Friday, January 6, 2017

Scoopenthal Interviews Mayoral Candidate

895,788 @ 4:`12 pm

Allison Ruppenthal - she didn't go to Chicago, she had a sex change!  And now she interviews a mayoral candidate:

A.R.  So Joe, you are campaigning for mayor. What does your platform consist of?

JV:  The Varsity Coach

A.R. What about infrastructure?

JV: New pipes for water AND sewer, and a discussion about the Varsity Coach

A.R.And the roadways?

JV:  No more patchwork quilts. Paving the roads so that public safety comes first, and did I tell you we will discuss the Varsity Coach?

A.R. Ok, Ok, what about Daddy's Little Trollop?

JV: Her too...and the Varsity Coach....

to be continued