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Alberg Misinformation Ltd


Cable TV subscribers want to know:

When Martha Coakley heard that Harvey Alberg of the failed access TV corporation refused to respond to the City Council's question as to HOW MANY BOARD MEMBERS there were at MCC, Martha should have put the microscope up Alberg's

sorry you-know-what!
When Harvey Alberg employed deceptive business practices with taxpayer funded auditors, McGlynn should have come down hard on the old fraud
When Harvey Alberg, the Minister of Misinformation, tried to scam the city into believing his "toxic mold" lie instead of giving the "TV3 update" - which is how they wormed their way on to the agenda, the Council should have done more than just have Frank Pilleri removed by the police.

Harvey Alberg and his wife are LIARS


They took advantage of the Medford community


Will Medford have to IMPEACH the next City Council president?????


  Higher standards is what the residents of Medford should seek from their elected officials.      If the bar is set low by the elected officials, and the majority of 37,515 registered voters fail to show up on election day, concerned citizens need to look at remedies to hold those who get elected to their obligations to the taxpayers  - be they citizens or businesses - to the civics groups, to the non-profits, to the boards and commissions created (ostensibly) to guide the legislators.

     According to the Patch post on 2013 election results, Paul Camuso received a paltry 4,563 pats on the back - and that was the most of any elected official running for city council.  NONE of them have a "mandate" and  the 32,952 who didn't do the research on the city council and vote for city council have themselves to blame.

     Despite the incorrigible "media blackout" instituted by the Administration (try numbering all the times Mayor McGlynn's photo was in the Transcript, Mercury, Inside Medford and Patch and compare it to his opponent - Mr. D'Antonio - and the other officials up for office in this city) - despite the intentional shut down of access television (I offered to - and could have - put channel 3 back on the air immediately and wouldn't even have needed the closet at city hall to do it!  What a fiasco!, to quote Adam Knight) - this writer utilized the People's Forum and the Patch to enlighten Medford residents.

   One resident noted to me "did you see how they used Reverse 911 to solicit expired pharmaceuticals but didn't issue a Reverse 911 or two for an election!"  It's true.  This week Sgt. Barry Clemente has issued Reverse 911s for the Jingle Bell Festival or whatever it is called. 4:32 pm on 11/29 and 4:04 PM on 11/27.  Has anyone written a public records request to find out the cost to taxpayers of these absurd and not helpful Reverse 911 calls?  The money is probably astronomical.

       Mayor McGlynn allegedly received 5,775 votes, meaning that 31,740
registered voters and over 52,000 residents did not vote for the man who would be King of Medford. 

* * * * *
    So much for the higher standards brought up at the beginning of this essay.  With no access television there was no opportunity to discuss the issues.  The Mayor had his pal Jack Dempsey give all the candidates bad audio ("Speak into the digital!  Speak into the microphone on the camera! was the alleged order!)    Tucked away on the high school channel with most residents not even aware of which channel it is on Comcast or Verizon, and with no use of Video on Demand on Comcast, the message was stifled.

   Let me quote the City Solicitor from November 15, 2008, five years and fifteen days ago.  A speech that will live in Medford infamy:

“The one sentiment that I have heard that I take great exception to is that the city is trying to limit speech,” said Rumley. “The notion the city would censor or squelch free speech is baseless and as city solicitor I would find any such effort repugnant.”

   OK, Mr. Rumley,
you've had five years and fifteen days since you threw the gauntlet down and over ten years and 8 months since you and Diane McLeod and I met over the issue of the green card employee at TV3, allegedly called the "f#%#$g immigrant" and made to jump through hoops while suffering abuse at the hands of a now or soon-to-be-dissolved non-profit.

If a city lawyer is powerless to talk some sense into a 26 year incumbent, after logging complaint after complaint after complaint - complaints from Dr. Wood and the disabled community, from Allison Goldsberry, from Matt Haberstroh, from Chris Donovan, from CACHE, from people from all walks of life including a current allegation of racism lingering over the heads of the former board members (and isn't attacking a green card employee from Brazil also racism?), if a city solicitor can't talk sense to the lead official in Medford, you understand why the citizens would rather draft Willie Lantigua, disgraced soon-to-be-former Mayor of Lawrence, as their new leader.  Sheesh!

   SO, when a Council President forces his way in (see Ron Swanson's piece, linked below) and then threatens to hit a citizen with a big, dirty metal pipe, only to have that citizen find out that the council "president" was hit with a 1.8 million dollar complaint (one of three) and had to settle that one for $402,000.00 (about 85K in legal fees, about 317,000.00 in the settlement) well, heck, isn't that more money than Stanley and Steven Komins are accused of embezzling from West Medford Hillside Little League?

   Why was it up to one citizen to uncover the situation at Wells Fargo which involved Council "President" Robert A. Maiocco?  And why don't we have mechanisms in place to trigger IMPEACHMENT when a city official, overseeing our bloated budget, has such an absurd history as a "financial advisor."    Because of the hackerama, nepotism and the blind leading the blind.

     What is "impeachment" ???

Impeach means to charge someone with doing something wrong, specifically a high government official, such as the US president, a senator, or a Federal judge. Fortunately, very few presidents have had the dishonor of being impeached.

     Here's some good news for Uncle Bob Maiocco and, possibly, for his nephew if the vote in January 2014 goes as expected:

Historic Background on the Impeachment and Trial of President Andrew Johnson

The Significance of President Johnson's Impeachment and Trial
Johnson's impeachment trial is considered to be important because it checked the attempt among certain Members of Congress to establish congressional control of federal policy and relegate the President's role in governance to that of a chief minister's. The acquittal of Johnson also prevented later Congresses from using the threat of impeachment as a means of settling policy differences with the executive. Finally, the acquittal meant that in future impeachment trials the defendant would have to have committed an actual crime in order to be convicted.

     For a city councilor like Paul A. Camuso who currently sits on  a subcommittee which allows him to look into the background of taxi drivers to have a potential position a LOT MORE worthy of scrutiny than that of someone driving a taxi (and as evidence of that, does Council Vice President "elect" Rick Caraviello have to do a background check on limousine drivers?  Probably not), it means that, given Bob Maiocco's lack of transparency and failure to be forthright even with his fellow councilors about his troubles as a financial advisor at Wells Fargo, is there anything in Paul Camuso's background that citizens should be concerned about?

    A public records request put in to the office of Sheriff Peter Koutoujian, where Mr. Camuso is employed, came back rather fuzzy.  They couldn't tell us this, they couldn't tell us that, and what they didn't say was that Paul Camuso was squeaky clean.  So that public records request is now a big red flag when someone wants to be the president of the city council of Medford.  Uncle Bob Maiocco didn't tell us about his background when he wanted to handle the city budget, it is absolutely essential that Mr. Camuso come clean on how he has conducted himself if he wants to be council president. 

     If taxi drivers are scrutinized more than an alleged sex offender allegedly working previously at the Medford Housing Authority - if a security guard has to have a more thorough examination than a city council president, then who is watching the taxpayer funds, especially with a new rate hike in the wind, then the citizens are sitting ducks for another round of Frank Pilleri's TV3, Stanley and Steven Komins' West Medford Hillside Little League, Steve Cloutier's Pop Warner, whether or not any wrongdoing was discovered or not, you - dear citizen - get a sense of being intentionally kept in the dark and not knowing how YOUR money is spent.  In Cloutier's case it was the athlete's equipment at a storage locker not paid for; in Frank Pilleri's case it is a failed audit, getting thrown out of city hall with a police escort, and a former board member up on a charge of a false bomb threat.  In Komins' case, January 31, 2014 he is scheduled to be back in Somerville District Court.  Is this really the repeating pattern the citizens of Medforrd want?

    A previous essay from someone on this Patch discussed "voter's remorse."  Having a council president who was cagey about his life as a financial adviser, but handling your finances, is like giving Bernie Madoff the keys to the Medford Depositor's Trust.    The Medford checkbook possibly in the hands of a Bernie Madoff type if the citizens don't scrutinize who is handling the city funds and where every nickel is going.

 * * * * *
Ron Swanson's piece on the Rule of Necessity is worthwhile when discussing impeachment 
    What would be easier for Medford?  Charter change or impeachment?  Will we continue to have low standards for elected officials, a paltry handful of votes to become Mayor or sit on the council, and enormous power that goes totally unchecked?

Ron Swanson SLAMS Paul Camuso on Patch


As most people remember, Marks made an issue about nominees for President and Vice President voting for themselves.  Since the positions come with an extra monetary benefit, he felt this might be against state ethics rules.  The nominees could have simply refused to vote and let the chips fall where they may (and likely would have still 'won'), instead it turned into a circus and Camuso brought up the "rule of necessity".

The rule of necessity can apparently allow members to vote where there is a conflict of interest if not voting wouldn't leave enough non conflicted members to qualify for an official vote (believe at least 4 votes for or against a motion...someone correct me if I am mistaken)


Someone is - clearly - studying the Camuso posts!

Impeach Camuso!


Impeach means to charge someone with doing something wrong, specifically a high government official, such as the US president, a senator, or a Federal judge. Fortunately, very few presidents have had the dishonor of being impeached.

Impeach comes from the Latin impedicare "catch, entangle." If you can remember that impeach is closely related to impede, which means to slow or hinder, all you have to think of is, "Stop, thief!" to remember that impeach has to do with crime and not with stone fruit.

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Will Iron Man 3 be the #1 movie of 2013?

Dear Readers - the nice ones and the naughty ones!

We have other writings to get to so have fun reading our previous pearls of wisdom on this site tonight!

According to Box Office Mojo .com

Iron Man 3  $409,013,994
in America

Worldwide it is 1 billion 215 and a half million
YIKES which is #5 all-time worldwide and just under Harry Potter
The next 2013 on the All-time worldwide list is
Despicable Doria 2 at #27...think that's the title...will have to look....It's a long way down for the old battle axe!

Happy Black Friday

Did Steely Dan steal the melody from Carole King's Smackwater Jack for their Black Friday? 

FILE UNDER: LEFTOVERS! Happy Thanksgiving


Happy Thanksgiving!
Police Officer allegedly murders man found on Cannibal Fetish site!  YECCH!

German cop arrested over alleged cannibalism website murder

But there was no evidence that the suspect, identified by media as police officer Detlev G of the eastern state of Saxony, had eaten any of the body parts of his victim, prosecutors said.
The victim, a 59-year-old man from Hanover, Lower Saxony, had "since his youth fantasised about being murdered and eaten," Dresden police chief Dieter Kroll told a press conference.



Dangerous TV3 individuals break agreement made with the police


Threat, the echo of a failed non-profit

Improving Medford
Improving Medford
9524  page views in the last 30 days
     It is troubling that the Malden woman who used her body to block a door at Alden Chambers until the police had to be called, the woman who enabled the individual accused of a false bomb threat, the individual who wanted the city council to "amend free speech" so that she can be heard over you, that the individual who was a very big part of the public face of a failed non-profit, shamelessly hides behind the keyboard while some of us speak at the city council to improve our city.  
     The hideous actions by that woman are meant to be a distraction.  She lies about "police records" - what she fails to tell you is that the individual in the police report was issued a no-contact order from Woburn District Court to stay away from gay bashing a man he hit with his truck.  You read that correctly - a homosexual male was hit with a truck while putting the recycling out.   A big red truck came up and intentionally hit him.  The victim of the gay bashing is then bashed again by the hideous woman from TV3, who takes it out of context to blame the victim.   The victim got a no-contact order and that individual stopped the harassment which had gone on for months.  Culminating in the use of a truck to run into a gay male on the street.

    Doria Alberg thinks that is funny.  She thinks she can throw salt in the wound and harass the victim further.

    Victorious in removing the public safety menace that was TV3 from our community, this writer was "banned" for reporting the wrongful conduct.  TV3's webmaster, one of the major culprits along with Mrs. Alberg's husband, is now in court for a false bomb threat.  Had the Issuing Authority not encouraged the malfeasance, the arrest may never have happened.  They should have, in this writer's opinion, arrested that individual a lot sooner for going after an autistic man in a hideous episode now called "the G spot episode" or criminal solicitation.  Watch the Jodie Foster movie "the Accused" to see what criminal solicitation is in that sense.   Since TV3 was only allegedly threatened with lawsuits by the victim's parents (separately) the perpetrator walked on that.

    Later the perpetrator put a hideous blog up with a kangaroo or two having sex.   Now that individual, who was blocking the Alden Chambers doors with Doria Alberg to harass people speaking at the city council: clear stomping on First Amendment rights, is facing a scheduled court date on December 11 while Alberg's husband and his tv3 board are allegedly being investigated for racism.

    Getting "banned" by Saddam Hussein, TV3, O.J. Simpson or Doria Alberg is a badge of honor.  Justice will be served.  But for now, Medford residents have to endure the invective of the woman who was chased out of Medford and landed in Malden.  Her financial affairs allegedly in ruins, the "financial adviser" spends way too much time harassing those of us looking to improve our city.  Think about it.  Meanwhile, the Medford Police had Frank Pilleri sign an agreement in mediation that promised to stop Arthur Deluca and Doria Alberg from engaging in the incessant harassment.   There will be a complaint filed next week on their wrongful conduct.
This post is contributed by a community member

Victims of Medford Community Cablevision, Inc. seek justice

Medford City Hall

WHEN: TUESDAY December 3  7 PM

WHAT: Doria Alberg's fraudulent activities exposed

WHY: Because Harvey Alberg stole the resources of a non-profit for his own personal gain, with his hideous wife stalking Medford residents

WHO: There is no "Who", Doria Alberg is so pug ugly she is filed under "WHAT?"

attention: Bill GIlman - Doria Alberg again plagiarizing a blog she doesn't own. The woman is psychotic and dangerous. If you encountered her using her huge body to block a door at City Hall until the police came (wrongful imprisonment of private people by an overweight woman) you would understand. Why is she so defensive thinking she's the "Malden woman" referenced on the blog? There are two other Medford refugees over at that Malden apartment complex. 
Just because you and your husband are disgraced in Medford with Alberg Financial and the failure to comply with a contract made with the city is no reason for you to lash out at people. Doria Alberg lies about many Medford citizens, she phones your place of business, and if you put your monies into her hands, God help you. 

Crazed woman from Malden violates police agreement

143,240 all-time page views


Vicious Malden woman being watched closely by law enforcement.    Her idea of a holiday is to stuff her fat face and fixate on a man she is obsessed with.  Of course, with a despicable and ugly husband, it is no wonder why she is obsessed with a handsome gay male she cannot have.    The Malden woman is seen in Medford wearing disguises and being creepy.   Be on the lookout for that public safety menace.  You can't miss her with those big shoulders that could take up the width of the city hall parking lot (and often do!) Along with her unpleasant demeanor and dirty tongue she creates feelings of fear and unease.  She must think it empowers her, but people flee in fright. Do not mistake her dress for a circus tent as it hides those clowns that are with her - and who are more dangerous than the psychotic doll in the CHUCKY film series.

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Happy Thanksgiving to Medford Froggies the Mayor is Frying Up!


When Ron DeLucia and TV3 misappropriated over Eighty Thousand Dollars in monies and lost numerous suits, Councilor Paul Camuso endorsed their wrongful conduct and attempted to embarrass this writer at a council meeting.

That moment will be remembered, and Mr. Camuso's bad behavior is going to be under a microscope, and a spotlight.  Tune in Tuesday  December 3 to see if Camuso is man enough to answer the tough questions about to be presented to the "man who would be president."

  Medford residents are so busy with their daily lives they don't always understand local politics.  The terms charter change, Plan E government, Plan A government, home rule petition, City Council rules, Rule 17 - it appears to be intentionally complex in order to confuse the public.  Almost like going to church week after week saying "PATER NOSTER, qui es in caelis, sanctificetur nomen tuum. Adveniat regnum tuum. Fiat voluntas tua, sicut in caelo et in terra..." until Vatican II (1962-1965) came along and put the Lord's Prayer into plain English so people would have a chance to comprehend what Jesus was preaching.    The Mass of Pope Paul VI in 1969 was no longer "Latin immersion."

* * * *

So let's have some Plain English for Medford politics.  Just because people are good at campaigning doesn't mean they are fit to lead.  In the city of Lawrence, the embattled Willie Lantigua almost got back in.  Luckily, for the Commonwealth of Massachusetts, Lantigua is out.  That one was so obvious, but a "city divided" came within less than 100 votes of bringing back an individual whose first four years were marred with controversy and problems.

The city of Medford had Thirty Seven Thousand Five Hundred and Fifteen registered voters by the cutoff in October.  The question is, why would all those people register if they didn't feel like performing their civic duty and looking into the backgrounds of the legislators who control the taxes, the parking regulations, the rules that we the people have to obey - rules that some politicians think they are above.    When a repeat offender parking in a bus stop is politically connected (and you see this all over town, not just at Bocelli's in South Medford and Nappi on Salem Street, though it happens near those two restaurants on almost a daily basis) or a city councilor flying through a DO NOT ENTER sign behind city hall isn't fined after being reported to the police (as well as to the sheriff's office), the residents are at a disadvantage.

   On September 5, 2013, former Medford Transcript reporter/defacto editor Nick Iovino wrote: "

The role of Medford city councilor comes with many duties: responding to constituents, voting on proposals and speaking on important issues. But in order to perform those functions, councilors must first take one crucial step — being present at meetings. "

   To Councilor Bob Maiocco's credit, he attended most of the meetings, only missing one.  Councilor Michael Marks only missed 2 meetings a year over a three year period (total: 6 absent).  Paul Camuso, however, missed 14 meetings since 2009 AND, very important, would skip out on votes by leaving Alden Chambers at a critical moment and, most incredibly, after being long-winded about Hallmark president Michael Sack (now Chairman of the Massachusetts Hospital Association) the week before.  When Mr. Sack arrived to speak on October 8, 2015, audaciously, City Councilor Paul Camuso got up, walked by me and said "hello" and walked out the door. I looked up at the clock.  It was 7:35 PM.  Mr. Camuso really meant to say "goodbye" (play Beatles song Hello/Goodbye here) ...he left for the night and didn't come back.

   Paul Camuso, paid over 27K to work for the citizens of Medford, left at a critical moment.  There would be no votes on record for Mr. Camuso, no discussion with the head of Hallmark Health that Camuso was so adamant the prior week about interrogating...nothing.  Chalk up ABSENT for the FIFTEENTH TIME for Mr. Camuso.  He skipped out on the people who elected him.

   See my previous article on PATCH for more about this:

* * * * *
   Council President receives $29,700.00 or so.  Thirty grand a year.  Do we reward those who are politically savvy but not very conscientious or dutiful in their obligations to the community?  Does political shrewdness deserve reward rather than performing the business of the people, the business in the MOST EXPENSIVE CITY COUNCIL in 19 cities and towns in northern Massachusetts.
* * * * *
   Mr. Camuso thinks this is all a big joke.  Look at Camuso's track record. In 2011 and 2013 Camuso promised to clean up the empty storefronts and bring in taxpaying businesses to fill those empty storefronts.  Sounds great on paper, but where's the beef?

   Mr. Camuso has been strangely silent on the shuttered public access station, yet Camuso's good friend is scheduled to be back in Somerville District Court on December 11th on charges of a "False Bomb Threat." What did City Councilor Paul A. Camuso do when complaint after complaint after complaint was filed on Camuso's good friend?  Camuso enabled the bullying.  Mr. Camuso interrupted victims of that individual, didn't let them speak, even imposed "Rule 17" in a lame - and failed - attempt to stifle free speech at what they facetiously call "the People's Forum."
* * * * *
   Here's a promise to Mr. Camuso, and he can read this into the record some evening if he does step into the presidency and grab three extra thousand dollar bills he did not earn.  Try more political maneuvers and buffoonery as council president and there are residents ready to legally chew your flagrant actions up and spit them out.    This is the PEOPLE'S FORUM and Mr. Camuso and his cronies not only appear to have forgotten the definition of "public service" - they never fully understood the meaning of it to begin with.
* * * * *
   Public Service means showing up for council meetings, voting the way your constituents want - not the way the Mayor orders you to vote - and not getting into conflict like the proverbial "p#%#^# contest" we see week after week at the council, usually when Mr. Camuso starts a filibuster and gets agitated, animated and creates unwanted distractions.

The definition of "p#%@#@ contest" found online is:
...any argument that just goes back and forth between two individuals but never gets resolved."
* * * * *

   Anyone who thinks that a Camuso presidency at the Council is going to RESOLVE conflict must want to buy some toxic mold from a now dissolved public access station; or has some allegedly environmentally-challenged land to sell the Mayor for River's Edge 2.

   Paul Camuso, Freddy Dello Russo and Adam Knight are the new alliance. Rick Caraviello appears to have totally fallen off that fence he was sitting on towards the way he was leaning: the way of the Administration that controls Medford.  Has Breanna Lungo-Koehn been swayed in any way by the cabal?  Time will tell. 

   This is why it is important to go to the council meetings, not just watch them from your home.  On November 19, 2013 in succession walked Camuso, Dello Russo, Caraviello, Maiocco (their names all end in "o") and Magneto from the X-Men...oops, sorry, I mean Adam McGknight-0. Five minds aligned with the Mayor means they are not aligned with you.

   Michael Marks has stood up for Medford residents.  He finally got religion on TV3 (after much badgering from those on the right side of the issue) and he should have run for Mayor.  Mayor Marks would have been that "crop rotation" in the corner office so desperately needed.  In 2015 members of the school committee might run for city council, that's the big rumor (I won't print the names being thrown about, but if you've been watching local politics, you have an idea who the usual suspects are), but residents don't have two more years of rising taxes and crumbling infrastructure to wait. 

   A "Council president Camuso' brings the Mayor dangerously close to wasting your money on an EIGHT MILLION DOLLAR GARAGE and an EIGHT MILLION DOLLAR WATER TAXI.  If you have the 16 million in your pocket as chump change well, find.  If you don't, then you are looking at less money for you and your kids and more money for the Mayor.  That's what this is about, people.  It's a very serious problem and it is at a critical juncture.

   If a resident has to go to the authorities in Boston and have a lawyer start demanding answers from the City Solicitor, which I noted as Mark Rumley sat behind me at the council on November 19, 2013, then do you really think you are going to get a straight answer on how hundreds of thousands of dollars in studies are coming in from - and equally important - how they are spent?

   City Solicitor Rumley sent me some highly unprofessional e mails. They were silly.  We don't pay an attorney One Hundred And Two Thousand Dollars a year to be a jerk.  Nor do we expect that city lawyer to use his city-funded e mail on a church website (how 'bout that separation of church and state) or to be seen, allegedly, at Somerville District Court on Thursdays allegedly moonlighting for credit card companies...allegedly.

   Writing this material down and presenting it to you, dear residents, the ones funding the bill for this stupidity makes me highly unpopular at City Hall.  If Linda Colletti and Mark Rumley had permission ...well, from the looks of their eyes, chock full of daggers, my name would be on a missing persons report and not on this byline.  IF they had permission.  Or, as Lou Reed masterfully put it "When you're looking through the eyes of hate....oh woh woh woh...." ("Oh, Jim" - the Berlin album.)
* * * * *

   If you cross Paul Camuso you'll be "looking through the eyes of hate." These petty individuals and their petty agendas do not help the city of Medford.

   This article is written to help improve the city of Medford.  When the City Solicitor engages in a shouting match with a city councilor, the checks and balances (allegedly) between the people and the Administration, one has to just shake their head. Shame on Mark Rumley for that stunt.  A city lawyer being paid $102,000.00 plus a year should show more decorum and professionalism.  Mr. Rumley was being baited when called a "henchman" of the Mayor's and he protested way too much.

   Look, Mark Rumley is a good guy outside of City Hall.  But as City Lawyer he has no problem donning his Darth Vader mask and cloak.  The Reverend Rumley on Sunday and Darth Rumley on Monday is an exquisite paradox.  One that isn't very good for Medford.  One that is certainly messing with Rumley's head.  Crop rotation. Term limits.  Charter change. Because right now, people, Medford is going to hell in a hand basket, and you are all the froggies in warm water not realizing that the Mayor is gleefully turning up the heat on all of you.

   Happy Thanksgiving.

P.S. To add to your "Happy Thanksgiving" former Medford Transcript writer and now Stoneham/Wakefield editor Matt Reid has an article in this week's paper about your taxes going up.  Happy Thanksgiving from Medford City Hall

Medford —  by Matt Reid The average single-family homeowner in Medford will pay an extra $187 in property taxes next year if city officials approve new proposed rates.
The Medford City Council reviewed a proposal for new tax rates at a Committee of the Whole meeting on Tuesday, Nov. 26.

Changing the Debate Rules for Medford 2015

Will Wood and Rosen be disciplined for the dog and pony show they call Candidates Night?

A new group is pushing for changes in the 2016 general election debates, according to Politico.
Top officials from past campaigns -- including Anita Dunn and Beth Myers, former debate-prep advisers for President Barack Obama and his opponent Mitt Romney -- make up the group, which is being sponsored by the Annenberg Public Policy Center of the University of Pennsylvania.

Wednesday, November 27, 2013





DECEMBER 3, 2013



Petition by OPPOSITION LEADER to discuss Public Access Panel and Medford City Government.

Camuso to Open a chapter of NAAPH


for the

143,000 exactly Pizza Anyone?

143,000 all-time page views; exactly! 
 10:19 AM

Robert Tison charged in two thefts related to pizza delivery ...
5 days ago - A pizza delivery Thursday night led to the arrest of a Gainesville man. But he didn't steal the pizzas.

When the moon hits your eye like a big pizza pie that's Amore...

  1. Pizza delivery driver injured in attempted car theft

    Police searching for two female suspects

    Driver should have thrown the pizzas like frisbees!

    A pizza delivery driver is at home recuperating from injuries she suffered after trying to prevent her car from being stolen Thursday night, police said.
    Cmdr. Ray Reyna Jr. said officers responded to an apartment complex in the 1500 Block of Canal Farm Lane at 9:40 p.m. regarding a woman who was trapped under a vehicle.



    Theft of pizza delivery vehicle ends in crash - The Michigan Daily
    Sep 29, 2013 - Theft of pizza delivery vehicle ends in crash. Katherine Pekala/Daily: A tow truck operator prepares to remove a car that was the subject of an ...

    Self-Described Mental Moron new
    Council President to perform in stage play

    PAC will play Cher, and all the other roles himself...ending in a pizza maker suit and singing AMORE!

    All for charity, of course.  His own charity!
    The PAC Foundation!   As in, POLITICAL ACTION COMMITTEE!

    What Is PLAC?

    Political Lack of Action Committee 

Does Camuso have the Character to be Council President???

The Cost of a City Council meeting

Council President   Thirty Thousand Dollars  ($29,700.00)
Vice President   27,900.00
5 additional councilors $26,700

That's 133,500.00 for five councilors, plus $57,600 for the President and Vice President totaling $190,600.00

190,600 divided by 40  equals $4,765 per council meeting

190,600 divided by 52 equals $3665.38 per council meeting

Medford citizens being cheated by the product at that price

Too high a price for buffoonery!

Posted Sep 05, 2013 @ 12:00 PM City councilors earn $26,700 per year with an extra $1,200 for vice president and $3,000 for the president. In turn, they are expected to attend about 40 meetings each year Read more: 

$200,000 divided by 52 weeks is $3846.15 per council meeting; $200,000 divided by 40 meetings is a cost of $5,000.00 per council meeting.  As chair of the council’s Licensing Subcommittee Camuso looked into the backgrounds of every taxi driver.  With the previous council president, Camuso's uncle, paying out a cool $402,000.00 to a complainant at his day job at Wells Fargo (one of three complainants; the original complaint was for 1.8 million), the city council should be obligated to see if any similar nonsense is in Mr. Camuso's file before he touches the city budget.  Camuso having worked for embattled Sheriff Jim DiPaola's office is a huge red flag

As Camuso was the chair of the council's Licensing Subcommittee, and now he's a "movin' on up" - who will be
the new chair AND, most important, will the council look into Camuso's background so that Medford isn't saddled with another suspicious character running the council as "president."

The Sheriff's Department refused to give information on Camuso's past; refused to answer a simple question: Does Paul A. Camuso have a criminal record?

After serving 10 years on the Medford City Council, Paul Camuso chose to seek re-election because he wants to continue serving residents and moving the city forward.
“The city’s moving forward, and the city is changing,” said Camuso. “The diverse community that it is, I just love serving and want to serve for another two years.”
During this last term in office, Camuso cited lowering the seating requirement for businesses to attain a full liquor license as one of his greatest accomplishments.
“The home rule petition I initiated got singled out by the governor,” said Camuso, who has chaired the council’s Licensing Subcommittee for the last several years. “It’s an economic tool where you get some of the smaller establishments who maybe didn’t want to open in our community because of the liquor license

City Council catches a case of NEPHEWTISM

Crooked sheriff Jimmy DiPaola's legacy: a crony that worked for DiPaola now council president

Isn't it interesting that in the committee of the whole last night, November 26, the election was held and Paul Camuso emerged as Council President (receiving $30,000.00 per year, that's a three thousand dollar raise) with Rick Caraviello Vice President

1)The councilor with the most amount of absences
(14 on record; 15 if you count the night that Camuso left early when Mr. Sack from Lawrence Memorial Hospital was speaking) will get a 3K raise

2)Voting usually occurs at these committee of the whole meetings at or around the last meeting of the year, with a public "vote" by the council, usually at the first meeting of the new year.  Why this advance vote  three weeks after the general election?

3)The Boston Sunday Globe's Kathy McCabe story on councilor pay noted that out of 19 communities in northern Massachusetts, Medford councilors were paid the most.

4)The Medford Transcript notes that there are approximately 40 council meetings a year.  At an average of 200,000.00 in pay that's at a cost of approximately $5,000 per meeting.   A councilor not in attendance for 15* of those meetings, or almost half of the annual meetings*, will now preside over the council.

*the 15 absences were not in one year. But with no term limits,
it is important to show Camuso's lack of attendance against his uncle, Bob Maiocco's sterling attendance record.  The complete 15 absences collected from a number of years could happen in 2014, which would actually be a good thing for the city of Medford.  We hope Camuso takes all 40 meetings off!!  Let Rick Caraviello be the de facto president!

Mr. Camuso has been a lightning rod arguing and filibustering.  How will he handle the presidency of the council?   In my opinion, it's a very odd choice.

Posted Sep 05, 2013 @ 12:00 PM

City councilors earn $26,700 per year with an extra $1,200 for vice president and $3,000 for the president. In turn, they are expected to attend about 40 meetings each year

Read more:

Did Camuso vote for himself?


Unscrupulous ex-board members - Victims Demand Justice

Justice for the Victims of Arthur Deluca

November 27, 2013 at 12:05 AM
Dear Readers - apologies that an unscrupulous ex board member of a non-profit that violated the public trust writes misinformation on this site. The Patch editors are aware of the harassment from that individual. The information above was received at the city council and there was a lengthy discussion after the council meeting verifying what went down behind the green door!

Tuesday, November 26, 2013

142,950 all time hits - WE BREAK THE NEWS IN MEDFORD!

Pizza Time at the City Council of Medford! Paul Camuso Elected President of the Council

142,895 all time hits!
142,948 11:37 PM 
Delinquent City Councilor Camuso who missed 14 meetings and skated on Lawrence Memorial Hospital's Mr. Sack (make that 15 meetings!) and who indulged in NO SHOW VOTING is now the scam Council President in Medford.   Councilor Scamuso indeed!

Camuso, Dello Russo and Adam Knight
See No Evil, Speak No Evil, Hear No Evil!
Rick Caraviello is going to need the Tylenol with
his eminence, Doofus Camuso as President
Boy are we ever going to have fun with this!

WHO'S HERE?: Medford City Council attendance records reviewed

By Nicholas Iovino/
Posted Sep 05, 2013 @ 12:00 PM

City councilors earn $26,700 per year with an extra $1,200 for vice president and $3,000 for the president. In turn, they are expected to attend about 40 meetings each year

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Dello Russo acknowledged he also takes an annual trip to Las Vegas on occasion.
Councilor Paul Camuso ...missed 14 meetings between June 2009 and July 2013, according to official records.

On the public dime

Pay for councilors, aldermen varies widely between large and small cities, but civic officials all say the job requires more time than people realize

So a dude (won't mention his name) and a lady
were at the Council after hours while I was
blogging in the corridor.  I said "Want to see
what the Council will look like next year with
the often-delinquent Camuso as president?

Take a look at the empty Alden Chambers."

The woman was NOT pleased.  Turns out she's

the alleged aunt of Camuso's wife!  Oh Well...

ha ha...  what relation is she to Uncle Bob, if

Uncle Bob and Aunty Mystery Woman! 

Record number of council staff paid over £100,000 a year

A record number of council officials are paid over £100,000 a year, new figures show.

Diction-challenged Paul A. Camuso, the good
friend of the individual accused of a FALSE BOMB THREAT is the new President of the
Medford City Council!



Vagabond nephew takes over the City Council
from Uncle Bobby Maiocco!

It's a sick joke played on Medford 

Paul Camuso, leading his childhood pal Adam Knight 
down the primrose path!


This is GREAT NEWS for a funny blog, not so
great news for the city of Medford
We are going to call that horse's ass Camuso 

out on every misstep in 2014!  

Q:Who was (past tense) good, good friends with
the individual accused of a false bomb threat?

A: Paul A. Camuso


Docket #13-2087
against former board member of
Medford Community Cablevision
now set for Status hearing December 11.


Three Blind Mice - see no evil, hear no evil, do no evil
Three Blind Mice - see no evil, hear no evil, do no evil
Medford News

Paul A. Camuso is the new Council President.  Yep.  The guy who harassed a constituent behind city hall honking his horn, pointing and being obnoxious. That's your new Council President in 2014.  Good for the blogging, bad for the city.    The Councilor who missed the most meetings is now president.  If you thought tonight's meeting was short, under Camuso we'll have 15 minute meetings.  At $3,740.00 a week. Voters wake up!

Rick Caraviello is Vice President.

Adam Knight's wife about to give birth to their first child.  Congratulations Adam!
So the Mayor's three person panel is in place and allegedly running around to access stations to "get information."  Ya think the Mayor - who enabled the juveniles who took a wrecking ball to access, would understand that HE was the problem.  Oh well, fumble is as fumble does.  Ya think he wants the community or the city council to know who is on the three person panel?    See no evil, hear no evil, do no evil!  The blind leading the blind.  File under: three blind mice.

Court Case #13-2087 is back on the docket at Somerville District Court on December 11, 2013.  The former webmaster of the former access tv corporation is up on a charge of a false bomb threat.  That individual is very, very close to the new council president.  Keep that in mind.
Stanley Komins and his son, Steven, back in court January 31, 2014.
Somerville District Court.  Discovery phase of the West Medford Hillside Little League embezzlement trial.

Happy Thanksgiving Week.  More to come.