Wednesday, September 28, 2016

Pop Explosion 9-28-16

1)Dead Boots - I Don't Even Know Your Name

2)Air Traffic Controller - You Know Me

3)Ian Hunter   When I'm President

4)Little Eva   The Locomotion

5)Jimi Hendrix   Power of Soul

6)Ian Hunter  "Stranded in Reality"

7)Beatles  Revolution

8)Joe Cocker  Just like a Woman

9)Beatles   Twist and Shout

Dello Stritto  Magnificent 7 film review, Sully

10)The Doors  Changeling

11)Peter Calo Interview

12)Ian Hunter   Morpheus

13)Peter Calo   "Every Ordinary Day"

14)Carly Simon  "Legend In Your Own Time"

15)Richard Thompson  "Shenandoah"

16Peter Calo   Don't Ever Go Away"

17)Carly Simon  "Just Like A Woman"

18)Hank Williams  "I'm So Lonesome I Could Cry"

19)Chris Dalla Riva  "Somewhere Under the Rainbow"
Lead single to Chris Dalla Riva's EP, "I Want You to Know." 

20)Gary Santarella "Don't Kick Me When I'm Down"
Happy Birthday Gary - 9-28

21)Jesse and Hogg Bros   Biker Ann

22)Rollo Tomasi  Quartet  "If You Want Me To Stay

23)Carly Simon  "The Right Thing To Do"

24)Mikey Wax   "Bottle of Jack"

25)Facc Tones  "Psychic Barber"