Wednesday, April 26, 2017

Doctor Educator of the Year Riccio out the door

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Heidi, darling, DO let the door hit you on the way out!
another one bites the dust, Stephanie!!!! :)

65 days till Heidi goes elsewhere (from 4/26/17) 


Medford Voke Director Leaving at School Year's End - as this is a school press release we are printing it in its entirety

Heidi Riccio will next serve as career and technical education director at North Shore Essex Technical High School.   

MEDFORD, MA – The following press release was submitted by Medford Public Schools:

Dr. Heidi Riccio has been appointed to the position of Career and Technical Education Director at North Shore Essex Technical High School in Danvers. This school, built in 2014, united Essex Agriculture with North Shore Technical High School. Dr. Riccio will assume her new duties on July 1, 2017. She is committed to completing the current projects here in Medford and to assist the Superintendent and School Committee in the search for her successor.

Over the course of the last four years, Vocational Technical Principal/Director Dr. Riccio has made a substantial and significant contribution to the advancement of our educational program. Her vision, knowledge, and energy have propelled the Vocational Technical High School into the 21st Century.

Dr. Riccio created and developed nine, new, state-of -the art, Chapter 74 approved programs and strengthened the previously existing, eleven offerings. She has acquired multiple grants and in-kind resources to support their evolution. Her work with Headmaster Dr. John Perella and staff has unified Medford High and the Medford Vocational Technical High School into a coherent educational institution that enables all students to benefit from a comprehensive curriculum that will prepare them for college or career. An important result of her work is being able to recapture out of district tuition along with the generation of a regional model that will support and sustain advanced technical training and education for years to come.
Dr. Riccio established twenty career/technical advisory committees that bring real world expertise into the classroom. Her recruitment of key personnel has created multiple cooperative field based education opportunities for students and produced partnerships with relevant industries. Heidi Riccio has traveled to Medford daily from Salisbury, Massachusetts, and spent long hours constructing and improving our technical education program. This commitment has caused her to miss many family events and the opportunity to participate regularly in her daughters many activities. This spring, a professional opportunity emerged which will enable her to significantly reduce her daily commute and to recapture the many lost hours with her family that includes two high school aged daughters and a college freshman. It is no wonder that after the powerful impact she made here, it made her a highly sought after educational leader for a Vocational/Technical school district.
Superintendent Belson commented, “We are very appreciative and thankful for Dr. Riccio’s immense contributions and achievements. We wish her and her family all the best as she moves onto her new position at Essex Tech. Medford’s Vocational/Technical program has a solid foundation and we are confident that the future will continue to be bright with the momentum that has been set in motion under the leadership of Dr. Riccio.”
Dr. Riccio also commented, stating:
“I would like to thank Superintendent Belson and the Medford School Committee for taking a chance on me four years ago. The families I have encountered in Medford care deeply about vocational education and it has given me the opportunity to expand programming beyond the vocational school and into the high school. Collaboration with the high school has been one of the highlights of my time in Medford as the leadership shares a common vision and purpose in ensuring all students are given a high quality education regardless of their pathway. As a firm believer of career and technical education, I am proud of the work accomplished by the school as a result of the dedication of staff who worked tirelessly to grow and improve programming at Medford Tech. In addition, I greatly appreciate the support of the advisory board members, industry partners, and the Medford Tech Alumni. While I am leaving to a position closer to home, I will always have a connection to Medford and the community I was fortunate enough to serve.”