Friday, April 28, 2017

Medford Notes - Mike Luongo to step down?. City Council agenda coming, Term Limits, Wooden Doors

Every day up to election day I hope to publish an essay about the city of Medford.

Saturday, April 29, THE WOODEN DOORS

Sunday, April 30    TERM LIMITS

Medford Notes for Friday, April 28, from editor

P{lease see attached Medford City Council Meeting Agenda 5-2-17, Committee of the Whole Meeting Notice 5-2-17, Sub Committee Environmental Affairs 5-9-17


1)Got a suspicious email that wants me to open it, and it says "Trust this" on your computer.  I hit "NO" and denied access.  Think about it?  What reprobate thinks that he's an I.T. wizard people are thinking "incompetent and temperamental," but I think that one is Internet Technology or sumthin' ???  With certain clowns in this city it certainly isn't Information Technology - then again - with a god-awful self-proclaimed "film director" from Hades (or at least 75 miles south from here) it could be a film about 16 year olds getting drunk-BY-enabler entitled IT

It (2017) - IMDb
Drama · Children start to disappear in the town of Derry, Maine. The neighborhood children unite together to face Pennywise, an evil clown whose history of ..________________________________  

Why Send Letters Department:

Lo and behold, I mention that people are talking at Stop and Shop around Wellington, well, this morning at Stop and Shop Salem Street a car comes up to me, the back window rolls down (passenger side) and a woman tells me that she reads this blog, but to leave Donald Trump alone!

FINE: IF i comply with her request, does that meant the time that would be spent trashing La Donald can go towards investigating Muccini-Burke? 

The woman says that this blog keeps her informed.  Indeed.

I told her that Term Limits is our next adventure, and she told me a little secret:

She claims that Mike Luongo is going to step down from the board of Medford Housing Authority.... 

The driver of the vehicle (four passengers, so we had an audience) kept imitating Robert Deniro from the motion picture Analyze This, repeating in Deniro style "You're good. You're good."

My response: I'm effective...and hard working

But now I'm wondering, if the fellow is repeating that "I'm good" and if the woman says that Michael Luongo is stepping down from the Housing Authority board, do you think that maybe...just maybe...this blog got through to the dense mayor...

It can't be a coincidence that Heidi Witchio from Voc/Tech and Michael Luongo from MHA would be giving their notice in the same week, could it?

We'll have to "give this some thought," as Gene Hackman said in Absolute Power...we'll certainly have to analyze this one...