Wednesday, April 19, 2017

4-19-17 letter to City Hall

963,582 @ 11:01 pm

City Council, Room 207
Medford City Hall
Medford, MA 02155
Hello City Council:

The city council broadcast last night was a disgrace on Verizon. It was dark and of the poorest quality of anything on my cable box / tv set.
As Councilor Marks noted, where is our cable TV money?  You can't even produce a quality cablecast, and Richard Caraviello will call the police to shut down Facebook live? (March 28.)  Pure censorship.

Please be advised that I intend to videotape / Facebook LIVE the essential and important Room 207 meeting on May 2.

As one councilor noted to me, some of the 57,000- 60,000 citizens do not even KNOW about Room 207, meetings which should be held in Alden Chambers.  

Here are some essential facts for you:

1)Last night's Facebook Live uploads, two of them, have been seen thus far by:

Part 1  143 views (there were 94 at the council when it happened) with another 23 hits from Facebook itself. I have transferred the files
to YouTube as well

Part 2  98 views, 28 Facebook Real Medford Politics page "hits"

2)A music attorney in New York wrote a comment on my personal Facebook page noting how there were only five people in the auditorium.
Perhaps Medford City Hall doesn't like that friends of mine from Newton, MA, New York City and elsewhere are now seeing the lunacy that we Medford residents pay A LOT of money for, 30k to the useless Adam Knight and equally useless Fred Dello Russo Jr., using the paper agenda to cool himself off throughout the meeting like a geisha girl with a Kimonon Princess fan.  Disgraceful.  It's on video.

3)Paul Camuso, Adam Knight and Fred Dello Russo Jr. voted AGAINST cablecasting my video of Mayor McGlynn in the Pay-to-Park scandalous meeting in Room 207, September 2014.  Rick Caraviello personally told me he left the council (immediately prior to the vote) because he had a client he had to pick up for RC Limos.  Interesting that in Cambridge District Court on January 31, 2017 if asked if he ever moonlighted on the council Mr. Caraviello said "No" under oath.  There is a video of Mr. Caraviello leaving Alden Chambers prior to a vote so one would consider that if he's not working for the citizens paying for his time, he is working for his own company 24/7, awaiting that call, driving that customer...more details on this soon in another forum.
These individuals are not doing "the people's business," but you knew that.

March 28, 2017 Mr. Caraviello phoned the police to censor my speech on Medford Housing Authority and Access TV That will be dealt with at the Massachusetts Commission Against Discrimination and soon. The charge: RETALIATION.  What individual would lose a court case and then write to the lawyer that defeated Caraviello to defame the victim, me, saying that I should be on "medication."  This is not what our monies should be used for.  If we have to shut the entire council down, we save 200k a year.  Not an insignificant amount of money for individuals -
who vote lockstep with the mayor: Mr. Scarpelli, Mr. Falco, Mr. Knight, Mr. Dello Russo and Mr. Caraviello

Mr. Falco and Mr. Scarpelli are at least gentlemen - but they have no independent thought.  They seem stuck in the school committee as if
Belson and Burke are watching over them like hawks.  Perhaps they are.

I discussed Facebook Live with Michael Marks, John Falco (on 2 occasions) and Breanna Lungo Koehn.  IF people have friends who "share"
my feed from the Facebook Live, we can get hundreds and hundreds of viewers.  At one of the venues where we have music shows we are getting 600 viewers because of "sharing" the Facebook feed.

The technology is here, to the chagrin of Dello Russo, Knight and Caraviello.  What are they hiding?

We should replace them with Neil Osborne, Chris D'Aveta and Mark Crowley, who deserve to be on this council.  Watch Medford improve with the removal of the Three Stooges.   To improve the council must remove!  Johnny Cochran would sayeth.

Furthermore, if Ethan Hartley can have his recorder on the reporter's desk, my Facebook LIVE should be on the tripod on that desk as well
I will address that with the MCAD, the censorship tactics of a council president who cannot even say "discussions" properly - "disdussions" is how Caraviello fumbles and mumbles it.  With 30K a year one would think Knight and Caraviello might take a few elocution classes to benefit the residents. Tongue-tied reprobates who retaliate and abuse the citizens.

Last night I was allowed to speak - it was Andy Castingetti and Bob Penta who had to feel the wrath of Baby Huey's gavel as Caraviello pounded it away like some child in a sandbox embarrassing himself in public again. 

Let's get all this documented in Room 207 on May 2nd with as many Facebook "shares" as possible. The citizens deserve this.

Thank you.

Joe Viglione