarabelsi was a teacher here ...

Belson told me that he didn't know about Ms. Jenna Tarabelsi and  Arlington Catholic until "later."  Then why is he still superintendent in Medford?  Too many excuses, not enough safety for the students and we senior citizens, that's my position on Belson's negligence.

I may sue as early as Monday in Middlesex Superior Court - and your city solicitor is egging me on to do so.  This is yet another stalling tactic by Rumley.  PLEASE read this e mail carefully. If you want to consider making this a Class Action Suit - contact me 617 899 5926.  I am speaking to multiple lawyers about this, not my regular legal crew!  Access TV lawyers and other legal eagles.

Mark Rumley admitted to the censorship tactic.

1)I met with Mark Rumley on Thursday, 9-28-17.  Our City Solicitor was irrational, angry and not behaving in a professional manner.  I will deal with Mr. Rumley confidentially in multiple other venues.

2)Rumley admitted that he put the CORI demand into that five page monstrosity of a Producers Agreement which Solitor Rumley quickly blamed Ben Brown for.

---Does ANYONE believe the young Ben Brown composed that craziness?  Given Mr. Rumley's penchant for spin, distortion of the facts and downright lying (giving Tv3 Medford 2 weeks to pony up the financial records over 3 years ago) this is more bluster, ranting and bravado from the intentionally incompetent city lawyer. 

Does any sane person truly believe that novice Ben Brown would even have the intellectual capacity to create such a complex and anti-outreach, anti-facilitation of programming diabolical, mean-spirited "Producer Agreement.?"     

Preposterous.   More investment of my precious time to spank Mark "1st Amendment" Rumley for more of his misconduct which hurts the citizens paying his bloated and unwarranted salary.

More reason to fire Ben Brown since he put his name on the nonsense
See the City Council of 9/19/17 and my very forceful speech
Bob Penta speaks four hours 3 minutes in, you can speed up to that on the YouTube,

3)The new mission is to remove Mark Rumley as City Solicitor, take the government out of public access and identify every single false and fraudulent move by Ben Brown - including but not limited to the phony fraudulent board that looked into the "station manager" in their meeting minutes, the Chapter 74 board which I believe intentionally failed to abide by the Open Meeting Law (see Attorney General's site 

The Medford Chapter 74 board which I believe is under the purview of the mayor and Roy Belson is a phony misnomer as the documents say Radio/Television  on them.   Call me for more details.

Note how I personally caught them violating the law; and that the City Council and School Committee were kept in the dark on this important board


Purpose of the Law

The purpose of the Open Meeting Law is to ensure transparency in the deliberations on which public policy is based.  Because the democratic process depends on the public having knowledge about the considerations underlying governmental action, the Open Meeting Law requires, with some exceptions, that meetings of public bodies be open to the public.  It also seeks to balance the public’s interest in witnessing the deliberations of public officials with the government’s need to manage its operations efficiently. 

Rumley must be removed as city solicitor and he should be investigated for conflict if his having been on the board of Medford Community Cablevision and his investigating the very board he sat on (and failed to prosecute) makes sense to any logical human being.   

Add to that the serious allegation that Rumley was running his own law office out of Paul Donato's address in Haines Sq. (the State Rep himself reported what Rumley was up to when he had me sit in Rumley's chair at 271 Spring St.  For the State Rep to rat out Rumley to a reporter implies that they must have been at odds or something!   Or maybe old friend Paul was just having some fun at the Solicitor's expense!)  

Then 2 former mayoral candidates, Anthony D'Antonio and John Byers both told me that they saw the Solicitor at Somerville District Court on Thursdays and - allegedly - he wasn't doing city business that taxpayers pay him for.  

Mr. D'Antonio reported to me that Rumley allegedly said to him "You ratted me out to Joe Vig."
Mr. D'Antonio's reply was that "Court is a public place."   Amazing the gall of the city lawyer.  What is his job description?  What is his oath of office?  What the heck is his oath as a lawyer?
How about the fact that he was listed as "Permanent Deacon" at Immaculate Conception (hear he's at Saint Raphael's now, so much for "permanent" )  using his taxpayer funded e mail at I.C. church until yours truly demanded he take it down. He did.  

Why do I have to police all these city officials?   Chapter 74 board of Belson and Mayor Burke violated the Open Meeting Law; I have another very serious complaint on another board pending right now.  Enough is enough with these insufferable jokers stomping on our First Amendment rights and spitting in our faces.

You should have heard Rumley's mumbo jumbo on Thursday ...all pissed off and angry, so temperamental and unbecoming of a city official.  Like a combo Paul Camuso/Bob Maiocco on steroids. A truly embarrassing site for any self-respecting person who cares about this city and its people.  Just leave now, Mr. Rumley, we've had enough of your antics and your perpetual stunts over the past 15 years that I've known you, all your flowery speech aside, are about as helpful for Medford's progress as diction-stunted Adam Knight congratulating some voter to try to butter them up for November 7th.

Medford officials demand TV3's financial records - News - Medford ... 23, 2014 - 
Medford officials demand TV3′s financial records .... 
Rumley told the Medford City Council on July 15 that when city officials hauled equipment ...


From a Revere resident who knows Medford Public Access problems all too well.
File under; Photo Finish!

 The Public Access hours to your Public Access facility should be posted on your Pu blic Access Ch-3 channel message board continuously ( Mon-Fri 1-8 pm , Tues-Sat 12-9 pm , etc.). It should never be govt. controled.

I agree. THANK YOU - so much to rein Ben Brown in on that the obvious statement above eluded this thirty-eight year veteran of public access television!

You know that line by the great actress Roma Maffia in the film Disclosure about Demi Moore harassing Michael Douglas?     "Miss Johnson (Stephanie Burke) the only thing that you have proven is that a woman in power can be every bit as abusive as a man"  (Mike McGlynn, Frankie Pilleri, Mark Rumley take your pick!)   Stephanie Burke is worse than Frank Pilleri because she voted against Tv3 and now she is just as restrictive and as morally bankrupt at TV3 ever was.   Time to take Muccini-Burke to court.    Citizens have had enough of this malarkey, Ed Markey.

keep viewing


Within two weeks of a member’s election or appointment or the taking of the oath of office, whichever occurs later, all members of public bodies must complete the attached Certificate of Receipt of Open Meeting Law Materials certifying that they have received these materials, and that they understand the requirements of the Open Meeting Law and the consequences of violating it.  The certification must be retained where the public body maintains its official records.  All public body members should familiarize themselves with the Open Meeting Law, the Attorney General’s regulations, and this Guide. 
In the event a Certificate has not yet been completed by a presently serving member of a public body, the member should complete and submit the Certificate at the earliest opportunity to be considered in compliance with the law.
Click to download and print a copy of the Certification Document pdf format of Certificate of Receipt of OML Materials .

Joe Viglione  

Friday, September 29, 2017

Producer Agreement for Community Media Medford

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1)FOR 4 weeks in a row on a Friday night the staff took off looking for dates (all the women rejected those losers, go figure!) ...and they left this producer all alone at the high school while on the air.  Not even telling me that they were leaving

I could have been mugged by a creepy Ed Finn type, right?

Their excuse: "We want you to have evidence when you go to court with TV3 that we in Winchester trust you."

Also, all they DID was spend time on  looking for loose women....who is monitoring Ben Brown's computer Mr. Belson?
SO - 

I had to shut the school down.   Me - with no security guards, no police, no help whatsoever the entire Winchester Public High School was my responsibility.

After a month of that nonsense I reported them to the authorities.
2)The students were unruly, were NOT members of the TV station, came in to play games on our computers AND one of them shut down my Google accidentally...(imagine if it was this blog that was permanently removed! Thank God for big favors it wasn't this account!!!)

Maybe Mayor McGlynn sent a child over to hack the blog?  Who knows?  Who will save we seniors from children whose parents were negligent in raising their kids?
3)A professor at a college now was teaching the students. 

14 year old kids had to hear his sexual exploits (as little as they were, he listed about nine women he had bedded allegedly,  and all the times that he had his way with them - all in the past tense...popular?  Not very...)

I reported him to the police chief and the principal.  There's documented evidence that somehow magically appeared in my storage locker after it was originally in the circular file.  Wonder how that happened?  :)

*I was always allowed to get used envelopes to mail my show out with, so I had permission to go to the "circular file" for envelopes...and magically - the document in the Professor's handwriting with his sexual conquests that he bragged to 14 year old students about, such as they were, magically landed in my storage locker!  Interesting how those things happen, right?

When I was shocked and told him that he couldn't talk to students that way do you want to hear his response?

"Oh, this is the Clubhouse."

Yeah, in the universe of Jenna Tarabelsi, Roy Belson and Mark Smith maybe, but not in the real world!

exhibit A   
9 Ladies who have had a not very memorable event in their lifetime!  Poor Jaye...she went there twice!   Poor Erin must have been so desperate!   Promiscuous lad, wasn't he?

This is what happens at P/E/G access with the teachers...and they want CORI reports from the public????? 

To quote what retired Justice McHugh said to me after I delivered a taped message, to the court in the 1990s - a death threat a woman made against me stating": "You and your friend are going to be found DEAD and play this for the police" --- 

"That will be EXHIBIT A"  (Retired Justice McHugh, Middlesex Superior Court)

So much for Mark Rumley's malarkey, right?
Print this up and tell Ben Brown you will SUE him if he doesn't play your show*

*UNLESS you are one of the frauds from Medford Community Cablevision, Inc., they should all be banned for life.

Candidates - this is all you need to get on the air on Medford Community Media.  I submit that with 38 years experience in Access, and having spoken on panels that I personally created with industry executives at New England Institute of Art - where Ben Brown got his degree (I was lecturing at the school probably before he even got to be a freshman) that this document is all you need. Speaking to experts at other access stations, you do NOT need Mark Rumley's nutty CORI check, ONLY to be with UNSUPERVISED CHILDREN.  

Ben Brown is getting Sixty Seven Thousand Five Hundred Dollars to do outreach and facilitate programming.- so that novice better be there to safeguard we seniors from unruly kids.

What Rumley Wants

1,063,082@2:49 pm
The Solicitor wants a CORI if TV3 members are in close proximity to Juveniles

If we vote out Caraviello, Dello Russo, Knight and keep Mrs Cugno in her cage, the CORI restriction will be lifted immediately

Citizens Talking about Class Action Suit ...FINALLY

Has Mayor Muccini-Burke gone too far with her pet poodle Ben Brown and the theft of access television?

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What city in America has


Only in the city with creepy government officials who go around threatening, bullying, physically assaulting people.

We have just begun to fight.

Complaints on more city officials to be filed this week!

Stay tuned.

Stephen Lebert threatened to kill a man.
His option: RESIGN or allegedly he would go to PRISON*   

*based on information and belief, Lebert could have been tried for threats to kill and could have lost his pension.

Under Massachusetts General Laws, Chapter 275, Section 4, it is a crime to threaten to commit a crime against someone else. If the defendant is convicted, he can be punished by a fine of $100 or less, or by imprisonment for six months or less. In many cases, there are additional charges brought against someone prosecuted for threatening to commit a crime, such as assault and battery.

Such a Deal!

LEBERT SHOULD HAVE BEEN CHARGED AND SHOULD HAVE FACED THE MAXIMUM PUNISHMENT.  He had a gun on him at the time he threatened to kill Michael Coates.

Who authored that nonsense?  

A Medford police detective seen on a video threatening to “put a hole right through” a motorist’s head during a traffic stop resigned Tuesday.

Detective Stephen LeBert’s resignation was accepted by Mayor Michael J. McGlynn’s office.Police Chief Leo Sacco said in July that although LeBert was off-duty, he had a responsibility to act because of the danger the driver posed to the public. However, Sacco said, there were other ways LeBert could have addressed the situation.
“The language, the demeanor,’’ Sacco said in July. “Just what is being said and how it is being said. I hate even being quoted as saying it, but ‘putting a hole in your head’ — that is uncalled for.’’
John R. Ellement of the Globe staff contributed to this report. Felicia Gans can be reached at Follow her on Twitter @FeliciaGans.

Medford City Solicitor Mark Rumley prepares city case against Detective Stephen LeBert

Should the city push for termination, Rumley said the next step could very well be to request denying LeBert’s pension.
“There could be an effect on the pension,” he said. “That will depend on the findings of the case. It hasn’t been tried yet.”

 Remember when an attorney threatened to kill a TV host repeatedly and was never punished?

Section 14: Affray, threats or disturbance of peace in presence of justice; recognizance to keep peace 

Section 14. Whoever, in the presence of a justice named in section one or before a court of record, makes an affray, or threatens to kill or beat another, or to commit any violence or outrage against the person or property of another, or contends with hot and angry words, to the disturbance of the peace, may be ordered, without process or any other proof, to recognize to keep the peace or be of good behavior for not more than three months, and in case of refusal may be committed as provided in section five.


Medford City Solicitor Mark Rumley prepares city case against ...
Oct 7, 2015 - On Thursday, Oct. 15, the city will hold a disciplinary hearing against Medford Police Detective Stephen LeBert regarding a video which ...
Missing: resign

Medford officer resigns in controversy over remarks that he would 'put ...
Oct 13, 2015 - A video appeared to show Officer Stephen LeBert telling a driver during a traffic stop in July that he would “put a hole right in your head.”
Missing: markrumley

Miguel Lopez 

Shawn Hughes

Shawn Norton

Gerry Clemente

Suspended Medford police officer has long history of trouble - Medford ...
Mar 7, 2011 - Suspended Medford police officer has long history of trouble ... Gregory M. Hudson, 55, was disciplined five times by the department before his latest nine-month ... 20 during a sting operation in Lynn for soliciting a prostitute.

On What Planet 

Jenna Tarabelsi

Medford police officer picked up in prostitution sting - News - Wicked ...
Sep 15, 2010 - A Medford police officer picked up in a Lynn prostitution sting late last month is now awaiting a ... Greg Hudson, 54, was arrested Aug. 20 at the ...

Medford police officer pleads guilty to interfering in 2013 murder ...
Jun 27, 2017 - A Medford police officer pleaded guilty on Monday to lying to investigators during a 2013 murder investigation, according to the Middlesex ...
Missing: gregprostitute

Behind The Blue Wall: [MA] Medford eased Police Officer Hudson out ...
Apr 14, 2011 - Medford Police Officer Gregory Hudson, most recently given probation and suspension for soliciting a prostitute, had previously been charged ...

Medford Info Central Dot Com! -The Medford Political Reality ...
Mar 6, 2017 - Flashback Monday - Cop Gets Prostitute...doesn't arrest is he who ... The mayor of Medford has suspended Police Officer Gregory M.

Ben Brown Screws Candidates while Muccini-Burke Whores Out Access TV to herself!

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Thursday, September 28, 2017

Complaints on Knight, Caraviello, Finn, Dello Russo filed with Neil Osborne

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over nineteen-thousand page views in the past month!!!!!

Here's the quandary for Attorney Osborne.
He is named in an Open Meeting Law violation filed today.

Can Mr. Osborne fairly receive complaints on Finn, Caraviello, Knight and Dello Russo when there is a serious OML complaint naming him filed today as well?