Friday, April 28, 2017

193 days to a New Mayor of Medford, Massachusetts #02155

It's Time for a New Mayor of Medford, not a puppet of former Mayor McGlynn

By cable TV host Joe Viglione
(C)2017 all rights reserved

A series of political articles giving hard evidence as to why this mayor, city council and school committee are taking unfair advantage of the citizens of Medford.

193 days to November 7, 2017, election day. 


   School Superintendent Roy E. Belson responded to my public records request on the school committee April 27, 2017, and the information delivered was not pretty, as expected.   First, the news on public access TV from this record's request:   "The Community Access studio's construction is substantially complete. We are completing the punch list. Additional equipment will be arriving soon. The formal date for opening has not been determined  yet."  Roy E. Belson, April 27, 2017 at 4:48 pm

    With Heidi Riccio taking a new position July 1, 2017, public access TV volunteers can breathe at least one sigh of relief.  The city of Medford has NEVER had a true public access TV station, and the thought of Ms. Riccio now not having first dibs on our tv station for the vocational/technical school - which is the desire of Belson and Stephanie Muccini-Burke, is good news. 

One reprobate down, two and some members of the school committee to go.  

Here's Roy Belson's note on the "progress" of the access TV station: The Community Access studio's construction is substantially complete. We are completing the punch list. Additional equipment will be arriving soon. The formal date for opening has not been determined  yet.

   Do you really think that a city shrouded in secrecy, allergic to the Open Meeting Law or public records requests, really wants you to have access TV?  And with a city council too afraid to read Burke the riot act, it is up to we concerned citizens to fight the good fight against all odds.


    You can sense the outrage in and around the city of Medford, Massachusetts as April 2017 comes to a conclusion.  With 193 days until we vote for a new mayor, the displeasure with Stephanie Muccini Burke can be felt everywhere.  Go to Panera's or Stop and Shop in Wellington, or Demet's Donuts or just walk along the street, people are in discussion, and perhaps that's finally a good thing.
    Medford residents are known for their apathy. The sleeping giant is starting to get suspicious about city hall, starting to get a clue thanks to my relentless public records request and "Facebook live" in a city that detests transparency, loathes free speech and abuses the police department and the office of the district attorney just to harass a resident who is fighting the good fight on behalf of all citizens.
Do you really think Mayor Muccini-Burke wants to see a professional on the airwaves of a public access station?  A man who was on the BBC, taped for VH-1, is published in multiple books, has a documentary film in worldwide release, started on cable TV in 1979, started on radio in 1978, was Director of Research for a corporation that generated two TV specials for PBS - do you really think an award-winning producer of access TV and award-winning producer of radio who has met Alfred Hitchcock, Robert Zemeckis, Michael Moore, Ray Manzarek of The Doors, Jodie Foster and more film directors than I can remember, who has promoted music from members of The Beatles, The Rolling Stones, The Velvet Underground, The Jefferson Airplane and has worked with a variety of hit recording artists whose music has hit #1, do you really think that we all are going to have true access tv? when Muccini-Burke's hate and smear machine goes after a man the Boston Globe called "Boston's hardest working underground impresario" or dear old program director Oedipus at WBCN had to admit at a dinner with a rock star - and declare - that this writer IS the hardest working man in Boston rock and roll.

    Add to that Judge LaMothe noting that this writer is "VERY logical," and Judge Fitzpatrick stating in open court "You're an intelligent man" (which I took as "Look out for city hall, Mr. V., they are out to get you!) - well, you get the picture.  Mark Rumley calls me "delusional," Judge LaMothe calls me "VERY logical," and Judge Fitzpatrick declares intelligence.  Do the math.  


   That this disgraceful Mayor Burke with her hate machine (calling Bob Penta names in robo calls, how low!) refuses to expedite access so that an autistic man on television is Exhibit A.  There's a fellow waiting patiently to produce a sports show, just as the late Pat Fiorello wanted his movies of the North End shown in Medford.  These individuals were bashed and abused by both the city and the perpetually dissolving 501c3 that Solicitor Mark Rumley called "equal opportunity slappers," while he enabled them, sat on their board, and is too much of a frightened child (for his paycheck's sake) to do anything about it ...except, of course, to threaten to sue the man doing Rumley's job for him.
    Do you really think Mayor Muccini-Burke wants to see a man who wins court case after court case involved in some way shape or form with the powerful medium known as access TV? 

  Look how long Muccini-Burke has dragged her feet on access when this writer has explained to her and McGlynn and the council how EASY it is for us to have a van and 2 cameras and be publishing information yesterday, today and tomorrow.  She is stealing your free speech, your civil rights, and your cable TV franchise fee.
    Think you'll have real access TV?
     Not when the city of Medford is busy busy busy looking for yet another disgraceful pathetic excuse for a "city council president" (four bad reprobates in a row, "Uncle Bob" Maiocco, nephew Paul Camuso, Fred Dello Russo Jr. and Rick Caraviello!)   Hey Mrs. Cugno, can you make it FIVE?   (Quote Attorney David P. Crackpot, "I can make it six in four.")

    It is beyond repugnant that those dishonest individuals (notice, no "allegedly dishonest" here, totally dishonest individuals) seized control of the expensive city council and bullied the citizens, stomped on First Amendment rights and abused the police department (except for - in one instance - Mr. Maiocco who, actually - in his one moment of sanity - had a very bad person tossed out of city hall by the police for being disruptive) - just an out of control disaster by cronies who resemble ugly termites, eating away at your civil rights AND your pocket book.
____________________________________       Medford, you'd better wake up from the riff raff known as McGlynn/Skerry (take your pick; the two cousins hate each other with a vengeance, you think they are going to lift a finger for you?)/Muccini-Burke/Camuso/Maiocco/Dello Russo/Caraviello, because the garbage bucket that is the world that they have created with your hard earned cash, the dirty filthy cesspool that is a city with no oversight on Pop Warner, the now-defunct Medford Hillside Little League, the under investigation Medford Community Cablevision, Inc. (where the AG can't discuss it because "law enforcement" could be impeded,) and the magnum opus - the wretched Medford Housing Authority, these alleged Democrats would make Donald Trump blush with envy at their collective malfeasance.

    And that Marian Ryan, Raquel Frisadi and Douglas Nagengast are all willing accomplices and part of the problem speaks volumes to the apathetic citizenry: "if you dare question our wrongful conduct, we will use city dollars to come after you," is just another reason why this "sleeping giant" that is the population of this municipality must rise up and demand that we are NOT GOING TO TAKE IT ANYMORE, because we are MAD AS HELL.

      A former board member of a disgusting  (intentionally unregulated by the Issuing Authority)  501c3 gives alcohol to a sixteen year old in P-Town, after his "free speech" is some "parody" of blowing up a building.  This allegedly is a friend of Michael J. McGlynn's?  

     You feel good about that, people?  Or Nell Coakley, thanksfully (pun intended) removed from the Medford Transcript publishing the likes of Dr. Rabies, Arthur Alan Deluca, instead of doing some real journalism?

Sick and twisted, isn't it?

     Are you going to let the likes of Paul Camuso spit at you, Rick Caraviello dishonestly abuse the court system and the police department, Bob Maiocco threaten you with a metal pipe, and have a rat's nest in city hall like from the Isle of Lesbos - (not calling anyone a lesbian, saying the Burke Administration is like out of the Isle of Lesbos) where MEN are NOT WELCOME and if your name is Jenn, Jeanine, (Teresa not welcome,) Linda or Lauren you get showered with money that came off the backs of the elderly and hard-working citizens.    

    No room in senior housing for you, the Mayor has stashed her dear old mom in the projects.

Lesbos (also called Lesvos or Mitilini) is a Greek island in the northern Aegean Sea off the coast of Turkey. It’s famous as the birthplace of the ancient Greek poet Sappho. Lesbos is also known for its ouzo (an anise-flavored liqueur). Capital city Mitilini is home to the University of the Aegean and the Teriade Museum, whose modern art collection highlights Greek artists.

    Stephanie Muccini-Burke is a coward, and still attached with Elephant glue to McGlynn's puppet strings.   Linda Coletti's cold stare a sure sign of people up to no good.

193 days to Mayor - What are you going to do about it, Medford?,%20November%207,%202017&p0=43&ud=1&year=2017&month=11&day=7&hour=8&min=0&sec=0&fromtheme=generic 


2:59 am - 4:11 AM Article written and edited.