Thursday, January 5, 2017

John Byers Also to run for Mayor of Medford

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John Byers to Run for Mayor

Campaigning for Mayor of Medford the Election Office at 781-393-2491 - at 10:35  am to find out when papers could be pulled

I spoke with the office and they weren't sure of the date so they transferred the call to Mr. Finn. 

The clerk just told me they have to bring it to the city council - probably in March and then sometime after that they set the calendar. Here is the city fixing potholes on my street. 
9:44 am 1/4/17

They do this on the majority of the streets in Medford even though a former city council president, Fred Dello Russo, Jr., said National Grid has to keep our streets in pristine condition after they dig them up. National Grid hasn't. As a candidate for Mayor I can bring these things to light and get some attention on them. As Mayor I can actually fix our streets, something the current and previous Administrations are not interested in at all.


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 Reportedly two Haitian churches and buses for Tufts students. Don't you find it interesting that Dello Russo did oh so poorly in the primaries and --- voila - after two ugly advertisements in the Transcript he suddenly is oh so popular. It is my belief that those people they bused to the polls had a "slate" to vote with, and it didn't include Michael Marks or Bob Penta

One clue to it is how many votes Falco got. He was already popular and didn't need to dip into the alleged slate vote, When you look at how Falco was extra popular and Dello Russo, Madame Knight and a couple of other unpopular candidates got so many votes and then factor in the allegation that Paul Donato sneered at Michael Marks for not getting as many votes (at the former Panda Palace across from his office, it is alleged) you get the drift. 

Alleged Double Dipper Donato - as we affectionately allegedly call him - allegedly knew what allegedly went allegedly down allegedly

There is a LOT of anger from the senior community regarding Mrs. Burke, it is so palpable. Some of her supporters I have encountered say "One term mayor." 

I agree with you that she has her supporters, but taking care of a few in a city upset with the past 28 years before her... she's going to need some treachery to get in again. 

So much for wanting to get out of my driveway. Perhaps he was admiring my neatly trimmed bushes.